Trumpy Devil Love



They say Jesus loves everyone, but for Donald Trump, he may make an exception.

Christianity Today is a periodical started by Reverand Billy Graham way back in the 1950s. The Washington Post calls it “evangelicalism’s flagship magazine” and The New York Times describes it as a “mainstream evangelical magazine”.

The magazine usually refrains from commenting on politics (so they say), but in 1998 during the Clinton impeachment drama, it wrote in an editorial, “unsavory dealings and immoral acts by the President and those close to him have rendered this administration morally unable to lead.”

In 1974, it asked a question in an editorial headline, “Should Nixon Resign,” that it didn’t answer. It wrote, “the constitutional process should be followed, and followed with dispatch. Either Richard Nixon should be removed from office by the Senate or he should be acquitted. If he is acquitted, the nation will have to wait out the term of a President whose ability to function has been seriously eroded.” That reads like it was written by Tulsi Gabbard.

Now, in an editorial written by the editor Mark Galli, the magazine that refused to call for Nixon’s impeachment and conviction (remember, we’re talking about RICHARD MILHOUS FUCKING NIXON here), has called for Donald Trump’s removal from office while describing him as “profoundly immoral.” Duh. What was your first clue?

Franklin Graham issued a statement saying his father had voted for Trump and that the magazine was “representing the elitist liberal wing of evangelicalism” and finds it “unfathomable” that Christianity Today would side with Democrats in a “totally partisan” attack on Trump.

Here’s the thing: The attacks on Trump being immoral are only partisan because Republicans refuse to acknowledge it. Donald Trump is a vile, racist, sexist grifter who steals from charities and has boasted about sexually assaulting women. He’s bragged about barging into the changing rooms so he can see teenage girls in the nude. He’s made fun of the handicapped and veterans. He’s bullies women and children on a daily basis. The guy even refuses to pet dogs. Donald Trump is more a collection of bad personality traits than he is a human being.

Republicans, and even more so, religious people, feel they can tolerate Donald Trump if it gets them what they want. What they want are very conservative judges that will basically enact a Christian version of Sharia law.

It’s like this: Christians feel it’s OK to sell out their principles and ethics in order to force the rest of us to live by the principles and ethics they’ve only pretended to have.

Donald Trump raged at the magazine in a couple of tweets saying, “A far left magazine, or very “progressive,” as some would call it, which has been doing poorly and hasn’t been involved with the Billy Graham family for many years, Christianity Today, knows nothing about reading a perfect transcript of a routine phone call and would rather have a Radical Left nonbeliever, who wants to take your religion & your guns, than Donald Trump as your President. No President has done more for the Evangelical community, and it’s not even close. You’ll not get anything from those Dems on stage. I won’t be reading ET again!”

I don’t know why he’s mad at Entertainment Tonight over what CT wrote, but nonetheless, his rage was another unwittingly self-revealing moment. Plus, he’s probably only read Christian magazines about as often as he’s been to church (you know, to eat his little crackers and learn about “two” Corinthians).

Evangelicals preach about morality. They warn of false prophets. They warn of the anti-Christ and to watch for signs of him as he will be disguised. I know this because I’ve done something Trump hasn’t and that is I’ve gone to church on Sundays (though it’s been a long time. But hell, I actually went to a private evangelical school for an entire year). And yet, leave it to evangelicals to jump into bed with the vilest person ever to make empty promises to the Christian community. Maybe they expected the anti-Christ not to be so obviously corrupt, immoral, and horrible. I wouldn’t have expected the anti-Christ to be an admitted sexual assaulter who ogles teenage girls either.

Evangelicals’ main argument against Bill Clinton was his lack of morals and yet, here they are today in bed with Donald Trump. It’s like they’ve forgotten who Donald Trump really is. Christians will often say they realize Trump isn’t perfect, but their part of the deal is that they have to say Trump is perfect. If Trump is criticized by anyone over anything, the critic immediately goes on their enemy list.

For example: Name the evangelicals who have criticized Trump separating families and caging children? Is part of the bargain that evangelicals have to turn a blind eye to child abuse, or do they actually support it? For that matter, is the evangelical community actually racist? It’s for evangelicals just like it is for other Trump supporters. Racism is not a deal-breaker.

As Christianity Today’s editor noted, there is no longer any way to avoid acknowledging Trump’s moral and temperamental unfitness for the presidency. Continuing to look the other way to get more judges and so forth is no longer worth the moral and spiritual costs to Christianity itself. Mark Galli told The Atlantic, “We’ve been a movement that has said the moral character of our leaders is really important.” He argues the association of evangelicals with Trump will do “horrific” damage to their ability to share the Gospel with others.

Exactly. How do you spread the gospel after you’ve spread the corruption and depravity of Donald Trump? It’s hard to preach against sleeping with whores when you are a whore. The evangelical community has whored itself out to Donald Trump.

If Jesus Christ himself returned to Earth and called for Trump’s removal from office, would evangelicals crucify him all over again after Trump calls him a fake-messiah (which will be made easier when they see Jesus isn’t white)?

For Trump, he is the “chosen one.” For evangelicals, they’ve agreed.

