Mooch Sees The Light…And Some Other Things


Anthony Scaramucci has stepped into the light…the light that’s been shining for years.

The Mooch is now questioning whether Trump should be president, saying he’s “off the rails” and “And the honest people in the room know that he is crazy.” What changed for Scaramucci? Apparently, it was Trump’s trip to Dayton and El Paso to comfort victims of mass shootings, and instead turning it into a narcissistic photo-op.

Scarammuci has conducted a media blitz criticizing Trump and floating the idea that the Republican Party find another nominee for 2020. In response, Trump has returned the attack, accusing Scaramucci of only wanting to be on television, wanting to return to the White House, and of not being qualified for the position he held for only eleven days, for which Trump hired him.

Scaramucci is calling Trump a bully and that he’s “losing his fastball” and he’s a “very weak troll.” The Mooch has used another baseball analogy in arguing Trump should be replaced. He likes Trump’s policies and says Trump has pitched a good six innings, but it’s time to call in a relief pitcher.

Next, Anthony is going to tell us professional wrestling is scripted, that all the cars in Nascar only turn left, there are naked women in Playboy, Courtney Love can’t sing, The Simpsons started to go downhill after season seven, Taco Bell isn’t really Mexican food, and that black guys have a difficult time catching a cab. Who knew?

If I didn’t know that The Mooch has been there all along, I’d think he didn’t get to the game until after the sixth inning. Trump’s bullying and trolling isn’t a new thing. There’s nothing horrible about Trump that’s new.

Trump has always been racist. Scaramucci argues that the Trump he knows in private is different than the one screaming, “Go back to where you came from,” But Trump says he doesn’t know him at all. If The Mooch is only just now realizing Trump is a vile, disgusting, horrible, racist, sexist, narcissistic person unqualified for the presidency, then I have to agree with Trump. He didn’t know him at all. Next, he’s going to tell us Trump is Putin’s bitch. Hello?

The thing is, Anthony, when you were supporting Trump during the campaign, and during your 11-day tenure in the White House, and all the time after that you’ve been on television defending this troglodyte, Trump has insulted veterans, women, minorities, the handicapped, journalists, and has bumbled through the presidency embarrassing our nation. There are not horrible parts to Trump’s personality. That is his personality. He’s more a collection of bad traits than he is an actual human being.

To be fair, Scaramucci accepts criticism that his criticism is overdue. He tweeted, “To those asking, “what took so long?” You’re right. I tried to see best in @realDonaldTrump based on private interactions and select policy alignment. But his increasingly divisive rhetoric – and damage it’s doing to fabric of our society – outweighs any short-term economic gain.” So basically, Scaramucci is admitting he sold out.

I’m glad you’re finally at the party and I welcome you here, Moochy. But you’re gonna have to take a seat in the back because all the ones in the front have been taken. Hell, even Omarosa has a better seat than you.

Scaramucci also said, “The behavior is nihilistic. If it continues, responsible people will have to speak up.” Again, you’re kinda late to the party. In case you haven’t noticed, there aren’t any responsible people left in the party. The problem with them is, they’re all acting like you have for the past three years. You know, when you weren’t being responsible.

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Sorry Giuliani


I think the most amazing thing about the current Rudy Giuliani disaster tour is that it’s still going. Doesn’t a tire fire eventually burn out?

After joining Trump’s legal defense team, Rudy went on Hannity’s show on Trump TV and threw their entire strategy out the window. For the rest of Trump’s legal team, it was like coming to work the next morning to discover a dead raccoon in the copier. It really stunk up the place and nobody wanted to touch it.

Rudy told Hannity that Trump knew about the payment to porn star Stormy Daniels that was made through fixer/lawyer Michael Cohen, that Trump had paid Cohen back, that Trump lied about knowing of the payment, that Trump helped commit a campaign finance violation, and that the president of the United States raw-dogged a porn star while his wife was home with a newborn baby. Even Hannity, the guy who washes Trump’s feet with his tongue, couldn’t bail out the Trump team during that performance. I’m surprised Rudy didn’t say, “of course there’s no pee-pee tape with Russian hookers. Don’t be ridiculous. We destroyed that months ago.”

Trump later said Rudy was new on the job and still learning the details of everything. So what do they do? They send him back out to talk to the media. Again. And again.

