Don’t Stand So Close To Me


I continue to read and hear Republicans express their glee over Democrats not wanting Obama to make campaign appearances with them. You would think those who participate in politics would also be students of the profession. Maybe their memories aren’t as short as they appear and they’re willfully excluding facts from recent history.

Do you realize George W. Bush has not been at a Republican National Convention since 2004? It’s not because he’s busy and his excuse isn’t as good as Reagan’s.

Caption Contest #215 Winner


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This week’s winner is Brendan Sullivan of Fredericksburg.

Finalists are: Peter Pfotenhauer of Fredericksburg who submitted “I’m about to turn into one myself on Election Day.”

Dale Stout of Colorado Springs, Colorado who submitted “Maybe the Great Pumpkin got caught by the Secret Service…nah.”

Rocky Knupp of Winchester who submitted ”I need to ask Michelle if pumpkin is still okay to eat.”

Bobby Duke of Stafford who submitted “Guess I’ll get the blame for the Great Pumpkin not showing.”

Thanks for playing. Come back Monday and play again.