Free Speech

Elon’s Dumpster

When Elon Musk talks about free speech, I wonder if he understands what that is. Coordinating and strategizing with Nazis and making death threats is not free speech. You also don’t have the freedom to accuse someone of being a pedophile just because they disagree with you. Also, losing a social media account doesn’t mean you lost your freedom of speech because Twitter isn’t the only place humans are allowed to express themselves. Twitter is not a government platform.

But, I think Elon understands perfectly well that spreading conspiracy theories and instigating a white nationalist terrorist attack to install a fascist dictator who lost an election isn’t free speech. I believe he knows he’s full of shit. What makes me believe that was his post about the Democratic Party becoming more extreme thus making Elon side more with Republicans, who are making it harder for black Americans to vote while boycotting a cartoon mouse. Nazis and MAGAts held two separate protests simultaneously against Disney last week in Florida, yet you couldn’t tell the two groups apart. But sure, Elon. It’s the Democrats who’ve gone extreme.

Now Elon is saying that as soon he gets his grubby short-fingered hands on Twitter, he’s going to allow Donald Trump to return. This is a threat to democracy.

Elon told an interviewer at an automobile conference that it was a mistake for Twitter to ban Trump after he tried to destroy democracy. The irony here is that Trump’s supporters believe removing Trump was an anti-democratic move for his attempt to destroy democracy.

Elon said, “I do think that it was not correct to ban Donald Trump. I think that was a mistake because it alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in Donald Trump not having a voice.” No, you egghead. He has a voice. Nobody took his voice away. Does Donald Trump let everyone at his rally have a turn at the microphone? If not, does that mean he’s not allowing everyone a voice? We are not entitled to use every platform.

If National Public Radio refuses my demands for airtime to give a two-hour diatribe against ketchup on hotdogs, they’re not taking away my freedom of speech. Elon’s logic says Donald Trump has taken away my right to swim if he doesn’t allow me to use the pool at Mar-a-Lago.

Elon expanded on his thoughts on Trump, saying, “He is now going to be on Truth Social, as will a large part of the right, in the United States, and so I think this could end up being, frankly, worse than having a single forum where everyone could debate. I guess the answer is that I would reverse the permanent ban.” Donald Trump has only made one post on Truth Social so far. Banning or reversing a ban on someone doesn’t prevent there from being more than one social media forum. Also, it’s not a bad thing if a large portion of the right-wing avoids Twitter. Who throws a party and gets sad that Nazis don’t show up? Who wants to bob for apples with Goebbels?

Free speech is a constitutional right. Speaking on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, MySpace, YouTube, etc, is a privilege. You can burn a privilege. Donald Trump burned a privilege by using Twitter in an attempt to destroy our democracy and have himself installed as an unelected dictator. It’s amazing we have people fighting to restore the account he used to try to destroy the government. It’s like giving a rapist Viagra.

Donald Trump claims he won’t return to Twitter if the ban is reversed, choosing instead to promote Truth Social, which he’s not using. But Trump is lying. Trump boycotting Twitter would be like Trump boycotting KFC. It’s not gonna happen. He’ll be back.

And when Trump comes back and is just one of the many changes Elon enacts to destroy the platform, millions will leave. I’m going to stay. Hell, It’s taken me over a decade to get over 12,000 followers. I’m not throwing that away. Also, someone needs to stick around and continue to fight the lies. The only way Elon is going to remove my voice from Twitter will be to ban me. As I understand it, he’s really big about blocking people so maybe removing his critics is next.

I would take it as a badge of honor if I was banned for telling the truth, like posting something about Elon having hair plugs. What? I have freedom of speech. If Donald Trump can claim he won an election he lost and retweet Nazis, I can call out Elon’s hair plugs.

Music note: It was Nirvana while coloring.

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The Elon Effect

I’m in Washington, D.C. for two cartoon events, one of which was last night. At that function, a reader of my blog told me he loved it but he rarely ever finishes reading it because they’re always too long. I agree, so today’s blog is going to be short.

