Goodyear Vs. Badyear


Do you remember a few weeks ago when liberals called for a boycott over Goya? Conservatives were livid. How dare they call for a boycott of a great American company that became great as soon as its CEO praised Donald Trump.

Why, they said, it’s ridiculous to boycott a company over politics unless it’s Nike, the NFL, the NBA, Oreo cookies, Netflix, Budweiser, Starbucks, Keurig, Target, Pepsi, Gillette, Nordstrom, Univision, Macy’s, HBO, etc, etc. 

Now, Trump has called for a boycott of Goodyear, the company that produces tires and has that giant blimp everybody has seen fly over their house at least once in their lifetime. 

The thing here is, this is an American president (sic) calling for a boycott of a company that employs Americans. After losing 40 million jobs, is it really a good idea for a president to call for a boycott and lose more American jobs? Also, how stupid is it to call for a boycott of an American company in Ohio? Has Gym Jordan called Donald Trump out for this yet? Maybe he’ll wanna wrestle.

So, what did Goodyear do that’s so horrifying? They issued a memo saying they don’t want political apparel to be worn or displayed by their employees at work. That’s basically the policy of every company in America except maybe Bass Pro Shop. Why piss off customers? Liberals and conservatives both need tires.

What really set Trump off is that Goodyear does allow their employees to display “Black lives Matter.” Why? Because it’s not a political organization or a statement. Really. In fact, the government has said as much.

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel, an independent agency, cleared the way for federal employees to support the Black Lives Matter movement and the Black Lives Matter Global Network while on duty, including wearing or displaying materials related to the cause, said USA Today.

And why should “black lives matter” be a political statement? Civil rights should not be political. If you think it’s political to say black lives matter just as much as other lives, then there’s something wrong with you. For a long time now, we’ve known there’s something wrong with Donald Trump. If you’re supporting him, there’s something wrong with you, too.

Goodyear didn’t just ban MAGA hats. They banned Joe Biden hats and apparel as well. The difference? Biden supporters aren’t storming the gates in outrage. Though I must say, I am looking forward to the great big national tire fire that’ll put the one on The Simpsons to shame.

Another difference between MAGA hats and Biden hats: The Biden hats are made in America.

When Donald Trump calls for a boycott and job loss because a company won’t allow its employees to express their cult worship at work, he is being a baby. Hopefully, after November 3, nobody will have to see that blimp fly over their house.

Creative note: Usually when I have an idea I suspect others might draw, I push it aside and let them have at it. And, I often can’t tell if it’s an obvious idea or not…but I liked this one too much. So I jammed it out as quickly as possible and published it on social media to beat the other cartoonists and also to let them know it’s been done. Yeah, it’s kinda like marking our territory. It never works. There will be a lot of cartoons with the Goodyear blimp, like there were/are of mail boxes (guilty!), but will any use the Trump Baby blimp?

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  1. Hey Clay I sent you an e-mail about something. I hope I did it right, because I rarely use it to actually send things. Trying to contact you through your page popped up the Outlook thingy. I have had a mutual dislike of the program for as long as it has existed. (Mind you I have never figured out HOW to use it-but still.)

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  2. 1) Far as the news reports I’ve seen, this was NOT a Goodyear policy; it was ‘fake news’. Someone made it up as a meme and . . . well . . . the rest is history.

    2) “Why piss off customers?” No customers would see these items being worn in the factory, so that’s hardly a reason. IF this were true, it would be to avoid fights on the factory floor, I’m sure.

    It always surprises me to see political signs in front of places of businesses; don’t the owners realize that they could be pissing off potential customers? My first FIL always REFUSED to have any political signs anywhere in or around his business (altho he did host Mayor Daley and presidential candidate JFK way back when).

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