Election Steal

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The electoral college has voted and Joe Biden is the president-elect. Every state (in case you’re a Republican all 50 of them) and the District of Columbia have certified their votes and Joe Biden is the president-elect. Nearly 80 million people voted for Joe Biden and he is the president-elect. Donald Trump received nearly 7 million fewer votes than Joe Biden, and Joe Biden is the president-elect. Five states that went for Donald Trump in 2016 swung over to Joe Biden, and now Joe Biden the president-elect. Joe Biden received 306 electoral votes to Donald Trump’s 232, and now Joe Biden is the president-elect. Donald Trump has lost court case after court case, including two in the Supreme Court, and Joe Biden is the president-elect. Donald Trump lost the election and now Joe Biden is the president-elect.

Joe Biden is the president-elect. So, why are Republicans still strategizing to “win” the election? They’re not. They’re strategizing to steal it.

The day after disgraced general and pardoned Trump goon Michael Flynn talked about stealing the election by using the military to enact martial law in the swing states, and re-doing the election in those states, he was in the Oval Office. The new normal is: Nobody asks why a guy was invited to the White House to confab with the president (sic) of the United States a day after talking about insurrection, sedition, and declaring martial law to stage a military coup. The free press better start talking about it while there still is a free press.

This administration was embarrassed by Trump lawyer and conspiracy nutjob Sidney Powell and distanced themselves from her and her insane conspiracy theories, yet invited her back to the Oval Office. In fact, Donald Trump wants to appoint her as a special counsel to conduct an investigation into the election. The message is; Don’t listen to her because she’s insane…but let’s see what she can dig up in an official capacity with a security clearance. Donald Trump can’t appoint a special counsel but then again, he’s done a lot of stuff an American president isn’t supposed to be able to do. Maybe he can appoint a pretend special counsel while he’s playing pretend president at Mar-a-Lago in late January.

The GOP will allow Donald Trump to break any law he wants. Not one House Republican voted for impeachment. Only one Republican senator voted for impeachment while the rest voted to acquit. Donald Trump broke the law and the Republican Party defended him. When he broke the law by holding a political convention on the south lawn of the White House, Republicans didn’t speak against it. No, they went to the party. Now, the Republican Party is supporting Donald Trump’s coup attempt.

Every single Republicans who has supported Donald Trump’s coup has committed sedition and should be removed from office. We need people in Congress who support democracy, not conspire to overthrow it.

Donald Trump has been removing Pentagon officials. Why? After overseeing the electoral count and declaring the winner in the Senate, Mike Pence is immediately leaving the country. Why? William Barr is stepping down as attorney general with just a month left before he has to leave. Why? What will the new AG do for Trump?

We need to watch every single move and statement from Donald Trump. These are not normal times and he hasn’t given up on stealing the election. We should be outraged that a criminal like Michael Flynn calling for sedition is making strategy in the Oval Office.

During World War II, Dr. Seuss drew political cartoons for PM, a liberal newspaper in New York City. He did that for two years before joining the Army in 1943 where Captain Seuss (actually, Captain Geisel) was commander of the Animation Department of the First Motion Picture United of the United States Air Forces where he created propaganda for the military. He was anti-racist (despite drawing racist cartoons about Japanese) and he was anti-fascist.

There are always political cartoons using characters from Dr. Seuss, but I think they work best when they have the same agenda as the original work. Like Theodor Geisel, I am anti-fascist. This cartoon is anti-fascist. It’s anti-Trump.

Donald Trump is a fascist.

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Republican Babies


How many more times will I be able to draw Trump Baby before the real Trump Baby leaves the White House…or his coup succeeds and I end up in a North Dakota gulag? Why North Dakota? Because it’s already a gulag.

106 House Republicans have signed onto a brief supporting the stupid and ridiculous lawsuit filed by Texas, demanding the Supreme Court invalidate the votes of over 20 million people and hand the presidency to Donald Trump. That’s more than the half the Republicans in Congress.

When representatives are sworn into Congress, they take an oath promising to protect the Constitution. So, how did we elect so many representatives so eager to break that oath?

