Cop City

The people who attacked the Capitol on January 6, 2021, are terrorists. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Let’s start with Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson said the violence on January 6 will be a “footnote” in American history. He’s blamed the FBI for instigating the attack. He claims the Capitol Police allowed the terrorist into the building. He’s downplayed the role of white supremacists in the attack because he is one himself. He claims Ashli Babbit, the terrorist who was shot while forcing her way further into the Capitol, “posed no conceivable threat to anyone.” He claimed that “not a single person in the crowd that day was found to be carrying a firearm” despite court records showing that to be a lie. And he says the attack was NOT an insurrection.

Tucker had different thoughts after a peaceful protest in Atlanta BRIEFLY turned violent.

Marchers gathered to protest the killing of an activist by cops on Wednesday during a raid to clear the construction site of a police training facility that activists have nicknamed “Cop City”. Cops shot and killed activist Manuel Teran, a 26-year-old who they claim shot and wounded a state trooper. The protesters don’t believe the cops.

Would cops lie? During the protests throughout the nation after the murder of George Floyd by cops, entire police departments lied.

During a protest in Buffalo, cops shoved a 75-year-old man to the ground, sustaining a brain injury. The cops kept walking by with none of them helping the elderly man. The Buffalo Police Department issued a statement that the man had tripped. The only problem with that explanation is that 70 million people viewed the footage of the police shoving the man to the ground. Naturally, a grand jury refused to charge any police officers.

After CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez was arrested while covering protests in Minneapolis, the police department issued a statement saying, “In the course of clearing the streets and restoring order at Lake Street and Snelling Avenue, four people were arrested by State Patrol troopers, including three members of a CNN crew. The three were released once they were confirmed to be members of the media.” I guess the cops don’t want CNN because the arrest was live on the air and viewers saw Jimenez holding his CNN badge while reporting, identifying himself as a reporter, and telling the officers the crew would move wherever officers needed them to. Jimenez was handcuffed live on TV.

It’s not just that a cop or a few cops lied. The official statements from the police departments lied. They lied boldly. They lied hoping the public would believe their statements and not their own eyes. This gives the impression that lying is a part of cop culture.

The violence in Atlanta was brief. A police car was set on fire and protesters smashed windows of buildings. Six people, all white, were arrested.

Tucker said, “Antifa is the armed instrument of the permanent Democratic establishment in Washington. Their job is to mobilize when politically necessary. Political militia are a common feature in third-world politics. In our country, only one party has them.”

If Antifa (if this is Antifa) is the armed instrument of the Democratic establishment as Tucker claims, then what are the Proud Boys? What are the Oathkeepers? What are the Three Percenters? What’s Qanon? Each of these groups was represented during the terrorist attack on the Capitol.

The Democratic Party does NOT sanction or condone Antifa. Donald Trump told his terrorists to come to Washington on January 6 and promised that “it would be wild.” He tweeted to the terrorists that they are “very special” and that he “loved” them.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, who now sits on the Homeland Security Committee, which is to protect our nation from terrorists, said “we would have won” if she was in charge of the terrorist attack on January 6. She described the incident in Atlanta as an “insurrection” committed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. That doesn’t even make sense. She then went on Tucker’s show and announced that she’s introducing legislation (destined to fail) that would classify Antifa as a terrorist organization. Don’t forget, MTG is a proud member of Qanon, a terrorist organization that sent a goon to shoot up a pizza parlor (and not because they put pineapple on pizza), and has pushed their conspiracy theories.

Kevin McCarthy, who put a terrorist on the Homeland Security Committee, initially blamed Donald Trump for the attack on January 6, but couldn’t backtrack and crawl up his own ass fast enough after seeing that didn’t sell with his party. He quickly made a run to Mar-a-Lago to kiss Trump’s ass and get a photo-op with him. After the Atlanta incident, he tweeted, “We stand with cops.” Oh, you do, do you?

Over 100 Capitol Police officers were injured by Trump’s white nationalist terrorists on January 6, with five of them dying afterward. Congress awarded every officer who responded to the insurrection with the Congressional Gold medal with 21 House Republicans voting NO. Marjorie Taylor Greene was one of those no votes, but she wants to cry for cops in Atlanta.

During the award ceremony, the mother of fallen officer Brian Sicknick refused to shake the hands of Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell saying, “They’re just two-faced. I’m just tired of them standing there and saying how wonderful the Capitol police is, and they turn around and … go down to Mar-a-Lago and kiss Trump’s ring.” I wouldn’t have said that. I would have said “ass.”

Sicknick’s brother said, “They have no idea what integrity is. They can’t stand up for what’s right and wrong.” McConnell criticized and blamed Trump for the insurrection but refused to vote to convict after the Senate impeachment trial. This is called cowardice.

But now the goons want to tell us they “stand with cops” after supporting the terrorists who attacked cops. They want to cry about a burning police car and a few smashed windows and howl about Antifa after they supported white nationalist groups like Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and Qanon after they attacked our nation.

What’s next? Are they going to claim they’re patriots while supporting Putin? Oh, yeah. Oops.

Republicans, especially MAGA, are domestic terror threats against this nation. Putting a supporter of white nationalist terrorists on the Homeland Security Committee is almost as laughable as it is terrifying. And that person wants to classify a left-wing group as a terrorist organization.

Republicans have lost every right to pretend they’re outraged by political violence.

Six people were arrested in Atlanta. Nearly 1,000 people have been charged in the January 6 insurrection. The only thing arrested MAGA terrorists have in common with those arrested in Atlanta is that they’re all white.

Music note: I continued listening to The Wall.

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Bang Bang Baby

Police in Beech Grove, Indiana were called when a toddler was seen in the hallway of an apartment building with a gun. The cops were called by a neighbor who reported that the toddler came to her door and pointed the gun at her son, who quickly shut the door and told his mom, “Baby with a gun.”

The caller looked through the peephole and saw the kid with the weapon, saying, “He was just kind of holding it behind his back, and I thought…like that’s a real gun. I sell guns for a living, so I know what a gun looks like.”

