Wink Wink Nudge Nudge Hint Hint


Donald Trump loves him some dictators and fascists. In fact, the highlights for him during this week’s G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan have been his dalliances with strongmen.

The U.S. government doesn’t want to sell any F-35 stealth jets to Turkey because that nation recently purchased a Russian missile system. The U.S. is concerned that using American jets with the Russian missile system will allow Moscow to gain intelligence on our aircraft. Turkey’s tyrant, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he believes Trump won’t block the sale of  the jets because of their “warm relationship.” Trump seemed to agree and said he was “looking at different solutions.” That solution will be Russia getting its hands on our stealth technology. But at least there’s a warm relationship.

Trump decided to hold off on additional tariffs with China because he loves its president for life. He also said he’d allow U.S. companies to continue to sell equipment to Huawei, overruling the U.S. Commerce Department which had banned those sales to the Chinese company. The U.S. has been in a global campaign to block Huawei from 5G communication networks, calling the company a security threat. As we all know, Trump doesn’t concern himself with U.S. security. He is a security threat.

Trump is a guy who endangers national security by ignoring his own security experts when they tell him to swap to a new phone so China can’t hack him. Trump claims he knows more about technology than anyone, yet he can’t operate an umbrella.

After sitting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who’s been accused of masterminding the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Trump declared that no one has “pointed fingers” at the Crown Prince. That was a lie as U.S. intelligence has accused the Saudi royal of being involved in the murder. Trump believes the prince is innocent because when he asked him about the murder, he made a frowny face. Grr, murder bad. Sell us more U.S. weapon technology and we’ll continue to rent Trump Hotel rooms and buy Trump Tower apartments.

Before heading off to South Korea, Trump tweeted at North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un that he’ll be at the DMZ later if he’d like to hook up. Since Kim is the only person in North Korea with internet, he may have seen the tweet, which was like saying you’ll be in a local hotel room in his neighborhood for two hours if he’d like to swing by for a nightcap.

Trump’s best groveling and selling out of the United States was saved for Russian president Vladimir Putin. While sitting next to Putin, Trump was asked by the press if he talked to the Russian about election meddling. Jokingly, Trump leaned over to Vladimir and said, “Oh, don’t meddle in our election,” and the dictator and the wannabe dictator shared a laugh. Trump repeated the betrayal of the U.S. in Osaka that he did in Helsinki when he said, “Putin denies it.” Whether it’s a Russian attacking our democratic process or an Alabama Republican stalking teenage girls at the mall, they’re innocent in Trump’s eyes if they simply deny it.

On the one-year anniversary of the shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Maryland that left five dead, Trump joked with Putin about “fake news.” Trump told Putin to “get rid of them” as he asked if he also had “fake news.” Putin does “get rid of them,” fake or not.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 42 journalists have been killed in Russia since Putin came to power in 1999. Of those 42 journalists, 26 have been murdered (the rest accidentally walked off the roofs of buildings or ate something that didn’t agree with them). But Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America and the defender of freedom, was able to joke about “fake news” with a man who has journalists murdered.

The security of the United States, our democratic process, and our guaranteed freedoms, like the right to free speech, does not concern Donald Trump any more than it concerns his supporters. The people who scream loudest about American freedom are the first in line to convert us to a dictatorship.

Trump basically winked at Putin when he said, “don’t meddle in our election.” When all this is said and done, I hope our justice system doesn’t put Trump in prison…WINK, WINK. NUDGE, NUDGE. HINT, HINT.

Did I say that out loud?

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Putin Confirmation


With as many “they said/he said” situations that Donald Trump gets himself into, you’d think he was on a nighttime soap from the 1980s, not the president of the free world.

He’s had these “did too/did not, did grab/didn’t grab” situations with women. He’s had a “he said/he said” with the former director of the FBI. Now he’s having it with Russian President Vladimir Putin. When did international diplomacy become Mean Girls?

I have three teenage nieces and a day doesn’t go by when one of them doesn’t put a vague post on Facebook (could it get any worse? My life is over! Oh the suffering! You skank, you know who you are!). All three of my nieces together can’t match the attention-seeking-drama of our 71-year-old president. My nieces don’t understand the differences between “their,” “there,” and “they’re,” or “lose” and “loose,” but they still spell better than the president.

