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So Scott Adams has officially exposed himself as a racist now.

Who’s Scott Adams? He’s the cartoonist who created the comic strip Dilbert, set in an office setting with a stupid boss and a talking dog. I can’t give a better description than that since I never read it.

To be fair, I stopped reading comic strips a long time ago. I read them as a kid and Charles Schulz is my first teacher, but I lost interest in the funny pages after I became a political cartoonist which was about the same time that Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, and The Far Side all ended their runs. But even if I still read them, I wouldn’t read Dilbert. Again, trying to be fair, I wouldn’t read it, not because it’s a bad comic strip, but just because it doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t think it’s funny, but that’s just me.

Someone liked Dilbert though because it was in over 2,000 newspapers. When asked yesterday by The Washington Post how many papers still carried his strip, he said, “By Monday, around zero.”

The National Cartoonists Society awarded Adams its Reuben Award in 1998. It’ll be interesting if they make a statement…or not.

So what happened? Last Wednesday on YouTube, Adams called Black Americans a “hate group” and said White people should “get the hell away from” them.

Adams was upset by a Rasmussen Poll, a favorite of conservatives, that found a thin majority of Black Americans agreed with the statement “It’s okay to be White.”

Ranting on a live stream on YouTube, Adams said, “If nearly half of all Blacks are not okay with White people … that’s a hate group. I don’t want to have anything to do with them. And I would say, based on the current way things are going, the best advice I would give to White people is to get the hell away from Black people … because there is no fixing this.”

He also blamed Black people for not “focusing on education” and said, “I’m also really sick of seeing video after video of Black Americans beating up non-Black citizens.” I have not seen these videos.

He texted a reporter at The Washington Post, “Lots of people are angry, but I haven’t seen any disagreement yet, at least not from anyone who saw the context.” The context? The literal context is he called Black people a “hate group” and said white people should “stay away from them.” Just in case I have to say it for the record, I disagree with that.

Adams has been trolling for MAGA since Trump came down the golden escalator. He’s been a conspiracy-spreading goon for a while. He’s been racist for years but just hasn’t come out and admitted it. the San Francisco Chronicle stopped publishing Dilbert months ago after strips made jokes about reparations for slavery and inclusive workplaces.

Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, editor and chief of the Chronicle said, “His strip went from being hilarious to being hurtful and mean” and that “very few readers noticed when we killed it, and we only had a handful of complaints.”

The people who are OK with Trump saying “send them back” to black female members of Congress will say this doesn’t prove Adams is a racist. But he’s a racist.

My colleague Darrin Bell, who’s the only Black cartoonist to win a Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning (and also the last cartoonist to win a Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning) said, “His racism is not even unique among cartoonists.” He’s right. Right-wing MAGA cartoonists have been doing a lot of pro-white cartoons since Trump announced his candidacy in 2015. Basically, anyone who says Trump is not a racist is a racist.

Trump has made white nationalist goons more comfortable with exposing their hate and racism. Racist attacks have increased since 2015. The Proud Boys were created AFTER Trump came down the escalator and called Mexicans “rapists and murderers.” Membership in Oath Keepers, the Three Percenters, and the KKK increased AFTER Trump came down that racist escalator. But I don’t expect the MAGA cartoonists to intentionally reveal themselves now, but they are published in many mainstream publications. And syndicates like Cagle Cartoons, Creators Syndicate, and Counterpoint don’t have a problem with selling racist cartoons when those cartoons sell.

But for Adams, Dilbert isn’t selling anymore. Since Wednesday, it’s been dropped by The Washington Post, Detroit Free Press, San Antonio Express-News, Los Angeles Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and each of the 300 newspapers in the Gannett chain which includes Arizona Republic, Detroit News, Cincinnati Enquirer, Indianapolis Star, Austin American-Statesman, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The publisher for the Plain Dealer said that pulling Dilbert was “not a difficult decision.”

Now, Adams is whining. He said, “Most of my income will be gone by next week. My reputation for the rest of my life is destroyed. You can’t come back from this, am I right? There’s no way you can come back from this.”

Yes, his career is destroyed but nobody forced him to say, “You should absolutely be racist whenever it’s to your advantage. Every one of you should be open to making a racist personal career decision.”

