Utah Stomps On Planned Parenthood


Utah’s governor Gary Herbert is trying to defund Planned Parenthood because of all those sneaky (probably illegal) videos made by the Center For Medical Progress. That’s an odd name for a group trying to restore back-alley-clothes-hanger abortions.

These videos are smearing Planned Parenthood and trying to mislead the public. Never mind the fact PP is not doing anything illegal. Five states, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Indiana, South Dakota, and Massachusetts, have already ruled that PP is clear of any wrongdoing (chew on that). You won’t read that at Breitbart. Another thing you won’t read at right wing troll sites is that the Center For Medical Progress receives funding from Operation Rescue which has an ugly history of being connected to violence against abortion clinics and doctors.

Being anti abortion is fine. That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. Spreading false information is not fine. It’s disgusting and irresponsible. It’s especially disgusting if you’re elected to serve the public or you work in the media. It’s revolting for journalists to engage in lying. Yes, if you’re in the opinion game in the media, talking head, editorial writer, columnist or even political cartoonist, you’re a journalist.

If you have information that doesn’t help your argument then you tend to ignore it. To ignore it and keep spreading lies is a violation of ethics and it makes you a liar. Unfortunately too many appear not to have any ethics and they don’t have a problem being a liar. I know ethics is something some “journalists” don’t think about but guess what, you’re supposed to have them (I’m willing to venture that the publications that run your work actually have ethics policies. You should look into it). If you have to lie to support your argument then you have a weak argument.

I think what really infuriates me is that lying to support your cause works. It’s been working for a long time. Republicans have been doing it effectively for a long time. It helps their base is stupid. But it does work. Ask Joseph Goebbels.

Here’s the rough.




In case you haven’t noticed, Obama hasn’t come for your guns yet but Alison Parker’s father is.

I dedicate this cartoon to everyone who’s first concern after the shooting and murders in Roanoke was for their gun rights.

I expect a negative comment or two for this cartoon.

Cartoon for The Western News


The Western News in Libby, Montana is one my client newspapers. They asked me to draw a cartoon for them on a local issue. They publish twice a week and if it was to be in the first edition of the week then they needed the cartoon by Monday (they asked on Friday). I warned the editor that he would be receiving a lot of emails during his weekend.

It’s a local issue so if you don’t live in Libby then you probably won’t understand it. If you’re that interested then you can click the link above, visit their site and see what’s going on up there.

I hope to visit Montana some day.

Only In America


The shooting of a reporter and camera man from a Roanoke, VA television station shakes me as much as the shooting at Charlie Hebdo. I’m sure it shakes every journalist. I know the victims. I don’t know them personally, but I know them like I know journalists. Every journalist knows them. Many of us said we are Charlie Hebdo. I am Charlie Hebdo. I’m also Alison Parker and I’m Charlie Ward. We all are. Both of these victims are close to the same age as my 25-year-old son. This also hits close to home because it’s close to home. Roanoke is a city I know.  As this disturbs the nation and the journalism community, it is a bit of a deja vu for Virginia. It was only 2007 when 32 people were killed and 17 wounded at Virginia Tech. There’s a funny meme that’s been going around on social media for a while about how a terrorist failed with a shoe bomb so now we all have to take our shoes off at the airport. How many children, college students, parishioners, preachers, journalists have to die from gun violence before we can actually have effective gun legislation? I heard many people today make comments about how liberals would now use this to push gun control. They’re right. They’re also despicable because the first concern they express is for their gun. Right now there are coworkers, fathers, mothers, siblings, fiancees who will never hear the voice of someone they love ever again because of gun violence. You’re concerned about the right to purchase a Glock 19 without a background check. Shame on you. When the founding fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment they had militias in mind. They were not considering disgruntled former employees bearing a grudge.

Trumping The Press


Just because I don’t draw enough Donald Trump cartoons.

The media tends to stick up for each other. When Obama tried to keep Fox News out of White House press briefings the other journalists in the White House Press Pool stood up for the Fox News reporters. Say what you will about Fox but they ARE the media (no matter how much they and their viewers complain about the media).

