Conspiracy California


Do you hear that? What is that sound? That sound is millions of Californians holding their collective breath. It will soon be replaced by the sound of Republicans whining.

The reason millions of Californians are holding their breaths is because tomorrow is election day for the recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom. The entire recall was engineered politically by Republicans, not because Newsom is a horrible governor but Republicans would rather destroy than build. They would rather the state’s business be put aside for a year while they play games with the state’s flawed recall system.

Sure, there should be a recall system for every state, but in California, the requirements for the recall and to get on the ballot are way too easy.

To get on the ballot, all one needs is 65 signatures if they have $4,194.94 for the filing fee. So if you’re a rich person and a lunatic (this is California), you can get on the ballot. You can get on the ballot if you’re a poor lunatic too if you can drudge up 7,000 signatures. There was a requirement that each candidate turn in five years of tax returns, but a judge knocked that down…which helps a lot of people get on the ballot who either don’t want voters to know how little they pay in taxes or don’t want it revealed they don’t pay any at all. You know, Republicans.

The recall is two votes. The first vote is if you want to recall the governor. If you don’t want to recall him, you vote no. Regardless of how you voted on the first question, you vote on the second question. Your vote on the second is for who you think should replace the governor if he is recalled. If the vote is yes to recall, then the top vote getter on the second question, no matter how many or how few votes he gets, is governor of California. With 46 candidates on the ballot, the winner will most likely not be the top choice by a majority of California voters. The governor is barred from being one of the recall candidates.

The system is designed to make a maniacal person the governor of the largest state in the nation. And if Newsom is recalled, that’s what California’s going to get. That sounds far-fetched, but keep in mind, we made Donald Trump president (sic) of the United States of America.

The main Republicans on the ballot are a former mayor of San Diego, a multimillionaire, a former assemblyman, and Caitlyn Jenner, who is a lunatic. No, not because she’s a transgender woman but because she’s a transgender woman who’s a Republican. That’s almost as bad as being black and Republican which bring us to Larry Elder, a black Republican who is also a lunatic.

Also, being a black Trump supporter doesn’t make you a lunatic. All Trump supporters are lunatics.

There are no prominent Democrats on the ballot. The Democratic Party took the route of presenting a united front behind Governor Newsom and against the recall. The risk here is if the vote to recall Newsom is over 50%, then the next governor of California will most likely be a Republican, which brings us back to Larry Elder.

We covered this guy last week. He’s a lying conspiracy-spreading gun-waving fucknut with a radio show. Everything he says could come out of the mouth of a Klansmen. Nazis love this guy. He’s a Trump supporter who’s nose-deep into MAGAt land. He drinks the Kool-Aid. Hell, he bathes in it. But, he knows he’s going to lose.

While this isn’t really a race between Newsom and Elder, both candidates have run like it is. The first race is between Newsom and the recall. Then, the race is between Elder and the other 45 idiots on the ballot. But if you vote against Newsom, and even if you plan to vote for someone like Jenner, you’re probably going to make Larry Elder governor. But Elder is no Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won the last recall election. Schwarzenegger is a movie star, and even as a human-stomping terminator, people still liked him. Schwarzenegger was/is a moderate Republican that even if you disagreed with him, wanted progress for California. Schwarzenegger loves California. Larry Elder hates California and he wants to destroy it. So naturally, he should lose.

The only thing worse than a terminator being sent from the future to destroy our planet and society is a Republican terminator in the present trying to destroy everything. Typically, Republicans come from the past. Tomorrow, I expect California to tell Larry Elder, “Hasta la vista, Baby.”

Governor Newsom is mostly likely going to win over the recall. And Larry Elder knows this because like Trump, he’s starting to cast doubt on the election.

Larry Elder is using the Trump playbook, which is still weird to me. How does a guy who never read a book, even the ones he supposedly wrote, have a playbook? But Larry’s using it and it’s an extension of the Big Lie that still exists where Trump claims he won the election.

There are still Trump cultists who believe he won and that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president. This is anti-democratic and a card to play by sore losers and lunatics. It’s anti-American.

Larry Elder is pushing lies that fraud is already happening in the election and he has help from Tucker Carlson, Tomi Lahren, and Donald Trump. They’re telling their people their votes don’t count. The last time they pulled this bullshit, they lost two senate seats in Georgia. Telling people their votes don’t count is telling them not to vote.

Larry’s going to lose and for the rest of his life, he’s going to be barking on the radio that he won and was cheated and wah wah wah.

Tomorrow’s forecast for California predicts heavy Republican whining. I’ll be back.

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  1. “Sure, there should be a recall system for every state, but in California, the requirements for the recall and to get on the ballot are way too easy.”

    And here in Florida, you cannot recall governor or senator or representatives; the rethuglicans took care of that ‘right’ years ago. But then, Florida was BUILT on corruption, so one shouldn’t be surprised at this.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Here’s truly hoping!! … “Larry’s going to lose and for the rest of his life, he’s going to be barking on the radio that he won and was cheated and wah wah wah. Tomorrow’s forecast for California predicts heavy Republican whining. I’ll be back.”


  3. Clay, I am never surprised at how low the former president and his sycophants will go. But, this is not new, as Trump has been like this most of his life well before being president. An easy example is to just look at the number of lawsuits around his screwing hard working contractors (painters, sheet rockers, electricians, landscapers, etc.) out of paying them. As one contractor said before the election in 2016, “Word on the street when dealing with the Trump organization is get paid up front.” This was said by the contactor on a voter panel. Keith


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