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Hurry Up, Election Day


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I’m already seeing posts on Facebook saying, “Only nine more weeks ’til Christmas.” If you’re one of those people, I’d like to say, go to Hell.

I personally believe there should be a law prohibiting the display of any Christmas decorations or activities until the day after Thanksgiving. Furthermore, all Christmas decorations, activities, music, and any mention of the holiday have to cease after New Years Day.

I am a Grinch. I don’t like Christmas. The only time I’ve ever enjoyed Christmas was for a couple years as a kid, for my own child, and for other people’s children. I’ve enjoyed giving gifts. But for the most part, I’ve only tolerated Christmas. I’m not a Christmas sweater kind of person. I probably draw the least amount of Christmas-themed cartoons of any political cartoonist in the nation. Partly because I don’t like Christmas but I also don’t like worn-out lazy clichés.

Can we get through Halloween before we see Christmas decorations? Can we make it through Thanksgiving before I have to hear “Jingle Bell Rock?” For that matter, how about we get through Election Day first and find out if we’re going to survive as a nation or turn into a totalitarian state with only one actual branch of government that’s built to serve a cult of personality? If this election doesn’t go right, you’re not going to have Jesus’ birthday to celebrate anymore. Instead, we’ll celebrate Donald Trump Day. We’ll celebrate Dear Leader’s birthday like they do in North Korea.

Since this election is scary, you’re allowed to keep your Halloween decorations up through Election Day.

For a lot of people in this nation, Election Day has already happened. It has for me as a voter. As a pundit and professional prognosticator, I’m still waiting. It’s been reported that over 50 million people have already voted. In 2016, the total of all voters was 133 million. For this election, I expect that number to be higher.

For Donald Trump to be elected president in 2016, he had to defeat the most gaslighted person of all time. Hillary Clinton was gaslighted so much, that it elected the likes of Donald Trump to the presidency. But now that Donald Trump has the presidency, he’s doing all he can not to let it go. He’s acting like it’s his choice, not ours, if he stays. For Donald Trump, our presidency, our White House, are just divisions of the Trump Organization and he’s done all he can to make them as corrupt…with a lot of success.

The polls are even worse for Trump in this election than they were in 2016. Donald Trump’s approval has yet to poll above 50% throughout his entire presidency. And this time, he’s running against an old moderate white guy. There’s nothing really scary about Joe Biden. As hard as they’ve tried to gaslight him to the point they did Hillary Clinton, it’s a lot tougher. For starters, they’re 25 years too late and an old moderate white dude is less scary as a president to th electorate than…gasp….a woman.

Joe Biden isn’t just leading in those crucial swing states that flipped for Donald Trump, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania…he’s leading outside the margin of error, which Hillary Clinton did not do. Not only that, but Biden is leading in states that should be secure for Trump like Florida and North Carolina and is even being competitive in Georgia and Texas.

So when I see these polls, I wonder if we can keep it going. Can we get through this election before another October Surprise, another FBI announcement, another military strike, another information drop by Russia, another attempt by Israel to help Trump…or whatever new shit they come up with? All signs are pointing to a massive Joe Biden landslide so naturally, I’m scared shitless that the Republicans and the corruption they’ve installed in our government will steal it.

So I say to Election Day, please…don’t be late.

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Purge To The Moon


What scares Republicans more than a right-wing racist lie about a diseased caravan full of gang bangers, Islamic terrorists, and immigrants seeking to sponge off American welfare and vote illegally? American minorities who vote. Yikes!

Republicans create lies about millions of illegal voters destroying the integrity of our elections while working overtime to prevent legally eligible Americans from voting. For the past several decades, Republicans have been successful. Today, Republicans hold the majority in the United States Senate despite representing nearly 40 million fewer Americans than Democrats. The 51 Republican senators represents 143 million people while the Democratic Party represents 182 million. How do they do that?

