Cult Kicks Out Liz

Anthony Gonzalez is one of the ten Republican members of the House who voted to impeach Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection and a white nationalist MAGA attack on Congress. He is not running for re-election citing the difficulty of running against a cultist and threats against his family. The cultist who is now the nominee for his seat, Max Miller, a former aide in Trump’s White House (sic), said of representatives like Gonzalez and Liz Cheney who voted to impeach Trump, “You run to be a representative of the people. It says ‘representative.’ You’re there to represent their values. They betrayed their constituents’ values, and that’s why they’re in such a hot spot.”

Except, it’s the opposite. People like Anthony Gonazlez and Liz Cheney are being ousted because they have values. By comparison, Miller worked on the Marco Rubio campaign and abandoned all the principles he had, which Rubio did also, to become a Trump sycophant. He wasn’t qualified to work in the White House, even lied on his LinkedIn page which nobody ever reads, and isn’t qualified to serve in Congress. He lies about election fraud, he lies when he says Trump won, and he lies about the insurrection saying it was mostly peaceful and not an insurrection. Values? What fucking values? Miller is promising his potential constituents that if elected, he won’t be their representative. He’ll be Trump’s. And he’s going to win.

Liz Cheney was dumped by Wyoming Republicans last night in a landslide by people who don’t even know who they voted for. They checked the box that had a name on it that wasn’t Liz Cheney. Today, ask one Republican who defeated Liz Cheney last night. I bet they won’t know the answer, but they’ll bitch about Liz Cheney.

Wyoming Republicans say Cheney doesn’t represent their values anymore even though she voted with Donald Trump 97 percent of the time. Even though she fights against the Big Lie, she still supports changing voting laws that help discriminate against minority voters. She’s against civil rights, abortion rights, universal healthcare, climate science, alternative energy, gun control, and marriage equality despite the fact her sister is a lesbian. She voted against the Inflation Reduction Act. But she doesn’t represent Wyoming Republicans’ values because she doesn’t kiss the orange ass.

Liz Cheney doesn’t represent their values because she has some. The GOP as a whole doesn’t have values. The only thing that’s important to them is loyalty to their cult leader. The Republican Party now is the Party of Trump and it’s more about the cult of personality than it is about issues. And it’s a horrible vile disgusting cult of personality at that.

Donald Trump is a failed president (sic). He’s the first one-term president (sic) in nearly 30 years. He didn’t win the popular vote the first time when he won the electoral college. The majority of voters have voted against him…twice. As president, he ran the economy into the ground, played down a pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, sucked up to fascist world leaders, verbally assaulted our democratic allies, tweeted daily tirades and retweeted Nazis, defended Nazis, never got an approval rating above 50 percent, and left office with a net job loss. Even the excuse of loving him because he’s successful is a lie because he inherited his fortune. He ran a fake university that was a scam. Every product with his name on it failed. He assaults women. He insults the handicapped. He endorsed pedophiles He even stole from a children’s cancer charity.

If I was setting a friend up on a blind date and I attributed all of Trump’s personality traits to the person I was setting them up with, they’d ask me if I hated them. It would be a cruel fucking joke and a great way to make sure the victim never talks to you again…after swinging by your house after the date to beat you with a tack hammer.

Donald Trump has told over 30,000 lies, tried to overturn an election and steal office through a fascist coup, and even stole government secrets. This man even grifts the people who are voting the Republicans out of office who don’t buy the election lie. The motherfucker even used his ex-wife’s death as a fundraiser.

So, why do Republicans feel so much love for this grotesque narcissistic racist scum who embodies each of the seven deadly sins?

What is it that Republicans love so much about Donald Trump? It’s not honesty because you have never ever heard a MAGAt praise Trump without inserting a lie. Try it. Say something good about Trump without lying. You can’t. It’s impossible.

So, is it the racism they love? Is it fascism? Is it the racist fascist combo? Whatever it is, they love it more than proven leadership, more than principles, more than values.

Republicans don’t have values and last night in Wyoming, they proved it…again.

Liz Cheney losing last night wasn’t a surprise because we’ve known for a while that Republican MAGAts don’t have values, don’t care about democracy, or even care about this nation. They put Trump before everything else, which is another thing Trump himself does.

Having election deniers in office is extremely bad for this nation, even if they’re the minority. The Nazis’ first attempt to take power was through a coup, which failed. In their first Reichstag election in 1924, they only polled three percent. That actually fell by 1928 but ultimately, they did seize power. After that, elections didn’t matter. Who is telling us today that elections don’t matter? Who’s trying to destroy elections? Who’s telling us that elections are lies and we can’t believe the results, except when they actually do win? Who’s changing election laws throughout the nation to make it easier for them to win?

The Republican Party is not a party for America. It’s a party for Trump, the most vile, most disgusting human scum since Hitler.

Liz Cheney will keep fighting the Party of Trump from within the GOP. We need to keep fighting it from the outside. Republicans are a national security threat. We can’t let them take Congress in November.

Cheney is losing her party. If we let Republicans win, we’ll lose more than a party. We’ll lose our country.

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  1. This is the most important election in the history of the United Statesof America. If the Democrats win, the USA lives on. If the Repughs win, the USA as we know it will cease to exist. The choice belongs to American voters.

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  2. Donald Trump is a danger to this country, so are his followers. Within the borders of this nation there exists two countries. One is democratic. The other is authoritarian/fascist. I am for democracy and still live by the oath I took to our Constitution to defend against enemies foreign and domestic. I don’t know what oath Trump and his cult swear too but they are clearly the hostiles on the other side of the battlefield. Trump is a REMF … Rear Echelon Mother-Fucker …. safely tucked away and heavily protected while his Ashli Babbit/ Ricky Shiffer Kool-Aid crowd act on his delusional lies.
    excellent political cartoon clay.

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  3. Right on Clay!

    Can I copy and paste this and put this up on my Facebook feed, please? Would you be upset? I won’t do it unless I have your permission.



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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    THIS!! … “The Republican Party is not a party for America. It’s a party for Trump, the most vile, most disgusting human scum since Hitler. — Cheney is losing her party. If we let Republicans win, we’ll lose more than a party. We’ll lose our country.”

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