Debt Ceiling Cheetahs

In yesterday’s blog, I talked about how Republicans don’t actually care about corruption unless a Democrat does it. In the case of the Biden family, Republicans can only pretend there’s corruption…but they really really care about it. The same holds true to a lot of other issues, like debt.

Republicans don’t give a shit about debt except when Democrats are in power. Right now, they’re tying raising the debt ceiling to cutting government spending. That sounds nice, right? If it’s the right thing to do, then why didn’t they make those same demands during the Trump administration (sic)? Republicans raised the debt ceiling three times during Trump’s presidency (sic).

Republicans are often better at messaging than Democrats. Most people have the perception that Republicans are better with budgets and the economy. But the facts are that most economic downturns occur during Republican administrations and most government spending is created by Republicans. Republicans are as good with finances just as much as they are with patriotism (Russian meddling), law and order (January 6 and defending Trump crimes), and family values (grab them by the pussy).

Ronald Reagan added $1.86 trillion to the national debt, a 186 percent increase from the $997.8 billion debt at the end of Jimmy Carter’s last budget. Reagan was a big fan of the trickle-down myth and gave huge tax cuts to asshole billionaires.

George H. W. Bush added added $1.55 trillion to the debt, a 54 percent increase from the $2.857 trillion debt at the end of Reagan’s last budget.

George W. Bush added $5.85 trillion to the national debt, a 101 percent increase from the $5.8 trillion debt at the end of Clinton’s last budget. He funded two wars while giving billionaire assholes more tax cuts. No one could have predicted that wouldn’t work out (that’s sarcasm).

And Trump? He added nearly $7 trillion to the debt. Take in the fact that Trump added $7 trillion while only having half the time of Reagan and George W. (because he lost his reelection attempt to Joe Biden and is now a one-term loser). His greatest legislative accomplishment was giving himself a tax cut because he’s a billionaire asshole. All three times that the debt ceiling needed to be raised during the Trump presidency (sic), guess who voted for each time. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Do you know what preconditions they attached each time they voted to raise it? None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

But in all fairness to Republicans, there are very good reasons why they didn’t add any preconditions to raising the debt ceiling during the Trump presidency (sic). It’s because they’re lying scum-sucking hypocritical weasely stupid racist bastards who don’t actually give a flying fuck about debt. And in fact, if you listen to them, most don’t understand the debt ceiling. And according to a recent poll, most Americans don’t understand it either.

A new poll commissioned by CNN says that 60 percent of Americans only want the debt ceiling raised if spending cuts are attached to it. They don’t specify what spending they want cut, they just want cuts. But, some people do lie when asked a question by a pollster. For example, nearly half of respondents claim they have been following negotiations over the debt ceiling, but that has to be a lie…or they’re stupid. Are we a nation full of Boeberts?

Are the respondents stupid? Yes, they are. While 60 percent are on the GOP’s side with attaching spending cuts to raising the debt ceiling, only 23 percent say Republicans have the right priorities? That’s like saying Nickelback is the best band in the world while also hating bands that keep rewriting the same song over and over and over and over and…

Kevin McCarthy said, “I told the president Feb. 1, ‘I said, Mr. President, you’re not going to raise taxes. You’ve got to spend less money than was spent this year.'”

Raising the debt limit, pay attention, DOES NOT INCREASE SPENDING and despite what Fucker McCarthy said, it DOES NOT RAISE TAXES!!!! Raising the debt limit is paying off spending that’s already been agreed upon, legislated, and passed. Republicans are screaming about cutting spending before they will raise the debt ceiling while NOT working on the next budget where you do negotiate spending cuts.

And Repubicans are proposing cuts to a lot of social programs while demanding increases in others, like the defense budget. Kids, spending more money isn’t spending less money. Fact, fact, fuckity, fact, fact.

Another demand Republicans are making is to eliminate the hiring of 87,000 IRS agents over the next decade. Republicans have to lie to sell this bullshit. They claim that the new agents are being hired to come after the little guy, but most importantly, poor white people who vote Republican. They will punish you for being conservative. In fact, all these new agents will be armed with guns. Be afraid…be very afraid.

The reality is, most of the new agents are to replace retiring agents and over the ten years. Most will not be armed. And most of these hirings are so the IRS will have more manpower to go after tax cheats….you know, Billionaire assholes. Republicans circle the wagons around billionaire assholes. For example, Donald Trump paid ZERO in federal taxes in 2020. How does an asshole that claims he’s worth $10 billion come out paying zero in taxes? How does an asshole who’s worth is actually $2.5 billion come out not paying any taxes?

So when President Biden and Kevin come to terms on raising the debt limit, it won’t be enough for all the Republicans in the House. A lot of them will still vote against it. Kevin has a slim GOP majority in the House, but he will still need Democrats to pass raising the debt ceiling his demanded cuts. Have fun with that.

