Christine Blasey Ford

Why I Believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford


I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

I believe her because she tried to answer every question. I believe her because Brett Kavanaugh refused to answer every question, deflected, counter-attacked, and gave total rubbish in unbelievable answers.

I believe her because she is a psychologist and knows how the brain works. I do not believe she would make her story public, expose herself and her family to be publicly and privately attacked by Trump trolls and death threats if she wasn’t absolutely sure that it was Brett Kavanaugh who attacked her.

A lot of people have tossed out the theory that she has confused Kavanaugh and Mark Judge for other people. To believe that you have to believe she’s confusing two people who hung out together. I can’t believe she would do that. She is sure of who attacked her. You can’t say she was attacked but probably by someone else, and that you believe her and Kavanaugh. One of them is lying and it’s not Blasey Ford.

Mostly, I believe her because I can relate to the way she describes what she remembers and what she can’t. I can relate to why she didn’t tell anyone. That’s because I have my own assault story. It’s a story I’ve only told a few people, and just in the last few years despite it happened when I was 16-years-old.

I have been told that more men should speak out. I am inspired by Dr. Blasey Ford’s courage and bravery to speak of her ordeal in public, basically on every television in America. I’m also inspired by the courage of Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher who confronted Senator Jeff Flake in the elevator.

I don’t think my experience is nearly as horrifying and traumatizing as Blasey Ford’s. I don’t think it messed me up for life. I know so many others who have experienced much worse than I did. My experience lasted for only a few seconds. I think I was very fortunate it wasn’t worse because it had the potential to be.

Coincidentally enough, my attack happened in 1982, the same year as Blasey Ford’s. It may have even happened in the same week. I do know that mine was on a Saturday. How do I remember that? That part’s simple.

In 1982, I had my first job as a busboy. I was spending the summer with my older sister and her husband in Natchez, Mississippi. They were expecting their second baby and had recently lost their first. My mom thought it would be good for Robin my sister, if she had me nearby for a while after that loss, and that having my first job would be good for me. She may have also wanted me out of the house for awhile where we lived in Georgia.

My brother-in-law’s mom was able to get me a job at a restaurant called The Post House. Being that I had no experience, I only worked lunch shifts. Though it was something you could train a monkey to do, it was hard work. The restaurant didn’t want me working on a Saturday night because the idea was to clear tables and reset them as fast as we could so you could get as many people seated as possible. Everyone made more money that way. I was not very fast yet. But, one Saturday night, the regular busboy for that shift quit. After calling everyone else with no replies, they called me in as a last resort.

Nobody was home to give me a ride to work, so I asked a neighbor and friend, who was probably in his mid 30s. He was a friend to me, my sister, and just about the entire apartment complex where we lived. He even offered to pick me up when work was over, which would be extremely late. I said the attack happened on a Saturday night, but technically, it was a Sunday morning.

I was euphoric when the night ended. At 16, it was a huge personal accomplishment to be able to keep up, though it ran me ragged. The management, kitchen staff, and waitresses all complimented me and even shared their tips. Why I might have made twenty dollars that night. When the shift was over, I called the friend.

It’s funny that I can recall the apartment, what he said and what I replied with, but I can’t remember his name, and I don’t want to. It’s not a repressed memory but more of one I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about.

The friend is someone who did creep me out. But, I kept going back to hang out at his apartment, usually with friends or my sister and her husband, Dana. I had bad vibes while liking the friend too, and I told myself I was being silly. But I did go back, but not after that night.

His apartment was always open for everyone to hang out, and my friends and I went there because he was generous with Coca-Cola, Hostess Ding Dongs (funny I remember that), and porn. He had a lot of porn. He had a VHS player which was a huge deal in 1982. Nobody had a VHS player in 1982, but he had one and a library of porn (I can even remember a few of the titles, which may not be so weird). And, he was very willing to let a bunch of teenage boys watch it all. And watch it all we did. Free soft drinks, snack cakes, and porn. He might as well have laid out a red carpet.

I don’t remember how long I hung out with him that night. I don’t think it was very long as I was tired. I wanted to unwind before I went to sleep, and I think after one Coke and Ding Dong I was ready to go home. I made it as far as the balcony before he stopped me. He lived on the second floor in one of the buildings of the complex. It was a U-shaped complex. He lived in the center and we lived on the left of it.

