Democratic Party

When Dems Get Ripe


I don’t think the future of the Democratic Party is Bernie Sanders, though it may be his message. I also don’t believe Elizabeth Warren can be a winning presidential candidate. After the defeat of Hillary Clinton to a serial lying, misogynistic, narcissistic racist, it seems the country isn’t there yet to take that progressive step….you know, to elect a female who’s intelligent. Apparently America wants dumb and stupid right now. And loud. Very loud.

The Dems are about to have a house fight for leader. Nancy Pelosi, who’s been their leader since the Bush administration, is facing a challenge from Congressman Tim Ryan. I don’t know if Ryan would be a good leader for them and I’m not looking forward to the confusion of Minority Leader Ryan vs. Speaker Ryan, but that party needs new blood.

Speaking of new blood they also need a new chairman. Several candidates’ names have come up. Congressman Keith Ellison seems to be a popular pick for many but I am not wild about that. I don’t believe either party should pick someone who’s currently serving in an elected office. Even though they are partisans they shouldn’t assume the role of steering the party and its entire fundraising arm. They were elected to serve their constituents, not the lobbying machine. They need to follow Republicans in this regard and pick someone whose sole focus will be the party. We all saw how well Debbie Wasserman Schultz did…or didn’t do.

Right now the party is without a shining star. Warren and Bernie are stars but the Democrats need to get younger. Maybe Cory Booker in four years. Maybe someone else. The Democrats are in a drought of talent right now and I don’t think they can admit it. Obama has left some hard shoes to fill and the Clintons are done.

I do have one suggestion the Democrats should jump on for the next election: Run on a platform to legalize weed.

Yes. Weed. Legalize it. You want millennials to get off the couch and vote? Legalize weed. You’ll get a lot more than millennials with that platform. Nobody will vote third party and it will give you the presidency. Well, what’s left of it after Trump oozes all over it.

I don’t know if anyone will get this cartoon or not. I’m not that worried about it. I felt I needed to get away from Trump for just one day. For my clients and myself. I don’t want to burn out. My readers however seem to want nothing but Trump.

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Hillary Gets A Head


The Associated Press reported Monday evening that Hillary Clinton has secured enough delegates to win the Democratic Party’s nomination. This has seriously burned the Berners.

Clinton now becomes the first female to win the nomination of a major American political party. That might have been the direction I should have gone in but who can resist drawing a decapitated unicorn head? Not I.

Sanders plans to stay and fight until the convention in July. His supporters are claiming this information was released the day before the last major primaries to discourage voters. Sanders’ supporters are starting to sound a lot like Republicans where they blame the messenger and become paranoid.

Discouraging the vote, especially in California, does not help Hillary Clinton. She still needs to win the state, at least for argument’s sake. She does not want to roll into Philadelphia without a California win.

Another area where Sanders’ supporters are sounding like Republicans is their trouble with reality. They’re having trouble with math. They can’t say they want the Democratic process to work and then ask the super delegates to ignore it. Hillary Clinton has won more votes and delegates than Bernie, yet his plan for the nomination relies upon the supers to switch loyalties. If Bernie really believes that is even remotely possible then he does believe in unicorns.

Bernie Sanders also argues that he polls better against Trump. That is true. But after the performance Clinton gave last week, and the trauma she caused the Trump campaign, I think she’s gonna do OK. I think Hillary can do a better job against Trump. She’s been vetted for over 20 years. She’s been dragged through the mud by the GOP for that entire time and they still don’t have anything on her. She sat through 12 hours of their grilling and came out smiling and leaving them frustrated by their own ineptness. She’s tougher than Sanders and Trump combined. I don’t love Hillary Clinton. I think she’s shady. I don’t find her entirely honest. But I also believe she’s a fighter and will totally destroy Trump better than Sanders can even dream of doing.

This doesn’t mean I think Sanders should drop out. He should keep making noise right to the convention. He has a great message that should be a part of the party’s platform. He really accomplished something historic by running a campaign largely made up of donations from individuals and not corporations or pacs. His people should not pack up, go home and sit on the couch.

The primary system is not entirely fair. But this isn’t exactly a vote by all the people in the first place. It’s a party selecting their nominee. It’s not the general election. Each party decides their process.

For example: The GOP is seriously having second thoughts and Trump is very likely to finally make a statement, or set a cross on fire and claim it’s a “T,” between now and their convention that forces them to nominate someone with more appeal, which at this point would be chlamydia.