One person who is supporting him and his racism is Elon Musk who I’m sure is someone’s pointy-haired boss.

Music Note: I listened to The Black Keys.

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Guess What’s Coming To Dinner

I’m writing this from Chicago in the Midway Airport where I’m enjoying a $12.00 Blue Moon.

I’m calling bullshit on Donald Trump’s explanation for having dinner with noted white supremacist Nick Fuentes. And what’s up with a guy of Mexican heritage being a white supremacist? That’d be like me hating white people. Come to think of it, white people can be very annoying. Just this morning at one of the cafes in the Memphis airport, a white blond Karen was stepping in front of people waiting for their names to be called to pick up their orders, to see why hers wasn’t ready yet. “You haven’t called my name yet and I have a plane to catch,” like everyone else was in the terminal just for the cuisine.

But last week, Donald Trump hosted Kanye West, or Ye, at Mar-a-Lago where they had dinner. Coming along for the ride and possibly Mar-a-Lago hater tots was Nick Fuentes, a white supremacist who has denied the Holocaust. Reportedly, Ye wanted advice from Donald Trump on handling his business after several corporations dumped him for antisemitic comments.

Hey, Ye… I have some business advice for you. After losing sponsorships over antisemitism, don’t hang out with white supremacist Holocaust deniers.

Trump claimed he didn’t know who Nick Fuentes was and issued a statement last Friday after it became public and even some Republicans issued statements saying it wasn’t a good idea. Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea for a leader that’s setting an example for the country or the party to meet with an avowed racist or antisemite.” It’s normal now for Republicans to have to issue statements saying chowing down with white supremacists in your house isn’t a good idea. Do you know why Democrats never issue statements saying don’t hang out and have dinner with racists? Because Democrats don’t have dinner with racists.

Trump said, “Kanye West (It’s Ye, motherfucker) very much wanted to visit Mar-a-Lago. Our dinner meeting was intended to be Kanye and me only, but he arrived with a guest whom I had never met and knew nothing about.”

After more scorn was heaped on him, Trump issued another statement saying, “So I help a seriously troubled man, who just happens to be black, Ye (so now it’s Ye, who Trump had to tell us is black), who has been decimated in his business and virtually everything else and who has always been good to me, by allowing his request for a meeting at Mar-a-Lago, alone, so that I can give him very much needed ‘advice.” That’s how you know Ye is troubled because he wants business advice from the guy who’s destroyed every business he’s ever started. You know what they didn’t eat at that dinner? Trump Steaks.

But Trump elaborated. “He shows up with three people, two of which I didn’t know, the other a political person who I haven’t seen in years. I told him “don’t run for office, a total waste of time, can’t win.” Fake News went CRAZY!”

Apparently, Ye missed Trump’s announcement that he’s running for president because Ye is also running and asked Trump to be his running mate. Yes, Ye is troubled.

But again, how did this white supremacist get inside Mar-a-Lago with all the other white supremacists?

Here’s where I call bullshit on Trump claiming he didn’t know who Fuentes was and that Ye just showed up with unexpected guests. Trump has Secret Service protection. I guess it’s possible for surprise visitors to show up at Mar-a-Lago but these guys are extremely particular about who former presidents (sic) spend time with. And sure, it may be hard to police everyone who walks into Mar-a-Lago since it’s a country club and even stolen classified documents have been stored there, but it just seems bizarre that the Secret Service was unaware a holocaust white supremacist was coming for dinner.

Also, Trump claims he didn’t know the guy and we all know Trump is a liar.

Goodbye from, Chicago.

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Honorary White Guys

White racists love having black friends. Having a black friend is their “proof” they’re not racists. They love being able to say something racist and having a black friend support them with a “that’s not racist.” A lot of black public figures have figured this out and have learned to profit from it. Candace Owens is a great example. She was a liberal until she figured out there was more money in being a public black friend. She also understands that white conservartives are too stupid to see through the ruse.

Having a black friend doesn’t prove you’re not a racist, but only conservatives are too dumb to realize that. How many slave owners had sex with their slaves? How many black women did Strom Thurmond father children with again? Oh, yeah. The people they slept with weren’t their friends.