Just as I stepped on the balcony he asked me to wait. He was a big guy, obese even. He was easily 300 pounds, maybe 400. I might have weighed 75 totally wet. I was a very skinny kid. As I was trying to leave, he placed one hand on my rear and the other on my penis. He didn’t squeeze or grab, but there was pressure as he had a hold of me. That’s when he whispered. We were the only ones there and it had to be later than 2:00 AM. Maybe he was kind of afraid to ask for what he wanted, or he was being cautious or thought it was safer, I don’t know. But he leaned down (he was also taller than me) and whispered. He said, “Do you ever get it sucked?” I was frozen in fear. I was terrorized. I replied, “What?” even though I heard him clearly. I didn’t whisper. He repeated, “Do you ever get it sucked?” still whispering. I said, “No. I’m not into that,” which was kind of a weird term for me to use at that time and age because I don’t think I had ever said “I’m not into that” in my entire life. I thought later how it was a cool way to respond, and I wasn’t that cool. After I said, “I’m not into that,” he repeated what I said, “you’re not into that.” I said, “No. I’m not into that.” And then, he released his hands. I don’t remember what he said after that, and he may have apologized. He may have just said something about it not being a big deal. I don’t really recall. He might have felt bad about it. What I do recall is that I left so quickly from that second-story apartment that I didn’t take the stairs. No pun intended, I slid down a pole. There were poles that were holding up the sidewalk/balcony, and I just slid down it as it was right there and the stairs weren’t close at all. I just wanted out of there.

When I got home, my brother-in-law was still awake. I had left them a note about me working that night. He asked about that and if I got home OK. We talked for a few minutes while watching TV. He was probably smoking weed. But, I didn’t tell him what happened. I remember being afraid that he would notice how shaken I was. But, he didn’t that I’m aware of. But then again, he was a weed smoker. I kept thinking of the exact words in my exchange with the friend. “Do you ever get it sucked?” What?” “Do you ever get it sucked?” “I’m not into that.” You’re not into that?” Maybe because those words recycled over and over in my head is why I can’t remember what was said after.

I remember the sheer relief when he removed his hands from my butt and crotch because I didn’t know what was going to happen. I remember thinking, “How does my skinny ass fight this obese man off me?” Thankfully, it didn’t come to that. It was definitely a fear that didn’t go away when he removed his hands.

I never went back and I never told anyone. Funny thing, nobody asked me why I wasn’t going back. It’s like no one had noticed. I don’t remember how long after that, whether it was months or the next year, but my sister told me he had to move out after being accused of something with some other teenage boys. I still didn’t tell her about my experience. I was told a few years later that he had died. I’m assuming from natural causes.

Why didn’t I tell anyone about what happened to me? I was ashamed. I felt it was my fault for putting myself in that situation. I was afraid I wouldn’t be believed or that no one would think it was a big deal, or that he was joking. I was also embarrassed because I’m a guy and I was grabbed by another guy, though I was a kid and he was a full-grown man. That stuff didn’t happen to guys, only women. Right?

I didn’t have any witnesses. I can’t tell you the date. I can’t tell you what I wore. So when people question Blasey Ford’s memory, I think it’s ridiculous. Think of a party you went to five years ago and tell me the date. You probably can’t do that. You may not even remember the exact year. Though I don’t remember the date or even his name, I remember the location, what he said, and the night of the week. I remember my fear and trembling that lasted for hours.

Now, why would I make this story up? I don’t want to tell this story. I don’t even want to think about it. Do you believe me? You should, and you should believe her. Why would she make this up? Why would she lie and ask the FBI to investigate? How can someone listen to her and say, “Eh. I’m voting for him anyway.”

I asked myself if the guy who grabbed me was up for something like Kavanaugh is, would I come forward? Would it be a responsibility of mine? Would it be in the best interest of the country? I think it would. What Blasey Ford is doing is patriotic and she’s a hero. I’m just a kid who had his wiener grabbed in 1982.

I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. I know she didn’t want to tell her story to the world, but she did and she did it for us. She was attacked by Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge watched. You should believe her too because she’s telling the truth.

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Nom Nom Make Boom Boom


Supreme Court, accused sex offender, and chronic liar Brett Kavanaugh described yesterday’s hearing as a circus, which was an insult to circuses. Somewhere, there’s a pissed off clown. Bozo said, “Don’t drag me into this shit. Honk! Honk!”

Naturally, the hearing hasn’t changed many minds over who you believe. But, the one thing it did demonstrate is that even if he’s not a man who has had problems with alcohol and assaulting women, Brett Kavanaugh does not have the temperament, mind, independence, coherence, or personality to sit on the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh, who is already a judge, dodged, ignored, and quibbled through questions while using the drunk choir boy defense. Sometimes, he threw questions back at Senators, such as after being asked if he ever drank to the point of blacking out.

He treated the Senators and public as though they’re stupid. When asked about writings on his calendar and yearbook, he gave definitions that were outright lies that only an idiot or a Republican could believe.