For starters, Republicans represent more small states than Democrats. Every state has two senators (civics 101, people). So, South Dakota’s 563,000 residents have as much representation in the Senate as California’s 40 million residents. Out of the 30 smallest states, the GOP holds 35 seats to the Democrats’ 20. In the 20 largest states, Democrats hold 24 to the GOP’s 16. There are seven states (Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming) that have more senators than congressional districts. These are the people who are deciding the shape of the Supreme Court for the next 40 years. And people wonder why I have trouble sleeping.

Having an unfair advantage in the system isn’t enough for Republicans. They still have to cheat. Their favorite method of holding more seats in the Senate, House, state legislatures, and governorships is to prevent minorities from voting. They’ve been doing it since the Civil War. The Democrats started it in the South and the Republicans took over in the 1960s. They’re still doing it today.

In Alabama, they closed as many locations as possible where African-Americans could obtain IDs. Basically, they make laws that you need an ID to vote and then make it as difficult as possible to get an ID. Do you know how hard it is to replace an ID? I had to do that last year and I needed my birth certificate (which Texas did not want to give me but gave it to my son. They probably thought I was black) and I had to use a college transcript for my secondary identification. You need IDs (plural) to get an ID. Lesson is; don’t lose your shit (or let a girl take everything that belongs to you).

In a majority-white county in Texas, they’ve been trying to prevent students from black-majority Prairie View University from voting for decades. The GOPs latest trick was to give them two addresses for the school to use as their residence when registering to vote, and later saying they’ll only accept one (Gotcha!). They later said they’d allow both after there were a very loud uproar and media exposure of the suppression attempt. Surprisingly, only one Democrat was arrested for complaining. Seriously.

North Dakota Republicans have successfully purged Native Americans, who typically vote Democratic, from voting by ruling that they need a street address. The GOP Supreme Court was just fine with this. Post Offices usually only deliver mail to P.O. boxes at reservations, so there are no street addresses on their IDs. Does Elizabeth Warren really want to prove she’s Native American? While Donald Trump attacks one, North Dakota attacks all of them.

In Georgia, the Republican Secretary of State has purged 53,000 voter registrations that weren’t “exact matches” with Social Security and state driver records. Out of those 53,000, 70 percent were from black applicants (Surprise!). The Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, was even caught on a leaked audio complaining about high voter turnout. Kemp is the Republican candidate running for governor, and he’s refused to step down as Secretary of State. Basically, he’s the referee of the game he’s playing. It’s like back when my older sister managed the bank while we played Monopoly. I never won and I was always stuck being the shoe.

Dodge City, Kansas, a city with 13,000 voters, only provides one polling place to vote. The average Kansas polling site services 1,200 voters. Now, the city has moved the polling place from the civic center to outside the city limits, and more than a mile from the nearest bus stop. You literally have to get the hell out of Dodge to vote. When the ACLU emailed a complaint to the county clerk, she forwarded it to the Secretary of State with “LOL.” Surprisingly, it wasn’t “bwahahahaha.”

By the way, Kansas’ Secretary of State is Kris Kobach who has a long and distinguished career of working to restrict minority voting under the ruse of illegal aliens voting. In his job, he fought to remove over 20,000 people from voter registrations (and he got seven convictions for voter fraud). He was vice-chair of Donald Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity, which was eventually disbanded as the basis for its existence. The claim of millions of illegal voters turned out to be a lie, and they failed to find any integrity among the members of the Commission of Election Integrity. Guess what Kobach is doing now? Yup. Running for governor.

We are supposed to agree to disagree and respect differences of opinions. But, I refuse to simply disagree when you’re cheating to steal an election and your opinions are repugnant, racist, vile, and based on lies. I can’t respect your opinion when you got it from a Facebook meme.

Republicans vote. Even in races that are tied or Democrats have a slim lead, the Republican candidate is favored because Republicans are better at turning out to vote than Democrats or Independents. That’s why YOU need to get off your ass and vote this coming Tuesday. Don’t let them steal this, because they will. Look at Brett Kavanaugh. They don’t care if there are asterisks as long as they get what they want. Your second lesson of today is; Republicans are corrupt.

The only way we can beat Republicans is if there are more of us participating honestly than there are of them stealing it from us.

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