There are some black conservatives who are not playing the white racist base for all it’s worth because they’re too stupid to do that. Some black conservatives are truly evil and vile.

Ya’ see, kids…concussions may be to blame for Herschel talking like a third-grade dropout. But I don’t believe it’s concussions that makes him lie repeatedly. I don’t think it’s concussions that made him a deadbeat dad. I don’t believe it’s concussions that make him “pro-life” while paying and coercing a woman to get an abortion. I don’t believe it’s concussions that makes him a hypocrite. I don’t believe it’s concussions that make him claim he’s a cop when he’s not. And, I don’t believe it’s concussions that makes him a wife beater.

It may be a mental illness that makes Kanye West a Trump supporters. It may be the fault of mental illness that makes anyone a Trump supporter. Trump himself is probably mentally ill. But it’s not the fault of mental illness that makes Kanye antisemitic.

Twitter and Instagram locked Kanye’s account after he tweeted that Sean “Puffy” Combs was controlled by Jews and vowed to go “death con 3” on “JEWISH PEOPLE.”

Then, Kanye did an interview with Tucker Carlson that was so hateful, bigoted, and antisemitic, that Tucker edited out huge chunks of the interview. How fucking hateful do you have to be for Tucker to edit your shit? It’s like that time antisemitic propagandist Ben Garrison was invited for a playdate with Trump at the White House, then disinvited after the Trump people saw his “cartoons.”

In one of the edited out clips, West said “known eugenics” Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood alongside the Ku Klux Klan “to control the Jew population,” elaborating, “when I say Jew, I mean the 12 lost tribes of Judah, the blood of Christ, who the people known as the race Black really are. This is who our people are. The blood of Christ. This, as a Christian, is my belief.”

In another clip, West used Jews as a strained metaphor when talking about Black people judging each other, saying: “Think about us judging each other on how white we could talk would be like, you know, a Jewish person judging another Jewish person on how good they danced or something.” West then paused and said “I mean, that’s probably like a bad example and people are going to get mad at that shit. I probably want to edit that out.” And Tucker edited it out, or at least his people did.

Real journalists don’t protect the people they’re interviewing. When you do an interview, nothing is off the record. Here, Tucker protected Kanye from himself.

And then, West West complained about his children attending a school that celebrates Kwanzaa instead of Hanukkah. “I prefer my kids knew Hanukkah than Kwanzaa. At least it will come with some financial engineering.”

Candace Owens defended Kanye’s tweet, saying, “If you are an honest person, you did not think this tweet was antisemitic. It’s like you cannot even say the word ‘Jewish’ without people getting upset.”

Golly gee wilikers. It’s like you cannot even say “I’m gonna go ‘death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE” without people getting upset.

Maybe Candace and Kanye need Jewish friends to back up their up their antisemitic comments as not being antisemitic. They should probably rule out Ben Shapiro though.

Shapiro tweeted, “Back from the Jewish holiday now. As usual, two things can be true at once: Kanye’s moves toward pro-life, faith, and family conservatism are encouraging; his ‘death con 3’ posts and Black Hebrew Israelite language are clearly anti-Semitic and disturbing.”

Kanye then called Donald Trump for antisemitc encouragement. Trump recently “truthed” that American Jews didn’t appreciate him enough, that he’s done more for Jews than any other president, and that he could be elected Prime Minister of Israel if he wanted.

Kanye and Trump plan to have dinner soon where they can discuss their shared views and Jewish People and whether it’s better to create your own hate social media site, like Trump did with Truth Social, or buy one like Kanye plans to do with Parler.

Parler is a vile horrible site for conservatives. It has been pushed off Google and Amazon platforms and servers over its hate and tendency to spread conspiracy theories. But it’s credible enough to attract public conservative figures like Kirstie Alley, Scott Baio, Rand Paul, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Nikki Haley, Mike Lee, and Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump, Lara Trump, and Rudy Giuliani. Fake news sites like The Daily Wire has a Parler presence. Now, Kanye wants to purchase the platform. He plans to make it the right-wing Twitter which Trump has attempted to do with Truth Social and Elon Musk plans to do with the real Twitter.

Kanye and Herschel are MAGAts black friends. But I wouldn’t want to be friends with Kanye, Herschel, or MAGAts. You know what they say. With friends like these, who needs friends?