He explained that “boofing” was a reference for flatulence and not sex. He said the Renate Alumni wasn’t a club for guys who claimed they had “boofed” a girl named Renate, but a gang who held her in high respect. Being in the “Ralph club” wasn’t about vomiting from a lot of alcohol, but from a queasy stomach from spicy food. He explained that the “Devil’s Triangle” is not a sex reference with three people, as most people and the Urban Dictionary believes, but a drinking game with quarters. In fact, within minutes, someone from inside the capitol building changed the definition of “Devil’s Triangle” on Wikipedia, which can also explain Kavanaugh’s calendar from 1982.

I was a teenager in 1982 and I am not familiar with any of the definitions he gave. To be fair, I’m not an idiot or a Republican. As Rachel Maddow said (pert near) a few weeks ago, Republicans in charge of the government is a great example of why we don’t let dogs drive cars.

When pressed to call for an FBI investigation, Kavanaugh wouldn’t even answer and kept saying how much he wanted an immediate hearing, despite that these procedures are controlled by Republicans.

When asked by Senator Dick Durbin about his friend Mark Judge, and who Christine Blasey Ford says is a witness, and if the description of a character in his book, “Wasted Tales of a Teenage Drunk,” was him, Kavanaugh said Durbin would have to ask Judge. His answer highlighted the absurdity of the hearing as Durbin can’t ask Judge. The GOP won’t allow witnesses and Judge is currently hiding in a beach house in Delaware. How bad is it that he had to escape to Delaware? Is that why it took forever to find Wesley Snipes? Saddam and Bin Laden should have considered the state for a hiding space.

Dr. Blasey Ford was asked who paid for her polygraph test, which she has passed and Kavanaugh refuses to take (her lawyers paid for it) as if she created this entire story and ordeal to get a free polygraph test out of it. Maybe, someone should ask who’s paying for Mark Judge’s Delaware vacation.

Mark Judge had a letter delivered to the Senate denying any memory of the event (which isn’t a denial). The affidavit  is against the threat of perjury. I’m guessing risking perjury isn’t as great of a risk of being charged with sexual assault charges, where Maryland, the state where Blasey Ford says the assault took place, does not have a statute of limitations.

Blasey Ford was asked questions by a professional prosecutor who is a female. Orrin Hatch demonstrated the wise choice for the all-white Republican male membership on the committee not to ask the questions when describing her testimony; he stated that Blasey Ford is attractive. Shortly after the prosecutor started asking Kavanaugh questions, the GOP fired her on the spot and started asking questions themselves…or more or less, giving rhetorical speeches laced with fake outrage and condescension in defense of the nominee.

Kavanaugh was combative. He was a crier. He cried when he described how his father saved calendars. He claimed the accusations came from people trying to get revenge for the Clintons and upset over Donald Trump’s election victory. This shows he’s too partisan and conspiracy-minded for the court, even if he isn’t gropy.

Hillary Clinton testified before the Senate in 2016 for eleven hours and never cried or shouted once. If she had, she would have been described as “shrill,” “hysterical,” and lacking the temperament and disposition for the presidency. If Blasey Ford had acted that way, instead of slightly nervous, very descriptive, believable, credible, and intelligent, they would have used the same descriptions for her. I actually heard a few conservatives complain about the sound of her voice. Fox News fired contributor Kevin Jackson yesterday after he tweeted that Blasey Ford is a “lying skank.”

Lindsey Graham matched Kavanaugh’s histrionics yesterday and scolded the Democrats for bringing the accusation forward, which was actually made before Kavanaugh was nominated. Graham also promised to match the tactics he’s accusing the Democrats of, which is to bring false charges against their nominees in the future. Lindsey Graham chucked his principles with his old phone number that Trump gave out publicly.

Lindsey Graham does not belong on the Judiciary Committee or even in the United States Senate, just like Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t belong on the Supreme Court. The American Bar Association has rescinded their endorsement of him and is calling for an FBI investigation, which the Republicans will ignore and cram through a vote on the nominee.

Republican Senator John Kennedy asked Kavanaugh if he can swear to God that the accusations aren’t true, and he did.

Brett Kavanaugh can swear to God, but he can’t swear to the FBI. That’s because the FBI exists.

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Hiding Behind A Skirt


During yesterday’s 80-minutes long rambling word salad of a press conference that may have actually been a public service announcement on the effects of mixing Rogaine with Diet Coke, Trump hinted that he’s open to ditching his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

In fact, there may be several Republicans kinda hoping today’s hearing with Kavanaugh and his first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, is convincing enough to let him go without much political damage from their base, who is adamant about his confirmation. With more women making accusations against the nominee for sexual harassment, and even being involved in something called a “train rape,” his baggage has gotten so heavy that winning his confirmation may not be much of a win in the culture war at this point.

But, under the leadership of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the party as a whole is still trying to seat him on the court. Many don’t fear a legacy of putting Justice Rape Train on the nation’s highest court with a lifetime appointment. That’s not what they fear. What they do fear is coming off as insensitive to the very credible Blasey Ford in today’s hearing.

