Cult Or Country?


For years, decades even, Republicans were lying to us. They told us they were “fiscal” conservatives. They said they were for family values. They ran on religion as if the other party consisted entirely of heathens and atheists. They wrapped themselves in the flag and said they were more more patriotic than Democrats. And they told us they support our troops.

We’ve always known they were lying about the fiscal thing. The last time there was a balanced budget under a Republican was during the Eisenhower administration. Republicans spend more than Democrats. The debt increases more under Republicans. Republicans give permanent tax cuts to billionaire assholes and corporations. They finance wars with tax cuts to billionaires. And the only time you hear Republicans talk about controlling spending is when Democrats have the White House. But it took Donald Trump for Republicans to reveal all their other positions were lies. Funny thing is, they’re still telling them.

The party that went after Bill Clinton over his lack of family values and for having multiple affairs turned around and backed Mr. Grab-Them-By-The-Pussy. They supported a man who boasted about cheating on his wife and assaulting women…while he had a newborn child at home. They supported the guy who boasted about barging in on naked teenage girls. The supported the guy who divorced twice, cheated on all three of his wives, and has five children with three different women. They supported the guy who has nearly 30 accusations ranging from assault to rape. They supported the guy who looked at a child and said, “I’ll be dating her in a few years.” They supported the guy who talks about dating his daughter and grades her figure. Republicans lied about being the party of family values. If anything, they’re the party of icky creepy fuckers.

Even before Donald Trump showed up grabbing pussies, Republicans made a pedophile the Speaker of the House. A pedophile. In case you’re a Republican, a pedophile is…wait. If you’re a Republican, you already know what a pedophile is.

Republicans lied about religion and their love of Jesus and God. They literally turned their entire party into a cult worshipping a reality TV show host. Anyone who opposes Trump is cast out as a sinner and blasphemer. The religious right and evangelical base proved what a bunch of wormy hypocrites they are when they started supporting the guy who ogles little girls and throws babies into cages. Jesus wouldn’t do that.

They lied about being patriotic. They voted for the guy endorsed and supported by Vladimir Putin. Here’s a voting primer: Don’t vote for the guy supported by Russia. It’s as easy as that. Republicans were silent when Donald Trump gave away classified information to Russians in the Oval Office. They were silent over his taking Putin’s word over our intelligence agencies. They remained silent over Russia tampering in our elections to help Trump. They have yet to criticize Trump for allowing Russia to hack into our nation’s computer system or for Trump downplaying Russia’s involvement. They’ve allowed Donald Trump to shove allies aside and embrace Russia. The party that tells us Democrats are communists ignores Donald Trump saying he fell in love with a communist (In case you’re a Republican, that’s Kim Jong Un).

Now, they have to choose between Donald Trump and the military. Just like you can’t be a patriot and a MAGAt, you can’t be a Trump supporter and a supporter of our military.

Look at House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. He voted for the defense spending bill which includes pay raises for our troops. Donald Trump vetoed the bill over removing names of Confederate generals from military bases and something that wasn’t even in the bill. Yesterday, the House voted to override Trump’s veto. McCarthy, who voted for the defense bill, turned around and opposed it (he missed the vote). If he’s wearing a neck brace today, it’s because he has whiplash. How many other Republicans will need neck braces?

The bill is for spending $740 billion on our defense…for one year. We spend more on our defense than the next ten countries…combined. While Donald Trump has boasted about “rebuilding the military,” we’ve been increasing the defense budget yearly long before Donald Trump even heard that “I’m Just a Bill” song. But now, the guy who claims he rebuilt our military and loves our troops has vetoed the bill. Why?

First off, he vetoed it because it doesn’t include a repeal of Section 230, a law that shields internet companies from being liable for what is posted on their websites by third parties. In case you’re a Republican, I’ll explain that.