Update: My friend Karen just told me that Candace Owens’ husband, George Farmer, owns Parler and has agreed to sell it to Kanye. That explains why she doesn’t think going “death con 3” on “JEWISH PEOPLE” is hateful or antisemitic.

Creative note and stuff: I checked out of my hotel at 11 a.m. Monday morning in West Monroe, Louisiana. But my flight was for 5:30 p.m. Since I didn’t have anywhere to go and didn’t want to Uber more than I had to, I hung out in the airport for six hours. I landed in Washington around 11 p.m. and took the metro to a station closer to the Amtrak station and took an Uber from there. I should have either metroed to Springfield and ordered an Uber home from there.

See, what happened was: I got to the Amtrak station and realized it wasn’t open 24 hours. My plan was to hang out there until my train left at 7:38 a.m. I had already bought a ticket which was only $11. But, standing out in the chilly weather with a phone on about 20 percent charge convinced me to say “fuck it,” and order another Uber and go home. It was around $85 and worth it. I got home around 1 a.m. All I had eaten Monday was some leftover Johnny’s Pizza from Sunday, and chips they give you on airplanes. So I scarfed down a can of Chef Boyardee and played on the internet until 4 a.m. because I was too wound up to sleep, even though I was sleepy. And it was during this time this idea came to me.

It was good to draw back at my own desk after nearly two weeks of traveling. Oh, yeah. I gotta go out of town again Saturday, but that’s just for a day.

Oh yeah: Facebook pulled this cartoon for “violating” its terms of service. I appealed and lost. My account is now blocked for three days which will also limit views of my work for a while after I return. I thought at least one social media account would strike down this cartoon. Now I wonder if any others will follow suit. Maybe I should have posted this on Parler. I did post it on Truth Social. Let’s see what happens there.

Music Note: I listened to The Cars.

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Ye For Herschel


I apologize for just now posting this cartoon on the website. I started this cartoon around 4:30 am today at the Fredericksburg train station. I continued to work on it on the Virginia Railway Express (a commuter train). I didn’t get much done there as it was shaky. After checking in and getting to my gate at DCA (the Washington, D.C. airport that’s not Dulles). I finished the cartoon during my layover in Atlanta and was able to post it there to Facebook and Twitter.

I had to go to a lawyer’s office and sign some papers regarding my brother’s estate. Next, I am meeting an old friend who I haven’t seen in over 20 years. So once again, I owe you a better blog.

Signed prints: The signed prints are just $40.00 each. Every cartoon on this site is available. You can pay through PayPal. If you don’t like PayPal, you can snail mail it to Clay Jones, P.O. Box 3721, Fredericksburg, VA 22402. I can mail the prints directly to you or if you’re purchasing as a gift, directly to the person you’re gifting.

Notes on my book, Tales From The Trumpster Fire: There are 19 copies of my book in stock, which go for $45.00 each, signed. Also, I have copies of my first book from 1997, Knee-Deep in Mississippi available for $20.00.

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Putin Kanye

I have heard that Kanye West, or Ye as he’s now going by, is a musical genius. I can’t deny or confirm he’s a musical genius because I’ve never listened to him which might be a bit weird since I’ve done a lot of cartoons on the guy. But, since I’ve heard this description from people I respect, like Trevor Noah, I’m gonna go along with it. This is unlike with Donald Trump, where the only people who call him a genius are morons, and with Vladimir Putin, where the only person who’s called him a genius is moron Donald Trump.

Kanye starts nearly as many feuds as Donald Trump, but even Trump ceases his feuds with his ex-wives. Lately, Kanye has feuded with D.L. Hughley, Trevor Noah, and Pete Davidson. But it’s his feud with his ex-wife that is cause for the biggest concern.

Sending threatening tweets to Hughley and Noah is one thing. He has been suspended by Instagram for a racist attack on Trevor Noah and also banned from performing at this year’s Grammy Awards, which for a lot of people, would be about as damaging as being sanctioned by Putin (Hillary Clinton thanked him for the honor). But harassing the mother of your children is an entirely and much more dangerous thing. It’s bullying, harassment, and abuse. And yes, you can abuse a person without ever physically touching them.