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Bernie’s Little Drops Of Love For Little Debbie


A lot of people are really unhappy with the job Debbie Wasserman Schultz has performed as chair of the Democratic Party. The one person who is probably the most unhappy with her is Bernie Sanders.

One thing sitting Senators and Congressmen do not do….ever, is endorse a primary opponent against a current sitting representative in their own party. Guess what Bernie did. Bernie Sanders has endorsed Wasserman Schultz’s primary opponent. He has also stated that if he’s elected president that she will no longer be the chair of the DNC. Ouch! Feel that bern, baby.

Sanders even sent out an email for her opponent, Tim Canova, soliciting campaign donations, which apparently brought in a lot of cash.

Sanders feels Wasserman Schultz has favored Hillary Clinton throughout the Democratic primary. She actually worked on Hillary’s 2008 campaign so he might have a point. Other evidence he points to that shows she favors Clinton is her use of super delegates, which is like giving Clinton a running start. There were also closed closed primaries in several states which prevents independents from voting, which is very undemocratic for a party called the “Democratic party.” Worst of all, Wasserman Schultz scheduled very few debates, with some of those happening on Saturday nights. I’m really shocked Wasserman Schultz didn’t schedule any for 4:00 am Thursday morning on C-SPAN. Apparently the more people get of Hillary Clinton the less they like her. It’s probably the laugh. For me its’ the laugh and the Big Bird pants suit she wore for one of the debates. Obviously, her campaign is staffed entirely with yes people. Yes, ma’am, that suit is fabulous and not ridiculous looking at all.

Will Sanders’s support of Cavona against Debbie have any impact? I doubt it. In the Florida primary Hillary Clinton won that particular congressional district by 37%.

Even if these complaints against Wasserman Schultz weren’t out there in the political atmosphere, I would still believe she should be knocked out of the chairmanship. It’s a conflict of interest. She’s a sitting member of Congress. That’s her job. Not the blanket partisanship of chairing the party. We can blame President Obama for that as he’s the one who appointed her, which was probably done to appease Hillary after he thrashed her in the 2008 primaries.

Bernie may have “berned” some bridges in the Democratic Party. But what does he really care? He only recently became a Democrat as he’s spent his entire legislative career as an independent. He’ll probably go back to that status after the election.

Bernie’s birds pooping on Debbie’s hair would suck. But at least they’re not making a nest in it. I believe that’s physically possible.

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Jim Webb Kills His Campaign


I get the irony in drawing this cartoon. I’m saying nobody really cares about Jim Webb’s candidacy, yet I care enough to draw a cartoon about it. I felt a little obligated since he was my state’s senator (that would be Virginia for those who are thinking “he was a senator?”). Hopefully I won’t be required to draw a cartoon on Jim Gilmore (former Virginia governor).

My biggest issue with Webb running for president is that he was delusional enough to run for president. Jim Webb has always given the impression he doesn’t get along with a lot of people. He served as Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan administration which he resigned. Reagan wrote in his diaries “I don’t think the Navy was sorry to see him go.”

Soon after being elected to the U.S. Senate (from Virginia, in case you already forgot), he went to the White House and made an effort to brush off the president. President Bush (W.) asked Webb about his son who was currently serving in Iraq and Webb stated that it wasn’t the president’s business. Ouch. I’m not a fan of Bush but there’s still a level of respect to give toward the president. I don’t understand accepting an invitation to his house, making the effort to go and then dis the guy when he’s trying to make small talk. It never occurred to me to reply to someone who asked about my son to tell them to go suck on a lemon.

Now Webb says the parties are terrible and we shouldn’t live in an atmosphere where the other party is our enemy. I agree with that. Hillary Clinton laughed while stating the GOP is her enemy. The Republicans have a lot of members who truly believe Obama is determined to ruin the United States and he’s supporting terrorists. Go read the comments at the Daily Caller and Breitbart. They’re out there.

At the debate each candidate was asked about enemies they had created through their political careers. Each candidate stated a special interest lobby such as the coal lobby or the NRA. Webb said the guy he killed in Vietnam, and who had tried to kill him, was probably his biggest enemy. Several conservatives lapped that up and criticized the Democratic audience for not applauding in hysterics. Here’s the thing about: His service is great. But he was asked about politics. The man couldn’t name one special interesting he fought against, or fought for. Stating he killed a guy wouldn’t be such a big deal, except he volunteered the information and then gave a smile for it. My father fought in Vietnam. He told me that he had killed enemy soldiers but he never changed the subject of any conversation with “oh by the way, I killed a guy and here’s the potatoes you asked me to pass.”

