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NRA Decay


For this cartoon, I wanted to reference several attacks against religious institutions. While it focuses on the past week, it’s a reference to Charleston, Pittsburgh, Texas, Christ Church, the synagogue shootings that happened Saturday, and the terrorists attack on the churches in Sri Lanka. Then I thought I might have a problem because guns weren’t involved in Sri Landa and there weren’t any church shootings over the past week…then I remembered this is America. Of course, there were church shootings over the past week.

And there were. Yesterday in Baltimore, there was a shooting at a cookout near a Baptist church that left seven wounded and one dead. Another shooting happened the Saturday before at a funeral service in a church in Frederick County, Maryland that left two wounded.

Not all of these are hate crimes, but several were targeting people for their religions. In Christ Church, New Zealand, the attacker was hoping his hit on mosques would provoke retribution from Islamic terrorists. He got his wish as the attack on churches in Sri Lanka that has left over 300 dead was reportedly in response to the Christ Church attack.

The attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh was by a white nationalist who hated Jews and while not a fan of Donald Trump, repeated many of his wolf whistles about George Soros and globalism. The attack in Charleston, South Carolina on a black church was also by a white racist. At the shooting Saturday near San Diego, there are reports the shooter was screaming about “Jews ruining the world.”

The San Diego shooter reportedly left a document on 8chan full of racist slurs and white nationalist conspiracy theories. The author claimed to have been inspired by the Christ Church massacre, as well as the shooting in Pittsburgh and motivated by the same white nationalist cause. The Christ Church shooter had also left a manifesto on 8chan.

The National Rifle Association has done everything in its power to make it easy for lunatics to acquire guns. Each time there’s a shooting at a church or a school, it becomes another fundraising drive for them as they use the incidents to claim they and the 2nd Amendment are under attack. They also use it to drive up gun sales. When people die, the NRA cries for the guns that killed them. So, it’s good to see the NRA in serious trouble.

Russia, a nation with very strict gun laws, used the NRA to pour money into the 2016 presidential election. There has been mismanagement of the organization’s funding and they are fearing they’ll go broke. Their president, Oliver North, who once sold weapons to Iran, resigned yesterday after trying to force out chief executive Wayne LaPierre. The most distressing news for the NRA is that the state of New York has opened an investigation into the gun group’s tax-exempt status. While the organization keeps its membership numbers a secret, there are reports it’s dropping.

The NRA, which is basically an organ of the Republican Party, may be the biggest defender of the 2nd Amendment but they don’t own it. They warn that if they’re not around then the 2nd Amendment will soon follow. The problem with focusing on just one Amendment means you didn’t read the rest of the United States Constitution. We need to protect the entire document, not just one amendment. The Second will be fine. There is not a movement in this country to do away with it. Gun control does not mean outlawing guns.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment. I believe in the right to bear arms. But that right doesn’t mean children have to die in school and worshippers have to die at their services. We can have the 2nd Amendment and safe gun laws. When it comes to full-access to guns or the lives of children, the NRA will choose the guns.

I don’t think the NRA is going to die but if it does, I say good riddance. A bad day for the NRA would be a great day for the USA.

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Second Amendment People


Trump committed a faux pas and did not mean to say “2nd Amendment people” could stop Hillary Clinton from appointing a Supreme Court justice after she’s elected president. He meant to say “titties.”

Trump has hinted to his gun toting supporters that they can shoot Hillary Clinton if she wins the election. Remember when we thought it was ridiculous when he started a debate talking about his penis? Maybe someone should shoot that. They make really tiny guns, don’t they?

Trump claims Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment and at a rally in North Carolina Tuesday he said “By the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.” With the outrage of calling for the death of his political opponent everyone has glossed over the lie that Clinton wants to take everyone’s guns away.

How many times has Trump made a statement that his supporters had to explain away, and then a day later Trump attempts to correct the record without apologizing? He wasn’t talking about periods when he said Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her whatever,” he didn’t call Carly Fiorina and Heidi Cruz ugly, he didn’t mock a disabled reporter, he’s never encouraged support from white supremacists, and he’s never called for his supporters to beat up protesters.

Trump’s supporters hate Hillary Clinton and believe the narrative she’s a liar. They say they love Trump because he speaks the truth but he’s really not serious when he makes outrageous comments. Seriously, why do these people have access to guns?

Trump supporters are making excuses for Trump’s dog whistle to shoot Hillary. It’s weird they will distort, take out of context and give new meanings to Clinton’s statement “what difference does it make” and then try to say Trump doesn’t mean “shoot Hillary” when he says “Second Amendment People” can do something about Hillary.

Words matter.

A few years ago Democratic U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords of Arizona was shot in the head by Jared Lee Loughner after Sarah Palin published a bulls eye on her district. 14 other people were injured and six more were killed.

Last year an anti-abortion activists group released a bunch of videos manipulated to look like Planned Parenthood was selling the body parts from dead babies. One of their fans who probably had a subscription to their newsletter, Robert Lewis Dear, took it upon himself to shoot up a clinic in Colorado Springs, killing three people and injuring nine more, and later in court he claimed he was “a warrior for the babies.”

In 1994 president Bill Clinton’s approval ratings were plummeting and the Republicans seized the momentum with an anti-government platform, retook the House and Senate, and convinced their supporters the government was clamping down on them. The fever swelled until April, 1995 when Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City killing 169 people and injuring 680 more.

Words matter.

They especially matter when you’re talking to a base of uneducated people who are very misinformed, love conspiracy theories, and are more prone to act than think. Who do you think follows and supports Donald Trump? Trump has already hosted a convention where his speakers were yelling for Hillary Clinton to go to prison. Remember, Trump says he loves the uneducated.

Trump has said the system is rigged, and that the election is manipulated if he doesn’t win. Now he’s saying if he loses his supporters should shoot Clinton. This is a dog whistle that everyone can hear. I hope the Secret Service and FBI hears it because we don’t know what kind of dogs Trump has out there.

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Jump In This


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In case you haven’t noticed, Obama hasn’t come for your guns yet but Alison Parker’s father is.

I dedicate this cartoon to everyone who’s first concern after the shooting and murders in Roanoke was for their gun rights.

I expect a negative comment or two for this cartoon.