I talked to my good friend Karen yesterday for just a minute. I’ve mentioned her here before so that must mean I talk to her a lot. Somebody has to talk to me. Anyways, Karen messaged to let me know Elon Musk had just successfully purchased Twitter. Even though I was traveling, I already knew because I have notifications enabled from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN. I don’t miss much. But Karen told me this won’t affect her as she’s not on Twitter. I told her it would.

I heard that comment from a lot of people. First off, don’t sneer, poo-poo, or look down on Twitter if you’re on another social media platform. It’s like saying you’re too good for Papa John’s while eating Domino’s.

Karen is a smart person and quickly understood what I meant and changed her mind to agree with me. More people should do that, but no. Ya’ll continue to eat Domino’s Pizza and put ketchup on your hotdogs. You should know that I must love Karen a lot considering she’s one of those ketchup on hotdogs people. I once caught her eating a hotdog with ketchup on the Fourth of July, America’s birthday! But I digress.

As you know, Twitter is a huge platform, even if you’re too snotty to be on it. Since there’s so much consumption of information on Twitter, it can be extremely beneficial or dangerous. It’s both really. Now, it’s being taken over by a man who’s spent the past few years arguing that Twitter is suppressing free speech without understanding what free speech is. Elon Musk has argued for Donald Trump to have his Twitter account restored despite the thousands of lies he told on the platform, his retweets of Nazis, his racist and sexist attacks, and oh yeah, that time he used Twitter to organize a white nationalist goon terrorist attack to overturn a democratic election he lost to install him as an Oompa-Loompa fascist potentate.

So when the world burns down and we have a president installed by a Russian president and the Constitution’s trashed while every federal court is presided over by judges like the goon judge in Florida that overturned the travel face mask mandates, you will be affected whether you’re on Twitter or not. Yes, Twitter is that big. If it wasn’t for Twitter, Donald Trump may not have become president (sic) the first time.

Elon Musk has bought Twitter just in time to help the Republican Party retake Congress with the lying gaslighting campaigns. Elon has bought Twitter just in time to restore Donald Trump to the White House. By the way, Donald Trump has NOT stopped lying or trying to organize haters to do evil shit since he was booted from Twitter. He has not proven he should be let back in.

Letting Donald Trump back on Twitter is like kicking someone out of your party for crapping in the punch bowl, then spotting them doing the same thing to your mailbox and deciding he’s learned his lesson and should be allowed back in. Don’t let the punchbowl shitter back in the house.

If preventing these upcoming disasters was as simple as deleting my Twitter account, I would have done so in 2015.

Creative note: Seriously, this blog is short today because I’m tired. I didn’t get much sleep the night before last, and last night involved beer and camaraderie. I drew this cartoon at Soho Coffee near DuPont Circle, and it’s a great place. But, some British lady behind me talked on her phone throughout the entire time I was drawing this. It was the most mundane conversation I’ve ever heard with a sexy accent. Also, I need to eat something and get ready for tonight when my friend Lalo Alcaraz will be presented with the Herblock Award.

Music Note: I listened to the coffee shop music and the British lady behind me while drawing today’s cartoon. Her cat coughs up a lot of hairballs and she’s going to have her tire pressure inspected later today.

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Space Twit

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I already wrote one blog this week on Elon and Twitter, so click the link above and read my editor’s column.

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Notes on my book, Tales From The Trumpster Fire: There are 19 copies of my book in stock, which go for $45.00 each, signed. Also, I have copies of my first book from 1997, Knee-Deep in Mississippi available for $20.00.

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Free Speech Absolutist

To believe Elon Musk cares about free speech would be like believing Donald Trump cares about anyone other than himself. It would be like believing Republicans are patriots, fiscal, pro-life, freedom-lovers, or care about family values.

After Twitter banned Donald Trump for inciting a white nationalist terrorist attack to overturn a democratic election and to install himself as an unelected Cheeto potentate, Elon tweeted to his 80 million followers that U.S. tech companies shouldn’t be acting “as the de facto arbiter of free speech.” He believes he should be the de facto arbiter of free speech.

It’s very dangerous that the richest man in the world doesn’t understand free speech. Sure, we had a president (sic) who didn’t under that either, in addition to not understanding most things, but Elon’s in a position to do more damage than Donald Trump. If nothing else, Elon can enable Donald Trump’s attempts to destroy our democracy. Elon understands free speech about as well as your average Trump rally attendee does.