Jim Webb is that guy that was at the party nobody noticed. You’ll go up to him the next day and tell him that he missed a great party. He’ll then tell you that he was at the party. He was the first one there. He was the last to leave. He brought snicker doodles. You had a conversation with him. He parked your car for you. He made a run for ice. He’s that guy.

Now he’s kinda sorta threatening to run an independent campaign for the presidency because being ignored by just one party wasn’t enough. Many will speculate which party his candidacy will hurt. I don’t think it will hurt either and I doubt he’d be on the ballot in every state.

A friend of mine I was in a band with (bass player) was the body guy for Webb’s senate campaign. That makes sense a bass player would work for Webb because nobody notices them either. He’s a great guy. He worked for Webb after he won the Senate race. He was later arrested for carrying Webb’s gun into the U.S. Capitol. The charges were dropped. I drew a cartoon on it and I left the original on his door. Later he called and said “hey, Ass. Thanks for the cartoon.” He always called me “Ass.”

Democrats Debate


I’m not a team player. I’m not a Democrat. Their greatest virtue is that they’re obstacles preventing Republicans from taking this country backwards.

I had several angles I could have gone with for my cartoon on the Democratic Debate. I could have gone with Sanders slapping down talking about Hillary Clinton’s email. Or I could have gone with Sanders providing his definition of a Democratic Socialist, which was very interesting. But I think the biggest take away from the debate was the stark contrast between it and the four Republican debates held so far.

The two debates for the low-polling Republicans were often referred as the “kids’ table.” Compared to the Democrats, all four GOP debates were the kid’s table.

The Democrats talked about issues. Actual issues. They talked about the threat of Climate Change, guns, foreign policy, race relations, domestic financial policy, and the business of running government. The GOP held four events focused on racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, hatred, xenophobia, denials of science and personal insults. I was watching Fox News afterward to get their take and they were bored. Sean Hannity referred to it as a snoozefest.

While I didn’t agree with John McCain or Mitt Romney on most issues, I couldn’t deny there were serious candidates. They were qualified for the presidency and were presidential with their campaigns (despite Sarah Palin being a part of one of them).

Sometimes, I wonder if the Republicans aren’t serious yet and right now they just want to be entertained. Their top three candidates are not serious nor are they presidential. Their top guy, Trump, is a reality show maven. He’s not a great businessman. He’s a great marketer. There’s a difference. Their number two guy, Ben Carson, doesn’t understand history, science or even how the debt ceiling works. Their third candidate, Fiorina, biggest qualification is that she’s a failed CEO. Anyone who believes any of these three candidates is presidential doesn’t have the mental capabilities to understand the Democratic Debate.

Republicans like to point out they have a deep bench. It’s an argument of quantity over quality. It’s a deep bench of lower tier candidates. If they had a genuinely formidable candidate they too, like the Democratic Party, would only have four or five candidates.

Here’s a contrast for you between the parties: While the Democrats were talking policy and real issues, GOP candidate Mike Huckabee sent out a racist tweet about Asians eating dogs. That really sums up the differences between the parties.

Other take aways from the debate: Bernie Sanders won. He didn’t introduce himself as much as he introduced what he stands for. That was a success. His only weakness came for his support of the NRA. His defense is that he’s from a rural state. He’s not running for the presidency of a rural state.

Sanders winning the debate will actually help Hillary win the nomination. She’s still in the lead and probably too far ahead for Sanders to catch. Hillary was confidant and didn’t hurt herself. She may have even helped herself. Most voters don’t think Clinton is trustworthy. That’s not gonna be important. Her husband, Bill Clinton, was nicknamed “Slick Willy.” Nobody ever had the delusion Richard Nixon was an honest person. Nixon and Bill Clinton both won the presidency twice despite those red flags.

Martin O’Malley helped himself, but not enough. He might score a cabinet position.

Jim Webb was out of place. The candidates were asked which special interest hated them the most. Hillary said Republicans. Sanders said Wall Street. Jim Webb said the guy who lobbed a grenade at him during his tour of duty in the Vietnam War. Webb is the only veteran running for president and his service is commendable. But when given the opportunity to name a special interest you fought again, you should probably be able to name one.

