Looking For Trouble


The entire legal defense for Kyle Rittenhouse is that he shot three people, killing two, in self-defense. But there’s a funny thing about looking for trouble. Usually, when you look for trouble, you find it.

Kyle Rittenhouse went looking for trouble. He crossed states to a city he didn’t live in, went to a friend’s house in that city to pick up an AR-15 his friend bought for him because Rittenhouse was too young to purchase it at that time, then went to an anti-racism protest. At that protest, he wandered off from all the other racist gun humpers and shot three people.

Before Kyle “defended himself,” he skulked around with the other gun-wielding self-appointed vigilantes and told big fat chunky lies.

It’s always been my opinion that if you have to lie to support your position, then you’re on the wrong side or doing the wrong thing. For example, if you lie to your mother and say you’re going to your friend’s house to study but in reality, you’re going to a rave to do pantless keg stands, then you’re probably doing the wrong thing. And if you’re lying about your age and qualifications, then you’re probably doing the wrong thing.

Kyle told everyone near him that cheery Kenosha night that he was 18-years-old. He was 17. Hey, that lie worked at the Proud Boy Bar, so why not to join the Kenosha vigilante Nazi goon squad? But, it turns out he didn’t have to lie about his age as the judge in his trial has dropped the charges of being an underage gun-carrying racist juvenile out after his bedtime.

Question: When Kyle lied and told everyone he was 18, did he have to turn in his Hitler Youth card?

The judge has dropped the charges against Kyle for a minor possessing a gun. The argument is that the gun is also underage. No, but seriously…I’m shocked they didn’t do that. Really, the judge dropped that charge because the law in Wisconsin isn’t clear on the barrel length for it to be illegal for a juvenile racist to possess. I’m glad it’s not a rape trial as this judge might drop all charges based on penis length.

He also dropped the breaking curfew charge because there wasn’t enough evidence. Sure, it’s a technicality, and there really isn’t enough evidence beyond the video, witnesses who saw him, including the cops who gave him bottles of water and waved him by after he shot people, and oh yeah, the shooting of people.

I think the curfew thing is very important. Why? Because if Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t where he wasn’t supposed to be at the time he wasn’t supposed to be there, two people would still be alive and nobody would have been shot.

Also, if Kyle didn’t possess what he wasn’t legally allowed to possess, then he wouldn’t have shot anyone.

Kyle’s other juicy whopper was his qualification to be there. He claimed he is EMT certified and there to protect car lots and give medical attention. He’s not even old enough to be EMT certified. Fun fact: Kyle didn’t give medical attention to any of the people he shot. including the one he shot, in self-defense, four times.

Kyle is a lifeguard but unfortunately, nobody was drowning in Kenosha that night.

The prosecution may be drowning though. And I kinda expect Kyle to get off. In my last column, I made a bunch of predictions about Kyle’s future if he gets off. I have a new one.

The Kyle Rittenhouse we’ve seen in this trial, the sweet cherub humanitarian who is so concerned about the community he doesn’t live in and generous enough to loan his bulletproof vest to a friend, will not be the Kyle we see after the trial, if he gets off.

The Kyle we’ll see after the trial will be an arrogant smug little self-entitled prick who hangs out in bars with Proud Boys. That’s also the Kyle we saw before the trial.

And who knows, if the self-defense argument works after looking for trouble, Kyle may go to another protest and shoot more people. Hell, if Kyle gets off, it’s a green light to racist gun humpers to shoot anti-racism protesters throughout Wisconsin. It’ll be legal in Wisconsin just like it’s legal in Florida to shoot a black guy in a hoodie with Skittles approaching you.

Kyle Rittenhouse may be freed, and we need to prepare ourselves for that. More importantly, we need to prepare ourselves for the aftermath.

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Find The Thug


I can’t claim to totally understand race issues in our country. But I understand enough to know that you have to be able to identify racism before you can start to understand race issues.

For example: The president (sic) of the United States doesn’t see his own hypocrisy when it comes to race. He didn’t just endorse white gun nuts storming Michigan’s state capitol building. He egged them on. He tweeted to the governor of that state to “make a deal” with the protesters because they were “good people” who are angry. Contrast that with protesters in Minneapolis. Donald Trump tweeted, “When the looting starts, that’s when the shooting starts.” Those in Michigan wearing MAGA shirts with signs saying they want haircuts, and a few with nooses and Nazi imagery, were “good people” to Donald Trump. Those in Minneapolis are “thugs.”

In case you’re a Republican, “thug” is the new N-word. Oh, wait, if you’re a Republican, you already know that. It’s why you use it so often.

I don’t totally understand looting. I don’t condone looting and vandalism. But I do realize it is a form of protest. If you argue it’s not, then I encourage you to take a history course and refresh your memory on the Boston Tea Party. Even then, the white rioters dressed up as minorities. You’re upset about looting and vandalism but you were also pissed off about the black football player taking a knee. Donald Trump said “fire that son of a bitch.” Donald Trump never said to strike a deal with Colin Kaepernick, who is still unable to get a job in the National Football League.