The purported father of Baby Bang-Bang, Shane Osborn, told police there wasn’t a gun in the house. He also said he was feeling ill and taking a nap when the toddler went outside the apartment and that he wasn’t aware of what was going on. Reportedly, the toddler was left with its so-called father because its primary babysitter wasn’t feeling well either.

Even before we get to the gun, it’s extremely negligent to allow the toddler to go outside alone. It’s negligent to take a nap or be in any situation where you don’t know the location of the kid. I have a pet peeve about men who act like it’s a burden to watch their own kids. This guy is trying to claim it’s not his fault because he was sleeping and that he didn’t know there was a gun in the house. This pisses me off, like fathers who say they’re babysitting when left alone with their own kids. You don’t babysit your own kids. You parent your kids. It’s your job to take care of your children just as much as it’s the mother’s.

Back to the gun: The guy said there wasn’t a gun in the house but allowed the cops to search. They didn’t find a gun. but before the cops left, a neighbor showed them surveillance footage of the baby running around with the gun. They went back inside and one of the cops asked the child “where he put his ‘pew pew.” The kid pointed to a roll-top desk where they found the gun…which was fully loaded with 15 bullets in the magazine. Fortunately, there wasn’t a bullet in the chamber.

The “father” said the gun must belong to his cousin, who drops the gun off every now and then when he feels like he might want to shoot himself. My Beagle-Panty story is more believable than that (and that really happened).

Shane Osborn was arrested for neglect, which was aired on the Reelz TV show, “On Patrol: Live.” I didn’t know that was a thing.

Last week in Newport News, Virginia, a six-year-old elementary student took a handgun to school and intentionally shot his teacher. The teacher survived but is in critical condition. The gun was purchased legally by the kid’s mom, but she was negligent in its storage.

I haven’t heard if mom is facing any legal charges yet. This is Virginia where we have very blue cities but enough yee-haw fuckers and gun humpers to keep this state purple.

School officials actually received a tip that the kid had brought a gun to school, searched the kid’s backpack, and didn’t find the gun despite the fact it was in the backpack. Maybe they were Republicans and didn’t want to take the gun away from the six-year-old.

Democrats in Virginia’s General Assembly have crafted a bill that if passed (it won’t because we have a yee-haw governor) that would require anyone who owns a gun in a home where a minor is present to store the gun unloaded and in a locked container or cabinet, and to store all ammunition in a separate locked container.

Naturally, the gun nuts protest. Philip VanGunHumper Van Cleave, the president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League and Gun Fuckers, said, “wah.” He’s worried that a law requiring you to store your gun separately, and in a locked container if you have children won’t protect you “if the back door is kicked in” by bears or pirates.

Gun nuts love their guns more than love their kids. If that’s not true, then we would have stopped school shootings after Sandy Hook, but this nation decided it could live with children murdered in gun violencemore easily than it can live without our gun fetish. Republicans chose guns over kids.

What these gun parents should have said is that they gave the kids guns, the toddler, the six-year-year-old, so they can protect themselves from Antifa and Black Lives Matter. It worked before.

Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t old enough to own the gun on his person when he drove from Illinois to Wisconsin to protect himself from Antifa and Black Lives Matter in Kenosha. This little fuck drove across state lines in order to protect himself, and shot three people, killing two.

Kyle had to cry and blubber on the stand but his defense worked, and he got off. Today, he’s a frequent guest at Mar-a-Lago and making a living doing photo-ops at yee-haw rallies and fucknut conventions. Meanwhile, two of the people he drove 90 miles to protect himself from are dead.

The gun hero thing is the same with the mustard-stain couple who ran outside barefoot with assault weapons after seeing black people walking on the sidewalk in front of their house in their gated St. Louis neighborhood. They got a speaking slot at Trump’s 2020 Republican National Convention out of that incident and are celebrated as conservative heroes for pointing guns at black people.

Here’s a fact that will make your right-wing uncle say, “but, but, but…” Guns are the number one cause of death for children ages 1-19 in the United States. Only in the USA though. In Canada, more kids are killed every year by moose stompings than by guns. We have a problem in this country…actually two.

The first problem is our gun fetish supported by the National Rifle Association and Republicans. The second problem is, how do we make the NRA and Republicans available for moose stompings?

Music note: I listened to Led Zeppelin.

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Scaredy MAGAts


In the comments under yesterday’s cartoon on Instagram, I was called a “libtard.” I didn’t think it was that special though it’s been a while since someone has hurled that bigoted and ignorant insult in my direction. And I didn’t just get it once. I got it four times. It amused me so I tweeted about it…which lead to me being called the word about 17 more more times on Twitter.

First off, to the liberals who replied that I should throw it back at them with something like “Trumptard,” you’re missing the point. We don’t sink to their level and you don’t fight bigotry with bigotry. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll be more direct: Don’t use the word, “tard.” Don’t justify it.

Normally, goons call me something like “snowflake.” They think that’s clever. It’s been over four years but that still gets chuckles from them. I love that they use that word, because it’s another example of conservative projection. You see, conservatives are cowards to the point they’re afraid of tiny little thing, like a gay player in the NFL, to the “WAP” song, to losing their white privilege, and to things that don’t even exist, like Jewish Space Lasers.

For example: Republicans have been screaming about communism and Sharia law for years, yet it hasn’t happened here. Another example of projection is their campaigning for their own version of Sharia law.

And if you don’t believe me that Republicans are huge cowards and are constantly snowflaking about shit, just turn on Tucker. He cries about everything and especially if it’s stuff that doesn’t exist. He is the center of the cowardly universe for Republicans who tune in nightly to see what they should be afraid of tomorrow.

This July 4th, fireworks may send your sweet doggy hiding underneath your bed out of fear and anxiety, but Bowser ain’t got nothing on Tucker. Tucker probably sleeps under his bed every night, and unlike in this cartoon, he probably takes the Trumpy Bear with him. And, if you have named your dog after Tucker, that is animal cruelty.