The world was shocked that Donald Trump brought up the issue of Russian hacking during his longer than expected chit chat with Vladimir Putin. Rex Tillerson claims Trump brought it up repeatedly. I’m sure that’s true because Trump has brought it up repeatedly with a lot of people. He won’t stop tweeting about it.

After meeting with Trump, Vladimir beat the Americans to the press. Old Vlad said that Trump brought it up and accepted his denial. Rex Tillerson says that’s crazy Russian talk.

I’m sure Putin would manipulate the press, the president, you, me (he never calls. He only hacks), and he’s not above telling a lie. The problem with this situation is, we know Donald Trump lies. Donald Trump lies about shit he doesn’t have to lie about (that’s when someone has a real problem with pathological lying). So who do we believe?

One participant lies to gain leverage. The other lies because he’s a little bitch.

When Trump and Tillerson sat down with Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the Americans diplomatic experience was outgunned by 62 years. He got to chuckle with Putin over their disdain for the press (Why not throw off building? Splat. Problem solved).

Trump and Putin agreed that their countries should not “meddle” in each other’s affairs. That was stupid. Our help with monitoring elections in Russia and support for democracy isn’t the same as Putin hacking into our election, throwing the entire system out of wack, and installing a temperamental, narcissistic man-baby in the White House. It also puts Russia on an equal moral level with us. Trump, you idiot.

After Putin claimed that Trump accepted his denial, he told the press to go ask Trump. That is getting owned. Trump has remained silent. How bizarre is it that the man who kills journalists, gave a quote to journalists, and the supposed leader of the free world has not. It seems both sides have “agreed to disagree.” This is national security, not a debate over reincarnation (Trump was a shit weasel in a previous life).

I didn’t have much faith in Trump’s ability to handle the meeting as he started his day at the G20 in Hamburg, Germany, with nineteen other world leaders, by tweeting about John Podesta and claiming it’s all anyone at the summit was talking about. Trump was giving further cover to Putin’s election hacking by blaming the victim, and this time not really understanding the situation (Trump wondered why Podesta didn’t give the DNC’s server to the CIA, though Podesta wasn’t working for the DNC and the CIA can’t engage in domestic intelligence gathering. Why does a political cartoonist know this stuff better than the president?). And, if everyone’s talking about one thing, we know that one thing isn’t John Podesta. It’s Game Of Thrones (I haven’t watched but I hear good things).

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley defended Trump by saying “everyone knows Russia meddled in our election.” Not everyone. Your boss doesn’t.

So which of the two liars are we to believe? When Putin says that Trump accepted his denial, we have to believe Putin. Trump has accepted the denial and promoted it for over a year. He refused to believe Russia was involved during the debates. He refused to believe our intelligence sources. He’s refused to believe any investigation. He’s even made up some shit to cast denial over Russia hacking the election.

It’s not hard to believe Trump accepted Putin’s denial. Where there is no denial is that Putin owns Trump, and with that possession, the United States has lost its position as leader of the free world.

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Freedom Undefended


You know that oath the president takes upon assuming office? It’s when the incoming president swears to defend and protect the United States. Yeah, that one. Donald Trump mouthed the words at his inauguration but he’s not defending or protecting our nation.

Trump chose to start his second presidential trip to Europe in Poland, as they have a president who is from the far right, promotes nationalism, and is working to oppress freedom in his country.

During a press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda, the man who occupies the position that was formerly viewed as the leader of the free world, attacked his own nation.

While on foreign soil, Trump attacked American intelligence. He said Russia probably hacked our election, along with a lot of other people and other nations. In Trump’s mind, there was an international hootenanny attacking our Democratic process.

He attacked President Obama. Though he’s not sure Russia attacked our Democracy, he blamed Obama for not doing anything about it, which is a lie. Maybe he didn’t do enough, but he did act. In comparison to Trump, he’s done a lot more which starts with acknowledging Russia attacked our election.

Then, the guy who is supposed to promote American freedom to the rest of the world, attacked press freedom. He continued to describe the American media as “fake news.”

Trump only took two questions. The first was from The Daily Mail’s David Martosko, a guy who was once considered the front-runner for the administration’s communications director position. He used the friendly question from a friendly source to continue his war on CNN and the rest of the American press.