The majority of Americans want spending cuts attached to raising the debt limit. But, just because the majority believes in something that doesn’t make it right. Mob rule doesn’t make anything factual. Once upon a time, the majority in this nation was against gay marriage. Hell, a majority used to be against interracial marriage. In 2003, a majority of Americans were in love with the idea of invading Iraq only because it made them feel warm and squishy inside.

Kevin McCarthy created this crisis. There would not be a crisis if they simply voted to raise the debt ceiling without conditions. It would be done. The bills would be paid. It would not push the entire global economy into chaos. As it is now, the nation may be in default of its debts on June 1.

Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans are holding the entire planet hostage over this GOP-created crisis.

Musice note: I listened to Alice Cooper, Alien Ant Farm, Anna Nalick, and Audioslave (I was in the A’s).

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Billionaires In Space


When you see bored billionaires spending their money to go into space or say they didn’t know taxes were supposed to be paid on fringe benefits like cars, apartments, and tuition, you know we need to raise taxes on these rich-ass bastards.

American billionaires Jeff Bezos, South African/Canadian/American (make up your mind) billionaire Elon Musk, British rich bastard Richard Branson, and Russian/Israeli miser Yuri Milner are all fucking around with space. I predict, like their fellow rich alum Thurston Howell III, one of these rich fuckos is going to be end up stranded on an island.

When you are spending $100 million to build a giant laser to shoot silicon microchips into space to see if an alien will catch one of them, you may have too much money on your hands. That’s what Yuri Milner is up to. This isn’t as much scientific research as it is an expensive hobby. What’s he going to do next? Shoot up small dogs to see if they can bark in space? Milner is one of the poorest billionaires in this race with his wealth estimated somewhere between $3-$4 billion.

Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, plans to colonize Mars, but before they get that on, he’s going to use his craft, Starship (good job with the naming, guys) to fly into space, open a door, and scoop up space litter, which is probably less hazardous than scooping kitty litter. Each launch of Starship will cost around $2 million. Elon is worth around $150 billion.

Jeff Bezos, who is worth about $187 billion, isn’t just entering the space tourism industry. He’s planning to shoot his own ass into space. Bezos is planning to launch on July 20 on board the New Shepard, the rocket ship made by his space company, Blue Origin. Bezos auctioned off a seat as well, with the price at $28 million. This trip is expected to last 11 minutes while Amazon can’t deliver new kitty litter within 11 days (HURRY!!!). You can probably go to an arcade and find one of those little rocket ship-shaped rides for toddlers that can shake your ass for 11 minutes for about 50 cents.

Richard Branson is poor compared to Bezos and Musk, but he’s about to beat all of them into space. He’s scheduled to lift off on board the VSS Unity, his ship built by his space tourism company, Virgin Galactic. One person has already been killed by Branson’s space hobby.

Then you have Donald Trump, the poorest of these billionaires, and unfortunately, isn’t being shot off to another planet. Trump claims he’s worth $10 billion but since everything that comes out of his mouth is like a litter box after your cat ate Indian food, he’s lying. Trump’s worth is probably closer to $2 billion. In the past, Trump has told us his taxes are too complicated for us to understand, yet during a recent rally, he displayed he doesn’t understand taxes. After his corporation and chief financial officer were charged for tax crimes, he said, “They go after good, hard-working people for not paying taxes on a company car. You didn’t pay tax on the car or a company apartment. You used an apartment because you need an apartment because you have to travel too far where your house is. You didn’t pay tax. Or education for your grandchildren. I don’t even know. Do you have to? Does anybody know the answer to that stuff?”

Yes, Tiny. You’re supposed to pay taxes on gifts. Pretty much everybody knows the answer “to this stuff.” The guy who has been hiding his tax returns for years and told us he knows taxes better than anyone, is asking if people have to pay taxes on expensive items. He also admitted to the crime. Oops. Maybe Donald Trump is trying to land in court before his billionaire compadres take off for space.

Trump is trying to get his poor, food-stamp-spending, white nationalist cult upset that rich people are being forced to pay taxes. And it’ll probably work. I mean, these fuckers are already upset over a single black mother collecting $200 a month to feed her baby, and aren’t even aware that Boeing receives over $13 billion a year in taxpayer subsidies.

I’m a big fan of raising taxes on the rich, and I’m a bigger fan of going after them for when they avoid paying taxes.

Donald Trump only paid $700 in taxes for some years while also engaging in shady tax schemes. Last year, Jeff Bezos tax rate was 0.98 percent. His company, Amazon, didn’t pay any taxes.

I propose we raise taxes on all these billionaires and rub their faces in used kitty litter.

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