Freedom Of Cake Expression


A Wal-Mart employee didn’t recognize an ISIS flag. Is that so shocking? Even CNN had a recent problem differentiating the flag from a giant dildo (seriously).

So some right-wing goober tried to order a Confederate Flag cake at Wal-Mart and the store’s bakery refused. He wanted to make a point of some sort so he showed the employee an ISIS flag and ordered a cake with that design. I’m sure he didn’t tell the employee it was the logo for an international terrorist organization with a fondness for beheadings. The store delivered. I’m not sure what flavor the cake was but I’m sure the party was a blast. Get it? Blast!

Personally, I think the bakery should make a Confederate Flag cake if someone orders it. I think the flag is a symbol of racism but it’s really no skin off my hide if you have serve cake at your KKK party. I also don’t have an issue with private businesses selling the flags. I don’t care. Someone is going to sell them. Freaks are gonna fly them. I just don’t think they belong on government property.

Here are the roughs. I changed the art and text.

WP_20150701_003 WP_20150701_004

Christie Squeezes In


I don’t make attempts at jokes at the expense of someone’s personal appearance, unless I think I can make a (no pun intended) larger point out of it. There are exceptions such as Donald Trump’s hair. That’s something he can help like maybe buying a better toupee or trying a different style of comb over. I’m not sure what he exactly has going on up there, on top of his head or inside it.

I couldn’t resist with this analogy. There are way too many candidates and quite frankly, Chris Christie is not going to fit into the debates or in the race for campaign cash. Physics say it’s impossible. I’m not out to make a pointless fat joke. A lot of conservatives make fun of Hillary’s appearance (I’ve seen a few cartoonists do it). That’s sexist, shows they have nothing more substantial to offer and quite frankly, stupid. Hillary Clinton is 67. I’m not aware of any 67-year-old super models. Conservatives really don’t do well with humor. They are very funny people but it’s never intentional.

I got this idea last week but I held off waiting on Christie’s announcement. There was a sort of a mini announcement last week that he would announce on Tuesday. So I roughed it out last Thursday. On Saturday I took a road trip with a friend to Northern Virginia and I took my notebook with me. I showed her the rough and she loved it.


Then I worked on the body language.


Good Flag, Bad Flag


It was a huge landmark decision when the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal in all of the United States. A couple of southern states (it’s always the south) are still resisting.

There’s a lot of rejoicing out there and a lot of bemoaning. I find it funny that the same people who complained about “activist judges” on Friday didn’t use that term for “Citizens United.”

There are two arguments being made right now that are seriously flawed.

Regarding those defending the flag: Yes, the flag is representing racism and hatred. It doesn’t matter what it means to you. To the majority of black Americans, and to many others, it represents hate. Your flying it shows a huge lack of empathy on your part.

The flag wasn’t even popular until the Civil Rights era which is also when states like Georgia and South Carolina started flying it. Tell me how that’s not hate.

And stop saying the Civil War was not about slavery. OK, for the North it was about preserving the Union. For the South, it was about slavery. It’s mentioned in the Ordinances of Secession. The guy who designed that flag you love even said it represents white supremacy. You lost the war, let it go. You’ve lost the argument so it’s time for you to let that go.

That flag is not your heritage. I’m from the South and that flag doesn’t represent me. But then again, I’m not a racist.

Regarding the ruling on gay marriage: It’s the law. Get over it. The country is progressing. Just because you’re not doesn’t mean you can drag all of us to Hell with you.

Stop quoting the Bible to defend your opinion on gay marriage. Our laws are not governed by religion. If you want to live in a country governed by religion then you should move to Iran. Send me a postcard.

About creating the cartoon: Usually I like to storm out of the gate with breaking news and be one of the first ones to cover an issue. On Friday I wasn’t home for most of the day. It gave me a chance to see what everyone was saying, and other cartoonists were drawing. I was kinda glad to wait it out.

I’m totally sick of the flag issue. But that girl, Bree Newsome, climbed the pole in South Carolina and took the flag down. I do believe that at times a little civil disobedience is a good thing when it’s in the name of civil rights. It was bold but I think it’s a bad idea to break the law to take the flag down. It just gives the defenders an opportunity to play pretend victim. I didn’t think the event warranted a cartoon on its own but then I read about Justice Antonin Scalia’s freak out. How could I not?

I messed up on the flag. My first version had eight stripes. I had to destroy it and paste (literally on hard copy. Not in photoshop) a new flag on the drawing paper.


My Dixie Wrecked


Here is this week’s cartoon for The Independent in St. George, Utah.

Dixie State University is in St. George, Utah. Why is there a university named Dixie State in Utah of all places? That’s a really good question.  Utah was not even a state during the Civil War. It’s not anywhere close to be in the South or “Dixie.” Did some father of the university have an infatuation with the American South? Hell, the place used to fly the confederate flag.

There’s a bit of a movement for the place to change it’s name. Some find it offensive racially. I find it offensive geographically. You would think an institution of higher learning could locate itself on a map.

Plus, to a lot of people, “Dixie” does not give the impression of higher culture, understanding, sophistication, intelligence.

Change the name already.

Here’s the rough.


Obamacare’s Here To Stay…Among Other Things


Yeah, I’m a jerk.

I had a couple of other ideas. I bounced them off some friends and while I didn’t get any “mehs”, I didn’t detect any enthusiasm. I try better than “meh.”

Here’s those two ideas.


I kinda liked this one…but just kinda. It didn’t make laugh.


The dog represents Republicans. I did laugh at this one but I was afraid I’d be the only one. That’s happened before. I’ll probably bring this idea back in the future with another topic. Neutering is funny…unless you’re the one being neutered.

Here’s the rough on the final idea.



Taylor Swift Takes A Bite Out Of Apple


Here’s this week’s cartoon for The Daily Dot.

I’m a little familiar with Taylor Swift’s music. A few years ago a few girls I know, who are all much younger than I am, introduced me to her music. I didn’t really have a choice. I don’t know everything she’s done and I haven’t listened to anything new of hers in a long time. But I found a few song titles that might have worked for this cartoon other than the one I settled on. Those songs are “Mine” and “Mean” and “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

I do like some of her music. She’s a real songwriter and I like what she stands up for.

Here’s the rough.