Tuesday Donald Trump started his Iowa press conference by throwing out Univision’s Jorge Ramos. The second question he received “why did you throw out Mr. Ramos?”.

I immediately thought “here we go again” and “I know what the press will be talking about for the next two days…and what I’m going to draw about next.”

Trump claimed he didn’t throw Ramos out though it was his bodyguard hustling him out the door with his hands on him the entire time. He also claimed he didn’t know Ramos though he stated “go back to Univision” as if it’s a town in Mexico (I stole that line from editorial cartoonist Lalo Alcarez). and he’s suing Univision for $5 million.

There’s usually different protocols for different politicians at press conferences. For Trump, he selects who can ask him a question. Before he started his press conference Ramos was asking questions pretty loudly. At a lot of press conferences that’s how it’s done. You try to shout out a question louder than other reporters and why everyone covets a front row seat. Ramos wouldn’t stop talking. Eventually Trump let Ramos back in and sparred with him over immigration for about five minutes.

Trump has extremely thin skin. He doesn’t take kindly to being asked a difficult question like “can you be more specific?” The “I’m rich” and “I’m very successful” responses don’t always satisfy a journalist’s question on something as intricate like “how are you going to build that 1,933 mile wall?” or  “how will you go about abolishing the 14th Amendment?” Them be some head scratchers. Trump doesn’t like to think too hard and scratch his head. He might mess up his comb over.

He also doesn’t think it’s fair to ask him “why do you treat women unfairly by calling them fat pigs?”. He’s been going at Fox News’ Megyn Kelly for a few weeks now. He gets angry at Fox and then Roger Ailes calls him and they mend fences and suddenly Kelly is on a surprise vacation. After she returns from vacation Trump goes off again, says she sucks and he’s doing well in polls. Ailes comes out in defense of Kelly and says Fox is doing well in ratings and they’re “Fair And Balanced” blah blah blah. Rachel Maddow is right. Watching Trump and Fox spar is like trying to choose a favorite between Godzilla and Rodan (or was it Mothra?). You know, I think Trump will win and Fox will cave. I totally expect Megyn Kelly to be on hurricane coverage in the near future.

Trump’s fight with the press goes back even farther. Do you know which media organization was not present at his press conference in Iowa? Only Iowa’s largest newspaper, the Des Moines Register. A few months ago the Register’s editorial page called on Trump to quit his presidential run. Never mind the fact that Trump says Hillary should quit, and Bush should quit, and Rubio should quit, and Paul should quit, etc. The only thing Trump wants to quit is Oreos (he hates anything that’s black and white. Ask Obama). He didn’t take kindly to that and has banned the Register’s reporters from attending his events. Someone has probably attempted to explain to him that a newspaper’s editorial page is separate from it’s news room but that might require a little more depth of understanding than Trump is capable.

My negative cartoon coverage of Trump (and their being shown on CNN) is probably why Trump doesn’t let me hang out with him. He never calls.

Here’s the first rough of the cartoon.


I didn’t like the angle so I roughed it out again.


This was my first idea. I’m glad I passed it over and included Trump’s treatment of the media in general, instead of just one guy.


Stock Market Panic Attack


I was originally going to draw a cartoon with two guys on a ledge. One because of Wall Street and the other because of Ashley Madison. I’m not entirely sure I went with the right idea.

I decided to draw this one because, even though cartoons exaggerate, I think it’s a bit of a stretch that anyone’s about to kill themselves over it. There have been a few reports that some people have killed themselves over being exposed by the Ashley Madison thing. So I figured I should go with the husband/wife idea.

Throw Terrorist From The Train


I was uplifted by the story of the three Americans and one Briton who thwarted the terrorist on the train. All four men will receive France’s Legion of Honor. A lot of people are cheering the American spirit over this story and I am too…to a point.

Being an American is a good thing. Maybe after this event Americans can travel Europe without pretending to be Canadian. But I credit this to the human spirit. I love the aspect of the story that the three guys are lifelong friends.

I have never traveled through Europe so I wasn’t aware of names of train services. I was going to use creative license and make one up and as I was googling trains in Europe, I found Eurail. I swear I was going to go with EuroTrain.