Burning Morals At Both Ends


There have been accusations that employees of a candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, and an Amazon Warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois were threatened with termination if they left work during a tornado. Other employees have disputed the accusations.

But in Mayfield, a class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the employees against Mayfield Consumer Products, where they make those candles.

One thing is clear. These companies put profits over their employees. At least eight people died in the candle factory and six died in the Amazon warehouse.

There were reports that Amazon warehouse supervisors threatened employees with termination and cell phones were not allowed on the floor. Those reports remain unfounded but some employees did have their phones on them and called their families during the tornado. One driver detailed that as he was arriving at the factory minutes before the tornado, he was directed to seek shelter in the building.

This isn’t the first time a tornado killed Amazon workers. Two employees died in a Maryland Amazon warehouse in 2018 from a tornado.

Amazon says their buildings are up to code, but since Amazon doesn’t own these warehouses, is it their responsibility, or does that belong to who they rent them from? I’d say both. There are no federal laws that warehouses must have tornado shelters, but maybe there should be in places like Kentucky and Illinois. Amazon did have a “shelter” location which was a bunch of bathrooms without windows. Maybe Amazon should have tried harder to provide safe areas after that 2018 Maryland tornado killed two of their workers.

In Illinois, one driver said he had an Amazon-provided phone on him at the time a warning came through on it…and the warning was in Spanish. The driver does not speak Spanish.

I don’t believe Amazon threatened their employees with termination if they left. But I do believe they don’t care all that much about their safety. The corporation has been accused throughout the pandemic of unsafe work environments and health protocols.

More than 100 people were working at the candle factory when the tornado hit, and according to Representative Jame Comer, production had been going 24/7 to meet Christmastime candle demands.

Candle factory worker Elijah Johnson said, “I’ve been making statements and every statement I’ve been making they denied it, and that’s just not right. They’re neglecting everyone that’s in there.”

Johnson is one of the workers claiming a supervisor threatened to fire him if he left.

“I said, ‘Man, you’re going to refuse to let us leave, even if the weather is this bad and the tornado’s not here yet?’ He was like, ‘If you want to decide to leave, if you want to leave, you can leave, but you’re going to be terminated. You’re going to be fired.'”

This wasn’t minutes before the tornado when these workers wanted to leave. They had three hours between warnings.

A company spokesperson said some people did leave that night and workers are free to come and go as they want. But McKayla Emery told CNN that she heard people ask a supervisor whether they could leave, and the supervisor “told them word for word: ‘If you sign out, you more than likely will get fired.'”

Factory employee Haley Conder told The Associated Press a supervisor threatened her with written disciplinary action if she went home early because storms were approaching.

Conder questions why the company did not encourage workers to go home, or at least give them a better understanding of the danger between a first tornado siren around 6 p.m. Friday and another one around 9 p.m., shortly before the tornado hit. See? Three hours.

Another worker said he never heard any of that, but he was also under 15 feet of rubble after the tornado tore the factory apart.

The lawsuit claims the factory had “up to three and half hours before the tornado hit its place of business to allow its employees to leave its worksite as safety precautions.” The factory showed “flagrant indifference to the rights” of the workers by refusing to do so. Don’t most corporations show “flagrant indifference” to the rights of workers?

The lawsuit also alleges serious violations of worker safety laws and a massive cover-up scheme to protect the interest of the candle factory. One of the attorneys representing the survivors called the factory “a modern-day sweatshop.” I’m sure we’re going to learn a lot more details as this lawsuit moves forward.

Even if the candle factory did not threaten employees or allow them to leave, these plaintiffs have a case. The factory did have three hours between tornado warnings. And keep in mind, these were tornado warnings in December when tornadoes typically don’t happen. That seems like something that should be taken seriously.

Of course, it’s not being taken seriously by Republicans who tell us climate change is not a thing despite melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels, and fucking tornadoes in December. In fact, my windows in Virginia are open right now. It’s warm.

Some of the workers at the Amazon warehouse were not employees but contractors, which means they can’t unionize. It’s like they’re professional wrestlers. In Kentucky, it’s a right-to-work state which really means it’s a right-to-fire state. A right-to-work state basically means employers can fire employees without any reason. In fact, it’s safer to fire someone without reason than it is to provide an explanation. The explanation might get the employer in legal trouble where firing without any explanation is that employer’s “right,” so long as he’s in the right state.

What is desperately needed for the safety of workers are unions. Unions care about worker safety while corporations do not. It’s why Republicans hate unions. We need unions to prevent corporations from placing profits before safety…before lives. Corporate America sees blue-collar workers as ants. They’re easily replaced.

