Sexual Harrassment

Good Bye, Groper


I’m not upset about Andrew Cuomo resigning as governor of New York. That’s the problem. I want accountability. If you’re a liberal, you want accountability. If you’re a Republican, you do not.

Cuomo resigned today. Who called him out? Democrats. Who pressured him to resign? Democrats. Who was going to kick his ass to the curb? Democrats. You may say, “Well, he did have eleven accusers so Democrats didn’t really have a choice. Bullshit. Democrats investigated it. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has more than double of sexual assault accusations than Cuomo has and he’s the favorite for the party’s nomination in 2024. Hell, half the fucknuts in his party thinks he’s returning to the White House in three days.

Donald Trump has been accused of groping to raping to everything in between. He is even on tape admitting and bragging about it. There is a video of him dancing with Jeffrey Epstein in a room full of very young ladies. He’s on tape ogling a minor and boasting that he’ll be dating her as soon as she’s legal. He’s even hit on his own daughter, said the one thing they have in common is they both like sex, and that he’d be dating her if she wasn’t his daughter. Donald Trump has even defended other Republicans accused of rape.

Cuomo is not the first of their own that Democrats have chased out. They pressured Al Franken to resign from the Senate for pretending to grope a woman. He didn’t even touch her. At this point, a Democrat will be ousted for winking while Republicans can still be rapists. Isn’t it bad enough they support terrorists?

Democrats now have to be altar boys and Girl Scouts. But if you’re a Republican, a member of the Family Values Party, you can be a sexual assaulter, harasser, predator, rapist, crotch sniffer, leg humper and drag your butt on the carpet and still get away with it.

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