Norwegian Oppo


During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump elicited help from Russia by stating from a stage, “Russia, if you’re listening…” Trump was asking Russia to hack and release Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 missing emails stored on her personal server while she was Secretary of State. Within hours, the Russians were hacking the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign. Trump’s defense afterward was that he never asked for help and that he didn’t know it was illegal. Even though those were lies, there’s no excuse that he doesn’t know it’s illegal now.

During an interview with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos, Trump said he would listen if foreigners offered dirt on his political opponents during the 2020 presidential campaign. Trump said, “I think I’d take it.”

Trump argued, “I think you might want to listen, there isn’t anything wrong with listening. If somebody called from a country, Norway, and said ‘we have information on your opponent,’ oh, I think I’d want to hear it.”

First off, if any country calls Trump with dirt on his opponent, it’s not going to be Norway. If Norway was going to call anyone with dirt, they’d call Trump’s opponents with dirt on him. Second, what Trump did was advocate breaking the law.

The president, not just a private citizen who is a candidate (this time), said he’d break the law. He sent a call out to Russia and everyone else who is a friend or a foe to meddle in our election. What he did was offer himself as blackmail bait. Trump put a “for sale” sign on his big, fat, empty forehead.

Trump also said he may not call the FBI if a foreign government offered dirt. He said he has never called the FBI in his life, which is a lie. He called James Comey to ask him to stop investigating his buddies. But, it’s not hard to believe he’s never called the FBI to report a possible crime. Do you know why? Because gangsters don’t call the FBI.

The current director of the FBI, Christopher Wray said during congressional testimony last month, “The FBI would want to know about” any foreign election meddling. Trump said Wray is wrong and claimed that foreign meddling isn’t meddling. I’m sorry, but if I call your wife and tell her that I saw you with a hooker, that’s meddling.

Even Trump’s personal attorney currently acting as our Attorney General said that accepting help from a foreign government is illegal. But, he’ll probably retract that statement later today.

Donald Trump believes that hiring someone from Britain, who was a government agent but is now a private citizen, to conduct opposition research is “treason,” but accepting help from Russia is perfectly fine.

It’s been said that the only good thing from a Trump presidency is that we’ll find out if our constitutional system works. Guess what. It doesn’t work when one party and the courts protect the Dear Leader.

Trump just gave every member of the House and Senate a reason to impeach him. Now, Donald Trump should be held accountable and thrown out of office. He is boasting that he’s above the law and is willing to break it. He’s boasting that he will commit treasonous behavior while serving as president. Any Republican who continues to defend this should also be removed from office.

Trump feels empowered after the Mueller Report failed to find definite collusion between his campaign and Russia. Even offering up several examples of obstruction of justice, The Attorney General declared there was none and gave a false impression of the report, which has also empowered Trump. Lastly, with people in Congress and the Senate like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and Lindsey Graham, Trump feels he’s allowed to do anything. This has to stop.

Choosing our nation over adversaries should not be partisan. There should be no partisanship about foreign governments meddling in our elections. There should be no partisanship about the rule of law. Republicans need to stand with America, not the traitor-in-chief.

Donald Trump just volunteered the fact he’s a national security threat. The politicians in Washington need to do their jobs and remove the threat. It’s time to impeach.

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A Treasonous Cartoon


It’s ironic that the symbol for the Republican Party is an elephant. An elephant is known for having a great memory, as in an elephant never forgets. Republicans, especially Donald Trump, have the worst memories.

They forget that illegal immigration decreased yearly during Obama’s presidency. They forget that unemployment, even black unemployment, was dropping for the past several years. They forget that the economy was increasing long before Trump took office. They forget that the stock market has been doing great for the past several years. Now that the stock market has had a couple of rough days, they’re forgetting there even is a stock market. Republicans denied the economy was doing better and faulted the economic indicators they’re citing today. Finally, they forget how they treated Obama.

Republicans complain that Democrats won’t give Trump a chance and all they do is obstruct his agenda. They forget all the conspiracy theories they created about Obama like he’s Muslim, a communist, or that he was born in Kenya. Who can forget Mitch McConnell’s statement that the Republican agenda was to make Obama a one-term president? They especially forget how they treated him during his State of the Union speeches.

It’s par for the course that the party out of power doesn’t applaud much during the president’s speech. During Obama’s first State of the Union, one Republican shouted: “you lie.” So it’s galling that for the past week they’ve been complaining about the Democrats lack of enthusiasm during Trump’s stupid speech.

Republicans have been going on and on about it. Fox News hasn’t shut up about it. Conservative pundits have been complaining about it. Every conservative political cartoonist has drawn about it. I know these people weren’t in comas during the Obama presidency because I heard them bitching every day. Bad memories.

