Anthem protest

Milwaukee’s Best


One Milwaukee police officer was suspended 15 days for tasing NBA player Sterling Brown. Another received ten days, and a third received two. What do you want to bet that next season a player in the NFL will receive a longer suspension for kneeling in protest of police violence?

A police officer confronted Brown January 26, around 2:30 AM because his car was straddling two handicapped parking spaces in an empty lot at a Walgreens in Milwaukee. He called for backup and at least three more police cars arrive. After asking Brown questions the police tased him. Later, the police decided not to charge Brown.

The police department claimed Brown was confrontational, but they changed their story after releasing the video captured from an officer’s body camera. It took them four months to review the tape and release it to the public.

Did it take them four months to see they were wrong? No. It took them four months to decide how to take responsibility for their actions. This brings the question; how can we trust the police’s account when there’s not a recording?

Critics of kneeling athletes lie about the reason they’re protesting. The same people ignore the reason for the protests, which is police brutality toward black Americans. Donald Trump, as president has attacked black athletes, questioned their patriotism, has called for their firing while calling them “sons of bitches,” and said maybe they shouldn’t be in this country. Regarding the Sterling Brown situation and too many like it to mention, he’s been silent. But he does tweet on a daily basis about the perceived injustices he receives.

Maybe the people who don’t care that all Americans aren’t being treated equally shouldn’t be in this country.

The Milwaukee Bucks have supported Brown over this arrest. Brown is suing the police department and said he chose to speak up about the incident on behalf of Laquan McDonald, Stephon Clark and others in the black community who have died in encounters with police. With this campaign, Brown has an opportunity to be the most valuable player on and off the court.

No one should be tased, handcuffed, and arrested over what should have amounted to a parking ticket.

In his “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech in 1968, Martin Luther King said, “Somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for rights.” He was assassinated the very next day. Our president, who will never say anything close to the magnificence or bravery of King’s words, says people who protest for rights shouldn’t be in this country.

This is exactly why protests should continue.

Watch me draw.

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Taking A Knee


After the NFL released their ruling Wednesday that they are banning kneeling during the American national anthem and will fine anyone who does so, Vice President and chief kisser of the orange rumpus, Mike Pence tweeted, “Today’s decision by the is a win for the fans, a win for , and a win for America. Americans can once again come together around what unites us – our flag, our military, and our National Anthem. Thank you NFL.”

What Mike Pence reveals with that tweet is that it was never about the fans, our military, or our nation. It’s all about Trump.

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the silent protest to draw attention to police brutality and other social injustice against African-Americans. A few players joined him over time, and after Donald Trump used the issue to divide America further, even more players, white and black, took part.

Trump used the issue to attack black athletes and throw red meat to his base of racist supporters under the pretense that not standing was dishonoring veterans. That’s rich coming from a man who said a POW was not a war hero (I like people who aren’t captured), insulted Gold Star Families, and was himself a draft dodger.

Pence used the issue to stage a photo-op and even flew across the country to pull it off.

None of the critics have actually listened to what the protest has been about, instead pretending it’s something else. Screaming a lie about disrespecting the military is easier and more politically beneficial than confronting the reality that we have a social and legal system that discriminates against black Americans.

The National Football League was wise years ago when they prevented Trump from becoming a team owner. The “Buffalo Trumps” has a horrible ring to it anyway. The league should have exercised that same wisdom and refused to listen and pander to Trump.

The league is allowing players to stay in the locker rooms during the anthem, but will fine teams of any players on the field who refuse to stand. The teams can then punish the players any way they choose. Sure, the players are employees, but can an employer force employees to pledge loyalty? Expect a legal challenge.

The NFL uses patriotism as a marketing tool and even takes money from the Department of Defense to stage tributes in taxpayer-owned stadiums, in cities where they receive huge tax breaks.

The anger directed at the players is based entirely on race, not patriotism. You don’t see the same outrage from Republicans toward Trump for his disrespect of the troops. They don’t ask him to apologize and to be accountable for the attacks he’s waged. These are the same people complaining about “safe spaces” on college campuses.

It’s funny how people are told they can protest as long as they do it peacefully, then told to do it silently, and now they’re being told to do it where nobody can see them. Basically, the rule from Republicans is, don’t protest while black.

One solution the NFL didn’t take advantage of was, leave it alone. An atmosphere where you allow people to express themselves is stronger than one of forced compliance. Since the NFL failed, the players should practice a new protest.

I suggest they go on the field during the anthem and stand. While standing, they should put their fist in the air and give the black power salute like Tommie Smith and John Carlos did in the 1968 Olympics. The new policy doesn’t prohibit a raised fist while standing. Then, we’ll hear from the critics what their problems really are about black athletes making a point.

Standing up for your beliefs is honorable. Kissing Trump’s ass is a disgrace. Pandering to a wannabe authoritarian is un-American.

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Will The Real FLOTUS Please Stand Up?


Melania, Ivanka, Ivana…I get all these Eastern-European female vampire names confused. For the first lady, I prefer Michelle Obama.

Melania, Donald Trump’s third and current wife and mother of Barron is feuding with Trump’s first wife, Ivana, mother of Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric. Marla, the second wife, and mother of Tiffany, has stayed out of the tiff thus far. Did I confuse you differentiating between these women? It was intentional.