The reason it’s dangerous the richest man in the world doesn’t understand what defines freedom of speech is that he has the resources to turn the world’s largest social media platform into a 4chan on crack. While Donald Trump is stingy and cheap with his own money (he prefers to spend what he grifts from others), Elon will throw out a few billion to make you look at him. Do you think he was serious when he endorsed Kanye for president? Was he serious with his tweets hating on pronouns? Was he serious when he named one of his kids “X”?

Twitter isn’t just for cat pictures or for sharing with the world what you had for lunch today. It has become the defacto source for everything. Politicians release official statements through Twitter. News outlets quote tweets. Celebrities are are using Instragram more and more for their press releases, but the serious people are using Twitter. Of course, there are lunatics on Twitter, but Twitter is serious about kicking people off for threats and misiniformation. If Elon controlled Twitter, it would be a free for all for goons and maniacs.

Elon doesn’t care about freedom of speech. He cares about power.

A couple weeks ago, Elon bought $2.6 billion of Twitter stock making him the largest shareholder of the company with a 9.2 percent ownership. Twitter announced they were putting him on their board of directors. While that would have brought the flamethrower inside the house, it would have prevented him from buying more than 14.9 percent of Twitter stock and attempting a hostile takeover. At first, Elon was enthusiastic about being on the board and said he planned “to make significant improvements” to the platform. He even changed his investment designation to clarify he’s not simply a “passive” investor (only for the richest man in the world would $2.6 billion be “passive”), but one who intends to impact the way the company is run. And then, Elon turned down the invite which told everyone he was going to attempt a hostile takeover.

Elon then offered to purchase Twitter for $43 billion. To fend of a potential hostile takeover, Twitter enacted a “poison pill” by diluting Elon’s stake. How does this work? It’s a new structure set for a limited time that allows shareholders to purchase additional shares at a discount if another shareholder acquires ownership of 15 percent. This plan expires in a year. The hope of the company is that this “poison pill” will discourage Elon from buying more than 15 percent of stock. It’s a risky strategy that could devalue the company.

Elon may have violated a Securities and Exchanges law by reporting his investment late. The SEC requires investors to disclose when their holdings in a company surpass five percent. Elon waited three weeks to disclose he owned over nine percent. After he finally disclosed his purchase, the stock jumped up 30 percent and it’s believed that Elon made over $156 million from his rulebreaking. I guess laws regarding purchasing large amounts of stock are as confusing to Elon as free speech.

The one detail that may save Twitter from Elon purchasing it and making it a private company is that he may not actually have the money to do so, even with cheating while playing the stock market. People tend to be worth more than the actual cash they have on hand. If you own a home, business, or both, you know this. You can be worth $300,000 and not have any cash on hand. For Elon to purchase Twitter, he’ll have to divest a lot of his holdings, which would include Tesla.

A lot of people wonder why Elon even wants Twitter? Couldn’t he just create his own platform like Donald Trump did? Surely, Elon would do a much better job with it than Trump has with TruthSocial, which is such a horrible platform that even Trump won’t use it. I mean, Elon has Tesla. He’s sending astronauts into space. So, why doesn’t he create his own?

Elon doesn’t want to build a new platform that doesn’t have any users. Twitter has nearly 400 million users. While there was a market and need for a new private aerospace manufacturer in 2002, there’s not a need for another Twitter in 2022. And Elon doesn’t create everything he owns. He bought Tesla and then named himself as a founder.

The greatest danger of Elon owning Twitter and taking it private is that he won’t just ruin Twitter, but he may take the country down with him. Twitter made the correct call when it removed Donald Trump. It was long overdue as he had a history of tweeting lies and hate before he sent his “it’s gonna be wild” shout-out to white nationalists. It’s dangerous because Elon doesn’t understand that organizing terrorist attacks is not free speech. It’s also not free speech to accuse people of being pedophiles just because you don’t like them. If Elon owns Twitter, it will be a Nazi paradise. Who do you think is most excited about the prospect of Elon Musk owning Twitter? Elon may destroy Twitter and the nation with it.

