Dr. Rudy


If Rudy Giuliani was a doctor, and he was your doctor, that would mean you are going to die. Likewise, if he was your lawyer, you’re going to prison.

Donald Trump does not hire the best and the brightest. He hires lackeys, flunkies, and lick-spittles. He hires people who will tell him what he wants to hear. For example, take his New York doctor.

During the campaign, Dr. Harold Bornstein, who was Trump’s doctor for 36 years, issued a letter stating that if elected Trump would be the “healthiest president ever.” This week, he told the press that Trump had his goons (Yes. Trump has goons) raid his office. He also said that Trump dictated that infamous letter. Apparently, what peeved Trump off was the doc’s disclosure that the president is prescribed Propecia, a hair-loss medication. The doctor doesn’t think it’s a big deal that he gave out that information.

Sure, it’s not a big deal that we know Trump uses medication for his hair loss. You can spot that shit from the space station. What is a big deal is releasing a patient’s medical information and not understanding that you’re not supposed to do that. Remember, Trump hires the best.

But maybe, they go from being the best to ridiculous sycophants. Dr. Ronny Jackson was a very respected doctor for several presidents. Then he gave a report on Trump which sounded like a report from Doctor Crazy Pants in New York. Dr. Jackson said Trump was in excellent health despite his heart disease and with weight a pound under being officially obese. He also said with a better diet that didn’t consist of nothing but Big Macs and KFC, Trump could live to be 200. Did Trump write these statements too? Now, Dr. Jackson has been laughed out of his nomination to lead the Veterans Administration and the Pentagon is considering investigating him for all sorts of shady and sketchy shit.

Rudy Giuliani went from being the best, a federal prosecutor who brought down mobsters to the kind of lawyer you’d swear got his legal training from Green Acres’ Mr. Haney.

Trump lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen has claimed he paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to remain quiet about sleeping with Donald Trump and that Trump was unaware of the payment. Cohen says he took out a line of credit on his home out of the goodness of his heart and his love for all things Donald and Trump never paid him back. Enter Giuliani.

Lawyers usually tell their clients not to talk so much. They don’t typically go on TV and torpedo your entire defense and expose you as a massive liar. Rudy went on Fox News and told Sean Hannity, another client of Cohen’s, that Trump paid Cohen back the $130,000. Wait. What? I thought Trump didn’t know about it. Trump told us from Air Force One he had no clue what was going on. Now they’re saying he paid Cohen back?

Giuliani also said it wasn’t a campaign violation because the money wasn’t from the campaign. Uh, I’m not a lawyer but I do know that you can commit a campaign finance violation without giving directly to the campaign. If it’s to help the campaign, it’s still a contribution.

Giuliani says the money was paid back in installments, which may be another crime. Rudy even used the word “funneled.” Why would a billionaire pay it back in installments like it was a rent-to-own hooker? If the money was paid back in smaller amounts to avoid tracking, it could be a major felony. I have a question that hasn’t been answered yet. If these payments continued while Trump was president, then it wasn’t just private citizen or president-elect Trump committing a crime, it was President Trump committing a crime. Doesn’t this mean he can be indicted while he’s president? Maybe Robert Mueller has the answer.

When all is said and done, Trump’s going to wish the only thing exposed is that he porked a porn star and cheated on Melania.

What happened to Rudy? He was America’s mayor. He had a stellar legal career. Now I’m surprised he didn’t go on Hannity and release the pee-pee tape.

Here’s the video.

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Not Even A Crabby Lawyer


Donald Trump is going through lawyers faster than Spinal Tap goes through drummers. And just like Spinal Tap, Trump’s cases involving collusion with Russia, obstruction of justice, and paying porn stars and Playboy centerfolds to keep quiet are self-destructing.

Typically, rich billionaires don’t have a problem finding lawyers from the top white-shoe law firms in the country. Our entire legal system is designed to favor rich assholes. Even the awkward situation of being guilty doesn’t deter lawyers from representing rich people. If O.J. could hire the best legal minds in the business, you’d think a white billionaire president of the United States could find competent counsel, instead of his current collection of caveman lawyers.

From lawyers who send drunkenly-composed emails to reporters, to one who mails hush agreements from Trump’s address, to tweeting guilt from the president’s Twitter account, to counsel loudly discussing strategy in one of the busiest and most popular restaurants among journalists in Washington, Trump’s legal team has consisted of incompetent morons.