If you’re in a union, you can’t be fired for fleeing from a tornado. Corporate America says, “Yes, you can. And what are you whining about anyway? Didn’t you see the bathroom we provided for you to hide in?”

Corporate America says, “Don’t forget to flush between hiding from the tornado and returning to the assembly line.”

You’re just a fucking ant to be stepped on and replaced later.

And if a tornado sweeps you from a candle factory or an Amazon warehouse and you land in Oz, stay there. The wicked witch is way more compassionate than corporate America.

Music note: I listened to Third Eye Blind’s first album while drawing this. I timed it perfectly as I turned on the music when I started crosshatching and started on the first song, “Losing a Whole Year” and finished coloring just as when the last song, “God of Wine,” was finishing. To be honest, I did skip “Jumper,” and everything between “Burning Man” and “London.” Ugh. Most of the album is fucking amazeballs.

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Grinchy Paul


Fun fact: Rand Paul is a jerk.

When Kentucky Senator Rand Paul isn’t screaming lies and conspiracy theories at Dr. Anthony Fauci, he’s blocking disaster relief…at least to states that are not Kentucky. How much do you have to suck to be the most despised Senator from your state even when the other senator is Mitch McConnell?

Rand Paul likes to argue he’s consistent in denying disaster relief to places hit by hurricanes, places such as Puerto Rico, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, New York, California, etc, etc. But he’s not consistent as he’s demanding disaster relief for his Kentucky after it was hit by tornadoes earlier this week. Maybe he voted for this one because he’s afraid that if he didn’t, his neighbor would kick his ass again.

During debates over disaster relief (yes, they had to debate this) for Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, Paul said, “People here will say they have great compassion and they want to help the people of Puerto Rico, the people of Texas, the people of Florida, but notice they have great compassion with someone else’s money. Ask them what they’re doing to help their fellow man.” Uh, by giving them disaster relief, you stupid fuck. That’s how they’re helping their fellow man…which is something they were elected to do. Rand Paul believes he was elected to be the nation’s number one asshole.

I suppose Rand Paul has finally found “great compassion with someone else’s money.” Rand Paul only wants to help Americans who are eligible to vote for him. If only there was a way we could single out who voted for who, so we give aid only to those who voted for the right candidate. Politicians, you serve every one of your constituents, even the ones who didn’t vote for you…or think you’re a dickless MAGAt lickspittle with your head up a giant orange ass.

The first relief package during the coronavirus pandemic passed in the Senate in March 2020 with only one senator voting against it. I’ll give you one guess who that Senator was (hint: He’s an asshole). Rand Paul also voted against aid for first responders who are still struggling with health problems from 9/11. How much federal medical insurance money do you think Rand Paul is going to demand for all the brain cells he burned out while his head was up Donald Trump’s ass?

Rand Paul claims he votes against federal assistance for people who aren’t eligible to vote for him because the money has to be borrowed. But where is the money coming from to provide disaster relief to Kentucky? Hell, where did the money come from to pay for Trump’s billionaire asshole tax cuts in 2017 that Rand Paul voted for? It didn’t come from inside Trump’s ass and Paul should know because that’s where his head’s been.

It’s not just Paul who’s a hypocrite here. In 2019, 43 of the 58 GOP House members who voted against a $19-billion disaster relief bill had earlier “demanded or endorsed emergency aid funding for their own states.” I apologize for using “asshole” for the hint to the previous question because there are a LOT of Republican assholes in Congress.

In 2013, a $50.5-billion relief package for Hurricane Sandy, which hit liberal Yankee states such as New Jersey and New York, was opposed by 39 Republicans in the Senate. Of those 39, 31 had demanded disaster aid for their own states. It’s kinda like when during the pandemic, Trump and his idiot son-in-law, one-half of Javanka, only wanted to help states that voted for Trump.

Here’s another fun fact: Of the states who receive the most federal aid than they kick into the federal government, Kentucky is in 6th place. For every dollar Kentucky sends to the federal government, they get back $2.25. The state’s dependency score is 54.5 percent according to Moneygeek. Out of the top ten states that are most dependent, eight of them are Republican states. They keep voting for politicians who are anti-government spending while they’re the fattest pigs at the trough. The most welfare-dependent states are Republican states. Weird how that works out.