They’re right to be afraid. With several senators promising to confirm Kavanaugh, they’ve made it clear that it doesn’t matter what Ms. Ford says, or how poorly Kavanaugh comes off. Other senators have questioned why women wait so long to report, and others asking why they would even go to a party where they would be sexually assaulted, in addition to the president saying this is just a sham with fake accusers. McConnell gave a speech where he repeated the word “smear” several times. I was waiting for him to eventually create a new term in “smeary smears.”

Not wanting a reenactment of the late Senator Howell Heflin’s question to Anita Hill in 1991 of, “Are you a scorned woman?” The Republicans don’t plan to ask Ms. Ford any questions at all. For this, they’re bringing in a woman to question Ms. Ford. And, they’ve even messed that up with McConnell referring to her as a “female assistant,” and Joe Kennedy forgetting her name.

Her name is Rachel Mitchell, and this “assistant” has nearly 30 years experience working in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in Arizona. The Republicans will be present and you’ll find them hiding behind her skirt.

The Judiciary Committee has been around for 202 years and the Republican Party has never had a woman serve on it. The Democrats currently have four, and two of them aren’t white.

Ms. Ford’s attorney sent a letter to Chuck Grassley, the committee chairman stating, “The central point is that there is no precedent for this Committee to bring in outside counsel for the sole purpose of shielding the members of the Committee from performing their responsibility to question witnesses.” He’s right. The all-white Republican men on the committee will not be doing the jobs they were elected to do tomorrow.

If the Republican men on the committee need an inspiration for courage, they can look across the aisle at their colleagues on the same committee, Dianne Feinstein, Amy Klobuchar, Mazie Hirono, and Kamala Harris.

Maybe then they can “man up.”

Your support in the form of donations is appreciated. I am fully independent as I’m not employed by a newspaper or with a major syndicate (leaving one to be independent). It does take a lot of work to provide you with cartoons, columns, and videos almost every day (more than any other political cartoonist), and I don’t charge my clients much at all. If you can, please consider making a financial contribution to keep the fun flowing, or purchase a signed print for $40. Whether you can help support, can’t, or just choose not to, please continue to enjoy and keep reading my work. Thank you!!!

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Why I Didn’t Report


Donald Trump tweeted, “I have no doubt that, if the attack on Dr. Ford was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local Law Enforcement Authorities by either her or her loving parents. I ask that she bring those filings forward so that we can learn date, time, and place!”

For the answer to “why didn’t report it?,” one only has to look toward Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who says the Senate will confirm Kavanaugh. It doesn’t matter what his accuser says or what new information comes out. He’s committed to sending Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court for a lifetime appointment, even if it turns out he attempted to rape a girl when he was 17-years-old.

THAT is why so many instances of rape and sexual assault go unreported. To men like Mitch McConnell, it doesn’t matter what she says. When it comes to he said/she said it only matters what he said.

Trump’s tweet, all by itself, should make Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins vote no on Kavanaugh. Both women senators demanded Al Franken resign over a photo of him pretending to grope a woman. You would think they’d have more outrage over someone accused of doing the real thing.

The Senate Republicans and Trump say they can’t delay the vote any longer, which is a lie. They proved they can by delaying Obama’s nominee by eleven months, and not even giving the guy a hearing. They refused to even meet with him in their offices. Not only can they delay, but they’ve shown they’re really good at it.

They want the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, to come to them on Monday, and they refuse to bend on that date. They refuse to allow her to speak after Kavanaugh. They refuse to have an investigation. They refuse to hear any witnesses. This is how we select a justice for the Supreme Court, by having as little information as possible?

The Republicans don’t care if new information comes out that shows Kavanaugh is guilty and shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court, just so long as he’s on the court when we find out. There are no interests in facts. Only in putting an extreme right-wing political operative on the bench who will overturn abortion and protect Donald Trump. The bad thing is, if they don’t get this right-wing, knuckle-dragging troglodyte on the bench, why they’ll just have to settle for another right-wing, knuckle-dragging troglodyte.

Over the past two years, Republicans have defended and protected pedophiles, rapists, men who commit and brag about sexual assault, and Nazis. To be a Republican now is to be on the wrong side.

The defense of, “he was only a kid at the time,” is not a defense you would use if it was your daughter.

When you ask, “why didn’t she report it,” the answer is in your question.

Your support in the form of donations is appreciated. I am fully independent as I’m not employed by a newspaper or with a major syndicate (leaving one to be independent). It does take a lot of work to provide you with cartoons, columns, and videos almost every day (more than any other political cartoonist), and I don’t charge my clients much at all. If you can, please consider making a financial contribution to keep the fun flowing, or purchase a signed print for $40. Whether you can help support, can’t, or just choose not to, please continue to enjoy and keep reading my work. Thank you!!!

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