Trump tweeted Sunday, “Many lawyers and top law firms want to represent me in the Russia case…don’t believe the Fake News narrative that it is hard to find a lawyer who wants to take this on. Fame & fortune will NEVER be turned down by a lawyer, though some are conflicted. Problem is that a new lawyer or law firm will take months to get up to speed (if for no other reason than they can bill more), which is unfair to our great country – and I am very happy with my existing team. Besides, there was NO COLLUSION with Russia, except by Crooked Hillary and the Dems!”

As usual, everything Trump tweets is a lie. Remember when he claimed he was happy with Rex Tillerson, H.R. McMaster, and John Dowd and it was “fake news” reporting that they would be leaving soon?

Last week, Dowd, Trump’s lead attorney for his defense in the Russia case, resigned. He hired attorneys Joe diGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing, because he liked the way diGenova presented himself on TV arguing for conspiracy theories, but the duo had to resign because they already represent a client in the Russia case. With conflict of interest being the factor, why did these lawyers even talk to Trump? Did they just look it up yesterday morning? Did Lionel Hutz explain it to them?

It’s been reported that six law firms have rejected Trump. As one legal expert said, “It is difficult for one to maintain one’s appearance of being an ethical lawyer while trying to represent Donald Trump.”

So why is it difficult to represent Donald Trump? For starters, he’s guilty, but that shouldn’t be too much of a deterrent. Some lawyers pride themselves on representing clients while arguing that everyone deserves and has the right to legal representation. However, it’s really difficult to represent a guilty client when the guilty client won’t shut up.

Over the weekend, Trump was boasting at Mar-a-Lago that Stormy Daniels owes him $20 million for violating their hush agreement, which Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen claims Trump isn’t a part of because he never slept with Stormy Daniels. Guilty client, check. Mouthy client, check. Stupid client, check, check, check.

Trump also has a history of not paying his lawyers. He’s been sued by lawyers for payment who represented him in cases where he didn’t pay labor contractors.

Trump also refuses to listen to his lawyers. A client who is impulsive, has an itchy Twitter finger, won’t listen or heed advice, and undercuts legal strategy makes the job more trouble than it’s worth and can hurt future business for a lawyer. Lawyers drop clients who won’t listen to them, which Dowd did last week.

Finally, being associated with Trump puts you in legal trouble. Trump’s lawyers need lawyers when they work for Trump. It’s so bad, he’s not just having a problem finding competent legal help, he can’t find qualified people for staff positions in the West Wing and his cabinet is full of morons. He’ll probably fire another cabinet member this week who isn’t named Devos or Carson.

Trump is down to one full-time lawyer, Jay Sekulow, famous for being a religious commentator, working on his Russia case. Sekulow is presently negotiating Trump testifying before the Special Counsel where everyone expects he will commit perjury.

Trump said “fame and fortune” will come to those who defend him. But do you want to be famous for representing a giant orange shit weasel who took you down with him?

Creative notes: This is the second cartoon in a row with a reference to Peanuts. If the comic timing works in this cartoon, it’s because my first teacher in that area was Charles Schulz.

Here’s the video.

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Dark And Stormy


Stormy Daniels’ interview with Anderson Cooper aired on 60 Minutes Sunday night and it was kind of a letdown. If you’ve been following the story, you didn’t learn anything new except that someone threatened Stormy in a parking lot while she was with her daughter and the Forbes Magazine spanking actually happened. I got nothing out of this interview except for the night terrors.

The sex part of this story isn’t important except to expose the hypocrisy of the evangelicals who support Trump. These inbred hillbilly hypocritical idiots have spent decades telling us family values and morals are important to them. Now, they’re fine with supporting the kind of guy who will sleep with porn stars while his wife is pregnant, force her to sign a hush agreement, and send thugs to threaten her.

What is important is that hush agreement. Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, says he paid Stormy off out of his own pocket and the goodness out of his heart because he loves Donald Trump. He claims he was thinking about paying her to be quiet for years but finally did eleven days before Election Day.

While Cohen and the White House claim Trump didn’t have anything to do with the contract, Cohen negotiated it with his Trump Organization email, and even received and sent documents from Trump Tower. Between hush contracts to porn stars and Russians meeting Don Jr, Jared, and Paul Manafort, there’s a lot going on in Trump Tower that Donald Trump doesn’t know about.

Cohen’s sloppiness is going to get someone in trouble. The guy sets up a shell company in Delaware to hide the payment but mails documents to Stormy from Trump Tower. This should not be a surprise as Trump’s other attorneys have shown through press releases that they literally can not dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

If Cohen made this payment without Trump’s knowledge and never received reimbursement for it, he may be the only one in legal trouble. His payment to Stormy is an illegal campaign contribution as it exceeds the donation limit. Another problem is that the contribution was not reported by the campaign.