Elon is not about free speech because he doesn’t even know what he is. He’s blocked people on Twitter who’s called out his bullshit. Elon claims he’s a free speech “absolutist,” but he’s just an absolute troll.

Music note: I listened to the Toadies while drawing today.

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Oppress My Threats


The trend among MAGAts to be as vile and corrosive as possible is continuing, this time into school board meetings. What’s next? Going to nursing homes to pee in pudding, or daycare centers to steal juice boxes and string cheese?

The history of school board meetings is that school board meetings are boring. Even members of school boards don’t want to go school board meetings. A lot of school board members take the job only because someone has to do it, and if they don’t, then some atrocious toothless MAGAt-type person might take the spot. It would be like appointing someone like Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, or in Virginia, electing someone like Glenn Youngkin as governor. Your kids would be taught how white Jesus, a Republican, sailed with Christopher Columbus to discover America and invent Pop Rocks.

Over the past few months, there haven’t been as many Trump rallies for MAGAts to attend where they can scream with their white nationalist buddies over stolen elections and the Great Replacement theory. There have also been fewer Black Lives Matter protests for them to disrupt and cause fights so it appears all BLM protests are violent. There hasn’t been another insurrection at the Capitol for them to take part in. All they’ve had since January is Fox News and school board meetings? What? Why school board meeting?

Why school board meetings? Because it’s a great opportunity to mask screaming and threating as caring about your children. That’s why. This started under politicians like Ron DeSantis who tried to ban mask mandates in his state and make saving lives illegal. This went from one stupid racist governor being a gaslighting asshole to MAGAts threatening educators.

For months, Trump cultists have been going to school board meetings to scream conspiracy theories while frothing at the mouth, disrupting meetings, and often being removed after making threats. They’re opposing mask mandates, vaccines, and Critical Race Theory which is not being taught in ANY FUCKING PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN AMERICA, YOU DILLWEEDS!!! Sorry for shouting.

These are the same idiots who lost their minds over more vegetables being included in school lunches. They oppose free lunches, feeding poor kids they insisted upon being born, and when they are fed, they oppose feeding them fruits and vegetables. Every school day should be half-rack of ribs on bacon sugar pizza day.

These threats have gotten to the point that the National School Boards Association felt they needed to write President Joe Biden and ask for help. They wrote that education leaders are feeling unsafe. And they should feel unsafe as these “concerned parents” are screaming during meetings that they know school board members live. In one video, they’re in the parking lot blocking school board members from driving away in their cars, warning they better not leave their homes.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice is directing the FBI and each US Attorney to meet with local officials and discuss strategies for addressing these threats. This is pissing conservatives off, who believe threatening educators and anyone who might be literate is free speech protected by the First Amendment.

The directive to each U.S. attorney in the nation mentioned, “Threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation’s core values. In the coming days, the Department will announce a series of measures designed to address the rise in criminal conduct directed toward school personnel.”

The school board association equated some actions to “domestic terrorism and hate crimes” and asked federal law enforcement to review some actions under “Gun-Free School Zones Act, the PATRIOT Act, in regards to domestic terrorism, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act,” and more.

As I said, Republicans believe threats are free speech and just a little dissent, but then again, they think an insurrection to overturn an election and install a fascist dictator was just a little protest. Rand Paul, who also runs counter to our nation’s core values, said, “When you start to criminalize dissent, when the head of the federal government, through the president, through the Department of Justice, is saying you might be a domestic terrorist if you raise your voice, I think that’s appalling and is chilling and is very, very dangerous.”

No one is criminalizing dissent. What’s already criminalized is making threats. As usual, white conservatives are playing the victim card and pretending to be the most persecuted people in the history of the world again. Going after white conservatives for making death threats is an attack on parents. Why can’t white people make death threats without being hassled about it? When will white conservatives finally catch a break in this country?

One school board member in Nevada said she received a letter stating, “We know how to take care of you, we know where you live.” She said, “I was doxxed with my personal information online” and she received pictures of people being hanged, shot, and guns to let her know the ones making threats have guns.

