Stick Your Neck Out For The Live Blog


Hey, kids.

If you follow me on social media, then you already know what’s up on election night. But in case you only keep up with me here, how dare you.

You may recall that in 2016, I live blogged the election. What’s a live blog? It’s where I stay up all night long and draw sketches and provide witty commentary as news breaks. It’s something I did quite a few times for The Free Lance-Star when I worked for them. It was so popular, that even after they laid me off, they asked me to come back for one night only to do the live blog.

This year, I’ll be doing it live from Washington, DC. I’ll actually be right around the corner from Lafayette Square where Donald Trump had peaceful protesters teargassed.

I have drawn up to 20 cartoons during a live blog in the past. In 2018, I did 15 cartoons for a live blog covering the midterms (And I nearly lost my mind because the internet went out during). How many will I draw this year? I don’t know. I’m going to wing it. I often find I draw some crap with one or two gems standing out. How will the cartoons look?

I was goofing off today and drew a couple of previews. They’re going to look something like the one above and the one below.


The live blog will be on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. It will also be here. I haven’t decided yet how exactly I’ll do it but I think each post will be its own separate post.

Tag along and watch me cover history. I can’t drink during the night, but that’s not stopping you.


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