What needs to be discovered is if Cohen’s unbelievable explanation is true, and he’s really that stupid. If not, we need to find out if he was reimbursed and by whom. Was it Donald Trump, the Trump Organization, the Trump Campaign, another party, or another company? Maybe it was the porn fairy.

While we’re at it, the National Enquirer needs to be investigated for their payments to silence women Trump slept with. All of these payments were to help Trump get elected.

Donald Trump is a billionaire. Who in the hell just gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to help out a billionaire, especially one who is an unlikable asshole?

Stormy says the unprotected sex with Trump was consensual and slept with him as that was her punishment for being dumb enough to go to his hotel room alone. I am assuming the hotel had sealed windows which prevented her from a lighter punishment, like leaping to her death.

The event of the interview was more substantive than the actual interview. It’ll be interesting to see Sarah Huckabee Sanders spin this. Hopefully, better than her argument that Trump didn’t have anything to do with it but won arbitration in the case. If nothing else, we need to ask future presidential candidates if they’ve ever slept with a porn star without a condom, as that stupidity should be disqualifying.

Thankfully, we were all spared the punishment of seeing pics of a naked Trump, or Heaven forbid a Trump sex tape. Stormy’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti has tweeted cryptic photos of a DVD, implying it contains evidence of Trump’s Stormy canoodling.

If I can survive without ever seeing the Hulk Hogan sex tape, I can get by without seeing one with Donald Trump. But, every evangelical, Trump voter and anyone who has ever defended Donald Trump should be forced, A Clockwork Orange style to view the Trump sex tape. That may be the just punishment they deserve for what they’ve inflicted upon all of us.

Here’s the video.

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Sunshine Week 2018


Wakka wakka wakka.

An evergreen cartoon is something you can run at anytime. Current events won’t change it. Those cartoons are easy, which makes them hard for me. They’re often about weather, litter, or something harmless that people don’t really get upset over. Editors love them.

March 11-17 is Sunshine Week in 2018. Journalists use this time to point out the importance of a free press and champion laws for open information. Last year, I drew a cartoon for the American Society of Newspaper Editors and it was pretty evergreeny. They were allowed to use the cartoon for free in whatever way they saw fit, which included providing it to schools. It is an important issue, especially when we have a president accusing the press of being enemies of the American people while also praising authoritarians who have oppressed the media in their nations.

It was a lazy and terrible cartoon and I hated it. It was pretty obvious too and another cartoonist had drawn the exact same thing a year or so before for the same association. I did not know that until he contacted me the day it was published insinuating that I had stolen this really crappy idea from him.

I was jaded from drawing a cartoon I didn’t wanna draw, and then being accused of theft by a person who couldn’t get an original or unique idea with a brain transplant, that I decided I wasn’t going to do it this year. Besides, I had already hit the same subject for The Seattle Times a few weeks ago on a statewide issue for them.

Then, my friend Mike Peterson, who publishes the excellent blog Comic Strip Of The Day, used my cartoon from earlier today. Mike mentioned how I attacked politicians keeping secrets without mentioning Sunshine Week. He was correct in assuming I didn’t think about it.

Then, this idea hit me. Talking to Mike made me think how “Sunshine” is also a stripper name, and then ding ding ding (that’s how we get our ideas, people. We think about strippers).  I decided to draw it and give you a bonus cartoon for today (and it’ll let me take Saturday off to eat ice cream and watch a movie). I sent it to that editors’ association, and they can use if they want. I really don’t care if they do or not.

I’m happier with this cartoon than the one from last year because it’s more specific, more unique with my style of goofiness, and nobody can accuse me of stealing it.

By the way, a band of mine played a show in Washington, D.C. several years ago and this stripper named Sunshine showed up, and she wanted to wash my drummer’s hair with her feet (that’s totally unimportant to the story, but how can I leave that detail out?). I asked for her real name, and she said it was Desiree. Damn, that girl’s mom must have really wanted her to be a stripper.

Update: I just remembered that stripper’s name wasn’t Sunshine. It was Heaven. Where did I get Sunshine from? Eh. I got a cartoon out of it.

Here is the video.

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Alyssa Mastromonaco, former deputy chief of staff for operations in the Obama administration recently wrote, “When you go to work in the White House, you divest yourself of your secrets for the same reason you divest yourself of your financial holdings: so people can’t blackmail you.”

Jared and Ivanka Trump both lied about their debt while filing their disclosure forms with the FBI for their security clearances. They initially claimed their debts were somewhere between $19 million to $98 million. Later, they had to resubmit to claim their debts were actually somewhere between $31 million to $155 million. They’re either liars or they don’t own a calculator.