Right now, Republicans have so much to be afraid of that will never hurt them. Stuff like Critical Race Theory, Jewish Space Lasers, Italian satellites, Chinese bamboo ballots, Levar Burton hosting Jeopardy!, gay football players, Ilhan Omar, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Hilary Clinton, Sandra Fluke (let’s bring her back), Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (women in general), Juneteenth, trans athletes (this is the hot one for the moment), taking down Confederate statues, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, woke generals, and me. Actually, I’m the only one you should be afraid of and I’m coming to getcha.

When I started this cartoon, I already had some of these topics in my head…but I needed to be reminded what else they’re afraid of, which forced me to look at some stuff I didn’t want to look at.

Lately, I’ve been trying to cut negativity out of my life. That means no looking at Trumper pages on social media, no looking at conservative political cartoons, and no watching Fox News, which I never do anyway. But, to see the current fears, I had to go look at some. It was either that or call one of my MAGAt sisters. No thanks!

First thing I did was check out the Facebook page of one cartoonist, who is not my friend, but is afraid of everything and is always posting about it. He’s on the pulse of right-wing bullshit which can come in helpful for research. Right now his main fears are the vaccine, trans people, and President Biden whispering. He’s also afraid of having his white privilege taken away and it’s obvious he hates black people. He also has a weird Led Zeppelin fetish. It is weird for a 60-year-old man to post 18 shirtless-Robert Plant pictures a day, right?

Then I looked at some cartoons from a bunch of them and…HOLY SHIT!!!!! Did you hear about this trans thing? Apparently, they’re going to shower with us, win beauty pageants, and steal gold medals at the Olympics. This is a major crisis in conservative media. Also, they’re never watching the NFL again…again.

And then, I did what I really didn’t want to do. I went to Breitbart. Ugh. Breitbart used to, and maybe they still do, have an entire section devoted to “black on black crime.” It’s like the racist section but they couldn’t call it the “racist” section. Today’s headlines at the Breitbart include scary stories about trans people, black people, CNN, Critical Race Theory, Biden eating ice cream (that sonofabitch!), gays, more trans people, another Critical Race Theory story, covid this and covid that, immigrants, more trans people, more Critical Race Theory, more immigrants, more black people, more trans people, Critical Race Theory again, and Tucker Carlson is probably right about being spied on by the NSA…and more trans stories. Nothing about aliens, at least not on the front page.

Conservatives are really afraid of EVERYTHING. They need help for their anxiety but I can’t find anything on the web about how to soothe and calm a MAGAt suffering from loud noises. So, I decided to take the tips for dogs suffering from firework anxiety and apply it to dumbass racist Republican conspiracy theorists. Maybe one of these can keep your MAGAt from scurrying under your bed and piddling. MAGAt piddle is just the worst.

Tip 1: Ask your vet for a sedative. I’m sure any sedative designed for your fur baby will also work on your MAGAt baby. Just don’t be tempted to give them the entire bottle because it’ll sure be nice if you don’t see them for a few days. I understand the temptation. Also, don’t hit them in the head with a hammer, though again, I understand the temptation.

Tip 2: Hold them close and say, “shhhh. It’ll be alright. AOC isn’t coming to get you.” This may not work as nobody wants to hold a MAGAt close to their own body. Ew.

Tip 3: Give them a treat. Raw bacon, waffle fries from Chick-fil-A, a sandwich from Cheesecake Factory, or just a block of raw butter from Cracker Barrell may get them excited long enough not to notice CNN ran a special on the Tulsa Massacre.

Tip 4: Belly rubs. MAGAts love a good belly tickle. But once again, this would mean you have to touch them. Also, most MAGAts are sticky. You’ve been warned.

Tip 5: Tell them you’re trans. They’ll probably jump out the window and you’ll never see them again. That advice wasn’t on the doggy site because people love dogs and want to see them again. Have you ever heard of anyone adopting a lost MAGAt? No, you have not.

Tip 6: Buy your MAGAt a one-way bus trip to Jacksonville and let him be their problem. Jacksonville won’t notice. It’s not like they’ll say, “Hey, have you noticed Jacksonville has been a lot more Jacksonvilley?”

Tip 7: Turn off Fox News. You shouldn’t let your dog watch Fox News either as that’s animal cruelty.

Tip 8: The doggy site says to familiarize your pet to the sounds, but I think if you repeat “Ilhan Omar” too often, your MAGAt may leap into a ceiling fan. But then again, win-win except for the mess. MAGAts are sticky on the inside too…we think. It may just be a lot of coal.

Tip 9: Did I mention the one-way bus ticket to Jacksonville? I did? Never mind.

Tip 10: Distraction: Someone should produce and sell mobiles with Trump’s face on them. If you put that above a MAGAts bed, he may not notice anything else. See if you can work some Benadryl into the baby bottle.

Tip 11: Ball gag.

Tip 12: Get him a Thundershirt. Be warned, they don’t work on everybody. For instance, they don’t work on Beagles. But, Beagles are way smarter than MAGAts and are fooled less easily. You never heard a Beagle bitch about immigration…unless you immigrated a cat into the house. Speaking of cats, there are Thundershirts for cats. Putting a Thundershit on a MAGAt has gotta be a hell of a lot easier than putting a shirt on a cat. Also, thundershirts use velcro, so like a MAGAts shoes, they may be able to put them on by themselves. As I recall though, you had to slide arms in, fold one piece over another, then fold the piece that has the velcro…never mind. It’s way too complicated for a MAGAt and you’re gonna have to help him.

If none of these work, there’s the hammer idea and you can probably get that one-way bus ticket to Jacksonville for about $80.00. Hell, that’s twice the price of a Thundershirt.

Last tip: Stop with the fireworks. What are you, six? Get over it already.