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Get Behind Me, Satan


The Devil is a Dick

Republicans haven’t even had the chance to get over their faux outrage over a congresswoman saying “MF’er” or another dancing back in her college days before Batman came along and infuriated them even further.

Christian Bale is in a new movie about Dick Cheney called “Vice.” His performance has been lauded by critics and the guy who played dashing Bruce Wayne pulled off looking like Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney is not dashing. On Sunday night, Bale won a Golden Globe award for his performance. During, his acceptance speech, he thanked Satan.

Bale accepted his award with humor, and thanked director Adam McKay for casting him to play someone “absolutely charisma-free and reviled by everybody.” He said from that point forward, he’d be “cornering the market” on playing “charisma-free assholes.” He joked that he may play Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell next. Then he said, “Thank you to Satan for giving me the inspiration to play this role.”

One group that was ecstatic about his Satan reference was The Church of Satan. They tweeted, “To us, Satan is a symbol of pride, liberty and individualism, and it serves as an external metaphorical projection of our highest personal potential. As Mr. Bale’s own talent and skill won him the award, this is fitting. Hail Christian! Hail Satan!”

Most people are confused about The Church of Satan and believe they’re literal devil worshipers. They’re actually atheist and as they said in their tweet, Satan is a symbol. The church is heavy on individualism. Being a member of a church as a non-believer has always seemed redundant to me. I thought half the point of being an atheist was avoiding meetings, dogma, and getting up early on Sundays.

Among Republicans upset over Bale’s comment was Liz Cheney, one of Dick’s daughters and Wyoming’s lone representative in Congress. She sent out her own tweet referencing an assault charge against Bale in 2008. She tweeted, “Satan probably inspired him to do this, too.” with a link to a story about an alleged assault on his mother and sister. Republicans are big about whataboutism.

Liz Cheney didn’t do much research, or she didn’t care to know all the facts which are common among Republicans these days. British police dropped the charges against Bale citing “insufficient evidence.”

I can’t speak or defend whatever it was Bale was involved in with his family members. But, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t amount to invading a sovereign nation over false pretenses leading to the deaths of over 3,000 Americans, sanctioning torture, or shooting a friend in the face with a shotgun.

As for Liz, maybe it was Satan who inspired her to spurn her own sister by opposing same-sex marriage in her failed run for the United States Senate in 2013. Mary Cheney, who is openly gay, wrote in a Facebook post, “Either you think all families should be treated equally or you don’t. Liz’s position is to treat my family as second class citizens.” She refused to support her sister’s candidacy and didn’t visit any of her family that year for Christmas. Basically, Satan inspired Liz to throw her little sister under the bus and fuck up Christmas.

Republicans have always claimed to be about family values unless someone in their family is gay.

Christian Bale seriously looks down on Dick Cheney, but his speech was humorous. Along with irony and hypocrisy, Republicans don’t understand humor. It was definitely with humor that he thanked Satan.

Is Dick Cheney really Satan, Darth Vader, or Voldemort? I don’t know, but one thing is for certain. Cheney’s a dick.

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Devil Of A Leak


Wikileaks dumped a bunch of transcripts from Clinton’s meetings with Wall Street players and emails between her and figures within The Clinton Foundation. They are being overshadowed by the leak of the Trump groper video.

U.S. intelligence says the Russians are hacking into the Democrats’ computers in an attempt to influence our presidential election. It’s not Hillary Clinton they’re trying to help.

Donald Trump, who referred to Hillary as “the devil” during Sunday’s debate, says we don’t know if it was the Russians, or if there are actually any hacks. As it turns out he knows better. During his intelligence briefings one of the topics discussed was the Russians hacking the Democrats. Gee, I wonder who leaked that.

Vladimir Putin wants a Trump presidency. Trump, who’s sending very loud signals that he plans to govern in the authoritarian style of Putin, will be a much softer president for the Russian leader to manipulate. All he has to do is give Trump a compliment. He eats those up.

Trump has said he’s willing to bail on NATO, not offer help to our Eastern European allies, has heaped praise on Putin and said it’d be great if we could get along with Russia. He’s also opposed to taking out Assad in Syria, who is Putin’s puppy. Trump isn’t even aware that Russian troops are in Ukraine and Georgia, and if he did he’d tell them to burn Atlanta.

This all gets really weird. U.S. fugitive Eric Snowden is currently residing in Russia in exile for leaking classified information from the National Security Agency. Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, is holded up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London avoiding being extradited to Sweden for rape allegations. He and Trump would probably have a great conversation, especially if it was on a bus.

Wikileaks has been promising an “October Surprise.” If this is their “October Surprise,” it’s as surprising as every girl you know dressing as Harley Quinn this Halloween. The juciest tidbits are that Hillary stated she needs a public and private viewpoint and Chelsea is a spoiled brat. I expect a future email to inform us that Socks the Cat ate cat food. A lot of the emails are suspected of being manipulated so now we don’t know what to believe. Donald Trump has already recited information proven to be false, which is from the Russian government.

Is Hillary the devil? Yeah she is. But I’ll take the intelligent career-driven devil we know over that racist, putin-lovin’ dumbass, groping devil we know.

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