Texas Teachings


To be fair, no public schools in Texas are teaching that the Holocaust is a hoax. They only tried to teach that the Holocaust is a hoax.

During a training session in a North Texas school district on what books should be in classrooms and libraries, one administration official said they should have books on opposing views on the Holocaust. Gina Peddy, executive director of curriculum and instruction for the Carroll Independent School District, said that if there are going to be books on the Holocaust, then they need to follow a new Texas law mandating (thought they outlawed mandates) educators to present multiple perspectives when discussing “widely debated and currently controversial” issues.

Peddy is on a recording telling teachers and administrators, “Just try to remember the concepts of [House Bill] 3979, and make sure that if you have a book on the Holocaust that you have one that has an opposing, that has other perspectives.”

So, in Texas the Holocaust is “widely debated” and “controversial?” Also, since the Holocaust is fact, how are there opposing views to a fact? And, if the Holocaust is a viewpoint, then the opposing viewpoint is that it never happened? Seriously, Texas…why are you the Taliban?

A few years ago, I was invited to submit a cartoon on Donald Trump to an international contest. Stupid me didn’t look into it and went ahead and sent a cartoon. Only after I placed in the contest did I discover it was conducted by the Iranian government that had previously used a cartoon contest to promote Holocaust denial. I rejected the award along with my fellow American colleague Ed Wexler, who was also snookered into submitting. My point is, now I have to watch out for contests from Iran and Texas. Hey, do you remember when Texas had a Draw-Muhammad contest?

But just like not every Republican is a racist Trump cultist sycophant (there are at least two who are not), not everyone in Texas is a Holocaust denier (I’m looking at Nick Anderson). When Peddy brought up the mandate to have Holocaust denial bullshit in schools, one teacher asked, “How do you oppose the Holocaust?” She probably meant, how does somebody deny the Holocaust happened? I mean, we all oppose the Holocaust, right? Well, maybe not Gina Peddy. She replied to the question, “Believe me, that’s come up.” Where? Where the hell does Peddy hang out that holocaust denial comes up?

The law signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott was to prevent Critical Race Theory and anything “gay” being taught in public schools, or if something slipped through (like it’s wrong to set trans people on fire), then the school needed opposing lessons. Last year, a fourth-grade student brought home a book from Johnson Elementary (in the Peddy district) titled “This Book is Anti-Racist.” Well, the kid’s parents didn’t think anti-racism should be taught to their child and they complained. The school removed the book and planned to give the teacher a tongue lashing until someone pointed out that lashing with your tongue might be gay.

So, what is an appropriate age to teach anti-racism? In Texas, it’s probably never. Look at Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz. They ain’t learned nothing yet except how to gaslight. If the letter of the new law is followed, there needs to be opposing education to the racist border wall these fucknuts want built. It needs to be taught that it’s racist, useless, and too damn expensive. Hopefully, Ted doesn’t bail to Cancun, ironically, in Mexico, during the lesson. If anything should be learned here, if dumbass Ted Cruz can figure out how to get over a wall, then immigrants aren’t going to have any problems with it.

Meanwhile, the teacher with the anti-racism book was scolded and disciplined. And the administrator who proposed teaching Holocaust denial, they probably gave her a gift card to Applebee’s. What they should do is send her to the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

But here’s the thing, kids: If you’re not teaching about systemic racism in this nation, or even that the Civil War was fought over slavery, isn’t that like teaching Holocaust denial…or at the very least, not teaching it happened at all? Texas standards adopted in 2010 teach that slavery was among the third causes of the Civil War. Pat Hardy, a Republican member of the State Board of Education, said slavery was a “side issue” of the Civil War. He said the war was over “states’ rights.” Someone please teach Mr. Hardy that in Texas’ Declaration of Secession from the United States mentioned slavery as the cause, not once, not twice, not even three times, but 21 one freaking times. It was also mentioned as the cause in the declarations from South Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia.

Also, the vice president of the Confederacy, Alexander Stevens, said the only cause of secession was slavery. He said, “The general opinion of the men of that day [Revolutionary Period] was, that, somehow or other, in the order of Providence, the institution [slavery] would be evanescent and pass away […] Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”

Read the part again that states, “Our new government is founded.” If you’re a Texas Republican, read it three times. If you’re Ted Cruz, have someone read it to you.