He declared that CNN has “been fake news for a long time. They’ve been covering me in a very, very dishonest way.” He called NBC “equally as bad, despite the fact that I made them a fortune with The Apprentice, but they forgot that.” How dare NBC disregard the fortune Trump made for them with his crappy reality show and allow their news division to actually do their job, which is asking questions and reporting the news.

Trump kept whining: “What we want to see in the United States is honest, beautiful, free but honest press. We want to see fair press. I think it’s a very important thing. We don’t want fake news. And by the way, not everybody is fake news. But we don’t want fake news.” Apparently, his safe place is not in Poland.

In Trump’s mind, those who are not fake is Fox News, the National Enquirer, and InfoWars. If delivering information that’s not true makes one fake, does that mean Donald Trump is a fake president?

The president should be defending and promoting what Reagan called America, the “shining city on the hill.”  Trump goes out and sells us as a shitty city on a hill.

Trump is destroying our nation’s image, credibility, and stature in the world. Never in our history have we had an American president put his ego above national interest to the extent Donald Trump has.

American presidents usually encourage their counterparts to support and allow freedom of the press in their nations. Instead, Trump is giving cover to oppressive leaders who seek to limit and control what their media does.

After whining that the press has been “dishonest” with him, he asked President Duda if he had this problem. Well, not as much as he used to.

After assuming office in 2015 as a member of the Law And Justice Party (scary name), Duda signed a law allowing the government to take political control of state media outlets, resulting in claims that the government is turning public news organizations into mouthpieces for the party.

Trump may be interested in turning American news outlets into his mouthpieces, well those that aren’t filling that role already, like Fox, Breitbart, InfoWars, and The Daily Mail’s David Martosko.

Last week, South Korean President Moon Jae-in told Trump in the Oval Office “I also suffer a bit from fake news, as you do.” They laughed and giggled together over their shared hatred of the press.

Today, Trump will be meeting with Vladimir Putin. Trump and Putin may bond over their shared loathing of people who ask questions and report facts. Except in Russia, Putin doesn’t make GIFS slamming the media or tweet vulgar insults at female talk show hosts. Putin has his critics silenced….permanently.

Trump has declared the press the “enemy of the American people” and has been waging war on the press since before he took office. He’s turning off the cameras and audio for White House Briefings. The State Department has stopped doing daily briefings. On top of all this, he’s finding like-minded souls in his party.

Maine Governor Paul LePage recently suggested that he makes up stories to “mislead the press.” LePage also said, “The sooner the print press goes away, the better society will be.”

People like Putin, Duda, Moon Jae-in, Paul LePage, and Donald Trump should keep this Thomas Jefferson quote in mind: “were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

That’s Jefferson’s view despite the fact that he couldn’t stand the press. He also said, “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper.” Yet, he understood the importance of a free press and that’s you can’t have freedom of any kind without a free press.

What’s getting scary is that a lot of citizens share LePage’s view that society will be better off without the press. It’s amazing that people want to be ruled and willingly uninformed. Why would anyone be satisfied with receiving information only from the government?

Between a free press and Donald Trump, there’s only one of them that a free society can do without. Guess which one that is. I’ll give you a hint: It’s orange and white and read all over.

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Air Force Funk


President Obama had one awkward moment after another during his attendance to the G20 summit in China.

Upon landing the Chinese government refused to roll out the fancy stairs with the red carpet for the president to exit Air Force One. He was forced to use the back exit and roll-out steps usually reserved for schmoes like Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz.

There was a tiff on the tarmac as Chinese guards has a heated exchange with U.S. reporters and national security adviser Susan Rice.

He was scheduled to have a meeting with Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines, but he cancelled after Mr. Duterte, who was obviously reading from a Trump campaign script, called Obama “son of a whore.”

Feeling needier than a Facebook selfie poster North Korea shot test fired a few missiles toward Japan during the summit.

At this level of disrespect I’m kinda surprised they didn’t tell Obama, and only Obama, that the summit would also be a costume party. I hate when that happens.

Of course Donald Trump had something to say about it. He said if he was ever dissed by a lack of stairs that he would have had the jet leave the offending country. Can you imagine the tweets if such a thing happens? It’s also good information for other nations if Trump actually becomes president.

They can roll out a little mattress for him to land on.

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