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The Do-Nazi Run Run Run


In 2017 at the Unite The Right rally, neo-Nazis goose-stepped around with their tiki torches chanting, “Jews will not replace us” and, “Blood and soil.” Donald Trump claimed there were good people marching with Nazis making those chants. They were there to protect a Confederate statue the city voted to remove. They were met by anti-protesters, people opposed to racism and fascism. The tiki-torch Nazis responded by brawling with the antifascists. One Nazi intentionally drove his car into a crowd of anti-racist protesters. In doing so, the Nazi murdered Heather Heyer and injured 19 others. The Nazi driver was convicted of first-degree murder along with several other charges and is now serving a life prison sentence.

Soon, depending on which fucknut red state you’re in, that type of first-degree murder will be legal.

That’s right, kiddos. Republicans across the nation aren’t just content with taking away your voting rights…they want to make it legal for Nazis to kill you. Or at the very least, punish you for protesting by taking away your rights to receive public assistance, student loans, government jobs, and even the right to run for elective office. Seriously. They are trying to silence you.

What’s funny is, all those ammosexuals horny for guns who refer to themselves as “constitutionalists” are pretty quiet about this assault on the First Amendment. In case you’re a Republican, the First Amendment is also in the Constitution.

Florida’s idiot governor, Ron DeSantis, is calling their anti-free speech law the “strongest anti-looting, anti-rioting, pro-law-enforcement piece of legislation in the country.” Here’s the thing, kids. It’s already illegal to loot and riot. What they’re doing here is making it illegal to assemble which means they’re making it illegal to protest. They’re making it illegal to say what they don’t want to hear. DeSantis has also tied this to protecting Confederate statues and any protester who harms one can serve 15 years in prison. Who do you think he’s talking to with that? He’s talking to Nazis.

They’re saying this is a pro-law-enforcement act, but most of these guys can’t summon up the word “terrorists” when it comes to those MAGA fuckers who attacked our nation’s Capitol building and attacked cops. When racist fucks like DeSantis talk about the “riots” and “looting,” they mention Portland. What they don’t mention is Washington, D.C.

One of these bills is actually from a Republican in the Minnesota legislature. So, while Derek Chauvin is going to jail for murdering a black man, if this bill passes, you can can legally murder those protesting the murder of a black man. There are over 80 bills being sponsored to silence protests in 34 states.

In Oklahoma and Iowa, they’re making it legal to run over protesters in your car if you’re afraid for your life. That’s ridiculous because white Republicans are always afraid of black people. Just watch Tucker Carlson tonight. That guy is probably doing his show in a diaper because he’s scaring the shit out of himself.

In fact, this has already happened in Oklahoma. Last year in Tulsa, a driver in a pickup hauling a horse trailer drove through a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters. He injured several and even paralyzed one for life. Guess what. He wasn’t charged because he was “scared” of all the black people. Seriously. If there was a horse in that trailer and someone would have paralyzed it, they would have been charged. In Oklahoma, horses have more rights than black people.

Also, being afraid of Black Lives Matter protesters is bullshit. Look at me. I’m not Chuck Norris and I don’t carry a gun or even a pointy stick, yet I felt perfectly safe walking with Black Lives Matter for over 60 blocks in Manhattan and mingling with them in Washington, D.C. The only people who scared me were the cops. Did that give me the right to murder scary cops? Nope.

Black Lives Matter protesters will chant with a lot of profanity, but they’re some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Claiming you’re afraid of them says a lot more about you.

They’re calling these hate bills “anti-riot” bills, but here’s a little juicy tidbit: Over 96 percent of Black Lives Matter protests last year were peaceful. What’s more, they found that most violence was instigated by white supremacists crashing the protests, and cops. Wanna hear another interesting juicy tidbit? Sure, you do. One hundred percent of white nationalists neo-Nazi protests where Donald Trump spoke resulted in violence, terrorist attacks, and loss of lives.

MAGA fuckers are a lot scarier than Black Lives Matter or Antifa. A MAGA crowd is more likely to have terrorists in their groups and people who support terrorists. A Black Lives Matter and Antifa crowd is more likely to consist of vegetarians and people who want to go to Starbucks later.

Concerning the white nationalists responsible for the majority of terrorists attack in this nation, you don’t see Republicans sponsoring legislation to silence them. Why, silencing racists and other assorted fucknut Nazis like Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, and the something-or-other percenters would be anti-Constitutional. Nazis have a right to assemble and protest. You don’t even see blue states trying to make that illegal. All the Proud Boys can protest all they want to “stop the steal” and for the right to kiss their sisters on the mouth, but it wouldn’t give you the right to run them over in a pickup hauling a horse trailer.

But just like with voting where Republicans only want white people to have a voice, they only want Nazis to have freedom of speech. If you believe black lives matter or you’re anti-fascism, they want to silence you. They want to make your voice illegal. At what point do they make my cartoons illegal?

I can’t speak for Black Lives Matter but I’m pretty sure these Nazi-coddling Republican motherfuckers will not silence them, and I assure you they won’t silence me either.

All the conservatives, like Tucker Carlson, who are upset a white cop has been convicted for murdering a black man now want to make it legal for Nazis to murder people protesting a white cop killing a black man. If Republicans had their way, the murder of Heather Heyer would have been legal.

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RoJo Is A Racist Mofo


On Sundays, my CNN cartoon is published and I try to bask in that accomplishment and not draw anything all day. Maybe I’ll watch a movie on Disney+ or Netflix and avoid news all together. That was my plan for this Sunday, but then Ron Johnson pissed me off.

I think when my copy editor Laura sees this, she’s going to tell me it’s more reality than it is a cartoon. Why? Because this is the gist of what Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson said on a right-wing radio show.

Senator Johnson, who some call “Rojo,” isn’t just a racist senator. He’s a stupid dishonest one too. But then again, he is a Republican and a massive Trump supporter…so being racist, stupid, and a liar comes with the territory.

Ron Johnson watched while the United States Capitol building was attacked by white supremacist terrorist Trump supporters. They broke into the building. The damaged property. They defecated and urinated in the halls. They stole property. They desecrated our Capitol. They injured over 100 Capitol Police officers and they killed one. They attacked cops and beat them with flag poles and fire extinguishers. Over 40 have been arrested so far. Ron Johnson said he only saw law-abiding citizens. It gets worse.