Despite the availability and access to the fact the Civil War was over slavery, a 2015 McClatchy-Marist poll said 42 percent of Americans say it wasn’t. And, 37 percent of Americans say slavery shouldn’t be taught in schools as the reason for the Civil War. So in addition to Holocaust denial in this nation, we have slavery denial and people want that shit taught. And how bad is Holocaust denial…or even ignorance?

In September, 2020, a study commissioned by Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, found that one in ten people under the age of 40 had never heard the word “Holocaust.” Oh, it gets worse. The study found that 63 percent didn’t know six million Jews were killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust. Over half the respondents thought the number Jews murdered was under two million. Over half also couldn’t name one concentration camp despite there being over 40,000 of them. I can’t name all 40,000, but I can name at least one.

The survey also found that seven percent don’t know if the Holocaust happened, three percent say it never happened, and 11 percent believe Jews caused the Holocaust.

This survey proves the Holocaust should be taught in schools and fourth grade is probably not too early. While we’re on the Holocaust, we do need to teach more about black history and systemic racism. If these kids and young adults are that ignorant of the Holocaust, then how ignorant are they on racism? Black kids will eventually learn about systemic racism as they experience it because it’s still here. White kids will have the privilege of never knowing if they don’t want to know.

The Holocaust isn’t ignored in schools in places like Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and probably in Afghanistan, if the new Taliban government plans to have schools. They’re actively teaching Holocaust denial. Now, a school administrator in Texas is literally proposing that Holocaust denial be taught in her state. A Texas school administrator wants Texas to implement anti-Semitic curriculums. Texas has already approved books that label slaves as “immigrants” and “workers.” Maybe there’s one that’ll call them “prisoners with jobs.”

Texas quickly hit the brakes on the proposal to teach Holocaust denial, but for how long? Texas is already teaching ignorance in its schools. It also makes you wonder what’s being taught in Texas’ private schools. Did White Jesus fight at the Alamo? “Hand me another round of ammo, Santa. These Mexicans are really good at getting over this wall!”

Texas Republicans have been pushing extremism in their state. The governor has banned vaccine mandates. They’re anti-face masks. They’ve outlawed abortion. Eventually, they’ll probably bring back scarlet letters and force women to wear hijabs. Texas Republicans have earned the nickname “Texas Taliban.” And when you start teaching Holocaust denial, it’s not a nickname anymore.

You are the Texas Taliban.

Now, if we start rumors Holocaust denial is being taught in schools, like there are rumors Critical Race Theory is being taught even though it’s not, will parents start bum-rushing school board meetings demanding that they stop?

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MTG Mandate


I have a great idea and unless you’re one of my trolls, I think you’ll like it too. Here it is: Congress should pass a law that any member of Congress, either in the House or Senate, who does not serve on a committee doesn’t get paid.

What is the point of paying someone when she’s not doing the job she was elected to do? Sure, Marjorie Taylor Greene can still be an advocate for her district and sponsor legislation, but she’s not doing that, at least not in any manner that can be taken seriously. The bills she sponsors looks more like trolling than actual legislation.

for example, she sponsored a bill to award medals to cops who “protected” cities during Black Lives Matter “riots.” Has she sponsored any bills to award medals to cops who protected the Capitol during the MAGA terrorist attack? HAHAHAHA….no.

MTG sponsored a bill to protect gun owners’ privacy and another bill to “preserve” the Second Amendment. Amendments are already law. They don’t need additional Congressional protection. This is trolling. She also sponsored a bill to finish Trump’s racist border wall and expel all undocumented immigrants. This bill will also end “chain” migration which would deport Melania Trump’s parents. Did I mention Greene is an idiot?

She sponsored a bill to remove Democrat Maxine Waters from her committee assignments (which happened to MTG) and another to remove her entirely from Congress. She doesn’t just hate blacks and Latinos. She sponsored a bill to prohibit any funding that helps Gaza and the West Bank because Ms. “Jewish Space Lasers” loves Israel so much.

She sponsored a bill to impeach President Biden for “enabling bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Maybe she got confused from all the Trump bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors.