Now Rudy says the Special Counsel team told him they’re not going to indict the president, and they’re willing to conduct a short interview with Trump where they will not bring up anything to do with obstruction. What? The Special Counsel was created because Trump fired the director of the FBI, and they’re not going to want to talk about that?

Rudy also thinks James Comey is a liar, that stormtroopers raided Cohen’s office, and that Martha Stewart went to jail for testifying and not for the lies she told. So, maybe when he talked to the Special Counsel’s office his problem with comprehension was a factor.

What was very enjoyable was watching Giuliani’s meltdown on CNN when Chris Cuomo asked him why he believes the president can’t be forced to testify, but in 1998 he argued the opposite. Rudy denied ever saying that and when Cuomo showed him a clip of it, Rudy shouted throughout it, said “aw c’mon,” that it’s not relevant and the interview was being unfair. If only he was on Fox & Friends where they don’t unfairly hold you accountable for your own words.

It gets better. A lot better. Rudy says Trump is owed an apology for the Russia investigation. How would that work? Are we sorry you’re a traitor? Are we sorry you hired Russians to work on your campaign? Are we sorry your campaign manager was indicted? Are we sorry the Justice Department isn’t working as your personal protection agency? Are we sorry your fixer is as stupid as he looks?

Personally, I’m sorry I can’t draw Rudy Giuliani every day.

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Surely In Syria


I am glad to see Donald Trump strike against the people who killed the people that he would never allow into our country. What puzzles me though is how he was moved by the Syrian gas attack to the point that he launches 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian runway, yet he wasn’t moved by a much worse gas attack in 2013. Basically a president shouldn’t get involved in Syria unless that president is a Republican.

What’s next with Syria? Nothing. We called the Russians and told them to get out of the way, who in turn told the Syrians to get out of the way. There will be some fingers wagging here and there but no real damage. Trump is still their boy.

Trump’s supporters will love that he killed six Syrians and bombed a runway. His approval rating may even reach 40%. He’ll use this event to show Congress that he’s not Putin’s puppet, though he is. By Monday we’ll probably be back to chaos, er, business as usual.

I am glad he was moved by the photos of dead children he doesn’t want in America. What does concern me is what moves him to act. They must have shown the pictures on Fox News. I don’t want the president to be so reactionary that he stops dropping bombs based on what he saw in the “spin zone.”

Perhaps there wouldn’t have been a gas attack in Syria last Tuesday if Trump and his team didn’t tell the world a few days before that he had no interest in removing Assad. Trump gave Assad a green light to gas his own people. Now he’s taught Assad that his response will be to destroy Syrian concrete.

Yippee ki-yay, mother….

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Sleazin’ With Bill


Bill Clinton is a political genius.

Bill Clinton is a student of politics. He failed in his first two attempts at public office but he learned each time and became educated on the art of politics. Then he became governor of Arkansas. And then he lost his first reelection for the governor’s office. And two years later (Arkansas has a messed up system where governors serve two years at a time) he came roaring back, educated, and was the governor of the state for ten years.

When he ran for president he had a rough time in the early primaries but then he came back to win the nomination and eventually the general election and became president. In his first two years he started his health care program, lost congress and generally got beat up politically. Then he came roaring back again.

Bill Clinton played Newt Gingrich and the GOP and ran wild on them. Even losing ratings in favorability while scoring high approval ratings for job performance,nothing could topple Bubba. Despite being impeached he scored high job approval ratings. Bob Dole can tell you about it.

Pundits say the Clintons come with sleaze. They do come with sleaze. But they were trained in Southern politics. You don’t succeed in the South without playing politics and being a bit sleazy. Bill and Hillary are good people and they do want progress for this nation, and themselves, but they can only do it with a little sleaze. It’s the only way they know how.

Even when Bill campaigned in the South for reelection to the presidency he would incorporate a very Southern twang while campaigning in the South. He plays people. He manipulates. He might do stupid thing, but he’s not stupid. The man is the best politician we’ll ever see in our lifetime. Ronald Reagan would come in second. Barack Obama would come in third.

So when Bill Clinton walked into Attorney General Lorreta Lynch’s airplane to talk about grandchildren, he knew what he was doing. He’s not stupid. He was playing her and she, like the GOP in the 1990’s, let herself be strung. Play it, Bubba, play it. When you’re a former president there’s not a places where people say you can’t enter. You’re not just a former president, you’re Bill Clinton. The last president to leave office with a plus approval rating and a diminished deficit. Eat that, George W. Seriously, who says “no,” you can’t enter that room?

