Chris Christie

The Sheer Ickiness Of Donald Trump


My son is a handsome man. Most parents, mothers and fathers would say that about their child. You can say your daughter is beautiful. You can’t say you’d date them. That’s exactly what Donald Trump said about his daughter, Ivanka, in addition to saying she has the “best body.” Ew!

And he’s made comments about dating his daughter several times over the years.  In 2003 he talked about her body. In 2006 he said “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” Recently in Rolling Stone he said “Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father …” Though he made that last comment to Rolling Stone the magazine, if he had said it to the Rolling Stone Mick Jagger even he probably would have thrown up in his mouth.

Trump needs to stop talking about women and their looks. He’s insulted Rosie O’Donnell and other women by calling them “slobs,” “fat pigs,” “dogs,” and “disgusting animals.” Earlier this week he basically called Republican presidential candidate and failed CEO Carly Fiorina ugly.

A lot of Republicans were upset. Some of these are the same Republicans who thrive on insulting Hillary Clinton with age, wrinkle and cankle jokes. They also like to insult Michelle Obama. I don’t really get that as neither of these two women are unattractive, but maybe that’s why they photo shop pictures of Obama and email chain them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Republicans pick and choose what’s unfair, uncalled for, inappropriate and disgusting, failing to see that maybe Trump represents what they really are as a party. A bunch of sexist-misogynistic pigs. When you add that to homophobia and racism you’re dealing with a full plate of hatred.

There are times that insults about appearance is OK. I’ll explain it for the slow learners out there.

First rule, don’t insult a woman’s appearance. The only exception is if she chooses to look ridiculous like wearing a clown suit. But the standard rule is don’t. It’s unmanly and you’re not being a gentleman. You’re being a slob.

Why is it OK to make fun of Trump’s hair? Because Trump CHOOSES to style his hair like that. Comb overs are fair game.

Is it OK to make fun of Chris Christie’s weight? Normally, no. But when he makes comments about others dependency and lack of self control, then you can have it. Plus, it’s really hard not to make a comment when he wears a skin tight baseball uniform and he rocks the male camel toe. Someone buy the man a mirror.

The other rule is it’s OK to caricature someone ugly if you do it with everyone. Caricatures aren’t ever really attractive. People ask me all the time to draw them and I initially refuse. I’ve made enemies and lost friends with caricatures. And you never ever ever ever caricature a girl you’re dating or married to. That’s like a weight comment multiplied by 50.

About 20 years ago I was paid to caricature at a debutante ball. I was paid pretty well for the mid-90’s but it was somebody’s dumb idea. I got the subject from Hell in a cancer-surviving-teenage girl. She was bald. They didn’t invite me back.


Christie Squeezes In


I don’t make attempts at jokes at the expense of someone’s personal appearance, unless I think I can make a (no pun intended) larger point out of it. There are exceptions such as Donald Trump’s hair. That’s something he can help like maybe buying a better toupee or trying a different style of comb over. I’m not sure what he exactly has going on up there, on top of his head or inside it.

I couldn’t resist with this analogy. There are way too many candidates and quite frankly, Chris Christie is not going to fit into the debates or in the race for campaign cash. Physics say it’s impossible. I’m not out to make a pointless fat joke. A lot of conservatives make fun of Hillary’s appearance (I’ve seen a few cartoonists do it). That’s sexist, shows they have nothing more substantial to offer and quite frankly, stupid. Hillary Clinton is 67. I’m not aware of any 67-year-old super models. Conservatives really don’t do well with humor. They are very funny people but it’s never intentional.

I got this idea last week but I held off waiting on Christie’s announcement. There was a sort of a mini announcement last week that he would announce on Tuesday. So I roughed it out last Thursday. On Saturday I took a road trip with a friend to Northern Virginia and I took my notebook with me. I showed her the rough and she loved it.


Then I worked on the body language.