I’m very fortunate to have divorced the person I divorced. I don’t mean that like I’m lucky to get out of that relationship. I mean I’m lucky she’s a very good person. I’m lucky that the woman I had a child with is Michelle. I’m lucky she’s a good mom. I’m lucky she never attacked me in front of my son or used him against me. We’re not perfect and we fought, but we didn’t drag out son into it. I’m lucky she married Kenny, a good man I was fortunate to have my son around. I’m lucky to be friends with my ex-wife and her husband. I’m lucky we didn’t Kanye this shit. I’m lucky I can consider both of them family, which I do. We divorced when our son was ten and for the next decade-plus, I had him every Christmas, every summer, and every spring break, and Michelle never once even tried to prevent a visit. If anything, she encouraged it and I’d get an occasional extra week.
But I wasn’t so lucky when I was a kid.

I didn’t meet my father until I was 21. And before then, there was no contact initiated by him. The man went for a pack of cigarettes before I was two years old, and he never returned. He walked out on me, my older sister, and our mom. On my 13th birthday, my mom told me my father had called and was on the phone to talk to me for the first time in my life, but I didn’t hear the phone ring. My mom never said bad things about my father to me even though she had that right in that he had abandoned us. Like covering for my father when she called him to tell me “happy birthday,” she didn’t do it for him, but for me. I know this. But after I met him, all she could do was attack him. But I was 21 then and could take it and I also felt she had some justification to do that. Her stuff was petty sniping and little digs here and there. My father, on the other hand, was engaged in an outright smear campaign.
My father told me things no parent should tell their children about their other parent, like graphic sexual details. My father was bitter and obviously still in love with my mom…but he hated her too and expressed his resentment every chance he could. It was a failed campaign from the start since he was attacking a person who had been there for 21 years while he wasn’t. The only consolation I had when my father told me horrible things about my mother was the fact he was a liar. Even my last name is a lie. I loved my father while at the same time believing he was a bitter alcoholic piece of shit. The old racist paid dues to the NRA but never once paid child support. Then again, I was lucky in this situation. I was lucky my father didn’t raise me. The only resentment I have with my father today is with myself. I resent that I didn’t give him the ass-kicking at least once he richly deserved. The only reason I didn’t do that was because of how my mom raised me.
Each time one of my parents spoke ill of the other, I thought less of the parent doing the attacking. But I took a lesson from that and have never said anything negative about my son’s mother in front of him. I know he doesn’t want to hear it just like I didn’t want to hear it. Any issues my ex and I had with each other weren’t supposed to be his issues. Besides, I could never convince or manipulate him to hate his mother. Why would I want that anyway? For that matter, I’ve never said bad things to him about his stepdad. And if I had, my son would think less of me today for it. I refer to Kenny as my husband-in-law.

These are lessons Kanye needs to learn. Kanye needs help and oddly enough, some of the people he’s feuding with are the ones trying to help him. Pete Davidson, who is the boyfriend of Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s ex and the mother of their four children, has reached out to help Kanye despite his constant attacks. Trevor Noah made a public plea for Kanye to get help, which is why Kanye turned around and attacked him. Leave it to Noah to explain it best.

In a ten-minute segment on The Daily Show, Noah said of Kanye’s attacks on his ex-wife, “It touches on something that is more sensitive and more serious than people would like to admit. I know everyone thinks it’s a big marketing stunt. Two things can be true: Kim likes publicity. Kim is also being harassed. Those things can be happening at the same time. ‘Cause I’ll be honest with you, what I see from this situation — I see a woman who wants to live her life without being harassed by an ex-boyfriend or an ex-husband or an ex-anything.”

Noah also said, “What she’s going through is terrifying to watch, and it shines a spotlight on what so many women go through when they choose to leave.”

Noah has experience with this as he watched his stepfather’s abuse of his mother be ignored…until he shot her in the head.

Noah said, “The point is that Kim Kardashian and countless other women, they find themselves in a terrible position, you know? Because asking Kanye to stop clearly isn’t helping.”
“What we’re seeing though is one of the most powerful, richest women in the world, unable to get her ex to stop texting her, to stop chasing after her, to stop harassing her. Just think about that for a moment. Think about how powerful Kim Kardashian is, and she can’t get that to happen. … If she cannot escape this, then what chance do normal women have?”

