Taylor Swift

An Angry Mob Gets Swifty


Republicans don’t have a sense of irony, which is why they and Donald Trump, a guy whose businesses were supported by Russian money laundering, has connections to the mafia and makes each day of his administration a third-rate episode of The Sopranos, is accusing Democrats and liberals of being a mob. It’s also hypocritical that they accused the Democratic Party of running on hate while they’re telling their supporters to be afraid of Muslims, Mexicans, black athletes, teenagers, and women who speak their minds.

Sure, Trump and the GOP aren’t talking about the type of mob that is the mafia. They envision more of a pitchforks, torches, and converging on the castle to destroy Frankenstein’s monster type of mob when they say “mob.” Now that Trump has used the term, “angry left-wing mob” to describe Democrats, it has become a new talking point for Conservatives. Prepare yourself to hear it echoed repeatedly, like “fake news,” “no collusion,” and “snowflake.” To make matters worse for them, America’s most popular pop star has joined the “angry left-wing mob.”

Yesterday, Taylor Swift posted on Instagram an endorsement for Tennessee’s Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate and governor, Jim Cooper and Phil Bredesen. Republicans lost their minds.

Swift has been mostly silent on political issues so it came as a shock to conservatives, though she’s made plenty of hints in the past. After Obama was elected in 2008, she said, “I’ve never seen this country so happy about a political decision in my entire time of being alive.” She came out for gun control earlier this year, and in 2017, she was on Time Magazine’s Person of the Year cover as one of the “silence breakers” fighting back against sexual harassment. The warning signs were there, conjobs.

But, some have taken Taylor’s leftist and rational views with a broken heart, especially the 4chan crowd (a message forum that’s really racist and pro-Trump). You see, for a long time white supremacists have built a myth that Taylor Swift was one of them. She’s very white and blonde, so…duh. It must have really destroyed them to read her comment, “I believe that the systemic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent.” One 4chan user posted a meme of Pepe the Frog crying. Not only is it a dangerous time in America for horny, young, white men, but also hazardous to racist cartoon frogs.

In the past, conservatives doctored photos of her wearing a MAGA hat and her with Hitler quotes, as though she was reciting them. One headline at the Daily Stormer (a Nazi site popular with Republicans) read, “Aryan Goddess Taylor Swift: Nazi Avatar of the White European People.” If you know anything about conservatives and memes, well, that’s where they get most of their information. For Republicans, racist, lying memes are scripture. It’s why they were and still are such easy cattle targets for Russian troll farms.

Believing Taylor was one of them based on memes of Nazi quotes and MAGA hats may sound ridiculous, but the kitty rational is outright absurd. The kitty what? Yeah, check this out: Many 4chan users believe they named Taylor Swift’s cat. Yes. Her cat. Meow.

How did they arrive at such delusions of grandeur? They had a cat-naming contest (I don’t know why and I’m afraid to look it up. I like dogs) and one of the winning names was “Meredeth,” which is a much better name for a kitten than Eva Braun. Later, they discovered that was the name Swift chose for her new kitty. So, there you have it. Taylor Swift has a Nazi Kitty, and she let the hater rubes over at the 4chan name it for her. It’s just too bad she named the cat before the contest, but this is 4chan. Details. Schmetails. Heil, Kitty.

While Republicans say Swift’s endorsement won’t have any impact (as though Kanye’s will), Vote.org has reported a huge spike in voter registration since yesterday. Normally, they get about 6,000 a day. Yesterday, they received 65,000. Sure, there could be a natural uptick because we’re within 30 days of the election and the registration deadline is fast approaching, but the website is giving most of the credit to Swift.

Swift has influence. When Apple made the decision not to pay artists during an initial three-month free trial period of their new streaming service, which would have mostly affected up-and-coming artists, Swift wrote a nice letter to Apple at 4:00 AM and they changed their policy. They didn’t want to fight with Tswifty.

She came out about being sexually assaulted after the guy who assaulted her, get this, sued her (he lost because he didn’t have a jury made of old, white, U.S. Republican senators). That inspired millions of other women to come forward.

Swift has over 83 million followers on Twitter. Donald Trump has 55 million with a huge chunk of them being bots. She has 112 million followers on Instagram. It’s safe to say she has some sway.

Yesterday, Trump said he likes Taylor Swift about 25% less now. What a coincidence, because now I like her about 25% more.

