The Dark Side


Yes, I’m a total Star Wars geek. When the 2nd trailer came out I totally geeked out hearing Luke’s voice “the force is strong in my family” and then I about hit the roof when Han and Chewie showed up at the end of the trailer.

I spent two hours or so in a facebook chat with my son about where Star Wars is going. I am proud that my son is a Star Wars geek like I am. He doesn’t really get into guitar playing or art like I do….but the kid knows Star Wars.

When “A New Hope” came out in the 70’s my mom was in jail. My older brother took me to see the movie. In the 90’s the original trilogy was re-released in theaters (with updated effects and outtakes) and I took my son who was seven-years-old at the time. I have done one thing right with my son. He loves Star Wars. He doesn’t give a crap about Star Trek which proves the Force Is Strong In Him. That’s my boy.

I drew for The Daily Dot, an awesome publication. Click the link. They have a lot of good stuff there.

Yes. The Force is strong in my family. I have a Padawan who can prove it.

I spent a lot of time on this cartoon so I’m going to share the black and white version.


And here’s the rough.


That’s on my drawing board, which I’ve had since I was 17-years-old.

Country Music Lovin’ Gun Owners Express Themselves


I’m not a big country music fan. If you challenged me to name three songs by any country artist I would probably fail. I think the genre is cliche driven and aims for the lowest common denominator. I know of one that came out fairly recently with lyrics “chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit.” This is not Lennon/McCartney stuff.  It’s Nickelback with a twang.

The music is not deep but it’s written for people who mistake sappy sentimentality for something deeper. They’re a very emotional and reactionary audience.

That audience is so emotional and reactionary that Billy Currington has just dropped out of playing a concert to benefit survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy. Country fans are livid and hostile to the performers booked for this concert.

Tim McGraw is the headliner for this show and his fans are threatening to stop buying his music, or even stealing it on the internet. Country fans consists of gun nuts and interpret “hey, maybe exercising some gun safety” as a threat to their right to own guns and accidentally shoot their own foot off. They fail to see that they’re threatening McGraw’s constitutional right to state his opinion.

To McGraw’s  and opener Chase Bryant’s credit, they’re still playing the show. They’re showing a lot more spine than Currington who tweeted, then deleted “i didn’t sign up for s***. just hearing about it like you are. so f*** u too.” He later stated “I’ve never been one to take on controversial issues.”

Well, Mr. Currington. I’m in a very different line of work and I will take on controversial issues. But, if that whole music career thing fizzles have you ever considered being a newspaper publisher?


For My Fellow Journalists


I was watching the news when that flock of reporters went running across a field after Hillary Clinton’s “Scooby” van. I felt embarrassed. We’re going to have over a year of Hillary Clinton running for president, but everyone in the press has to run after her vehicle to maybe get quick footage of her going from a van to a building.

It’s not as ridiculous as CNN’s 9-hour coverage of the van full of Florida ballots during the Bush/Gore recount, but ridiculous just the same.

Maybe only journalists will truly appreciate this cartoon. A lot of of us don’t have jobs or 401Ks anymore. Other than reporting and their own survival, a journalist true passion is food, especially if it’s free food. When I worked for The Free Lance-Star they always placed food on potluck night right around my desk which meant I had to fill my plate first then clear out to avoid the stampede. If I had a cartoon in progress then I had to move that too so it wouldn’t get honey mustard sauce on it. We always looked forward to election nights because that meant free food. Over the years the amount of food paid for by the company diminished, but when the food arrived the entire newsroom was empty. The Chick-Fil-A nuggets were always the first to go. After the nuggets it was mediocre pizza, potato chips, sandwiches with questionable content and baked goods by a fellow reporter with even more questionable personal hygiene.

I really miss being employed.

What Difference Does It Make?


Last year Republicans kept repeating Hillary Clinton’s line “what difference does it make” and they did it ad nauseam. Of course people who are not creative keep repeating the same troll-baiting line out of desperation from lack of context.

Speaking of creative: There’s been much discussion about Hillary’s new logo. A lot has been made that it’s pointing to the right. I’m not sure it’s a very creative logo but I like it because it’s very simple for a cartoonist to draw. A great logo should be simple and identifiable like the logo for the New York Yankees, Nike, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Apple or the Swastika. Obama’s logo might be the best greatest in political history while the greatest political slogan has got to be “I Like Ike.”

I’m a history geek for stuff like this.

Marco “I’m Thirsty” Rubio is only 43. Damn he’s younger than I am. He’s going to point out his youth (which may not be very smart) and Hillary’s age (which is a valid point but one to be tactful with).

Like the other two declared GOP candidates I expect him to be out of the race by the Florida primary so he’s not going to have to worry about winning that state from Jeb Bush. Like any Democratic candidate who is not named Clinton, the GOP candidates are going to have a hard time wrestling funding away from Bush. But they might be able to beat him in the idea department and convince their party that the general population will not elect another Bush.

Rubio has a great political future ahead of him if he plays it smart. He says he won’t run for reelection to the U.S. Senate if he runs for president. He has to build up a lot steam to win his party’s nomination or actually hope he has to drop out in time to run for reelection. He’ll be a presidential candidate down the line when he’ll have a better chance.

It may not matter who the Republicans nominate. It’s not so much that Hillary is an amazing candidate as much as the demographics in this country has changed against Republicans. To win the White House the GOP needs to nominate a rational moderate. I don’t think anyone in the GOP clown car fits that description.