Trevor Noah is also a fan, telling Kanye, “There are few artists who have had more of an impact on me than you, Ye. You took samples and turned them into symphonies. You’re an indelible part of my life, Ye. Which is why it breaks my heart to see you like this. I don’t care if you support Trump and I don’t care if you roast Pete. I do however care when I see you on a path that’s dangerously close to peril and pain.”

What Trevor Noah received for making a public appeal to Kanye, and in support of abused women everywhere, was an attack from Kanye. But Kanye should listen to Trevor Noah as he’s in touch and probably one of the smartest guys out there with a giant platform to speak from.

When you have a child with another person, you’re in a relationship, or at least you should be, with that person for the rest of your life, whether you’re with them or not. The child is more important than the bullshit between the two of you. At the very least, you will have to work with that person until the child is 21. Kanye should get help for himself, but he should do it more importantly for Kim and their children.

Seek help, Ye, as right now, You’re the bad guy, just like Vladimir Putin.

Music Note: While coloring today’s cartoon, I listened to a little Sugar Ray.

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Facebook Name Change


Fun fact: When Coca-Cola changed its formula back in the 1980s and introduced New Coke, they did actually change something. It did taste different. Nobody would argue that it was the same. Of course, the new taste sucked and the outrage was so severe that Coca-Cola went back to the old formula, but at least they did more than just change the name.

It should also be noted that New Coke was just as corrosive to acid on car batteries as Coke Classic. And we expect New Facebook to be just as corrosive to society as Old Facebook.

Facebook has come under fire recently from a whistleblower’s leak of the company’s own studies that shows it profited off hate, bullying, harassment, body-shaming on Instagram, and conspiracy theories. While Facebook may argue that it took a lot of steps to discourage this stuff from happening, they didn’t really do a lot to stop it.

Here’s an example: Yesterday, I saw a fucknut’s post that the COVID vaccine, NOT COVID itself, killed Colin Powell. It didn’t speculate it, it said it. I reported it. The post is still there. Facebook doesn’t do enough to dismantle lies and conspiracy theories. Facebook is allowing the lie that vaccines kill people to remain and spread on its platform.

But the revelations aren’t just bad press for Facebook or egg on the face of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. These revelations can prove to be extremely damaging to the company as Congress may take steps to regulate the platform and all of social media. Even worse for Facebook, Congress may dismantle its conglomerate. It has to be pretty drastic for Facebook to even consider dropping a brand name worth billions.

Mark Zuckerberg is expected to announce this plan at a corporate convention next week, Nerds-Who-Couldn’t-Get Laid-In-College-But-Can-Nowathon. And it’s easier to change the name than to make any practical reforms. Why would Zucky want to change anything that makes him money? Currently, Zuckerberg is worth over $130 billion but he pays himself an annual salary of $1.00. I hope he donates that dollar to Suicide Hotline.

Don’t expect the platform itself to no longer be “Facebook.” We’re talking about the Facebook corporation that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and other products you haven’t heard of but are probably encrypted into everything you own, like your coffeemaker. But most people may not even notice this name change. Take Google for example.

Did you know Google is not Google? Yes, what you’re searching on is Google, but that’s not the company. At least not anymore. Google is Alphabet. Alphabet owns Google, DeepMind, Waymo, Fitbit, Google X, and about a gazillion other products. Unlike Google Plus, most are successful. Do you ever hear “Alphabet” being used? Nope.

But Zuckerberg sucks at rebranding. He’s been trying to re-cast himself for years from that nerd who created a site rating whether girls at Harvard who would not date him were “hot or not.” None of it’s worked, not the multiple rebrandings or getting hot Harvard girls to date him (actually, he did get a Harvard girl to marry him…after he became a billionaire). Do you think higher today of Mark Zuckerberg than you did before you saw that July 4 video of him riding on a hydrofoil while holding a U.S. flag to the backdrop of John Denver’s “Country Roads?” Funny how that didn’t work out for him.

If Zuckerberg really wants to hide without changing his actions, he should change his name. And guess what available? “Kanye” is available.