Of course, not every threat means an action will follow, but every threat is a real threat. Every threat is real to the person being threatened. When a troll sent me a picture of the front door of a former apartment I lived in, thinking that was my current address, I was relieved to know he got the wrong place but still concerned he bothered to go to the trouble of looking it up. Who says he won’t try again? When a school board member is threatened at a meeting and later receives a photo of people being hanged, the educator is going to take that threat seriously.

When a Florida Trump cultist living in a van by a river sent non-working Trump bombs to Trump critics, Republicans said it wasn’t serious since no one died. But these same people get upset and claim they’re being attacked when they’re mailed an envelope of baby powder. I don’t care if I receive a box of Play-Doh with a candle wick stuck in it, I’m taking it as a serious threat. Hell, I wasn’t real thrilled with the gynecology instrument someone sent me, and I still don’t know what it means.

Threatening lives is not free speech. Defending goons who make threats under the umbrella of the Constitution you recently tried to destroy while pretending you’re caring about children is vile and disgusting. It’s also complete and total bullshit. But you got to vile and disgusting five years ago when you ditched your humanity, so this is just business as usual for you MAGAts. But it’s really weird to see elected officials defend threatening elected officials.

To Republicans in Congress, I don’t make threats. I make promises and my promise is I’m going to draw you again and again.

I know where you live.

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Zuck’s Big Lies


Let’s get something straight at the start. Expressing yourself on social media isn’t about free speech. When a platform deletes your comment, you have every right to be upset (that’s freedom), but they did not censor you or deny your First Amendment rights.

Facebook is not a government platform. You don’t have a right to Facebook any more than you have a right to free time on the stage of the Republican National Convention to espouse your views. It’s not your stage. Nobody is required to provide you a stage or a platform.

But again, you have every right to get upset when they delete your comment. Out of fairness, when Facebook deletes your comment, they owe you an explanation that’s consistent with their policies and practices. They don’t do that. So, go ahead and get upset.

When one of your friends lands in “Facebook jail,” you hear about it. They let everyone know. I don’t really know how it works because it’s never happened to me. But from the way I’ve seen people operate, it seems they can’t post for a few days but they can still scroll through Facebook. I’ve had people comment on cartoons of mine that they can’t comment because they’re in Facebook jail. So, yeah…I’m having trouble understanding it.

But Facebook has these community guidelines. They have people on staff who analyze posts to make sure they’re accurate and not conspiracy theories. Of course, Republicans scream about their right to free speech when their conspiracy theory is deleted.

Another thing Facebook does is remove bullying, which is nice if it only applied to bullying. I’ve heard of them deleting posts like, “Donald Trump is a Russian asset.” That’s more along the lines of an opinion than bullying. So again, I don’t understand what Facebook is doing.

Russia manipulated Facebook in a big way during the 2016 presidential campaign. They used the platform to build troll farms to spread chaos in this nation. While they created posts with lies and conspiracy theories to divide this nation, they mostly worked to benefit Donald Trump. Do you know who has never complained about that? Donald Trump.

A platform like Facebook sets its rules and you have to live by them if you want to play. But Facebook isn’t consistent with their rules and they’re downright hypocrites. Facebook has decided it will police your post for facts, but if you pay for it as a political ad, then you’re free to lie as much as you want. Facebook has decided not to fact-check political ads.

Fact-checking political ads completely would be impossible for Facebook. They have over 2.8 billion users operating in over 100 languages. There’s more going on out there than our presidential election. But instead of being pompous about “free speech,” Facebook should just admit it’s given up and are now encouraging lies and conspiracy theories in political ads.

This week, Twitter announced they won’t accept any political advertisements. I think that’s great (if they actually do it). Republicans, as usual, started screaming and complaining that Twitter was infringing upon conservative speech. Never mind the fact Twitter is banning ALL political ads, not just those supporting Donald Trump.

Facebook’s head honcho Mark Zuckerberg also complained about it and said, “In a democracy, I don’t think it’s right for private companies to censor politicians or the news.” Once again, Facebook fails the consistency test as they censor posts to comply with “democracies” like Turkey, India, Pakistan, and Israel while deleting accounts and posts in nations with more speech freedom under mysterious circumstances.