During a speech Monday in Cincinnati, Trump attacked the Democrats for not applauding. He’s already lied about his SOTU speech, saying it was the most viewed in history. George W. Bush and Obama both had more viewers for their first SOTU speech. His speech in Ohio was remarkable for two reasons.

First, he was boasting about the economy and how he’s revived it while the stock market was plummeting by more than 1,000 points. Second, he accused the Democrats of treason for not applauding during his speech.

Trump argues that they sat on their hands while he was mentioning good news. I guess the Democrats didn’t want to clap when he was taking credit for Obama’s accomplishments.

Trump said, “Even on positive news, really positive news like that, they were like death and un-American. Somebody said treasonous. I mean, yeah, I guess, why not. Can we call that treason? Why not? I mean, they certainly didn’t seem to love our country very much.” People who truly love our country want to protect it from Trump.

Is this North Korea now where it’s treason if you don’t grovel to the Dear Leader? Will we all be forced to hang portraits of Trump in our homes, thus scaring children and small animals? Not only is Trump incapable of displaying how thin-skinned he is, he can’t refrain from expressing his desire to be an autocrat. He’s surrounded himself with too many people like Stephen Miller who said shortly after Trump first took office, “the president’s authority will not be questioned.”

Trump has called the press “enemies of the American people.” He’s attacked our judicial system. He has called for investigations into a political opponent. He’s attacking law enforcement officials for investigating him and trying to manipulate those agencies and eliminate their independence from the president. Trump is acting like an autocrat. Next in line for that is treason for those who don’t grovel before him.

I didn’t think the Democrats failing to clap for Trump was the most impressionable image from the SOTU speech. The most memorable for me was Trump clapping for himself. I’m sure it’s not the first time he got the clap.

For failing to clap for the president to be treason, Trump will have to become a dictator and change some laws. Right now, it’s impossible to commit treason in the United States.

Technically, the nation has to be at war for someone to commit treason. That’s the way the law is written. I’m not talking about combat situations we’re in. The United States has to be officially at war, which we haven’t been since World War II.

While nobody can be charged with treason, you can say someone acted out treasonous behavior. I don’t think failing to clap for Trump fits that description.

I think better definitions for treasonous behavior would be asking Russia to hack your political opponent, inviting Russians to Trump Tower to provide dirt on your political opponent, failing to enact sanctions on Russia passed by Congress and that you actually signed, or failing to protect the United States from Russia’s continuing attempts to disrupt our elections.

I could probably think of a few more, and if I can’t, I’m sure Trump will.

Creative notes: I drew a cartoon with “dilly dilly” about a month ago. It’s about played out. Though, when I was out watching the Super Bowl and the guy in the Bud Light commercial shouted “dilly dilly,” the entire bar returned the cheer. I was sitting next to a woman much older than I am, and she asked, “what’s dilly dilly?”

The expression, whatever it means, might be played out but I really liked including “pit of misery”.

The creation of this cartoon will be YouTubed at some point later Today. Dilly dilly!

Today’s YouTube Vid

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Sin Like Flynn


What did the president know and when did he know it?

That was an often repeated question during the Watergate crisis. With the resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn, that is one of many questions being asked, except by most Republicans.

Flynn talked to the Russian ambassador during the transition. He claimed he never talked about foreign policy or sanctions being placed upon Russia by the Obama administration. Vice President Mike Pence went on the airwaves to repeat that claim. It was a lie.

Flynn changed his story from did not to I don’t know. As it turns out he not only talked to Russia during the transition, he talked to government officials during the campaign. Other members of Trump’s campaign did the same. One of the many questions is “who were those people?”

Two weeks ago then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates told the White House what Flynn did, and that he was a threat to be blackmailed by Russia. Donald Trump fired her for refusing to defend his Muslim ban. He fired one person for doing her job and kept the guy on staff who committed treason and was posing a threat, not just to the administration, but to the nation.

After The Washington Post reported the story that the FBI and the Justice Department were on to Flynn, and had questioned him, Trump claimed he didn’t know the report even existed. His claim was about 16 hours after the Post story was published. It’s unclear if he was talking about the Post story or the report from the FBI. I think he was lying about both. It’s weird the guy believes in things that doesn’t exist but denies stuff that’s actually happening.

Kellyanne Conway went on TV Monday to say Michael Flynn had Trump’s confidence. A few hours later Flynn resigned. Not only has Kellyanne lost all confidence with the press, but apparently also with the White House. She’s not even in the loop anymore but she can probably tell you how much Ivanka Trump’s bangles cost.