People working in the West Wing who don’t come clean about the amount of their debt, or who they’re indebted to, or the fact they’re wife beaters, are susceptible to blackmail. This doesn’t apply just to people who work for the president, but the person who is the president. Our first warning sign was the fact he wouldn’t release his taxes.

Donald Trump is the first president in the modern era not to release his taxes. He promised he would and then reneged on that promise. Whether his supporters care or not, he’s got something to hide. While we initially thought he was hiding the fact he’s not as rich as he claims, it’s come to light that he’s hiding where his money is coming from and who he’s indebted to.

While Donald Trump may be more of a collection of horrible traits than an actual human being, the horrible trait of being exposed to blackmail may be the most serious and dangerous to our nation.

There shouldn’t be a debate whether Trump is susceptible to blackmail because blackmail has been paid in the past to protect him. It may not ever come to light that Trump ever paid blackmail himself, as his friends at the National Enquirer and his lawyer have covered his ass for him in the past.

The National Enquirer buys stories from women who claim they’ve slept with Trump, sign the rights so the publication has the exclusive story, and then never publish the story. Trump’s lawyer claims he paid off porn star Stormy Daniels without ever consulting with his client, was never paid back by Trump, the Trump Organization, or the Trump campaign. Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, claims he used his home equity line to pay Daniels $130,000. He just hasn’t admitted what that payment was for, though we all know what it was for.

Cohen could be disbarred for violating ethic rules. He is also in trouble for violating campaign finance rules, as his payment, a few days before the election, was to help Trump’s campaign. Cohen did not make the payment out of the goodness of his heart. He’s a lawyer for a right-wing scumbag. He doesn’t have a heart.

Is Stormy Daniels the only woman who has been paid to keep quiet about an affair with Trump? If not, who has made those payments in the past? More troubling, if Trump will pay blackmail to hide infidelity and other assorted sex scandals, how far will he bend for more serious players, like Vladimir Putin? How clean can someone be when the main selling point for their property is that it’s great for money laundering?

A person open to blackmail is not a person we want negotiating with Vladimir Putin or even Kim Jong Un. The fact Trump hasn’t criticized Putin, enacted authorized sanctions against Russia, or even attempt to protect our nation from Russia is an indication that someone somewhere connected to Russia has something on Trump.

When Trump is questioned by Robert Mueller, he’ll be asked about Stormy Daniels and the payoff. Republicans considered perjury an impeachable offense for Bill Clinton. It should still be an impeachable offense when Trump lies about Stormy Daniels.

The Stormy affair may not be dangerous to the nation, but if it removes Trump from office it will protect us from more dangerous players.

Here’s the video.

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Trump Tramps


Make America great again, my ass. When the Trump era is finally over, we’re going to have to hose America down again. I want that cap.

We thought Bill Clinton sullied the office by traipsing around with an intern. Who woulda thunk that we could get nastier than finding a president’s DNA on a blue dress….or any dress for that matter? Leave it to Donald Trump to do just that.

Republicans were outraged over Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. They campaigned that it was an erosion of family values, blah, blah, blah. Apparently, to Republicans, the only thing worse than a Democratic president in a torrid sex scandal is a black president. No sex scandal. Just that the president is black. Because, when if you listened to Republicans over the past several years, a black president, married to one woman, with two children from that same individual woman, and lives by ethics, principles, and loyalty, is so much worse than a dishonest Republican cheating on his wife with a porn star.

It’s alleged that Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels in 2006, but forget that alleged stuff. She said she can describe his junk perfectly, which would explain why she’s had the night terrors since 2006. She has even hinted she has photos, which brings up two questions: Where are they and why? For the love of God and all that is holy….WHY?

Days before the election, Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen paid Stormy $130,000 through a shell company in Delaware (there’s at least one reason to go to Delaware). He had Stormy sign an agreement that she would never talk about it, and he has claimed he paid the money himself and wasn’t reimbursed by Trump or his campaign. The White House says Trump doesn’t know anything about it.

There’s a couple of problems, at least a couple, with that. Lawyers don’t settle claims without their client’s involvement or permission. Paying someone off to help a political candidate is a campaign contribution. If it goes unreported, as this has, it’s a crime.

