Trump Convoy

Y’all Qaeda


As you probably saw on the news, Trump rednecks were harassing a Biden/Harris campaign bus in Texas. They surrounded the bus, were waving weapons, and one vehicle was nearly ran off the road. Donald Trump is upset the FBI is “investigating” it.

Here’s a tip, kids: If you’re going to do anything bad, do it while wearing a MAGA hat. You won’t be arrested immediately because the authorities will have to “investigate” it before any arrests are made. Even with this situation in Texas, they’re looking to see if the Biden/Harris people are at fault for having their bus surrounded by Trump goobers. His truck looked at my truck funny.

Donald Trump even claimed the MAGAt convoy was “protecting” the Biden/Harris bus. And he tweeted out a video of the incident with, “I love Texas.”

Don Jr. encouraged them to stage the attack. Marco Rubio shouted at a MAGA rally, “We love what they do!”

In other locations, the MAGAts on wheels are blocking roads and shutting down bridges. Have there been any arrests? That’s not rhetorical. Have there been any arrests?

This is what the Trump era has brought us. If you don’t like what someone has to say, run ’em off the road.

Meanwhile, the MAGAts at a MAGA rally chanted, “Fire Fauci.” Donald Trump said to wait and see what happens after the election. Why after? Because he’s a coward and is afraid that if he does it before, it’ll hurt him? Or, is he saying “after” because he’s lying to his people? Is he giving them false hate hope?

Donald Trump supporters are the worst of America.

But let’s be honest. We’re all a little surprised it hasn’t been worse than this. The day’s not over yet. I expect the worst to happen between after all the votes are counted and the inauguration.

This is all your getting for a blog today because the Live Blog is tonight. I gotta rest up.

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