When at least 18 state attorneys general across the nation and over 100 House Republicans demand that over 20 million votes be invalidated, that 20 million voters’ Constitutional rights be stripped from them, that 62 electoral votes be taken from one candidate and given to theirs, and that the presidency be given to the losing candidate, you have to ask yourself: Do these Republicans not know the law or do they know the law but just don’t care?

Do these Republicans really love the cult more than democracy? Do they want a theocracy and dictatorship more than a republic? If this election is stolen and reversed, we’ll never have a honest election in this nation ever again. If the United States caves and elections don’t matter, what about the rest of the world? Hopefully, we’ll stop being the example. Republicans are not to be emulated in other nations.

Republicans keep saying Donald Trump has the right to pursue every legal means, but he doesn’t have the right to call Republican governors and threaten them to reverse an election. He doesn’t have the right to call legislators to the White House to pressure them to reverse an election. He doesn’t have the right to call legislators and demand they throw out an election. Donald Trump does not have the right to steal an election. Donald Trump and Republicans don’t have a right to engage in election tampering.

Republicans spent the past four years saying, “Elections have consequences.” What they meant was, only when we win.

Every single Republican who is trying to steal this election should be prosecuted for election tampering. And I’m sure they’ll be fine with that since they claim to the law -and-order party.

Republicans are not the party of law and order. They’re not the party of family values. They’re not the party of patriots or even honest individuals. They’re the party of bullies, racists, sexists, and fascists. The GOP is now officially a cult.

The funny thing is, the way Republicans have propped up the Trump will burn them because none of them will ever be their party’s nominee. For the next 20 years, every GOP nominee will be a Trump. The GOP, the cult of Trump, has made stupid monarchs out of these grifters. Now, they get to live with them for a very long time.

Since Donald Trump is calling every politician he thinks can save his presidency, what I want to know is…how many generals has he called?

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Coup Coup Ka Choo


Aren’t Republicans supposed to be the party of patriots and constitutionalists? As it turns out, they’re the party of scoundrels, traitors, and liars.

They don’t care about democracy and as we’ve seen from their stealing of Supreme Court seats, they don’t care about fairness. Well, a lot of them don’t. Republicans like Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and Kelly Loeffler.

Joe Biden won the election. There is no mystery. We’re not waiting to see if he won. He won. There was no mass voter or election fraud. Republicans are trying to walk a thin line and are saying stuff like, “Donald Trump has every right to exercise every legal recourse and option” and all sorts of utter and complete bullshit. This is what Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler said during Sunday night’s debate.

Loeffler refused to say if Trump lost the election. It also turns out that Republicans are total cowards. Cowards don’t deserve to hold elected offices. If Donald Trump said chocolate milk comes from chocolate cows, every Republican would be saying, “Chocolate cows matter.”

Donald Trump called Brian Kemp, the governor of Georgia, at least twice to ask him to throw out the election, or overrule it, or call a special session, or do whatever it takes to steal the election. Never mind the votes. Never mind the will of the people. Never mind democracy. This is about power and complete control. Brian Kemp is a champion of disenfranchising voters, but even he draws the line about throwing out an election.

Donald Trump has called Republicans in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Michigan. He’s sent Rudy to each of these states to spread conspiracy theories, farts, and covid.

Republicans say it’s impossible for Donald Trump to have lost to Joe Biden. Yeah, after tanking the economy, losing (at the time of the election) over 250,000 lives to a pandemic he mismanaged, then catching the virus he downplayed, and four years of defending Nazis, it really doesn’t make any sense that the majority of voters would reject him…again.

Next week, the states will send their votes to Congress where individual congressman can object to each state. This will be fun.

What would happen if Trump actually succeeded at stealing the election? Will he pardon all the goons who helped him steal it? Will he charge them for those pardons? Will he become an absolute dictator? Because if Donald Trump steals this election, elections won’t matter anymore.

We can’t allow our nation to become a dictatorship. It was bad enough, horrible really, having a narcissistic, sexist, racist, stupid reality TV show host as president (sic). I don’t want one as our dictator.

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