Caption Contest #220 Winner


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This week’s winner is Dale Stout of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Finalists are:

Mike Richard of Mineral who submitted “I hope white man knows we only do non-gluten Paleo Diet.

Joel Clark of Honolulu, Hawaii who submitted “So your saying your “pilgrims from the future” and we are going to be slaughtered,rounded up and put on reservations and all anyone talks about is changing a name on a football team?”

Todd Grimsted of Fredericksburg who submitted “. . .and you are going back to Europe right after dessert, right?”

Mike Blevins of Spotsylvania who submitted ”…and in return we’d like some blankets treated with small pox.”

Frank Foley of San Lorenzo, California who submitted “You misunderstood. We didn’t say shoot the bird. We said we were shooting you the bird.”

David Kessler of Silver Spring, Maryland who submitted “Enjoy. All we ask is that you treat future immigrants with the same generosity we’ve shown you.”

T. Campbell of Stafford who submitted “We need to reform our immigration policy then secure the borders.”

Patrick Cady of King George who submitted “Your visitor Visa expires in two weeks but your kids can stay!”

Jim Hope of Spotsylvania who submitted “We brought a killer bean dip…..can we stay?”

Daryl Scott of Hartwood who submitted “What time do the Cowboys and Lions play?”

Chad Estes of Spotsylvania who submitted “Bi-Partisan Bird – Pilgrim,,,Will it Run?”

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