There is a huge problem with race in this nation. Direct evidence of that is the fact Donald Trump is president. Donald Trump is a racist. If Donald Trump isn’t a racist, then what the hell qualifies as racism?

Over 30 million people in this nation voted for Donald Trump in 2016. About that many say they’ll vote for him again in 2020. People who vote for Donald Trump wonder why racism is problem in this nation while racism isn’t a deal-breaker for them. They wonder why racism is a problem while they support a man who shouts “send them back” to their “shithole countries.”

People say the racist cop who killed George Floyd is an exception. Not all police are racists. We should trust the police. Then, the Minnesota State Police arrest a black journalist (leaving the white ones untouched) then later state they let him go after verifying his credentials. Yet, he was on TV showing them his credentials. That was not one cop lying about arresting a black journalist. That was the entire department lying about arresting a black journalist. The lie was the State Police’s official statement. Tell me again why we can trust the police? They can’t even stop lying during a race riot. Do you want to solve race problems and distrust with the police? Start by being honest.

It took days for there to be charges against the cop who killed George Floyd. Even then, there are only two charges. Black Americans know if the shoe was on the other foot, it wouldn’t have taken days for there to be charges and there would be a lot more than two. They also understand that as deals are made, charges are reduced. As one black American pointed out on CNN last night, A black suspect will start with 15 charges and hope to get down to two. With George Floyd’s killer, he’s already at two. What’s it going to be reduced to?

And you wonder why cities are burning. The entire system is broken in this nation.

Before you can fight racism, you have to be able to spot it. White America is failing.

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Trump’s Knight Riot


Ted Cruz picked up an endorsement on Friday that Donald Trump was coveting. Cruz picked up the endorsement of Indiana governor Mike Pence. They celebrated with a cake bought from a homophobic bakery. I made that last part up. I don’t think that happened.

Turns out the endorsement was kind of a “meh” endorsement. Pence, who does not want to anger Trump voters while he himself faces reelection, started his little spiel on the radio talking about the greatness of Donald Trump. He then said he was voting for Cruz but didn’t want to tell anyone else who to vote for.

I would hate to have a job reference like that. Yeah, hire him or not. The other candidates are good too and didn’t I tell you how much I like the other one? With friends likes these…

Trump has picked up a lot of endorsements. He got the wacky, incomprehensible endorsement of Sarah Palin. We think. He got the endorsement from the senator of Alabama, the super conservative Richard Shelby. He got one from a former rival and sitting governor, Chris Christie, who while not destroying New Jersey goes on the campaign trail with Trump. Trump got the endorsement from convicted rapist Mike Tyson who refers to the candidate as “Donald Thrump.”

The really positive endorsement that could help him in Indiana, and is probably more powerful than getting one from the gay-hating governor, is from Bobby Knight, former basketball coach of the University of Indiana.

Trump’s rallies have attracted violence. Trump himself has encouraged the violence. Now, in addition to the wife-beater and rapist Tyson, he gets Bob Knight, who was accused of choking one of his players, roughing up others, and famously throwing chairs while having a temper tantrum.

Those riot police are going to be busy. There were huge protests in Costa Mesa and Burlingame, both in California, Thursday and Friday. The one in Burlingame, in particular, became very hostile with many people being wounded as protesters blocked the road, stormed the hotel where Trump was speaking, blocked the entrance, and forced organizers to dig a tunnel for Trump to enter the hotel. I made that last part up. But if they had dug a tunnel, it would have been huge, cheaply made, the greatest ever, and built by Mexicans.

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Bungling Bill


Former president Bill Clinton is spending as much time defending his legacy as he is advocating for his wife’s presidential campaign.

During his presidency Clinton signed a crime bill. This was widely supported by Republicans and a lot of Democrats. Even Bernie Sanders voted for it and it was written by Joe Biden. It did some good things like put more police on the street and banned the manufacturing of 19 types of semi-automatic weapons. It also eliminated education grants for inmates, instituted life in prison with the three-strike rule for violent offenders, and constructed a lot of new prisons. Many people blame Clinton for the spike in incarceration rates for minorities.

Some of the people came to a rally and protested while Bill Clinton was speaking. As a few members of the Black Lives Matter movement shouted at Clinton, he argued back. He kept arguing. Then he argued some more. He even seemed to be engaging with one protester in particular. His wife the candidate, was totally out of the conversation for a while and it was just Bill Clinton engaging hecklers and defending his presidency.

There have been other times when Bill Clinton has acknowledged the sentencing structures in the bill were a mistake. Mandatory sentencing is a mistake. Those decisions should be in the hands of judges and juries who can consider the circumstances.

Hillary Clinton has to spend time discussing this bill, which was passed in 1994, six years before she entered the U.S. Senate.

There’s been a lot of talk about being presidential. Bill didn’t look very presidential arguing with protesters, but then again, he did a lot in office that wasn’t very presidential.

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