You’ve Got Mail, Exclusive Cartoon For The Daily Dot


Here is this week’s cartoon for The Daily Dot.

Verizon just bought AOL. I was shocked too. AOL still exists? There’s a lot of questions about the purchase like: did Verizon overpay with this $4.4 billion purchase? Will they sell off The Huffington Post, which AOL owns? Will The Huffington Post finally hire a cartoonist? OK, I’m the only one asking that last question.

I’m not really big about chick flicks. I really didn’t like You’ve Got Mail. That smarmy movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (their third movie together after Sleepless In Seattle and Joe Vs. The Volcano). What really disturbed is that I remembered the lines and setting for this scene.

I drew up this idea in a restaurant. I’m always working. Here’s the sketch which I managed not to get any chicken wing sauce on. I made a couple of little changes like the title of the movie from “You Got Mail” to “You’ve Got Mail” and according to many websites, “Shopgirl” is one word. I’m disgusted I remembered her name was “Shopgirl.”



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