Utah’s Death Penalty


I drew this for The Independent in St. George, Utah and it’s running today in their Sunday edition. Utah decided to use firing squads as a death penalty whenever they can’t poison people to death.

I came up with all the methods of death except for three, which The Independent’s staff contributed. They suggested more but I vetoed most of them. I an be extremely picky.

They came up with “Death By Jello” because apparently people in Utah eat a lot of jello (and I thought it was funny). “Beehive Stings” was also contributed by them as Utah is the Beehive State. I did have “Bitch Slap” as a method of death and asked the editor if that was OK. It was OK but the next day, after I finished the cartoon, they had second thoughts so we went with “Blood Atonement” which is another Utah thing. I trusted their judgement on that as I didn’t find it very funny. The editor, obviously, is more familiar with Utah than I am and he said “trust me. It’s funny here.” When someone says that I usually trust them and he’s right.

I totally understand “Bitch Slap” being risky but I hated taking it out. The term would be deemed sexist by many but it’s just funny. I probably won’t ever get another opportunity to use the term in a cartoon ever again. Sad face.

I drew this last Thursday along with two other cartoons. Besides this cartoon, I drew a cartoon about Facebook for The Daily Dot and a cartoon for my syndication on the anti-gay law just passed in Indiana (which got a lot of responses). I was a busy boy Thursday.

Hateful Hoosiers’ Window Space


Finally, I drew a cartoon about Indiana. No, I haven’t really been waiting for a reason to pick on Indiana though I wonder how this will fly since I do have a little sister, a little brother and quite a few nieces and nephews up there. I doubt they’ll see it.

But yeah, I got to hit Indiana. It seems there’s always something stupid coming out of Texas, Florida and Arizona giving me an opportunity. Earlier today I drew a custom cartoon for a publication in Utah which you’ll see Sunday. But now Indiana has decided to doing something Neanderthaleriffic. You really gotta hate somebody to refuse to take their money.

Indiana, I knew you had it in you!

Ted Cruz’s Birth Certificate


Ted Cruz is a weird guy. I don’t think anybody except for himself and his father actually believes the guy has any chance of becoming president. It’s pretty bad when conservatives┬áthink you’re a bit extreme. So I have to get my cartoons on the guy in now because when the primaries start he’s going to be out faster than a fat kid in dodgeball.

It’s really hard to debate Republicans about Ted Cruz because I can’t find any Republicans that like the guy. But there are some out there. I can hear them lurking.

But since he does have supporters….somewhere, they need to explain their rationale for doubting Obama’s legitimacy to be president yet don’t have any problems with Ted being born in Canada. You know Cruz’s supporters are birthers. There’s no way someone supports Ted Cruz without grabbing onto every crazy conspiracy theory out there.