Kentucky, don’t thank Rand Paul for the aid you’re receiving. Thank President Joe Biden. That’s who Mitch McConnell is thanking. He tweeted, “Thank you @POTUS for your rapid approval of Kentucky’s Major Disaster Declaration. I appreciate the Administration’s quick work to speed resources to help deal with this crisis.” You can also thank Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear who made the quick request.

If you’re in one of the eight states hit by these tornadoes, you can apply for disaster relief by clicking here. You can also call 1-800-621-FEMA. Hopefully, Rand Paul doesn’t answer the phone.

Music note: Today’s drawing music was the Beastie Boys.

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Wanton Endangerment


Finally, after several months, a Kentucky grand jury leveled charges against Louisville police officer Brett Hankison in connection to the shooting of Breonna Taylor. Remember, cops busted into Taylor’s apartment, looking for someone who wasn’t there, and shot and killed her after her boyfriend shot at police. Hankison shot his gun ten times. The other two officers involved shot 22 times. Investigators say they can’t determine which officers killed Breonna (bullshit), who was struck six times. For this incident, Hankison was charged with three counts of “wanton endangerment.”

What does that mean? It means he’s NOT being charged for the death of Breonna Taylor, but for being careless. The three counts are for the three people in the apartment next door to Taylor’s which contained three people.

If there were over 32 shots from the three officers, and investigators can’t determine who shot Breonna six times, then why is only one of the cops being charged? I call bullshit on this entire thing.

According to the Kentucky statute, someone “is guilty of wanton endangerment in the first degree when, under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life, he wantonly engages in conduct which creates a substantial danger of death or serious physical injury to another person.” Uh, he didn’t just create “substantial danger” or “physical injury.” The cop…or cops in this case, KILLED a person. They killed an innocent person.

For this, the cop may serve up to five years in jail for each count. The minimum is one. So, if the cop gets the minimum charge at three years, then he’ll probably end up serving less than half that time. At least that’s the way I understand but I’ll accept a correction if there is one.

Wanton endangerment is a Class D felony, the lowest of four classes of felonies. It’s almost like three cops went into the wrong apartment, without knocking or serving a warrant, shot up the place, killed Taylor, and got off with a misdemeanor.

Legal experts like to say prosecutors can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. While grand juries are independent, the prosecutor chooses what evidence to present. What did they present to this grand jury? Yes, prosecutors can indict a ham sandwich, unless that ham sandwich shot a black person.

Kentucky’s Attorney General, Daniel Cameron said, “I certainly understand the pain that has been brought about by the tragic death of Breonna Taylor. I understand that as a Black man.” But he was involved in a typical white Republican decision. To the legal system, black lives don’t matter.

First, this shooting happened last March. It took over six months for charges? If a black man busted into someone’s apartment and killed a white women, do you really believe it would take a six-month investigation to bring charges? Do you really believe the most he’d get would be for damaging walls?

So let’s get some things straight. You can get killed by police for driving while black. You can get killed by police for walking while black. You can get killed by police for being a five-year-old with a toy gun while black. You can get killed by police for bouncing a check while black. You can get killed by police for passing a $20 counterfeit bill while black. You can get killed by police for standing in the wrong place at the wrong time while black. And now, you can get killed by police for sleeping while black.

Black lives matter. Even in Kentucky.

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Blue Moon Of Kentucky


The night before the election in Kentucky, Donald Trump held one of his hate rallies in that state in support of Governor Matt Bevin and said, “If you lose, they will say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. You can’t let that happen to me, and you can’t let that happen to your incredible state.” Last night, Kentucky voters let that happen to him.

Don’t misread the results in Kentucky. Bevin was an extremely bad governor and highly controversial. One anonymous Republican was credited for saying last night that it’s “slightly worse in Kentucky to be an asshole than it is to be a liberal.” Democrat Andy Beshear had goodwill from his father’s tenure as governor, and he didn’t run on a liberal platform or against Trump. His campaign focused on Medicaid expansion. Republicans did win every statewide seat except the governor’s mansion.

But Bevin was a chaos candidate who wrapped himself around the chaos of Donald Trump and tried to nationalize his campaign as one on conservative grievances against the impeachment of Trump. Trump defended his support by giving himself credit for Bevin having a near loss instead of a massive one. The message here is: Invite Trump for a hate rally and you’ll only barely lose.

Trump will win Kentucky in 2020. But there are alarming signs for Republicans from last night. Mostly that the suburbs, which used to be solid Republican, are continuing to trend toward Democrats. And if being an asshole is worse than being a liberal in Kentucky, what does that spell for Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2020? In case you’re a Republican and haven’t noticed, they’re both assholes.