On “The Joe Pag Show,” a radio show I’m assuming has an audience of racist troglodytes, Ron Johnson said he “never felt threatened” by the pro-Trump mob because…wait for it…they weren’t black.

Johnson said, “I knew those are people that love this country, that truly respect law enforcement, would never do anything to break the law, so I wasn’t concerned.”

They broke the law just be entering the building, dumbass. How much respect do you have for the law when you break and climb into windows? How much respect for the law do you have when you’re walking out with the Speaker’s podium? How much respect do you have for this country when you take a shit on the floor of the United States Capitol? How much love do you have for this country when you try to overturn an election and stage a bloody coup attempt?

That was the stupid dishonest part of Johnson’s statements. It was followed by a racist one.

He said, “Had the tables been turned and President Trump won the election and those were tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters, I might have been a little concerned.”

Basically, white people with nooses, storming the capitol, waving Confederate flags, wearing “Camp Auschwitz” shirts, leaving pipe bombs, killing cops, isn’t concerning…but if one of them had an afro, then I guess the person crapping on the floors would have been Ron Johnson. And you know what? I bet if it had been a non-violent Black Lives Matter protest at the Capitol, the National Guard would have swooped in a lot quicker than they did last January 6 when Donald Trump sent white terrorists to overturn a free election and stop a Constitutional process.

Also, it’s really bizarre Ron Johnson is saying he would have only been concerned if antifa was a part of the rioters when in the past he claimed it was antifa who did the rioting. C’mon, guys. You gotta keep your bullshit talking points straight. Pick a stupid lie and stick to it.

From personal experience, I was never concerned about the crowd I was with when I was walking with Black Lives Matter in New York City on June 1, 2020. I wasn’t even worried when I saw a few stores get looted by the minority of protesters. Even then, they were nice and one even offered me a Jeter jersey. I had great conversations with the protesters and many thanked me for “helping their cause” and for “lending my whiteness.” One girl called me “white brother” which I liked very much. Some of the best Americans I ever met were marching in Manhattan that night to selflessly advance civil rights for every person this nation.

What did concern me was when white people started dropping water bottles on the marchers out of their penthouses. It concerned me when cops started screaming at us while raising their batons. It was greatly concerning when after screaming at me and a few others (who happened to be Asian) to go in a different direction, that after we complied, they kept following and screaming at us. I was greatly concerned when the New York City Police told me I would be arrested if I broke curfew…while they were blocking me from entering my hotel.

Not one black person or member of antifa concerned me that night. But if Ron Johnson had been there, well…he’d probably be up in a building dropping water bottles on peaceful protesters because he would have been concerned because the majority of the crowd was not white.

I saw people in Manhattan, of all colors and races, spend their own money on water and face masks, then hand them out to strangers who were protesting. It was one of the most unifying events I have ever witnessed or been a part of. I felt genuine love between the protesters. What I saw on January 6 at the Capitol was hate, fear, and rage inspired by people like Ron Johnson who told them lies.

You canNOT compare a Black Lives Matter rally or march to white nationalist terrorism in the name of Donald Trump. Black Lives Matter seeks equality for all. They’re demanding that cops stop murdering unarmed black people. Trump terrorists tried to destroy our democracy and install a fascist dictator. If you don’t see the difference in that, well then you’re Ron Johnson.

Any senator who pledges more loyalty to Donald Trump than to his/her constituents is a lousy senator. Ron Johnson has put Trump before the truth and his country on multiple occasions.

Wisconsin’s motto is “Forward.” In 2022 when Rojo is up for reelection, they need to prove they believe in their motto and remove their racist, lying, stupid senator from Congress. If enough black people and anti-fascists turn out to vote, Ron Johnson will be justified in being “concerned.”

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Not Antifa


On September 11, 2001, passengers on Flight 93 sacrificed their lives to prevent the plane overtaken by terrorists from flying into our nation’s capitol building. On January, 6, 2021, the President (sic) of the United States of America sent terrorists to that same capitol building to stage an insurrection, attempt a coup, and commit sedition.

Immediately after photos were posted online of the MAGA mob breaking into the capitol, vandalizing offices, breaking windows, threatening lives, and leaving pipe bombs, the Trump cult claimed the terrorists were Antifa. Of course, this was wrong and immediately debunked.

The crowd went straight from a Trump rally to the capitol building. Donald Trump did NOT speak at an Antifa rally.

Whataboutism doesn’t justify and excuse your horrible actions. Even if Antifa burned down the capitol building last year, it wouldn’t justify what the Trump mob did yesterday.

And the sycophants online, they couldn’t keep their bullshit straight. One minute, they were calling the goons Antifa, the next minute, they were calling them patriots. I saw one conservative colleague call them Antifa then turn around and demand the same mourning that George Floyd received be given to Ashli Babbitt, the MAGAt shot and killed yesterday by Capitol Police while she was breaking through a door committing a terrorist act. My question to him is: Why should we mourn her if she was Antifa? Hmm?

Another conservative cartoonist, drew a cartoon blaming Proud Boys, the KKK, and…wait for it…Antifa. Never mind that Antifa isn’t really an organization or the fact they were not present yesterday during the storming of the capitol. But, Antifa was present during the 1940s when they stomped out fascism in Europe and Asia.

Ben Garrison, a propagandist and member of the Trump cult complained today that “Twitter ‘sucked’ off 500 of his followers.” That doesn’t have anything to do with this or Antifa but I just wanted to point out the new service Twitter is offering.

Antifa didn’t kill anyone last year. Yesterday, The MAGA mob sent directly by Donald Trump was responsible for four deaths. Yesterday, the Trump mob committed sedition because democracy didn’t give them what they want, a fascist dictator. Yesterday, the Trump mob tried to install a leader with a bloody coup. They brought pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails.

The people who attacked the capitol yesterday were not Antifa, protesters, or patriots. They were a mob, goons, traitors, and terrorists. They attacked our country. They attacked America. I get that MAGAts are tribal and feel they have to support members of their tribe when they commit bad acts, even terrorism, but supporting and celebrating these terrorists is un-American.

