Caption Contest #219 Winner


This week’s winner is Ricky Toler of Spotsylvania.

Runner ups are:

Dale Stout of Colorado Springs, Colorado who submitted “This is creepier than Creepy Rob Lowe.”

Bentley Pamm of Spotsylvania who submitted “Everybody’s gone surfin’…….only now we pay……”

Stan Kennedy Jr. of Fredericksburg who submitted “My Spidey Sense is tingling!!”

Patrick Cady of King George who submitted “Careful—there is a black widow at the center of this WEB!!”

Mike Haddad of Willobrook/DuPage, Illinois who submitted “Al? Al?! Gee, Mr. Franken, where are you when I need you?!”

Mike Blevins of Spotsylvania who submitted “I find nothing neutral about this.”

Kathy Mannix of Washington, D.C. who submitted “My escape goes through the Chamber of Secrets at the FCC!”

Dennis Silver of Spotsylvania who submitted “Where is Charlotte the spider when you really need her.”

Come back Monday and play again.


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Stupid Voters


If you look at misinformed voters you have to start with the Tea Party. This is a group that started up to protest against higher taxes and government spending despite the fact their taxes and government spending were going down. They were misinformed and their cause wasn’t a ruse to disguise contempt that the president is black,right?

There’s also a high number of Republican voters who think Obama is a Muslim, or was born in Kenya or is a socialist. You also have elected officials and campaign financiers in the GOP who spread misinformation like it’s chunky peanut butter.

There’s a lot of poor white voters who voted GOP this month during the midterms despite being the recipients of Democratic programs.

Republicans complain about taxes and government spending despite it being down under Obama. They complain about illegal immigrants and rush to be the first in line to be keystone cops on the border, despite illegal immigration being down. Remember that deficit Bush ran up? That’s down too.

A University of Texas poll asked respondents where we got our oil. 58% says our top source is Saudi Arabia and 15% said it’s Iraq. In reality Saudi Arabia and Iraq together provide us with 22%, less than a quarter (and for you Republican readers a quarter is 25 out of 100).

A consultant in the designing of the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare, numbskulls), says the bill was designed to be misleading and to take advantage of the stupidity of the American voter. The Republicans are outraged. They ust have slept during the debates on the bill. They’re also the same guys who mislead during the debates. Do you remember death panels?

If “Obamacare” was designed to entice stupid people then Sarah Palin, Rick Perry and Ted Cruz would have loved it.