If it’s possible for Lincoln Chafee to bury himself deeper, that’s exactly what he did. When asked about voting for Glass-Steagall, he didn’t defend it. He didn’t say he was wrong. His excuse was he was new to the Senate and his father had just died. Admitting you’re wrong, that you made a mistake and you learned from it is a lot better than saying you were confused or you didn’t know what you doing.

The final takeaway is talk of Joe Biden entering the race. They can stop talking about it now. I’m making a not-so-bold prediction and that is Biden is not going to enter the race. I’m glad he’s not. He would make the race much more dramatic and interesting but I’d hate to see him tarnish his legacy. I believe his time has passed and it’s time for him to ride off into the sunset and enjoy being an elder statesman.

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The Gray Lady


I was telling my favorite buddy about my idea for this cartoon. He liked the idea but his only confusion was the “Gray Lady” part. When you receive any criticism you have to be honest and ask yourself the question “does this actually work?”. Is the criticism valid? Usually when an idea is criticized there is at least some truth to the criticism. Creators can be very defensive. I know I can be. After I put my ego aside I can focus on the question and I will either rework the idea, trash it, or totally ignore the concern. This time I decided to throw caution to the wind and go with the idea as I originally intended.

Ya’ see, “Gray Lady” is the nickname for The New York Times. Maybe only news heads like myself will know that. Either way, I think it still works because Hillary is old (haha) which means she’s kinda gray.

Background for dummies:

The New York Times totally messed up a story about Hillary Clinton’s emails by making it look like she did something illegal when there isn’t any proof. That was some National Inquirer type coverage. Meanwhile some crazy private group distributed a heavily edited video to make it look like Planned Parenthood has been selling aborted baby body parts so they can buy Lamborghinis.

It doesn’t matter that either story is fake. Conservatives are clinging to them like the holy gospel. So yeah. I figured if the Times wanted to slander Hillary then I’d go to town with the cartoon. I’m just surprised she hasn’t been accused of clubbing baby seals yet.

I want to thank my friend Hilary for copy editing this cartoon. No, not the presidential candidate Hillary. Hilary (with one L) told me where the hyphen goes and that it’s “Gray Lady” and not “Grey Lady.” I know it was “Gray” over “Grey” but I wanted to double check with someone I trust.

Another note: Drawing the text for The New York Times was a total be-yotch. Most cartoonists would just take an image and plant that crap on a file in Photoshop. But I’m Clay Jones and I don’t play like that. It’s all Sharpie, Bic, card stock paper, sweat, blood, grime, organic and analog here at Claytoonz HQ, baby (except for coloring in Photoshop shut up).

Turnip For What?


There’s been a lot of talk during the campaign of this midterm election about how Democrats don’t want to be seen with the president. It’s entirely true. Alison Grimes, the Democratic senate candidate in Kentucky, won’t even admit she voted for Obama. I don’t know which is more ridiculous, her not admitting it or that the question is even being asked. If Grimes was old enough to run for the Senate in 1994 she wouldn’t have admitted voting for Clinton, but today she calls herself a “Clinton Democrat”. I predict in the near future a lot of Democrats will be calling themselves “Obama Democrats.” Maybe Alison can admit voting for Obama but while doing so she didn’t inhale.

The Democrats lost seats during Obama’s first midterm election and they’re going to lose more this time around during his lame duck session. The race for Democrats now isn’t to prevent losses, it’s to prevent losing the Senate. If the Democrats keep the Senate, despite suffering losses, they’ll declare victory.
This isn’t really that much of a statement on Obama. Every president since WWII lost seats. Reagan lost 8 Senate seats despite that huge god-like pedestal the GOP has him on. He also lost 31 House seats. So much for that Reagan Revolution.
Most of us, unless you’re really young, remember the ’94 blowout where Newt Gingrich and his contract with America took 8 Senate and 52 House seats from Clinton though by his lame duck midterm he picked up House seats and didn’t lose one from the Senate. George W. Bush, who was never really elected in 2000, lost 30 in the House and 6 in the Senate during his lame duck midterm. FDR lost 71 House seats in his first midterm. Are you getting the idea?
The art is not losing too many. A president gives the opposing party a pretty big target for the opposing party to hit. It’s harder for the president’s party to find a bad guy figure head, unless you luck out like Clinton and fate gives you Newt Gingrich. It’s kind of amazing Obama has managed to hang on to the Senate and he still might after this election.
I think Michelle’s turnip commercial is funny. Nobody likes turnips. I can’t remember the last time I ate a turnip but I guarantee I didn’t finish it and I bit into it by accident. What can be less popular than a turnip….I mean other than President Obama?