Playing the persecution victim conservatives love so much, she sponsored a bill to make it illegal to “discriminate” against people based upon their vaccination status. White conservatives are the whiniest people in the world. If you listen to them, they are the most violated segment of our society throughout world history. Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul felt threatened by 80s wimp rocker Richard Marx. Personally, I think white nationalist MAGA terrorists are a greater threat to this nation than music acts like Air Supply.

The Centers of Disease Control issued guidelines that vaccinated people can take off their masks outdoors and indoors. Naturally, unvaccinated mofos who did the least to help this nation combat the pandemic are violating this. They’re demanding nobody ever ask them their vaccination status or question their right to go without a mask…while also being offended by seeing people in masks (yeah, I know. Irony).

Republicans in Congress are upset there is a mask rule for the House floor. These Republicans are either unvaccinated or they won’t reveal their status. They want to enjoy the privileges they actively fought against securing. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the biggest advocate against having to wear a mask and in portraying unvaxxed goons as victims, she compared having to wear a face mask to the…wait for it…Holocaust.

Yes, she compared wearing a mask to people who were forced to wear stars to identify them by their religion, ripped from their homes, had all their possessions stolen, crammed into box cars, forced into slave labor, sterilized, medically experimented on, and murdered. Over six million Jews were murdered by Hitler. Many had the gold in their teeth ripped out, melted, and used to pay for the Nazi’s war effort. Others had their bodies used to make soap. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and many other Republicans, believe this is just like having to wear a mask into Costco.

Let me state this clearly: Wearing a face mask isn’t discrimination or persecution. Nobody is being forced to wear a face mask based upon his or her political beliefs. You have to continue wearing the mask because you’re a vile and hateful icky idiot. You’re gross and need to stay at least six feet away from me for the rest of time.

Speaking of Hitler, Marjorie Taylor Greene said she would oppose any removal of statues of Hitler. She said she would want the statues to remain intact “so that I could tell my children and teach others about who these people are, what they did and what they may be about.”

I have a question: Where are all these Hitler statues she wants to protect? In her house? Also, there are other ways to teach people about history. They’re called books. Quite frankly, I don’t want the goons telling us a terrorist attack as recent as five months ago were only a bunch of tourists and that teaching black history is hateful to tell me how to study history.

It took five days, but House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the rest of his leadership team of goons, and Mitch McConnell all issued statements saying they disagree with her comparing mask mandates to the Holocaust. How insane is it that Congress has to say the Holocaust was bad and you can’t compare stupid shit to it? How crazy is it that it took them five days to do so? But since they’re afraid of criticizing her because Donald Trump loves her, and they’re afraid of Donald Trump, what would they say if she compared the “stolen election” to the Holocaust?

House Republicans removed Liz Cheney from her leadership position because she wouldn’t support the Big Lie. What would they do if MTG compared their sacred lie to the Holocaust? Would they all be quiet like most of them are now? Would the leadership pretend she didn’t say it? Maybe they’d even endorse her statements. I haven’t heard any of them criticize her for wanting to protect Hitler statues. Are they afraid of offending Nazis? She also said she’d protect statues of Satan (where the fuck are these statues?), but Satan is a fictional character. Hey, I bet if she said that, they’d all lose their minds.

Marjorie Taylor Greene sponsored another bill to decrease the pay for Dr. Anthony Fauci. But Dr. Fauci is actually doing the job he’s paid for. MTG is not. So, back to my idea. Can we stop paying Marjorie Taylor Greene since she’s not doing the job she was elected to do? We are currently paying her $174,000 to be a racist, anti-Semitic, conspiracy theory-spreading troll.

She once yapped through the mail slot of the office for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, saying she paid her salary. Greene, I’m paying your salary and I don’t want to pay you to be a troll. Be a troll on your own dime.

I’m not going to compare her to the Holocaust, but Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the worst things to ever happen to Washington.

And I just got another great idea: There is a Satan statue, sort of, in Massachusetts. It was created by the Church of Satan in response to a monument of the Ten Commandments being displayed at the Oklahoma legislature. The statue is of Baphomet, who is a goat-headed humanoid with wings. When the statue was unveiled, the only people allowed to attend were those who agreed to “sell their souls” to Satan.