Kanye is changing is name to just “Ye.” His reason has something to do with his belief that “ye” is the most common word in the Bible and it means “you,” so he’s now “you,” or some shit like that. Fortunately for Kanye, or Ye, “Dipshit” is not the most common word in the Bible. You have to remember that this guy lost his mind to the point he became a Trumper. He was even running around wearing the red hat.

Other celebrities have changed their names after becoming famous. Prince changed his to a symbol for a few years. Sean Combs changed his to “Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Sean Jean, Brother Love, Swag, Sean Love Combs” and at the present, to “Love.” Snoop Dog has changed his name to “Snoop Lion” then to “Snoopzilla” then back to “Snoop Dog.” Nobody is changing their name to “Mark Zuckerberg.”

And then you have Donald Trump. It’s ridiculous but true his name actually is “Trump.” No, it’s not “Drumpf.” But he’s not considering a name change despite “Trump” being the most toxic brand in the world. Maybe it should be “Drumpf.”

But back to Mark, I think “Kanye Zuckerberg” has a nice ring to it.

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WTF 2020


Whoever had Kayne West running for president on their 2020 bingo card, speak up now. Perhaps you had it placed between Trump bleach and murder hornets.

Possibly only because 2020 hasn’t been fucked up enough, Kanye announced on the 4th of July that he’s running for president. But is he really?

Kanye has been a Donald Trump supporter. He’s visited the White House while wearing a MAGA hat. So, we already know he’s fucked in the head.

Republicans may rejoice at his campaign with the belief he’ll siphon off the black vote from Joe Biden. But to believe that you have to also believe black voters are monolithic who will vote for any candidate with black skin, no matter what that candidate’s position may be….or no matter if that candidate has mental problems. That’s how white conservatives vote.

But then again, maybe Republicans are afraid Kanye will cut into Donald Trump’s support. Maybe Kanye will get that 8 percent of black voters who plan to vote for Trump.

But Kanye is not running for president. He may make a lot of noise, but there is not an organization for him. The deadline to be on the ballot in 6 states has already passed with 7 more this month. There is not a deadline to register with the Federal Election Commission but with only four months to go before election day, he hasn’t done that yet either.

Kanye has every right to be president. You don’t have to be a part of the political establishment to be a candidate. But West is not running for president. He has a new single, a new album coming out later this month, and he has a new collaboration with the Gap to promote. Is he running for president or is he seeking free promotion?

If Kanye is only running to promote his brand, he better be careful. The last guy to do that fucked up and got elected president.

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Kanye Blows


Whenever I come across a Trump supporter, I ask myself, “What the hell is wrong with this person?” Everything a Trump lover loves about Donald Trump is a lie. They bought a false image. Everything they claim they hate about Hillary Clinton perfectly fits Donald Trump. Everything, except for the vagina.

But, whatever is afflicting Trump sycophants has hit Kanye West with a double whammy, and then some. There’s something seriously messed up about Kanye. For this intelligent man (Yes. He is intelligent) to allow himself to be used as a prop by Donald Trump, there has to be something seriously wrong.

Yesterday, Trump entertained Kanye in the Oval Office, or maybe Kanye entertained him. Kanye talked for ten minutes and Trump didn’t speak at all. Seriously. For the first time ever, Trump was not the biggest ego sucking all the air out of the room. During Kanye’s rant, Trump had the same expression I have each time I have to watch one of his rallies.

For ten minutes, Kanye spoke without interruption about an alternate universe, Larry Hoover, growing up without a father, Superman, Saturday Night Live, Hillary’s slogan versus Trump’s slogan, his MAGA hat, the Yeezy effect, sleep deprivation, mental illness, abolishing the 13th Amendment, and hydrogen airplanes, all in one sentence.

Sitting in the Oval Office, Kanye said “bullshit” and dropped the Queen Elizabeth of all curse words, even adding the “mother” to it. He gave Trump a hug. He said the MAGA hat made him feel like Superman.

He said he couldn’t get with Hillary’s “I’m with her,” because he grew up without a father to play catch with, and Trump made him feel like a man. Sheesh. Couldn’t the guy had just found a cornfield where he could play baseball with a bunch of ghosts? It worked for Kevin Costner.