It has an appearance of impropriety that Lynch would have a “chat” with Bill while his wife is under investigation by her department. Her defense is “it was wrong because of the appearance it gives. It was a mistake. I wouldn’t do it again.” You don’t have to do it again because Bill only needed you to do it the one time. The “wouldn’t do it again” exuse is the same excuse Hillary gives for her server issues currently under investigation. Loretta will remember her own defense when the time comes, if it comes, to prosecute.

Did I mention Bill Clinton is a political genius?

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Rahma Lama Ding Dong


A few years ago I was debating a friend who is a conservative. Really. I have a friend who is conservative. He’s a really good friend too and I don’t consider him a jerk at all. I think he’s wrong on everything and the feelings are mutual, but none of that’s a reason for me to overlook he’s an awesome guy. During our friendly argument I bashed some Republicans for exhibiting modern Republican behavior, which is just terrible stuff. He pointed out that the Democrats have Rahm Emanuel. It was a really good counter point.


Republicans don’t have Jack Kemps anymore. They have Ted Cruz. And yes, when you say “Ted Cruz” you can let that ooze sound linger at the end of his name.

Ted Cruz might be the worst person sliming through politics right now and Republicans are owning him. Though there are some who really can’t stand the guy.

Ted Cruz’s college freshman roommate, Craig Mazin said “I would rather have anybody else be the president of the United States. Anyone. I would rather pick somebody from the phone book.” He really doesn’t like Ted Cruz. He later said “I want to be clear because Ted Cruz is a nightmare of a human being. I have plenty of problems with his politics but truthfully his personality is so awful that 99 percent of why I hate him is just his personality. If he agreed with me on every issue, I would have him only one percent less.

One colleague who worked with Cruz on the Bush 200 campaign said “Why do people take such an instant dislike to Ted Cruz? It just saves time.”

George W. Bush, his former boss who refused to give him a White House job said “I just don’t like the guy.”

His senate colleagues can’t stand him. One thing that hurts is the life-size oil painting Cruz keeps of himself. That’s creepy.

On top of all that you probably can’t name one thing he’s done for Texas since becoming a Senator.

Craig Mazin, who had to field complaints about his roommate creeping the womens’ halls in his bathrobe, sums it up best with “One thing Ted Cruz is really good at: uniting people who otherwise disagree about everything else in a total hatred of Ted Cruz.”

Ted Cruz is the guy who told a 3-year-old girl that her “world was on fire” at a campaign event.

Ted Cruz is that guy, that when you see him approaching, you just go “ew.”

After Ted Cruz you have charmers of the like of Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina, of course we can’t forget Donald Trump.

Rahm Emanuel is the Democrat who Democrats don’t want to own.

Rahm is a huge disaster. His appointment as Obama’s chief of staff is probably the president’s worst political decision. I’m sure Obama was happy for Rahm to run for mayor of Chicago as it got him out of D.C. While as chief of staff, Rahm would confront congressmen in the showers. Yes. Confronted by a buck-ass naked Ramn Emanuel. That’s possibly creepier than Ted Cruz skulking dormitories in a towel.

Rahm is more of a political manager, like Karl Rove, than a leader which doesn’t work for the position of mayor, especially in a major city.

Rahm fought against a Freedom of Information Act requests by The Chicago Tribune, claiming it was a burden. He then deleted the emails they wanted. Rahm either doesn’t get that being sleazy is very apparent in a city like Chicago, or he thinks he has to be sleazy to be mayor of Chicago.

Emanuel is accused of allowing the police to get away with using excessive force on African Americans. In the Laquan McDonald shooting , his administration withheld the dashboard camera video of the shooting for 18 months, possibly to help with his reelection. The city paid the family $5 million dollars before there was even a lawsuit, which many consider an effort to keep them quiet during a reelection campaign. The city also resisted charging the cop for over 18 months. The video was only released because a judge ordered it.

What happens when there’s a cover up? Heads roll. In this case the head belonged to the chief of police. I don’t think it’s a coincidence this occurs while there are calls for the mayor to resign.

So I guess it works like this: For every 100 disgusting Republicans, there’s one disgusting Democrat.