F For Putin

Just after I finished this cartoon, CNN reported that Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has shut down Russia’s disinformation network…or they’re trying to. Meta is removing posts by supposed “independent” news agencies and fake personas (bots) targetting Ukrainians on Facebook and Instagram. I just checked and despite this announcement from Facebook, Russian state-owned propaganda outlets, posing as news, RT and Sputnik are still posting on Mega’s platforms. As of this writing, Sputnik posted a video 48 minutes ago on Facebook. RT posted a new one six minutes ago. RT and Sputnik running wild and uninhibited on social media is good news for people like Ted Rall, an American cartoonist/columnist who works for Sputnik and has been making whatabout posts deflecting for Putin’s war.

If Meta and other outlets want to shut down propaganda and the litany of pro-Putin bullshit, they need to shut down, not just the face accounts, but RT and Sputnik. They should also go after individuals who are spreading misinformation and pro-Putin claptrap. If nothing else, the people posting about Russia’s invasion who work also work for Russia should be required to add disclaimers. Maybe Meta can come up with a Russian-goon stamp.

Russia is on the wrong side of this. Duh. Some Republicans are starting to recognize this. Even Switzerland, which is historically neutral, will join the European Union and enforce sanctions against Russia. Switzerland didn’t even side against the Nazis. It’s the Republicans who do side with Nazis who are pro-Putin. The people who supported a Nazi attack on our capital are the same goons supporting Putin’s attack on Ukraine’s capital.

Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and Tucker Carlson are very much Putin boys who have always been on the wrong side of history. But the good thing about these people is that they’re also cowards. Look at the comparison of Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky standing outside defiantly in the streets of Kyiv while missiles hit his city during an impending invasion to Ted Cruz, who fled his state for Cancun when Texas was hit by a winter freeze. Even after Ted was busted, he blamed it on his daughers. Coward.

There’s a certain goon cartoonist whose post I only read to see what the current Trump TV talking point is. It saves me from having to watch Fox News. He made a post on Facebook mocking those who have made Ukraine’s flag their profile picture. After a few of his fellow goons replied that they had actually made their profile pictures blue and yellow to stand with Ukraine, the goon cartoonist deleted his post. Coward. I observe this stuff because it amuses the hell out of me.

Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and Tucker aren’t the only Putin puppets in the GOP. J.D. Vance, the author of “Hillbilly Elegy” and a Republican Ohio senate candidate said on a podcast, “I don’t really care what happens to Ukraine one way or another.” He tweeted, “Our leaders care more about Ukraine’s borders than they do our own.”

Before the invasion, Fox News goon Greg Gutfeld said President Biden’s warnings of a Russian invasion felt “very manufactured.” Maria Bartiromo claimed the warnings were to distract from Hillary Clinton spying on Donald Trump (which isn’t true) and after the invasion, blamed Biden for being weak. Fox contributor Charles Hurt said it’s “unclear” why we should care about Russia invading Ukraine and oh yeah, it’s all Biden’s fault. Fox host Pete Hegseth said Biden hasn’t made a case for the national security implications.

While interviewing Donald Trump, Laura Ingraham told him Volodymyr Zelensky put on “a pathetic display” when he “pleaded” with Russian President Vladimir Putin not to invade his country.

Rudy Giuliani said about Russia, “They have a president, and we don’t.” Rudy also said, between farts, “Putin is prepared for this. Our incompetent president isn’t prepared for it.”

Kyle Smith, a New York Post columnist wrote before the invasion that the “Biden presidency has made the U.S. look weaker to Putin.”

Congressman and former White House physician Ronny Jackson, who once told us Trump was 230 pounds and could live to be 200, demanded that President Biden take a mental exam during the Russian invasion. This goon probably hasn’t washed his finger since sticking it in Trump’s ass.

Let’s never forget Tucker Carlson asking why he should hate Putin.

During the first day of the invasion, a Russian ship attacked Snake Island, a part of Ukraine 186 miles west of Crimea. The Russians demanded the 13 Ukrainian soldiers lay down their weapons and surrender. The Ukrainian response was, “Go fuck yourself.” It may have been their last words though reports are coming in that they’re still alive. I hope so.

Ukrainians are putting up a fight for their country. They’re fighting for their democracy. It’s a fight Russia underestimated. They will not give up their nation the way American Republicans gave up on theirs. These pro-Putin Republicans underestimated the support Ukraine would receive.

The Republicans standing with Putin’s fascism against Ukraine’s democracy tried to destroy our democracy and replace it with fascism. They can all go fuck themselves.

And if you’re standing with Russia, or blaming Biden for something Putin did, or you’re deflecting for Putin and spreading Russian propaganda, then as the great Cee Lo Green once sang, “Fuck you too.”

Music Note: While shading and coloring today’s cartoon, I listened to a few Bangles songs, but none of that “Manic Monday” or “Walk Like an Egyptian” shit. “Going Down to Liverpool” rocks.

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  1. “And if you’re standing with Ukraine, or blaming Biden for something Putin did, or you’re deflecting for Putin and spreading Russian propaganda, then as the great Cee Lo Green once sang, ‘Fuck you too.’”

    Did you mean to write, “And if you’re standing with Russia…”? A slight glitch in an otherwise well-done post.


  2. “ Congressman and former White House physician Ronny Jackson, who once told us Trump was 230 pounds and could live to be 200,… …This goon probably hasn’t washed his finger since sticking it in Trump’s ass.”

    Darn right he hasn’t washed it, he sniffs it every day, and when he really wants to splurge, he licks it.


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