The battle of the gold-digging trollops is over who is the first lady. Ivana was giving an unimportant interview to Good Morning America when she said she tries not to call her ex-husband too much because “I don’t want to cause any kind of jealousy or something like that because I’m basically first Trump wife. I’m first lady, OK?”

Obviously, it was a little joke and perhaps a dig, but would Melania really get jealous and territorial if Ivana called too much? Yes, she would, and did. Melania’s spokesperson issued a statement from the First Lady’s office because that office isn’t real busy to begin with, what with the anti-bullying campaign lying dormant. The statement read, “There is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex, this is unfortunately only attention-seeking and self-serving noise.” which is Eastern-European female vampire lingo for “uh-uh. You better step off, bitch!” It’s sad when plastic trophy wives feud.

Technically, the real first lady is Melania Trump, which is its own spin-off disaster of the waking-up-in-the-night-screaming disaster that is the Trump administration. Melania continues to plagiarize from Michelle so maybe she agrees with me about our former FLOTUS. Melania doesn’t behave like a first lady. She’s supposedly campaigning against online bullying yet, keeps her trap shut every time her psychotic, man-baby husband cyber bullies like it is something he learned by watching Mean Girls. In contrast, Michelle Obama’s campaign was for healthy eating, and Republicans wanted her to scold her husband every time he ate a plate of chicken wings.

The real first bitch in this administration is Mike Pence. And no, I don’t use the term “bitch” in a sexist manner. It can be applied to men, probably more so than women. Being a woman doesn’t make one a bitch. Being someone’s bitch makes you a bitch. And, I just broke one of my rules which is, if you have to explain why you used a word then you probably shouldn’t use it (like when white people use the N-word). But, I’m gonna use it anyway for today. Mike Pence is a little bitch.

Mike Pence attended Sunday’s NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and Colts in Indianapolis (in a state where he used to be a bad governor which qualified him to be Trump’s bad vice president). During the National Anthem, several 49ers knelt. This offended Pence’s principles so much that he got up and left the game in protest at an event the administration says protests shouldn’t be allowed. He didn’t even stay long enough to get a hot dog. The man tweeted, “I left today’s Colts game because @POTUS and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem”. It’s cute Mike Pence pretends he has principles.

The entire national brouhaha of black athletes protesting racial inequality in our nation by kneeling during the National Anthem was kinda dying down. Trump, who has used the issue to further divide the nation without even trying to understand why they’re protesting, ordered his vice president to attend the game just so he can walk out.

They didn’t take this opportunity to be sanctimonious douche bags. They created it.

Kellyanne Conway cries that this was not a staged political trick, even though the president has made it very clear that it was. Conway said to say it was a PR stunt is “outrageous, egregious and offensive.” When Kellyanne is using that many adjectives and sounding like Kramer’s lawyer on Seinfeld, you know she’s lying. Plus, she was talking which is another Kellyanne indicator of lying. She also said, “it takes a lot to get that man’s blood boiling.” She’s right. It does take a lot to get his blood boiling. His blood never boiled when Trump talked about grabbing pussies, praised Nazis, called the female mayor of San Juan “nasty,” made racist statements about Mexicans, or when he criticized American POWS and Gold Star Families. Nope, that man is a cool cucumber.

Pence flew to Indiana from Las Vegas. The press pool was told they shouldn’t even bother to leave their vehicles as Pence would only be there for a few minutes. Sure enough, Pence was only there for a few minutes and had a statement containing artwork prepared to go for the press. Pence then flew back out west, this time to California with his mother, I mean his wife.

The White House knew the 49ers would kneel. They’re from San Francisco which is in liberal San Francisco, California. They started the whole kneeling thing. They said they would kneel. Trump even tweeted that he ordered Pence, like his little bitch, to attend the game just so he could leave. He also tweeted that it was “long-planned.” These fuckers might wanna get on the same page as the sycophants they’re dispatching to defend them. It’s not a PR stunt, it is a PR stunt. Which is it?

Pence can’t give a speech without lavishing loving praise on Donald Trump. The phrase “under President Trump’s leadership” is always included at least once. It’s not delivered in the way praise is expressed in an American administration. It sounds more like something from North Korea. Mike Pence is a little poodle bitch there to take Trump’s orders and to forgo all principles, beliefs, and dignity.

The anthem protest isn’t about disrespecting our troops, the flag or a song. It’s about police brutality, racial inequality in our justice system, and in all aspects of America. Republicans aren’t able to comprehend that because they’re not critical thinkers. Plus, it’s just basic red meat to accuser others of being traitors while you shout “Murica!”. It’s really bizarre to me that the people accusing others of a lack of patriotism call the investigation into Russian meddling into our election as “fake news.” Patriots defend their nation. Traitors give cover to the bad guys invading it.

So, how much did this little PR stunt by Trump’s little snowflake bitch cost us, the American taxpayers? Around $250,000. Trump’s complaining how Puerto Rico is messing up our budget, but he’ll order poodle bitch to fly to Indiana to publicly display his panties are in a twist. In addition to the cost, it was a huge inconvenience for Indianapolis. They had to reroute traffic, plan security, tell fans to get there early…just so Mike Pence could spend thirty minutes at the game for a PR stunt.

The vice president of the United States was in the same building as a group of Americans who have a serious disagreement with the United States. A real leader would have used the opportunity to talk to them and attempt to at least understand why they’re upset. Mike Pence used it as an opportunity to stage a political spectacle and further divide the nation, and then he fled the scene.

Just like a little bitch.

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