Caption Contest #212 Winner



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This week’s winner is Cameron Rett of Spotsylvania.

Runner up is Terry Hardy of Stafford who submitted “Guess I can still become the Prince of Whales.”

Additional runner up is Dale Stout of Colorado Springs, Colorado who submitted “I always enjoyed ‘Lassie Come Home.”

Additional additional runner up is Marvin Sager of Rockville, Maryland who submitted “In honor of the NO VOTE, the LOCH NESS MONSTER has been knighted “SIR” NESSIE!”

Come back Monday and play again.

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Good Riddance



As soon as news came out that Attorney General Eric Holder will be resigning the tweets from Republicans were fast and furious.

Congressman Darrell Issa, that gem of a public servant who’s wasted so much tax-payer money on fruitless investigations, tweeted that Holder is the most divisive Attorney General ever.  It’s divisive when you push for American progress.  It’s divisive if you push for gay marriage or at least move the government away from restricting it.  It’s divisive if you want equal treatment for all.  It’s divisive if you fight against anti-voting laws.  It’s especially divisive if you would like to see the police in this country stop pulling people over for driving while being black and being shot for being black.
The most ridiculous thing (OK, these are Republicans and it’s hard to find what’s MOST ridiculous) is that anyone who points out racism gets labeled by the right as race-baiters.  If you point out a cop shot an unarmed black kid then your’e the racist for going there.  White Republicans really care about race when they feel a white person is being mistreated by a minority or the press.  Sometimes I don’t know if I should laugh or smack myself in the forehead.
President Obama didn’t really press race issues during his first term unless you want to count the Beer Summit.  He’s our first black president and with that I’m sure he didn’t want to be labeled as just a black president.  Eric Holder was the man on the forefront of pushing against discrimination.
Republicans will point out how he was held in contempt by Congress.  They’ll point at the fake scandals they created and try to slur Holder’s record for it, and judge his successor the same.  But history is going to show that Eric Holder as a pioneer who worked to move this country forward.
He’s been labeled by the Right as an activist Attorney General.  I’m glad he was.

Blinded By Science



I got a really cool compliment last week from an editor in Tennessee.  He told me that I didn’t usually run in the pack but when I did I would do something different.  I’ll take that.

There’s going to be a lot of times when I draw a cartoon on the same subject a hundred other cartoonists are also covering.  I saw a bunch of cartoons about the White House fence jumper and some of them were really good.  Most of them were jokes without a message.  I’ll do that from time to time.  Since I saw so many that were just jokes I figured I’d throw something else in there.  Plus, when I draw a cartoon that covers two subjects then I don’t really have to worry about neglecting or over-saturating one of the subjects later.

I found a lot of amusement from the global warming hearing last week in Congress.  Hearing Republicans talk about science, and try to explain science to scientists is comedy writing itself.  One congressman actually talked about how water doesn’t rise when ice melts in a glass of water.  Of course this a party where a lot of members believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old and Jesus walked beside dinosaurs.

I’ve seen a lot of Facebook and Twitter posts about ice forming in the Arctic so that proves global warming isn’t real.  These knuckleheads don’t realize ice forms every winter.  Weather gets colder in Winter.  It also gets warmer in Spring and Summer and thus ice melts again.  I’m sorry if that sounds so elementary but conservatives need it explained…again.

There’s a difference between science and religion.  Science is eventually backed with facts.  Religion is supported by wanting to believe in something despite no amount of evidence supporting it.  Faith is nice.  It can be beautiful.  But it shouldn’t replace facts that affect our environment.

By the way, that editor who complimented me:  He did so while canceling my cartoon service.  He explained I was competing against a service that provides dozen of cartoons on the cheap, and while they weren’t very good they were still cheap.  He also explained I was liberal and his publication was in a red state in a strong military area….and his readers were getting angry at my cartoons.  I know that’s true because I had a few of them come at me on Twitter after his paper ran a few of my cartoons.  It comes with the territory.  I also picked up a few papers this week.  I’ll lose more.  I’ll get more.  I knew this when I fired my syndicate and became my own sales rep, accountant, bookkeeper, billing and on top of that…I gotta draw the cartoons.

Sorry, Texas


For the record, I was born in Texas.  I have a lot of friends in Texas who I respect.  However, I think this small secession movement that started up after Obama was re-elected is one born of ignorance and wishful thinking.  I would think it’d be unfair to question the intelligence of the majority of Texans, but this is a state that’s elected Rick Perry over and over, Sent Ted Cruz to the U.S. Senate, executes the mentally ill, puts out elementary text books that give Moses credit for influencing the U.S. Constitution and gave us Tom DeLay.