Flynn resigned and the reasoning is that he lost Trump’s confidence. When did he lose the confidence? Trump knew he lied weeks ago. Trump didn’t fire, or make him resign, until The Washington Post reported on his conversations with Russia. The Trump administration doesn’t have a problem with him undermining government policy. Their “official” problem is that he lied to Mike Pence. Reportedly Trump knew weeks ago that he lied and didn’t inform Pence that he had defended a lie. There’s a whole bunch of people Pence should be pissed with if that sort of stuff is important to him.

The bigger questions here concern Trump himself, his ties to Russia, and whether or not his team coordinated with Putin’s government to sabotage the Clinton campaign.

Trump claimed he loved Wikileaks. He asked Putin to hack and release information on Clinton. The man is incapable of criticizing Putin and even defends him and puts him on an equal level with the U.S. government. To distract for Russia’s involvement in our election Trump has created the lie of massive voter fraud (even though he won).

Trump’s biggest complaint publicly is that there were leaks about Flynn’s chit chat with the Russians. Trump, the man who loves Wikileaks and asks foreign governments to release private information.

Is it believable that the incoming national security adviser talked to Russia about sanctions without the president elect’s knowledge? Is it believable they talked during the campaign without Trump in on it, or even without his direction?

Two Republicans want this investigated. They’re Lindsey Graham and John McCain. Others, like Jason Chaffetz, who chairs the House Oversight Committee, says the problem will work itself out. Others in Congress say if it’s investigated, then it should be private, not held publicly multiple times like all those Benghazi investigations.

Donald Trump told us he’d hire the best for his administration. General Michael Flynn was not the best. He was incapable of doing his job. Most career military men don’t become partisans. Flynn promoted the lie about Clinton being involved in a child-sex-slave scheme at a pizza parlor. Flynn led “lock her up” chants at the GOP convention and said he’d be in prison if he did a tenth of what Hillary Clinton had done.

Fortunately for Flynn, he did a lot more than a tenth so maybe he won’t go to prison for that.

Most national security advisers last for only two years. Flynn only lasted 21 days. Who’s next to go from the Trump administration? How long will the Trump presidency last? This is an administration of dishonesty, lies, ineptness, clumsiness, stupidity, and chaos.

Creative notes: Having heterosexuals in bed together as a metaphor for being in cahoots might be one of those cliches I should retire, like things going over cliffs, sinking ships, mazes, air balloons, Pinocchios, and Santa’s lap. But I thought it might be a twist throwing in all the individuals who have ties to Russia. Plus, I had a lot of fun with all the creepy details. What can I say? I’m a very disturbed person.

I enjoyed all these caricatures but I especially enjoyed drawing Flynn. I hope there are multiple investigations so I can keep drawing the guy.

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Putin’s Puppet


The people who spent eight years screaming the loudest about being patriots and shouting “I want my country back” are the first to turn a blind eye and allow a foreign nation to commit terrorism on us and manipulate our democratic system. That’s the equivalent of treason.

The CIA has assessed that Russia wasn’t just trying to destroy confidence in our electoral system, they were trying to help elect Donald Trump. They’re very confident about this.

The White House wanted a unified bipartisan front to combat this and they went to Congressional leaders. The Republicans who spent eight years saying no to Obama this time said “eh.” Mitch McConnell, the GOP’s leader in the Senate chose to hide in his turtle shell and ignore the threat and today his wife is nominated to work in the Trump administration. That’s a sweet payoff.

Trump’s transition team dismissed the news with the statement “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history. It’s now time to move on and ‘Make America Great Again.” Basically “blah blah blah.”

This isn’t Iraq or a search of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. This can’t be shrugged off because of a past mistake. If that’s how we’re going to treat any analysis by the CIA then what’s the point of having a CIA? The other B.S. in the statement is that Trump did not win in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history and has lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by more than two million. The last thing about this is their willingness to dismiss and ignore a threat to our nation by a foreign power.

Trump is about to swear an oath to protect this nation from all threats foreign and domestic. As president-elect he’s showing us he doesn’t intend to take that oath seriously, if he even understands it.

Trump still refuses to believe Russia was behind the hacking into the Democrat’s campaign. He says it could have been China or some guy in New Jersey. I’m not sure how capable Chris Christie is with computers. He and his supporters refuse to believe Russians were helping him win the election but they’ll buy a story that Hillary Clinton is selling child sex slaves out of a pizza parlor.

Even if it’s not Russia behind the attacks Trump and his flying monkeys are ignoring one basic fact. Nobody was hacking into Trump’s campaign and releasing the data. Someone was breaking the law, breaking the rules, not playing fair, to help Donald Trump win the White House. They’re fine with that.

Donald Trump, Republicans, and their voters didn’t just allow our democracy to be manipulated by a foreign power with evil intentions. They allowed themselves to be compromised. They’d sell their nation out for a cheap win.  That’s exactly what they did.

That’s not patriotism. It’s called treason. It’s the real scandal that’s “worse than Watergate.”

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