Note: I didn’t go to 4chan or the Daily Stormer for any of this research. I physically can’t as I already get nauseous when Trump comes in TV. It’s also why I won’t post links to them on my site. Ew. I did my research through other sites.

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Swifty Naked Waffle Shooter


A naked guy shoots up a Tennessee Waffle House with an AR-15 while claiming Taylor Swift is stalking him. The nation was less surprised by these details as much as they were that the incident didn’t take place in Florida.

The naked gunman using the gun of choice for mass shooters was stopped by an unarmed man, which debunks the NRA/GOP talking point, “only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.”

James Shaw Jr. didn’t just stop a killer with his bare hands.  He created a fundraiser that’s already raised at least $130,000 for the families of the four victims of the shooting. That’s enough money to pay a porn star to keep quiet about Trump.

Speaking of Trump, he has not tweeted about this shooting. Probably because the killer wasn’t a Muslim (white guy) and the man who unarmed him is black.

Mostly, I’m surprised he hasn’t tweeted an attack on Taylor Swift. He does love to feud with celebrities, and Taylor is the most powerful person in pop music right now.

I find that sad because I’d love to hear the ditty T-Swifty would write for Trump.

Creative notes: This is a bonus cartoon for today. I started it this morning and stopped/paused after I got my Trump/Macron/Monkey idea. I had to draw the monkey first. I just had to.

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Candy And Nuts And Taylor Swift’s Butt


Donald Trump does not care if I think he’s a racist. He doesn’t care if you or anyone in the media believes he’s a racist. If a major Republican makes a comment about Trump being a racist, then Trump will probably tweet insults at the guy. But, Donald Trump doesn’t care about us. He has his base…and they’re racist.

That is a major reason why the Trump presidency will only get worse. Trump is only president to his base of sycophants, racists, and Nazi sympathizers and enablers. If Trump left office tomorrow (don’t get excited) to focus on golf and Hope Hicks, he would still go down as one of the worst presidents in U.S. history. It’s only going to get worse.

Our narcissist president couldn’t let his phony condemnation on Monday go as is. It was disingenuous. Everyone who is not a Trump sycophant found it dishonest and felt Trump was forced to issue the condemnation of Nazis. On Tuesday, Trump proved all of us correct. He really sympathizes with racists and equates those fighting for equal and civil rights with Nazis.

Trump’s fellow Republicans are dismayed the man couldn’t condemn Nazis without putting equivocations into it. How could the president not even name the hate groups the first time? So, they all rushed out to condemn Nazis and state how everyone should oppose hate…without any of them mentioning the president’s name.

You don’t get points for condemning Nazis. It doesn’t make you brave and it’s easy. Nobody should be awarded for doing the simple thing. It’s not a profile in courage to condemn racists.

And this is where we are. We have cowards running our government. People are not upset that Donald Trump is a racist. They’re upset that the president of the United States is a racist. While it’s easy to say Nazis suck, Republicans are deathly afraid of the Nazi sympathizer in the White House.

Now we don’t really have a president anymore. We don’t have a leader with moral authority. You give that up when you sympathize with Nazis. You give it up when you compare Civil Rights activists with White Supremacists. You lose it when you equate the victim with her murderer. What we are stuck with is a narcissistic racist man-baby with the power of the presidency.

For the next three and a half years, whenever Trump attempts to give the impression he cares about something other than himself, or he’s trying to do the right thing, it will be disingenuous.

It will be as believable as him condemning people who grab Taylor Swift’s butt.

Creative notes and a plug: I had planned to draw this cartoon yesterday, but then Trump conducted his racist train wreck in the lobby of Trump Tower. I’m glad I drew the “permit” cartoon because, wow! The cartoon has over 800 Facebook shares at this point and this website got nearly 4,000 views yesterday. Go, me. I hope people feel as passionately about Taylor Swift’s butt. I know I do.

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Taylor Swift Takes A Bite Out Of Apple


Here’s this week’s cartoon for The Daily Dot.

I’m a little familiar with Taylor Swift’s music. A few years ago a few girls I know, who are all much younger than I am, introduced me to her music. I didn’t really have a choice. I don’t know everything she’s done and I haven’t listened to anything new of hers in a long time. But I found a few song titles that might have worked for this cartoon other than the one I settled on. Those songs are “Mine” and “Mean” and “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

I do like some of her music. She’s a real songwriter and I like what she stands up for.

Here’s the rough.