Ashli Babbit was an Air Force veteran who had served four tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yesterday, she violated her military oath of defending our nation from all threats, foreign and domestic, by becoming a domestic threat. Ashli betrayed her oath, became a MAGAt terrorist, and attacked the United States of America, the nation she took an oath to defend and protect. She retweeted conspiracy theories from Trump and attorney Lin Wood. Her death leaves blood on their hands. She didn’t die defending democracy…she died assaulting it.

Here’s a useful tip to remember: Patriots don’t attack their country or defend and support terrorists who do.

By the way, this cartoon was drawn by Antifa.

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The Pusher Provocateur


The reason Donald Trump is NOT my president isn’t that I don’t like him or disagree with his politics. George W. Bush was my president and I didn’t like him. Donald Trump is not my president because he’s not a president.

Donald Trump hasn’t taken one moment to be presidential. I found it funny that he and his campaign promised he would be presidential after he was inaugurated which was an acknowledgment he wasn’t presidential and instead was behaving like an immature narcissistic toddler with major insecurity issues because his parents didn’t love him. On top of not being presidential, Donald Trump doesn’t even pretend he wants my support. He caters to the most racist and vile of America. He also caters to the most stupid.

Say what you will about George W. Bush and his lie to get us to invade Iraq, but even he didn’t push the lie that Iraq funded al Qaida or attacked us on 9/11. Make no mistake, that lie was spread by others and the Bush administration didn’t do anything to kill it. In fact, they went out of their way to avoid it with Dick Cheney going so far as to say he could see why some Americans would believe Iraq attacked us on 9/11, without saying whether it was true or not. They were bastards but even those bastards didn’t want to be on the record pushing baseless conspiracy theories. Being a person of low moral fiber and void of ethics and principles entirely, Donald Trump has no qualms about spreading bullshit.

Donald Trump has spread a lot of bullshit. Some more harmful than others. His first act as president (sic) was to send Sean Spicer out to lie about crowd sizes. While that lie and the ones about illegal voters might make you roll your eyes, his conspiracy theories about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower and the FBI engaging in a deep state coup only helps Russia. His attacks on Joe Scarborough being a murderer is sickening. And like after each of these stupid attacks, you think he can’t get any worse knowing full well he will. He did.

Yesterday, he tweeted a conspiracy theory that Martin Gugino, the 75-year-old man Buffalo police shoved to the ground during a protest was really an “antifa agent provocateur.” Yup. Donald Trump, who was probably inspecting the bunker behind the new fence and soldiers surrounding the White House when he sent that tweet, was pushing a conspiracy theory that originated on the dark web.

Donald Trump got the conspiracy theory from One America News. Even when Sean Hannity pushed the Seth Rich conspiracy theory, it was on his stupid opinion show and not part of an actual news story on Fox News. OAN, just like your crazy tinfoil-hat wearing uncle who lives in your grandmother’s attic you’re forced to see every Thanksgiving, does not know the difference between propaganda and news. That explains why Donald Trump watches it.

Trump tweeted, “Buffalo protester shoved by Police could be an ANTIFA provocateur. 75 year old Martin Gugino was pushed away after appearing to scan police communications in order to black out the equipment. I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?”

Previously, ONA pushed a conspiracy theory that Covid-19 was an effort by Bill Gates, George Soros, China, the Deep State in population control. What’s more fucked up than that is the President (sic) of the United States watches it. Of course, this is the same guy who thought the National Enquirer should have won a Pulitzer Prize and its chief should become the publisher of The New York Times.

The reporter who pushed this story on OANN is a Russian who has also worked for Sputnik, a Kremlin-controlled news outlet. Sputnik is just one of Russia’s weapons used to attack American elections. OANN is not a legitimate news organization which explains why they actually have a reporter at White House press briefings who is often called on by Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany to ask questions like, “Is it alarming that major media players, just to oppose you, are consistently siding with foreign state propaganda, Islamic radicals, and Latin gangs and cartels? And they work right here at the White House with direct access to you and your team?” Scooch over, Hannity. There’s a new burrower for Trump’s sphincter.

Where did OANN get this stupid conspiracy theory? You’ll be glad to know it’s not from 4chan or Qanon. Nope. It’s from Conservative Treehouse, the new 4chan. It’s still a home for tiki-torch Nazis wearing that racist frog symbol on their T-shirts.

Spreading this shit is dangerous. I bet you believe antifa is instigating riots and most protests aren’t peaceful. Republicans are pushing that shit despite there not being any facts to base it on. Now, the fucknuts will believe a victim of police brutality was an agent of antifa while not realizing there is no antifa organization. The real irony here is that every single one of these pushers of conspiracy theories, including Donald Trump, are “useful idiots” for Russia and are acting as…wait for it…agent provocateurs.

As usual, very few Republicans condemned Donald Trump’s tweet. Mitt Romney called it “shocking” while the rest of the Republican Senate pretended they hadn’t seen it. Cowards.

Yesterday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “President Trump did a tweet today that surprises me — even after all the tweets that he has done.”

Cuomo added, “What do you think, it was staged? You think the blood coming out of his head was staged? Is that what you’re saying? You saw his head hit the pavement, you see blood on the pavement. He should apologize for that tweet, because it is wholly unacceptable. Show some decency, show some humanity… you’re the president of the United States.”

The only thing I disagree with Governor Cuomo on is that he called Donald Trump “President Trump.”

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Another Antifa Terrorist


Last Sunday, Donald Trump tweeted, “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.”

Trump’s tweet is more catnip for his base than policy. In fact, it’s not a policy because there is no real Antifa.

Conservatives love to say “antifa.” They don’t know what it means but they love it. They group all left-wing protesters in with Antifa and blame liberals for them. Antifa is a loose movement, not an organization. The people who usually describe themselves as Antifa often side with liberal ideals, like cops killing unarmed black men is wrong, but they engage in more hostile actions. While liberals want to elect better politicians and make policy changes, Antifa believes change only comes through anarchy and destruction. They break stuff and burn shit down. They want to see the world burn, much in the same way Donald Trump does. They are more anarchist than liberal. No liberal would EVER burn down a Starbucks. That would be like Geraldo Rivera burning down a Hooters.

