Trump Toys With The Border


When Trump talks about the “caravan invasion,” he’s not trying to protect the nation. He’s only trying to get you to vote for a Republican. This has nothing to do with border security. This is an election trick.

Since Trump and the Republicans don’t have any accomplishments to run on, they have to run on lies (Republicans will save pre-existing conditions coverage) and fear (scary brown people coming to kill you and steal your lake cottage).

Trump and Republicans talk about how the caravan is staged, but if anything is staged, it’s him sending the military to the border days before the election. There’s no invasion for the military to meet, and if there were, the invaders would be moms in flip-flops and children with milk bottles. The military is not police, and they can’t detain anyone. There’s doubt the caravan will even make it to our border.

The biggest threat the military faces on the border is actually domestic. Leaked documents reveal that the military is concerned with violent protesters from the left and the right, and volunteer militias who may become violent and who have stolen military gear in the past.

From the papers, the military is preparing to defend against an “estimated 200 unregulated armed militia members currently operating along the Southwest Border.” There are reports of these “patriotic” unregulated militias stealing National Guard equipment during deployments.

This is an abuse of our military by Trump. Treating the military like toy soldiers you can play with for an election stunt is much more disrespectful than kneeling during the National Anthem. Trump said the military should treat people throwing rocks as if they have rifles, and was authorizing soldiers to shoot the rock throwers. The next day, he claimed he never said that.

What we need to see is just how much of a crisis this “caravan invasion” is after Tuesday. Will the military still be there? Will Trump keep screaming and lying about it at the rate he is now? Will it even be an issue? Will Trump pretend it’s the first he’s ever heard of it?

Trump has shown us there’s no depth he won’t sink to and nothing he won’t abuse for his own selfish gain. Instead of sending 5,000 soldiers to the border he should be sending 5,000 lawyers and judges to help with processing refugee applications.

Trump believes the military is his own personal toy. What he’s revealing is that his brain is emptier than Mr. Potato Head’s.

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North Korea Missile


Donald Trump ran for president promising he was going to rebuild our military, as though it is falling apart and in ruins. If you want our military to be the best, which means you want the best people. You don’t ban people from serving because they make you uncomfortable.

You’re also not going to bolster our military if you view it as something to be used to throw red meat to shore up support from your base of haters. I would hope the Commander in Chief would have more respect for our armed forces than to use them as political props. I also expect those who say they support our troops, to support all of our troops.

North Korea tested another missile last week and experts are in agreement that they’re getting closer to acquiring the capability of not just hitting targets in Asia, but also Hawaii, Alaska, and the continental United States. We probably need to focus on how to prevent that from happening instead of wasting time on problems that don’t actually exist. North Korea launching a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile is the kind of stuff that should keep Trump up at night, not transgenders in our military.

You would think there’s a better way to handle the issue of North Korea’s nuclear and missile program other than tweeting at China. Of course, we’re talking about a man who doesn’t understand the nuclear triad.

Trump needs to focus on real problems. He needs to give our military and those who serve more respect than something he can use to distract us from his personal problems. Donald Trump will never truly respect the military, not just because he didn’t serve, but because he’s not intelligent enough.

The world doesn’t need the threat of an insane madman propped up by a cult of personality who has nuclear weapons at his disposal. It doesn’t need Kim Jong Un either.

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The Few, The Proud, The Perverts


The Defense department is investigating after members of the military “allegedly” shared nude photos of female colleagues online without their permission.

Business Insider was the first to report that Marines were posting nude images of their female colleagues on message boards and porn sites. Soon it was discovered it was rampant in every branch of the military.

Along with the nude photos were derogatory comments, names of the females, and where they were stationed. This is often referred as “revenge porn.” The photos are often of ex girlfriends or someone else that a male holds a grudge against.

The photos were first shared on a Facebook page and it was reported last September. It’s taken this long for the military brass to start investigating. After the page was taken down a new one popped up in its place, and another, and another, etc. They’ve extended beyond Facebook and onto other sites where members can share their collection of photos and trade comments with other users.

I’m a big believer in privacy. Just because someone takes a nude photo of themselves, or allows someone else to, that doesn’t give anyone else the right to share it with the world. That’s an invasion of privacy and intimidation. In the past it has destroyed lives. When hacked photos of nude celebrities are shared online I’ll refuse to look at them. I don’t believe I should have that right to violate someone and I don’t want to support future invasions of privacy. The victim’s fame doesn’t make it acceptable.

The women in this military scandal are not famous. They’ve put their lives on the line as much as the men in the military and they don’t deserve to have their patriotism rewarded by being publicly shamed and degraded.

The military says prosecuting the people who posted the photos will be difficult as it will be hard to prove they did so without permission. What? Shouldn’t the burden be on the posters to prove they did have permission?

Perhaps we should keep Guantanamo open for every single individual who posted one of these photos. I won’t protest.

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