Stormy has sued the president in a California court seeking to speak publicly on the matter. She claims her hush contract is void because the president never signed it. In fact, the president’s name isn’t on the contract. It’s attributed to David Dennison, presumably a fake name for Trump. I guess Trump thought it would be tacky to use his usual pseudonym, Barron, as that’s also the name of his son, who his wife was pregnant with at the time of the affair. Two points for Trump for not dragging his son’s name into an affair with a porn star. But, even David Dennison didn’t sign the contract. Stormy didn’t sign the contract either, nor did she in her real name, Stephanie Clifford, but as “Peggy Peterson.” They’re fighting over a contract that was signed and unsigned by people who do not exist.

On Wednesday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the press that Trump won an arbitration proceeding to prevent Stormy from talking. Wait, what? An arbitration proceeding?

Court cases are public. Arbitration proceedings are not. We would not have known about this arbitration proceeding if Sanders hadn’t told us. Thanks, Sarah. You really are worth every penny we’re paying you. But, if Trump isn’t involved then how does the White House know about this arbitration proceeding, and….how did Trump win if he’s not a part of it? Do you just like winning so much that you’ll claim wins you weren’t a part of, like Obama’s economy? Do you like winning so much that you’ll out the president’s affair with a porn star? Sarah Huckabee Sanders basically gave Viagra to Trump’s porn star scandal. Did I just put a horrible image in your head? It’s what I do, folks.

Trump doesn’t have a good track record with blondes. Ivanka is now being investigated by Robert Mueller for shady business dealings. Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits government employees from using their position to play politics. Conway did just that by advocating on TV, twice, for voters in Alabama to vote for a Republican pedophile.

Trump has brought corruption, obstruction of justice, Russians, treason, stupidity, nepotism, Nazis, pedophiles, and porn stars to the Oval Office. I really miss the blue dress.

Here’s the video.

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Skanking With The NRA


As predictable as conservative political cartoonists drawing crying Uncle Sams after this week’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Republicans tweeted out “thoughts and prayers.”

Thoughts and prayers are very nice. I’m not against thoughts and prayers. I am against only offering thoughts and prayers. Republicans are bad about offering thoughts and prayers while aiding a lobbying organization that opposes all methods of gun control, or even gun sense.

After the Las Vegas shooting, we were told it was too soon to talk about it. But, there was talk of ending the sale of bump stocks, a device that basically turns a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon. It’s been five months since the Vegas massacre, but I guess it’s still too soon because we’ve yet to see any effort in ending the sales of bump stocks.

Incredulity has been expressed at the fact a 19-year-old can’t buy a drink, can’t buy a handgun, but in Florida, he can purchase a semi-automatic AR-15, the gun of choice for mass shooters. That’s the law and there’s nothing illegal about it until he starts shooting his former classmates. Will we see Republicans, who control the House, Senate, Presidency, and even the governorship in Florida, do anything about this? Looking at the financial contributions from the NRA to Republicans, all we can expect are more thoughts and prayers while creating laws that make it as easy as possible to kill dozens of people in a manner of minutes.

While Trump’s lawyer pays off porn stars to shut up, the NRA pays of Republicans to tell us to shut up about gun control. The porn star was a lot cheaper and has higher principles.

Senator John McCain is the granddaddy of receiving money from the NRA. He’s taken $7,740,521. But, he did offer thoughts and prayers.

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina has accepted $6, 986,620 from the NRA. He also offered thoughts and prayers.

Roy Blunt, Senator from Missouri, got $4,551,146. He too offered thoughts and prayers.

Cory Gardner, Senator from Colorado, got $3,879,064. He sent his thoughts and prayers.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst took $3,124,273 and gave us thoughts and prayers.

Indiana’s Todd Young got $2,896,732 and gave thoughts and prayers.

Louisiana’s Bill Cassidy received $2,861,047 and also gave thoughts and prayers.

Those numbers are just from the Senate. I didn’t include contributions to the House. But you can check out the list at The New York Times. Among the highest recipients of NRA funds in the House, 95 out of 100 are Republican. The top two Democrats in the Senate are Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Patrick Leahy of Vermont, who rank 52nd and 53rd — behind every Republican but Dan Sullivan of Alaska.

The NRA spent over $50 million to elect Trump, and there are questions about some of that money coming from Russia.

In Florida, Senator Marco Rubio has received $3,303,355, and Governor Rick Scott, along with Rubio, has an A+ rating from the NRA, which means they belong to the NRA.

When asked about gun control, Rubio said it was too soon to talk about it after the Parkland shooting “because people don’t know how this happened.” Yes, we do, Marco. A kid bought a semi-automatic weapon, which is legal because politicians like you allow it, and he took it to a school and shot 17 people. That’s what happened.

Don’t expect solutions from these people. Do not expect gun sense, common sense, or any sense. Do not expect results.

But they will give you lots of thoughts and prayers.

Here’s the video.

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