I walked at least 30 blocks with protesters Monday night. I encountered them again through the walk back to my hotel. Everyone I talked and listened to was talking about change with policy. They talked about police reform. When they talked about rioting, it was, “Don’t do it.”

I did encounter looters. I saw a few people throw water bottles but honestly, I think they came from the windows above us and were aimed at the protesters. The looters I ran into were few. The protesters were in the thousands. I saw fewer than ten looters. In fact, maybe I saw five. I know there was more looting and vandalism in the city than five people, but they are still a minority among protesters. The people marching, even the ones saying hostile things to police and back and forth chants like, “NYPD/Suck My Dick,” are not Antifa in the way Donald Trump and Republicans like to describe them. None of them talked about hurting anyone. But they are antifascist.

As I said, Republicans love to use antifa as a boogeyman. Donald Trump seeks to use antifa to further the divide and fear in this nation. Donald Trump runs on fear. His idiot son and namesake, Donald Trump Jr. shared a screenshot on Instagram of a tweet from an antifa organization calling for violence. But, because he’s a racist idiot like his father, he was unaware there are no antifa organizations and what he shared was a fake account from…wait for it…a white nationalist group. Did Donald Trump Jr. later clarify, issue a correction, and apologize? What do you think? I bet the 2.8 million followers of his on Instragram, at least the ones who aren’t bots, still believe it was a real tweet from Antifa.

Antifa is anti-fascist. That’s why Donald Trump doesn’t like them and his designation of them as a terrorist organization is complete bullshit. You can’t designate an organization as a terrorist group if there’s no organization. He may as well label the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz as a terrorist organization. Basically, it’ll be a Trump tweet designation but no official government designation. But it’ll still go over well with his hateful base, especially with the racists, and they’ll believe it’s an official government declaration.

Donald Trump is supported by racists and Donald Trump supports them back. They may be the only group he’s truly loyal to. While he’s pandering to the religious right with a photo-op in front of a church he doesn’t attend with a Bible he’s never read, he believes in the racist agenda. He defends tiki-torch Nazis, makes racist comments, retweets racist organizations, and quotes distinguished racists from history. David Duke rejoiced and said it was the best thing for his racist cause when Donald Trump claimed there were “good people” marching with Nazis.

Attacking Antifa is a great way for Donald Trump to distract for white nationalists. Right-wing extremists, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis are responsible for the majority of terrorist attacks in this country. No conservative talks about that. And, unlike Antifa, they’re organized. They have leaders. Their little groups have names, chapters,uniforms, and people are designated with ranks. Donald Trump doesn’t tweet against white nationalists. You’ll never see a Trump tweet against Proud Boys. Instead, he hires white nationalists to create immigration policy in the White House.

Donald Trump is a racist and a white nationalist. Donald Trump is the biggest supporter of America’s most dangerous terrorists. He won’t even criticize them in a tweet.

Donald Trump is a fascist. While he’s screaming about violent anti-fascist, he’s tear-gassing and flash bombing peaceful protesters for a photo-op while curfews are going up and people are being arrested for going outside at night. This is fascism.

I refuse to lie down and allow the fascists to have this country. While I don’t believe in or encourage violence I am anti-fascist and I will continue to oppose the right-wing, militant, nationalistic, xenophobic, racist policies of Donald Trump.

I am Antifa. Come get me.

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Other than voting and drawing political cartoons, I am not an activist. By that I mean, I don’t protest. I don’t sign petitions. I don’t write or call my congressman or senators (they’d call me first). I don’t contribute money to causes or political campaigns. I don’t plant signs in my front yard. I don’t put political bumper stickers on my car. So, to all those people sending me petitions and things through Facebook and Twitter messengers I “HAVE” to share…STOP! And while we’re on the subject, stop sending me memes and other political cartoons too. I just don’t need the aggravation, OK? But I digress.

I don’t participate because of the entire journalism ethics thing. I can draw cartoons opposing Trump but I can’t be part of a political organization opposing Trump. Being part of an organization makes me biased while attacking Trump. Being independent while attacking Trump makes me impartial. A lot of people don’t understand that and that’s OK, just so long as I do. Conservative cartoonists don’t understand it but they don’t do ethics anyway.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, I went to a Trump rally. I talked to a lot of Trump supporters. I did not protest. I didn’t wave a sign. I didn’t scream or even heckle. In fact, I didn’t even tell one Trump supporter my thoughts and opinions about Trump. I wasn’t there to tell them my opinion. I went to try to understand theirs. I failed because I still don’t understand it. But, I went to observe and learn. It was terrible and I needed a power washer to scrub the residual hate off me, but again, I digress.

So, I oppose Trump but I’m not in an organization. Am I part of a movement? Am I the Resistance? One reason among many that I oppose Trump is because I am anti-fascist. Donald Trump is a fascist wannabe. Does my opposition to Trump make me Antifa? I don’t know.

Here’s the thing, kids. Antifa is not an organization. It’s a movement. It’s not a Democratic movement. It’s not a liberal movement. It’s not even a large movement. It’s anti-fascist. Many of them engage in violence and destruction. A true liberal would never trash a Starbucks. I think I can say I’m anti-fascist without having to give the qualifier, “But I oppose violence and vandalism.” That gives control of the narrative to Donald Trump and Republicans.

Yesterday, there was a demonstration from the far-right racist organization Proud Boys in Portland, Oregon. The founder of Proud Boys describes his group as a “fraternal organization” for young “Western chauvinist” men. Their rally was a so-called “End Domestic Terrorism” rally, but they weren’t there to end mass shootings by white guys with manifestos repeating Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Their goal was to get Antifa declared as a domestic terrorist organization.

