Stressing RBG


Writer Morgan Jerkins recently wrote for The Washington Post that obsessing over the health of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is bad for democracy, bad for her, and bad for us. I totally agree with that, but what is also bad for us is the presidency of one Donald J. Trump.

After having a Supreme Court seat stolen from a Democratic president and given to a racist nincompoop installed by a hostile foreign power, then watching Senate Republicans change the vote requirements for confirming two staunch conservatives, liberals, moderates, and anyone else who cares about the direction of this nation has every right to worry about the Notorious RBG. As understandable as it is, it’s also morbid.

It’s not just morbid that Republicans and Trump sycophants are wishing for her demise, it’s morbid that our hope for her health is less about her and more about the bench. It’s like you’re picking up ice cream on the way home, and your family hopes you’re not in an accident because they really want ice cream.

It will be truly damaging for our nation if Trump gets a third SCOTUS pick when he rightfully never should have gotten one. But, liberals need to take the court as seriously as Republicans. Republicans are always obsessing about the court and hoping to overturn Roe v. Wade in the future. Democrats are complacent because they have the law in place they want, ignoring that there is a real possibility it can be taken away. Republicans are much better at turning out the vote over the Supreme Court. Liberals need to catch up.

RBG has received much attention lately. There has been a recent documentary, a movie of her life starring Felicity Jones, and even her workout routine has been documented. Ginsburg has survived both colorectal and pancreatic cancers. This month, she missed her first oral argument in 25 years while recovering from surgery for lung cancer.

While she is 85 and we worry about her health, she can probably climb more stairs than 72-year-old Donald Trump.

I try not to be as morbid about RBG, and I hope she outlives the Trump presidency/disaster and has a long and healthy retirement. But honestly, I’m the people in my cartoon. My heart jumps into my throat every time some news anchor starts a report on her. They need to start their reports with, “She is just fine so don’t panic. Today Ruth Bader Ginsburg, blah blah blah.” Stop giving me micro heart attacks, media.

I’ve had this cartoon idea for a couple months because that’s how long the news has been freaking me out over RBG (I have a large file of cartoon ideas, most of which I’ll never draw). So, if you stumble upon a wish, a shooting star, a lucky penny, a well, wishbones, a genie in a bottle, don’t be selfish. Wish for the health of RBG.

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Abortion Ruling Wipeout


Ever watch that game show Wipeout where contestants have to go through humiliating and extremely difficult physical obstacle courses to win the prize? The players are always getting knocked down, punched in the face, and knocked into a great big muddy pool. It’s a really cool show to watch if you’re drinking in a bar and the bartender won’t change the channel. Nobody watches that kinda stuff at home, or anything on that TruTV channel.

I drew a cartoon similar to this a few years ago that’s somewhere deep in my archives. There was an obstacle in front of an abortion clinic and I believe there were rattlesnakes and barbwire among the hazards.

Ever since the Supreme Court ruled abortion constitutional in 1973 Republicans have been trying to find ways to circumvent a woman’s right to choose, especially in red states.

Some of the obstacles they’ve constructed have been no public funding, no coverage of insurance, state-mandated counseling, licensed physicians, waiting periods, and making a girl call mom and dad.

Texas got real creative. They created a law requiring doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and clinics to meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers. These laws were closing clinics thus making fewer of them in the state and forcing women to driver farther from home, sometimes to another state, to get an abortion. Republicans claim these laws are for women’s health. Republicans being concerned about women’s health is laughable.

States can not enact laws creating undue burdens on women seeking abortions. That’s exactly what the Supreme Court, even with a vacancy the
Republican Senate refuses to fill, ruled Texas guilty of doing. Several other states have also made ridiculous laws on abortion and we can expect many of those to be struck down soon.

Republicans love to create obstacle courses for abortion, minorities registering to vote, immigration, getting on welfare, poor kids eating lunch, etc. The only issue it seems they want a clear path toward is buying a gun.

I think there should be Wipeout obstacle courses for Republicans before they can enact ridiculous laws. If nothing else it would be amusing to see them land in the mud. Wallowing in the mud is where they are the most comfortable.

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