Donald Trump spent over $70 million on Facebook ads in 2016. Other big consumers of Facebook ads are right-wing parties in Britain, India, Brazil, and the Philippines. And according to the Mueller Report, Russia spends $1.25 million on social media political ads a month.

There is social responsibility. News networks will fact-check ads (though lies and dubious claims still get through). Facebook is refusing to enact any responsibility and that’s not sitting well with many within the company. Over 250 of its employees signed an open letter decrying the decision to allow lying ads. The employees wrote, “Free speech and paid speech are not the same thing.”

They argue that lying ads “doesn’t protect voices, but instead allows politicians to weaponize our platform by targeting people who believe that content posted by political figures is trustworthy.” Basically, lying ads work on gullible people, which can be any one of us who accepts what we want to believe, but they mostly work on the people who are the least informed. Or to be more blunt, stupid Trump voters. These are the people who believe Donald Trump is trustworthy.

You don’t see liberals trying to shoot up pizza parlors because they thought a candidate was operating a child sex ring out of the basement, do you?

It’s not about free speech on Facebook. It’s about paid speech, and Zuckerberg is literally arguing it’s about “free” speech when he’s taking money for it. He’s more than happy to allow Facebook to be weaponized by the worst people if he makes a profit from it. What this does is put more responsibility on us, the customers of Facebook, to be wary and do our own fact-checking. Most of us won’t don’t that.

Free speech and paid speech are not the same thing and most Facebook users don’t know that. And neither does Mark Zuckerberg.

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Devin Has A Cow


In 1983, Hustler Magazine published a parody mimicking a Campari advertising campaign that conducted interviews with celebrities about “their first time,” a double-entendre about their first time drinking the alcohol. In the parody, the subject was the famous televangelist Jerry Falwell who misunderstood the “first-time” question and said his first time was with his mother in an outhouse. At the bottom of the ad was fine print which said, “ad parody—not to be taken seriously,” which was for readers who took Hustler seriously. Jerry Falwell took it seriously.

Falwell sued the owner of Hustler, Larry Flynt. Falwell won in a U.S. district court in Virginia, and then he won an appeal by Flynt. On the claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress, the jury ruled in favor of Falwell and awarded him $150,000 in damages. Flynt didn’t take it lying down and took it all the way to the Supreme Court where he won a unanimous decision by all eight judges (there was a vacancy at the time), even the freaky conservative ones like William Rehnquist and Antonin Scalia.

They ruled that the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution prohibit public figures from recovering damages from emotional distress caused by a caricature, parody, or satire. Larry Flynt, a porn publisher, spent millions protecting our freedom of speech. Every editorial cartoonist in this nation owes Flynt a big thank you, which I gave in person several years ago.

So, if Flynt can get away with saying Jerry Falwell had drunken outhouse sex with his mom then a parody Twitter account can impersonate Congressman Devin Nunes’ mom and his cow. Right? Yes, they can, but Nunes doesn’t think so and has filed a $250 million lawsuit against Twitter, his fake mom, and the imaginary cow. Seriously.

Maybe Nunes believes he has a case if the cow’s followers believe it’s an actual tweeting cow. Only if they’re Republicans. Does the cow need a disclaimer that it’s not actual Devin Nunes’ cow?

Nunes, like Donald Trump, has very thin skin. These guys who consider themselves “Constitutionalists” want to destroy First Amendment protections. Trump wants the FCC to regulate humor so it’s not one-sided and Nunes wants laws preventing people from making fun of him. Trump and Nunes are also arguing that social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook are restricting conservatives’ accounts on their platforms. They’re really worried it’ll hamper Russian trolls in 2020.

To argue about these platforms that don’t allow diversity of viewpoints, he went on Fox News and talked to Sean Hannity. Seriously.

The person you need to help sell that saying untrue stuff should be illegal is…Sean Hannity? Seriously?

In the lawsuit, Nunes argues that being called a “presidential fluffer” and “swamp rat” (seriously) interfere with his important investigation of “corruption by the Clinton campaign and alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 Presidential Election.” He also argues that people on Twitter making fun of him were trying to influence the outcome of the 2018 Congressional election. Seriously.