Perhaps an even bigger loss for Republicans is what happened in my home state of Virginia last night. As predicted, Democrats won control of the state house and senate. With a Democratic governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, Democrats get to rewrite congressional districts. Last night, they won in districts drawn by Republicans. It was also what they call an “off-off year” for an election, as neither presidential or gubernatorial candidates were on the ballot. Despite that, there was a strong voter turnout. For the GOP, Virginia is gone.

Virginia is the only state of the old south that voted against Donald Trump in 2016. It will again in 2020. The only other two states Democrats can compete for will be Florida and North Carolina. Sorry, Dems. Texas and Georgia aren’t there yet.

Republicans are hoping to use the impeachment of Donald Trump to rile up their base in 2020. But even in Kentucky, where Trump won by over 30% in 2016, the impeachment didn’t have an impact. It probably won’t have much sway in tighter states Trump won like Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan.

The blue moon of Kentucky shone last night. Hopefully, voters will “let it happen” to Trump again in 2020 and we’ll never have to see his orange moon again.

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The Kim Davis Rally For Bigotry


Sorry if I put that song in your head. You’re lucky I can’t really express “dum! dumdumdum! dumdumdum! dumdumduuuuuuuum! into the cartoon. Reportedly, the band Survivor is upset Kim Davis’s Rally For Bigotry use their tune. I’m upset too because now it’s in my head.

People say you should respect beliefs you disagree with. I don’t respect that belief. If your beliefs and core convictions make you a spiteful-intolerant bigot then I’m not going to respect that either. You have to really be committed to your bigotry to be willing to go to jail for your backward positions. Mike Huckabee is such a bigot he’s willing to go to jail for other people’s bigotry.

Here’s the thing, bigots. You’re not being persecuted. Your religion is not being suppressed. No one is denying your freedom of religion. You’re upset because you can’t use your religion to deny other people their freedom.

On top of all that, it’s not as much about your religious freedom and convictions when it turns into a not so humble political rally for a presidential candidate most people forgot was even in the race. And let’s not forget poor Ted Cruz who actually had to photo bomb for anyone to notice he was even there.

Kim Davis was put in jail on a contempt of court charge for denying marriage licenses to gay couples. Now that her office is issuing the licenses the judge released her. Davis says she hasn’t changed her mind. She didn’t talk about her job or the law at the rally. The only topic she mentioned was God which is further proof she doesn’t give two squats about the Constitution, the law or the separation of church and state. We’ll see what happens next.

Davis is willing to deny people their Constitutional rights for her convictions. She’s willing to go to jail for them. About the only thing she’s not willing to do for her beliefs is quit her $80,000+ a year job.

I couldn’t draw this cartoon without inserting Farmer Fran (Davis’ fourth husband), who showed up to the rally and on stage in overalls embarrassing hillbillies and scarecrows nationwide.

A Gay Time In Kentucky


I’m going to catch some Hell for this one. I’m talking about Hell on Earth, in this life.

I’m not just going to catch it from readers. Many newspapers who subscribe to my cartoons are small newspapers in Red states such as Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Montana, South Carolina, West, Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, Arizona, Nebraska, etc. I’ll probably be OK with my newspaper in Utah. They’re pretty provocative.

I don’t follow the Bible. I’m not religious. That doesn’t mean I believe people should live a guilt and conscience free life without consequences. I believe people should treat people in a Christian way. There are redeeming values in religion. One of those values is that you shouldn’t treat people like crap.

I don’t care if people believe in God. I’m not on a mission to convert anyone. Atheists who do so annoy me more than religious people. Half the point of being an atheist is that I don’t have to go to meetings and we don’t have to wake up early on Sundays and listen to terrible music. I also don’t believe people should try to convert you to their god.

I also believe that you should understand the job description before you take the job. The County Clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky, Kim Davis, should quit her job. She’s refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. She’s citing her religious beliefs and religious freedom. Religious freedom does not you have freedom to crap on people who have beliefs and lifestyles you frown upon. Plus, it’s really hard to sell you’re defending God’s viewpoint when you have violated it multiple times yourself by being thriced divorced and having had committed adultery.

If you really hate alcohol and believe it’s a sin then maybe you shouldn’t get a job as a liquor distributor. If you believe certain people shouldn’t have the right to get married then maybe you shouldn’t have a job issuing marriage licenses. If your conscience is so thick with the burden then quit your job.

I also don’t want to hear your argument when you believe in talking snakes, the Earth is only 6,000 years old and it was populated by a couple with two sons.

Plus, I can’t get on board with that no eating bacon thing.