Proud Boys is a fascist organization that only admits men and promotes violence. The Southern Poverty Law Center has described it as a “Far-Right Fight Club.” Except these guys are too stupid not to talk about Fight Club. One of the initiations for membership is to get into a “major” fight “for the cause.” Another rule for Proud Boys is that they refrain from masturbating which I’m sure isn’t frustrating because being a punchy, angry, right-wing racist in a pro-chauvinism group while having a bad haircut and wearing a polo shirt must make you a chick magnet.

While the founder disavowed the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville where a white nationalist killed Heather Heyer and another was convicted for assaulting DeAndre Harris, Proud Boys were there participating with other racist organizations.

For their hate rally in Portland yesterday, Antifa rose to oppose them. Guess which group Donald Trump tweeted an attack of. Guess which group he didn’t mention.

Earlier this month, while speaking to reporters about white supremacists violence, Trump said that “Antifa” and “other kinds of supremacy” were similarly concerning. Trump can’t criticize white racists without a qualifier. And, what other kinds of supremacy? Nachos supreme?

Yesterday, he tweeted that Antifa should be designated as a “terrorist organization.” Last month, Republican senators Bill Cassidy and Ted Cruz introduced a bill designating Antifa as a terrorist organization.

Yesterday, Representative Dan Crenshaw sent a tweet complaining that Antifa was violent while Hong Kong protesters were demanding freedom and actually fighting fascists. With the amount of violence and shutdowns of highways, businesses, and even the city’s international airport, maybe Crenshaw shouldn’t be comparing Antifa to the Hong Kong protests. Or course, it’s also possible that Crenshaw is doing the thing Republicans always do and that is talking about something that they don’t know anything about.

Why are these Republicans attacking a movement, not an organization, while ignoring murders by white supremacists? Why haven’t any of them mentioned “Proud Boys?” Surely, Ted Cruz has to have an issue with the masturbation policy.

I wish Antifa wouldn’t engage in violence and vandalism. That will not create real change and only give stupid Republicans a false narrative to help deflect from racist organizations, the base of their support. Republicans are afraid to criticize racist.

But, why designate Antifa as a terrorist organization? Wouldn’t they have to be an organization first? Has Antifa actually killed anyone? Donald Trump supporters have killed more people than Antifa. Can we designate MAGAts as a terrorist organization?

Yesterday in Portland, 13 arrests were made and the mayor described it as “largely peaceful.” So much for that terrorist narrative. The majority of domestic terrorist attacks are committed by white racists, yet you don’t hear Republicans talking about any designations for them, if they even talk about them. Designating Antifa as a terrorist organization is a fascist move. It’s legally designating protest and dissent against Donald Trump as terror.

Personally, I’m more concerned about the movement that guns down people in churches, synagogues, mosques, schools, theaters, festivals, and retail stores than I am about the group that’s going to make it a bit more difficult for me to get my frozen mocha. And, I am intense about frozen mochas.

I am against fascism and I should be able to say that without the qualifier “but I’m against violence.” I draw cartoons opposing fascism. Does this make me the Resistance or Antifa? I will not allow fascist Republicans to designate my cartoons and free speech as a form of terrorism, but that’s where they’re trying to take us.

I will not fit into your narrative. When you scream against Antifa, you’re the one who needs the qualifier. While shouting against Antifa, you need to state you’re against fascism. If you don’t, from here on I’m just going to assume you’re a fascist…just like Donald Trump.

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The Very Famous WHITE WHITE House


This week, congress sent a resolution condemning neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the violence in Charlottesville. It was negotiated on a bipartisan basis by the delegation from Virginia, my state. It passed unanimously in the House and Senate. Donald Trump has signed it. Roy Wood Jr. of The Daily Show said, “Donald Trump is the only white dude I know who had to sign paperwork to prove that he don’t like Nazis. ‘Nazis aren’t my friends…yeah, we’re gonna need that in writing.'”

I just hope Trump doesn’t use this as an excuse to display more racist behavior, like every white guy believing having a black friend allows him to sing the N-word each time it comes up in Cee Lo Green’s song, Fuck You. “Oops. She’s a gold digger. Just thought you should know….” Yeah, don’t do that.

I know a fellow cartoonist who feels the need to tell everyone he’s not a racist, and he constantly gives out examples to prove he’s not one. I know a lot of people who don’t have to do that, probably because they’re not racist. Donald Trump has to do that.

This week, the White House is screaming for ESPN to fire Jemele Hill for tweeting out that Trump is a white supremacist. This is probably the first time the White House has demanded a personality from a television network be fired. Even the Obama White House didn’t ask NBC to fire that reality show dude who claimed he wasn’t born in this country in addition to being a racist. Who was that guy again? Oh yeah. Donald Trump.

Because, screaming for a network to fire a black person isn’t enough for one week, Trump doubled down on equating anti-fascists with Nazis. But, it’s OK. He now has paperwork saying he condemns Nazis…even though he thinks there were good people marching with them in Charlottesville chanting “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us.”

He also claimed he couldn’t condemn Nazis immediately after Charlottesville because he “needed to know all the facts.” But today, facts be damned. Trump tweeted about the latest attack in London, and probably gave out intelligence encouraging the terrorists to attack again, kill people, and hurry before the British catch them.

Trump has trouble hiding his racism because he is a racist. He has called Mexicans “rapists and murderers.” He said a judge can’t judge his sham-university case because the judge is Mexican. He’s trying to kick brown children out of this nation. And, let’s not forget his travel ban on Muslims.

So, while Congress has forced Trump to sign a piece of paper stating that he’s not a friend to Nazis, they haven’t taken away his wolf whistle.

The White House wants people fired who call the president a racist. Well, I’m calling him a racist. Donald Trump, you’re a racist. I have no doubt. Your supporters are enablers for whom racism is not a deal breaker. Though, most of them are racists too.

I assure you of this, no racist fucks are going to stop me from drawing more cartoons.

Creative note: This is kind of a bonus cartoon. You’re getting another cartoon Saturday morning. There are too many topics. In my last post, I mentioned two other ideas I passed over last night. This wasn’t one of them.

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