I’m going to make a public statement now and I want to be clear. The cartoon above was drawn with malice with the intention of defaming and injuring Devin Nunes’ name and reputation. I would say “good name,” but Nunes doesn’t have one…like his face. I really want Nunes to feel bad about this.

Here’s the thing, Devin (may I call you “Devin” or do you prefer “Mr. Fluffer?”)…I’m not afraid of Donald Trump. I’m not afraid of his supporters. After three years of them threatening and trying to intimidate me on SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE TWITTER, I’m still not afraid of them. Granted, none of them has started a cow Twitter account against me, but if they had, I think I could handle it. My point is if I’m not afraid of the president of the United States, who has hired fixers in the past to bully people and has the largest bully pulpit in the world in which to bully, then I’m not ever going to be afraid of a whiny, little, thin-skinned, presidential fluffer, treasonous pissant like you or any lawyers stupid enough to help you sue without understanding how the First Amendment works.

I don’t know your mom, and I’m sure she’s a nice person, but she should be more ashamed of you than of the account parodying her. And if you did actually own a cow, it would have jumped a fence by now to avoid being associated with you. The only cow dumb enough to be seen with you in public is orange with a bad combover.

Save yourself the trouble of suing me, Congressman and I’ll just go ahead and write you a check for a pair of big boy pants. Try not to shit in them next time someone calls you “fluffer.”

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Dilly Dilly


The Federal Communications Commission has decided to repeal Net Neutrality. What is that? Net Neutrality is a set of rules put in place by the Obama administration that prohibit high-speed internet service providers, or I.S.P.s, from stopping or slowing down the delivery of websites. They also prevent the companies from charging customers extra fees for high-quality streaming and other services. Sounds like a good thing, right? Well, say bye-bye.

Now, internet service providers can charge more to see certain content and even limit access to certain websites. If a provider doesn’t like some content, like it may contain facts it doesn’t want too many people to see, it can slow down the speed of that site. How many times have you ever visited a slow website burdened by stupid videos and pop-ups and decided the wait wasn’t worth your time? Oh, every day? Me too. Hopefully, you don’t have that problem with this site and the new video ads WordPress has chosen to display here (though it does give me a few bucks occasionally).

Now, why would the Trump administration want this? It’s not like Donald Trump understands a damn thing about Net Neutrality, or anything that actually exists. For Trump, it’s getting rid of another Obama policy. For the rich jerks that Trump works for, it gives them another opportunity to get richer. For right-wingers who may control internet access, it allows them to control what you can and can’t see. You’re never going to see the pee tape.

Breitbart loves this shit as it could limit access to not just liberal sites, but legitimate news outlets. They hate facts. But, as a column at Boing Boing (love that name) points out, Breitbart is too dumb to survive the Net Neutrality Apocalypse. For conservatives who love this ruling, they have to believe Republicans will control all three branches of government forever.

Google and Facebook are going to fight this and it will end up in court. If we’re lucky, it’ll turn out like most rulings do for Trump. He’ll lose. You may need to yell at some congressmen and senators though.

And, if you don’t…..DILLY DILLY!

Creative notes: I’m trying to get a little ahead for Thanksgiving. There’s food to eat and a couple of invites for me and I’d like to do something tomorrow other than sit in my room watching CNN all day with a cat on my lap. I will be drawing again tonight. I also need to draw a cartoon for Costa Rica, which should I should be doing by tomorrow morning but, I might be working on it tomorrow night. I am in the pit of deadline misery.

I’ve been wanting to use the “dilly dilly” thing ever since I saw that commercial. Another cartoonist actually beat me to it a couple weeks ago, but he used it for a sports cartoon. Dilly dilly is just so stupid, how can I not love it?

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Pucker Up For Free Speech


With freedom of speech being perhaps our strongest guarantee you have to take the good with the bad.

While we celebrate Martin Luther King telling us that he had a dream, we have to stomach Ann Coulter vomiting up such filth as “It would be a much better country if women did not vote,” and “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”

A lot has been made of Ann Coulter’s speech being cancelled at Berkeley. Did they cancel her to shut her up or was it because of concerns for her safety? I don’t think anyone should ever protest Coulter just for the simple reason that she likes it. I get that because I love my hate mail. When you protest Coulter that gives her more to cry about, more press coverage, and bigger paychecks and book deals. She’s already written 12. Do you want to help her publish another?