The thing is, the Church of Satan doesn’t really believe in Satan. Satan is a symbol they basically use to troll religious people. You know, booga-booga-booga. The entire “sell your soul” to view the unveiling of Baphomet was to scare away superstitious religious fucknuts. It was brilliant. Maybe we should start a thing where unvaxxed fuckers can remove their masks and enter Costco only after they sell their soul to the devil. And let’s face it. If you bought a membership, you kinda already did.

But here’s my idea: Let’s place this statue in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s congressional district. It can be placed in downtown Dalton, Georgia and when the residents get upset at goat-headed Baphomet standing proudly for all to see, Ms. Greene can enlighten them about how it teaches history. She can defend Satan to her constituents.
Church of Satan, are you listening? I would very much like to see this happen, please.

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That’s A Spicy History Lesson


Even I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Sean Spicer. You know you had a bad day when there’s a Twitter hashtag that’s a combination of your name and “Hitler.”

Why else would I feel bad for Spicer? First off, Spicer has to face 200 reporters on a daily basis and explain policies for an administration that doesn’t have any policies, or that changes them on a daily basis. He has to lie, make up a lot of crap, and argue stupid positions like crowd sizes. Then there’s the fact he’s speaking to an audience of one.

But the biggest reason I feel sorry for Spicer is that he’s just not good at his job. The man can’t get names straight or enunciate. Everyone fudges something up while speaking, me especially, but speaking well is kinda important if your official title is “spokesperson.” So you need to learn to speak well, or in Sean’s case, talk good.

From “Malcolm Trumble” to “Joe Trudeau” or referring to Bashar al-Assad as “Asher” or “Ashad” or “Alashar” or “Alaseer,” Spicy mumbles names. It’s so bad that the Sydney Morning Herald has created a “Spicer-ize name generator.”  Mine would be “Claypole Jonesy.” But seriously, Sydney is in Australia (in case you’re a Trump voter and didn’t know that). We’ve sunk so low that the Australians are cracking on us (That dig was for you, Joe)?

He’s called the Presidential Daily Briefing the “PBD.” Get your acronym’s right, buddy. At least he didn’t refer to them as “PBJs.” When speaking of the terrorist attack in Orlando, he confused it with Atlanta. But yesterday may be his worst one yet when he referred to Hitler’s gas chambers as “Holocaust Centers.”

What the hell? Hitler used gas chambers to execute millions of Jews. They were not “Holocaust Centers.” That sounds like a place you’d go to get your Holocaust license.

And of course an even bigger mistake was defending Hitler, and not just on any normal bad day for defending Hitler. Spicy defended Hitler during Passover.

Spicer was trying to describe how bad al-Assad is for using chemical weapons on his own people by saying it was something Hitler didn’t do. Except Hitler did exactly that and by the millions. Spicer tried to backtrack and say Hitler didn’t drop bombs on his own population…but yeah. That doesn’t make it better. And there were German Jews who were victims of the Holocaust, Spicy. You know, German Jews…Jews from Germany…where Hitler was chancellor….which is the leader of Germany….so German Jews were his people. Hello? Is this thing on?

Here’s the thing: Don’t use Hitler equations! Especially if you’re in the Trump administration where you have alt-righties on staff and a president who retweets Nazis. Just don’t do it. Oh, and here’s another thing Hitler did: He coordinated with the Russians before he betrayed them. At least Trump was nice enough to call them and let them know what time and where the bombs would drop. Poland never got that courtesy.

Spicer did man up and apologize for his “no gassing” and “Holocaust Centers” comments. He sent out a statement attempting to explain his mouth tragedy. Actually, he sent out four. He couldn’t land the apology. He then went on several news shows to explain and Wolf Blitzer actually asked him if he was aware that Hitler killed Jews in the Holocaust.

The people who live with me probably think I’m laughing while watching The Simpsons, not CNN. Get some Trump people on the news and that shit’s just hilarious.

Creative note: I originally tweeted the “little tiny mustache” statement. It got such a response that I regretted tweeting it and wished I had saved it for a cartoon. Often when I tweet out a smart-ass comment someone will use it for a cartoon or a meme. So all cartoon ideas I keep to myself until the cartoon is published. Today I thought “eh, screw it.” So if you see anyone else use this, they’re a bloody thief. Do me a solid and go kick them in the goober. Thanks.

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