Presidents’ Day, 2021


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Abraham Lincoln was a great president. He was our best. You can pull more than just one quote from the man. Likewise with John F. Kennedy. Even Reagan, who was not a great president, left us with more than one memorable quote. There were others I couldn’t fit in here, like George Washington, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, or Lyndon Johnson.

Not every president is remembered for a quote. If you research, you’ll be able to find one from a president like Franklin Pierce, but you don’t know one off the top of your head. What I want to know is, what quote will Donald Trump be remembered for?

Will it be his “Fine people on both sides” when he praised Nazis? What about, “Shithole countries”? Maybe it’ll be when he gave terrorists a shout-out when he said, “Proud boys, stand back and stand by.” How about, “There’s my African-American”?

Or, he’ll be remembered for, “We’re gonna march down to the Capitol” which was followed by a white nationalist terrorist attack in attempt to overturn an election he lost, and install him as a dictator.

For what quote do you think Trump will be remembered? Let me know in the comments. You have a lot to choose from.

For the record, Donald Trump was impeached both times while he was still president. If you have issues with the trial in the Senate being after he left office, in which he tried to remain in through a bloody coup attempt, blame Mitch McConnell for delaying the trial until after Trump left town.

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Watch me draw:

A Republican Plot


A lot of people speculated during Nancy Reagan’s funeral yesterday that Ronald Reagan’s Republican party has died along with her. I’m sorry but I believe that party died seven years ago, at least.

When this country elected Barack Obama to the presidency it proved just how good this nation can be. The Republican Party took the same opportunity to prove just how awful it could be.

The GOP reacted to the very first black American becoming president that they questioned his eligibility. They concocted conspiracy theories to prove he was born in Kenya. They questioned his religion. They accuse him of apologizing for America’s exceptionalism. They swear he’s siding with those who wish to harm America. They say he’s destroying the Constitution. They swore not to cooperate with him on any bills and for once, they kept a promise. They swore to make him a one-term president, and that’s a promise they didn’t keep. They created the Tea Party. They gave us Sarah Palin. They gave us Ted Cruz. They gave us Donald Trump. They gave us Ted Nugent.

After seven years of Obama’s presidency 43% of Republicans believe he is a Muslim. A recent CNN poll finds that 61% of Donald Trump’s supporters believe the president was born outside the United States. That’s not just being stupid. That’s choosing stupidity.

You look at what the GOP has done over the last seven years. The lack of cooperation. The shutting down of the government over spending that was already authorized. You can find all sorts of things to criticize Reagan over but you can’t say he didn’t cooperate, negotiate, deal and find common ground with his opposition. When we elect Republicans and Democrats, we put them to work to do the same job. All they have done for their salary over the past seven years is scream and try to make things worse. They have tried to hurt this nation in order to embarrass and destroy one man in a political manner. That’s not patriotism. It’s not being a loyal American.

It’s not even being a loyal Republican.

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Just Say No


I think Nancy Reagan carried herself with grace. She was extremely loyal to her husband. Years after they left the White House she bucked her party and supported Stem Cell Research and gun control.

I also think she put herself on a pedestal and was seriously out of touch with normal people. That didn’t matter so much because most people loved her. Her belief in psychics was wacky and not something I would want a mile within the White House, less enough sleeping with the leader of the free world. Her decorating the White House was snobby as Hell (though she did refurbish parts that were falling apart). What she is most associated with is her “Just Say No” campaign which might have been the most tone deaf answer in the history of public relations. Oh you have a problem that’s destroying your life and killing you? Just say “no.”

Reagan has mythological status among Republicans. That’s because his accomplishments are a total myth. Most people will say he was a good president because “he made us feel good about ourselves.” That’s the same mindset that’s currently giving us Donald Trump.

Republicans exhibit hypocrisy on a massive level when it comes to their idolatry of Reagan. If storing emails on a personal server is bad then why is it OK to trade weapons for hostages? If four dead Americans in Benghazi should have endless investigations then why worship a man who got over 200 killed in Beirut? If a nuclear deal with Iran is bad, then why is it OK with the Soviet Union and actually sell weapons to Iran? If raising taxes is so terrible then why is it OK Reagan did it seven times?

The scandals in the Reagan administration resulted in the investigation, indictment, or conviction of over 138 administration officials. None for Obama.

Though the Reagans were tone deaf toward minorities, the poor, women, Apartheid and the AIDS epidemic, I do believe people (most) are complicated and there were great qualities in Nancy Reagan. I believe she exhibited most of her class after she left the White House, and even further after her husband’s death. I wonder what Ronnie would think of his party today, that he set it on the path toward.

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