Dead Fred



  1. First off, my sister doesn’t have daddy issues (a Camaro, yeesh!)

    Too nice to Fred. But alright, he did do some good things in his life. He was apparently the go to guy for Civil Rights abuse victims before he lost his bars and found something he thought was Jesus.


  2. Well you warn me to keep you away from her… But she’s safe around old fogies who drive “her father’s Oldsmobile”
    Just kidding, man.


    1. I don’t understand any of this. Who’s the old fogie driving her father’s oldsmobile. Does my dad drive an oldsmobile? I don’t know. Haven’t seen him in years. I can only think of two guys I told to stay away from my sister. One, I apologized to later because I was wrong. The second, I will never apologize to because he was stalking her and would park outside my house staring at it. Anyway, she’s not a kid anymore and out of my realm of protection. She’s happily married and is a mom.


  3. If I have to explain the joke then it just wasn’t funny enough to be called a joke.

    I saw this:

    “About clayjonz
    I draw cartoons. I play guitar. I have a Beagle. I drive a Camaro. Keep me away from your sister.”

    And the focus of the joke was that driving a Camaro isn’t the chick magnet that it used to be. Effin Guy Fieri drives a Camaro in Diners, Drive Ins & Dives. How “cool” is he? (I have to admire a Guy that can make a career out of using third grade level words to describe food he’s eating in front of us, while we pretend that “it MUST be good!” As if he’s going to say “AUGH! That tastes like ten day dead skunk P hole!” to the cook who knows where all the knives are kept! But I digest.)

    I just find my funny in different places I guess. (Because I would never let myself think I’m not as funny as I think…)


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