Needing Teeth


Alan Gross was incarcerated in Cuba since 2009. He was released today. His health suffered while he was in a Cuban prison and he lost some teeth. I wouldn’t make fun of him needing teeth except he made fun of it. It’s not his fault. I hope, and I’m sure he will, regain his health along with a new set of choppers.

Yes, the embargo needs to be lifted. Can anyone point out how it’s worked over the past 50 years, through eight U.S. presidents? We have normalized relations with Cuba and China who are other communist nations. The difference is that Cuba is off the coast of Florida which is a swing state full of Cubans against the embargo, or they were. Opinion, even among Cubans in Florida, is swinging away from wanting to continue the failed embargo.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio said today that Obama is the worst negotiator in his lifetime. He might want to pick a day where Obama hasn’t freed an American citizen from a Cuban prison for humanitarian reasons.


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Not All Bad…Unless


If you listen to right wingers, painting some groups with a wide brush good, others bad. But if you listen to right wingers closely they won’t even admit there are bad examples of police officers. I heard one wacko from a police association on TV last night say the shooting of the 12-year-old in Cleveland was justified and the officers were in danger.

Some people are going to read this cartoon and actually think I’m saying all Muslims are bad. I’m not saying that. I have to state that because sure enough someone out there who doesn’t understand satire is going to read this cartoon.