Utah’s Death Penalty


I drew this for The Independent in St. George, Utah and it’s running today in their Sunday edition. Utah decided to use firing squads as a death penalty whenever they can’t poison people to death.

I came up with all the methods of death except for three, which The Independent’s staff contributed. They suggested more but I vetoed most of them. I an be extremely picky.

They came up with “Death By Jello” because apparently people in Utah eat a lot of jello (and I thought it was funny). “Beehive Stings” was also contributed by them as Utah is the Beehive State. I did have “Bitch Slap” as a method of death and asked the editor if that was OK. It was OK but the next day, after I finished the cartoon, they had second thoughts so we went with “Blood Atonement” which is another Utah thing. I trusted their judgement on that as I didn’t find it very funny. The editor, obviously, is more familiar with Utah than I am and he said “trust me. It’s funny here.” When someone says that I usually trust them and he’s right.

I totally understand “Bitch Slap” being risky but I hated taking it out. The term would be deemed sexist by many but it’s just funny. I probably won’t ever get another opportunity to use the term in a cartoon ever again. Sad face.

I drew this last Thursday along with two other cartoons. Besides this cartoon, I drew a cartoon about Facebook for The Daily Dot and a cartoon for my syndication on the anti-gay law just passed in Indiana (which got a lot of responses). I was a busy boy Thursday.

Hateful Hoosiers’ Window Space


Finally, I drew a cartoon about Indiana. No, I haven’t really been waiting for a reason to pick on Indiana though I wonder how this will fly since I do have a little sister, a little brother and quite a few nieces and nephews up there. I doubt they’ll see it.

But yeah, I got to hit Indiana. It seems there’s always something stupid coming out of Texas, Florida and Arizona giving me an opportunity. Earlier today I drew a custom cartoon for a publication in Utah which you’ll see Sunday. But now Indiana has decided to doing something Neanderthaleriffic. You really gotta hate somebody to refuse to take their money.

Indiana, I knew you had it in you!