I support the likes of Ann Coulter speaking freely but don’t make a mistake about her. She’s not a champion of freedom of speech. First off, she has to get paid and she’s more of a brand than anything. Second, she’s an opponent of facts and information.

It’s fair to criticize and question the press. We should always question where information comes from. That’s how the press gets their information. But anyone targeting the press, such as Donald Trump and Ann Coulter, are not champions of freedom of the press or freedom of speech. They’re only champions for their speech which is what they accuse liberals of.

The other day I saw a comment from a conservative friend who wrote “the trust is gone with any print or media. I do think that Carlson and Hannity speak the most truth. Maybe because I want to believe in something on the air.” All she needs to believe in something, like our president, is the desire to believe it. She doesn’t need facts. She needs confirmation bias. And if anything is contradictory to what this person wants to believe, then it’s fake news.

Any person who paints the media as having a liberal agenda, including your parents who you can’t discuss politics with anymore, is an opponent of free speech. They’re an opponent because they’re telling a lie, or in most cases, repeating a lie. They want to shut down what they disagree with. A poll came out Thursday that revealed 52% of Republicans believe Obama spied on Trump. That’s some serious bullshit to be consuming there. It’s like all the Republicans who choose to believe Obama is a Kenyan-Muslim coming to take your guns. Any newspaper or network which tells you the facts about each of those will be labeled “fake news” by conservatives. Isn’t it funny that information now has opponents?

While I wouldn’t cry if Rush Limbaugh, Breitbart, and Infowars all went out of business, I support their right to exist and feed the ignorant dumbasses of our nation. But they’re not champions of free speech either since it’s not as much conservative opinion they’re dishing out (which is fine), but false information. I also want Fox News to stick around just so conservatives can have their media and not get the irony when they complain about the “lame-stream media,” that Fox News has the most viewers.

That’s the price of free speech. Sometimes when you kiss the toad you don’t get a prince or MLK. What you get is some “God-Hates-Fags” fucker from Westboro or Ann Coulter.

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Sunshine Week 2017


Sunshine Week is a national initiative by the America Society of News Editors. It started in Florida and went national in 2005 and is recognized for a week every March. It coincides with James Madison’s birthday.

Freedom of information and access to open government is crucial to have a free nation. It’s a constant fight for the press from your hometown weekly to The New York Times. Politicians from each party attempt to conceal information from the public. These perpetrators are on city councils, county supervisors, legislatures (general assembly in Virginia), to the United States Congress to presidents. There are a lot of people in government who don’t want you knowing what they’re doing.

We’re at a point where it’s more crucial and threatened than ever. We have a president who can’t tell the truth. He is a man who promised to reveal his tax returns before the election and has yet to do so. Releasing tax returns is not a requirement, but it sure would be nice to know who he’s in debt to.

This president has also referred to the press as “fake news” and an enemy of the American people. Donald Trump wants you to believe lies and deny the truth.

If you’re fine with Trump’s attacks on the media and his attempts to destroy a free press, ask yourself these questions: How are you informed? Do you like facts and information? Maybe you’re fine with the press shutting down because you don’t believe them anyway, which usually just means you don’t like what you’re hearing. Do you trust politicians to be the only source of everything you need to know?

If you get all your information from sources like Breitbart and InfoWars, then you’re not informed. You’re choosing ignorance and dumbing down. Those are not news organizations. They’re propaganda.

A free press isn’t just important to people like me, who make fun of politicians, and it’s not just important to those who report on politicians. It’s important to you whether you like it or not.

To quote Hannah Arendt, a German-American theorist, who said in 1974 “The moment we no longer have a free press, anything can happen. What makes it possible for a totalitarian or any other dictatorship to rule is that people are not informed; how can you have an opinion if you are not informed? If everybody always lies to you, the consequence is not that you believe the lies, but rather that nobody believes anything any longer.” Gee, that sounds like she’s describing someone we all know today.

If she’s not smart enough for you then maybe you should listen to Thomas Jefferson. He’s smarter than all of us. He said “The basis of our government being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

I’ll stand with Tom over Donald. How about you?

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