If I go on Twitter and create a post claiming Donald Trump barges in on naked teenage girls so he can ogle them and he wants to date his daughter, he can’t sue Twitter. Why? Because it’s true. But, say you own Twitter and some idiot makes a post claiming George Soros is funding migrant caravans, and it’s a lie. Section 230 protects you from being sued by George Soros because some anti-Semitic orange idiot made a libelous post on your platform. What does any of this have to do with our defense budget and military? Absolutely nothing. But this is the logic of the world’s greatest negotiator. We don’t understand it because we’re not as smart as Trump. Surely, it has to be a genius move. What Trump did with his veto was put himself before the military because the entire social media thing is only about him.

There were other complaints with the bill, such as limits to how much money Trump can move from the military to his useless racist border wall (it should be zero), and that Confederate naming thing. That’s another point against being patriotic. Just how patriotic are you when you’re fighting to retain traitors’ names on U.S. bases?

There was also a measure requiring the Pentagon to submit reports certifying that the proposed troop withdrawals from other nations, like Afghanistan and South Korea, would not jeopardize U.S. national security. Donald Trump didn’t like that.

The House voted 322-87 on Monday to override the veto, well above the two-thirds needed to override. It now goes to the Senate which also needs two-thirds to override. The question is: How many Republicans who were initially for it will now be against it? How about those two Republicans senators from Georgia? Yikes for them. Where do they stand on orange billionaires ogling naked teenagers?

In the House, 109 Republicans voted to override Donald Trump’s veto while 66 voted to support Donald Trump. There are 66 House Republicans who chose Donald Trump over our military. I don’t know how many of those 66 voted for the bill the first time, but I’m working on it and will report back when I have the number. But the bill was unchanged. There was nothing different about it except that Donald Trump vetoed it.

This was the first override of a Trump veto. It’s an excellent way for him to end his presidency (sic). Even with goons like Kevin McCarthy remaining, his control over the party is slipping. Still, he may lash out at those who voted for the override. Mean-tweeting 109 individual Republicans would require a lengthy session for toilet-tweeting, but I believe Donald Trump can do it. You go, you.

Now, we get to find out how many Republican senators will choose Trump over our military. You can’t support our military and Trump. You can’t be a patriot and a Trump supporter. You can’t be pro-democracy and pro-Trump.

You can’t be a loyal American and a Trump supporter.

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Trumpo Beto Veto


Beto is in the race.

Are you excited? It seems a lot of people are despite the fact he’s sitting around five percent in the DNC polls. If you watched Beto O’Rourke yesterday, you can tell he’s excited. Beto was jumping on countertops in coffee houses and waving his arms around like he’s over-caffeinated.

Donald Trump noticed Beto’s excitement and pointed out how much he waved his arms around. Seriously. Donald Trump…talked smack…about someone else…waving their arms around. That would be like Trump criticizing someone for sexual harassment, except he’s done that and insulted people’s hair, energy, looks, for using executive orders, for not releasing their school records, for being racist, and he’s called other people liars.

Trump said, “I’ve never seen so much hand movement. I said, ‘Is he crazy or is that just the way he acts?'” I think a lot of people have said the exact same thing about Trump while commenting that it looks like he’s playing an invisible accordion.

I think it’s just the way Beto acts and Trump is the crazy one.

Trump will also get to use his first presidential veto as 12 Republicans joined Democrats in the Senate yesterday to block his national emergency faux crisis. In other news, the rest of the Republican Senate are not Constitutionalists.  They’re liars.

We’ve had over 30 national emergencies declared by presidents and not one of them was to steal money from government programs for something Congress refused to fund. This is unconstitutional. But as it’s already been pointed out, Republicans don’t believe in anything anymore as they’ve all joined a cult.

Beto will rise in the polls while Republicans and Trump will drop even further. Beto waves his arms around but he’s genuine. Trump and the GOP are phonies.

Yesterday Trump tweeted one word, “veto,” which is also bizarre. Trump tweeting a single word? It was one of those instances we can be pretty sure a staffer wrote the tweet. It was spelled correctly.

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