He also opened up his iPhone (I thought that stuff wasn’t allowed in the Oval) and was caught on camera typing in his password, “000000.” I’m thinking numbers in any other order would be too confusing for a Trump supporter. Hackers all over the nation immediately attacked his bank and social media accounts trying the combination “1234.” Also, since his phone was probably hacked before he finished speaking, we’re all going to see his penis by noon.

Seriously, this was extremely shameful. Instead of managing the response to Hurricane Michael, which hit the Florida panhandle Wednesday, Trump went to a rally. Yesterday, instead of dealing with the hurricane or Saudi Arabia’s murder of a journalist, he took advantage of Kanye’s mental illness for a political photo-op. That’s because Donald Trump has no shame. He is a vile, repugnant piece of human excrement. At least, we think it’s human.

Trump believes peoples are monolithic. If Kanye supports him, then that means all black people will support him. But, maybe he’s right about the monolithic thing.

If Kanye supports Trump, that means only crazy people support Trump.

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Kanye For Trump


He refers to himself as Michael the Black Man. And whether he goes by the name Michael Symonette, Maurice Woodside, or Mikael Israel, when he is at a Trump rally, he is THE black man.

If you Google for images of “blacks for trump,” you’ll find pics of Michael the Black Man at Trump rallies squarely positioned behind Trump where the cameras can spot him. You’ll also find a lot of photos of white people holding “blacks for Trump” signs.

It’s Michael who some in the media were curious about. Saturday Night Live had a lot of fun mocking the guy. The Washington Post ran a story on him where they reported he runs a slew of conspiracy sites and he has called Barack Obama “The Beast,” Hillary Clinton a Ku Klux Klan member, and Oprah Winfrey the devil. In the 1990s, he was charged, then acquitted, with conspiracy to commit two murders.

Trump gave the guy a shout-out at one rally. This week, he gave a shout-out to Kanye West, who has turned out to be a Trump supporter, though he doesn’t vote. Trump loves to point out the diversity of his supporters, which got a hard eight percent of the black vote.

Trump has also pointed out Diamond and Silk, the strange sisters from North Carolina who run a YouTube channel defending Trump. The two women were on Capitol Hill this week, invited by Republicans to testify how Facebook is discriminating against conservatives and Trump voters. Never mind the fact that Congress is not in the business of regulating Facebook, they were there. Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu of California said it was a “stupid and ridiculous hearing.” Stupid and ridiculous has become the new normal.

You can look at Trump’s white supporters like Ted Nugent, or his black supporters like Michael the Black Man, Diamond and Silk, or Kanye West. The one demographic Donald Trump has cornered are people out of their freaking gourds.

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Obama’s Nominee


The Republicans have truly lost their minds.

They’re screaming against Obama’s nomination for the Supreme Court before he’s even made one. With all the vitriol you would think Obama had already submitted his choice and it was a black-Puerto Rican lesbian atheist, abortion provider with a cold sore…or Kanye West.

The GOP says the people need to have a vote in this. They do and they made that vote in 2008 and again in 2012. Maybe only white presidents get a full eight years out of two terms. Black guys only get seven. What’s next? Are they going to demand that he not use Air Force One, the White House, the White House china, the plumbing, for the rest of the year?

It’s a dumb argument to have and yet we have to have it. Why? Because the Republican is full of people who are not rational and lack the ability to comprehend.

I know the GOP doesn’t respect the president but with this tactic they’re disrespecting the presidency and the Constitution. Shame on all of them.

“What’s the deal with Kanye West?” My older, unhip, white readers might be asking. Hey, I’m not that hip either. But I know who Kanye is and that he’s a grade A Plus ass. He’s the guy that makes black people say we won’t blame all white people for Donald Trump if you don’t blame us for Kanye.

Kanye is making the news for saying he wouldn’t attend the Grammys if he didn’t win the award for Best Album, even though he wasn’t nominated. He also talked about how he made Taylor Swift and stands a good chance of shagging her. THEN…yes, there’s a then…he went on Twitter and asked Mark Zuckerberg for a billion dollars. Yeah, Twitter is the social media tool you want to use to connect to Mark Zuckerberg. He probably goes to McDonalds and asks for free Whoppers.

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