Wuss N Boots

After showing up in sparkling clean white knee-high rubber boots, fascist Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been compared to Nancy Sinatra, Buddy Pine, Green M&M, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, but perhaps worst of, Michael Dukakis.

Many political historians have cited the tank photo-op for where it all went wrong for Michael Dukakis’ 1988 presidential campaign. It also hurt that Dukakis just sat back and didn’t respond to attack ads, but yeah…that tank thing is definitely a contributing factor.

If you’re running for office and there’s something you don’t belong in, then don’t crawl inside of it. That goes for tanks, porn stars, and rubber boots. How goofy did Michael Dukakis look wearing an army helmet while riding in a tank? The answer is: Almost as goofy as Ron DeSantis looked in those white rubber boots.

If those boots were actually muddy or had some appearance as if they were necessary, and not just for a photo-op, then maybe DeSantis could have gotten away with it. But he didn’t. He looked ridiculous and now, they’re going to be in every cartoon I draw on Ron DeSantis going forward. You did it to yourself, you goon.

How many immigrants from Texas is DeSantis gonna have to import to Martha’s Vineyard now just to restore the street cred lost to the boots?

What I wonder the most is why was he allowed outside in those boots? I mean, does anyone on his staff like him? Surely, he’s hired some Nazis on his staff and they would like him…right? I mean, like him enough to say, “Hey, maybe don’t Nancy Sinatra this photo-op today, mein governor.”

It reminds me of what Wanda Sykes said about Donald Trump boarding Air Force One with toilet paper on his shoe. She said, “‘They don’t like him.’ Everyone around him who works with him, they cannot stand him. They have no respect for this man. I mean, you would stop a stranger to get toilet paper off their shoe. I’ve almost missed a flight because I’m at my gate and I see someone walking by with toilet paper (on their shoe), and I’m like ‘I can’t let that happen’ and I run down and get the toilet paper off.”

Basically, nobody on Ron DeSantis’ staff like him. If someone did, that person would have told him how ridiculous the boots look. But it makes sense that no one likes him. I mean, have you seen and heard him talk?

There are bigger issues that should keep Ron DeSantis out of the White House, but if it’s the white boots that keep him from walking to Washington, I’ll take it.

Creative note: I started this cartoon in the Pentagon Hotel (kind of a dive) and finished it at Ronald Reagan Washington National airport. I posted it on social media while at Chicago Midway. I wrote this blog in Columbus, Ohio. I’m here.

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Hater Caucus


Can Republicans take one day off from being racist? Just one? Maybe go outside, take a walk, sniff some flowers, binge Netflix (not “World War II in Color.” It has a sad ending for you), go to Costo and see if bulk mayo and white Wonder Bread is on sale (is there wheat Wonder Bread? Now, you’re thinking about that), I don’t know. But, just take a day.

In Congress, there are caucuses. What’s a caucus? A caucus is a group of representatives with common interests. They are not official. Nobody is appointed. As a group, they don’t vote on legislation. A caucus does not have to be bipartisan as a caucus can be made up entirely from members of one political party. They don’t get office space, government funding, or even government stationary. They can not hire. The only way a caucus can use congressional staffers is in pursuit of legislation, which is what a representative does anyway.

A caucus is basically a club. On the Fredericksburg bar scene, a beard club formed. Basically, it was a bunch of guys who all felt accomplished because they had the ability to grow a beard. That was their common interest. Tragically, there are congressional caucuses more ridiculous. There is an algae caucus. A lot of the caucuses have fewer members than the beard club.

Some of the caucuses currently in play are the Congressional Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus, Asian Pacific American Caucus, and LGBTQ Caucus. There is a Jewish-Latino caucus. They’re not all on race. Many are bipartisan, like the caucuses on bicycles and minor league baseball. And there are others that focus on issues and ideology, like the Blue Collar Caucus which is pro labor. The Blue Dog Caucus is for conservative Democrats and the New Democrats is for centrists as is the Republican Main Street Caucus. There is a Progressive Caucus and there is a Libertarian Caucus. There is the Congressional Asshole Caucus that consists of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Tom Cotton (I made that up but it should be a thing).

There is also a Freedom Caucus which sounds nice until you realize it’s a caucus for the Tea Party. When people like Tea Party fuckers talk “freedom,” they actually mean denying freedom to other races and people who disagree with them. It’s like joining a book club when you have zero intentions of ever reading a book and you’re just there for the cake, coffee, and gossip. In the Freedom Caucus, all their members are there for the hate.

You are probably thinking the Tea Party group is one for all the angry racists in Congress, right? You are right. The Tea Party claimed it was created in opposition to government spending, but it wasn’t created while George W. Bush was paying for two wars with tax cuts. No, it was created between Barack Obama’s election and his inauguration. It was a response to the nation electing a president who wasn’t white. It was really an anti-black-president party. But for people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, the Tea Party isn’t racist enough. It’s like going to a Klan meeting and saying, “Have you guys tried hating harder?” That’s how the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys were created.

Representative, bully of children, and conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene floated the idea of creating a new racist congressional caucus. At the very least, maybe this new group’s name won’t be as easily mocked for their name as the Tea Party, whose members are often called “tea baggers,” which is probably something else on Matt Gaetz’s phone.

Punchbowl News (a news outlet I just found out about), published a document being circulated by MTG that wasn’t supposed to be discovered outside her racist circle. The document was outlining goals for a new America First Caucus, which would be made from hard-right-wing members. It’s a caucus that would promote Trump’s agenda of America First, be anti-brown and shithole-country immigration, anti-welfare, and push lies like illegal immigrants voting while being on welfare, and that Donald Trump won the 2020 election only to have it stolen from him.

Greene says the document was a “staff level draft proposal from an outside group.” I don’t know what that is. What the hell is “staff level” from an outside group? And if it’s from an outside group, who is that outside group? She claimed she hadn’t even read it which is believable. She probably had it read to her.

Greene said the media was “taking something out of context,” but she didn’t deny she was forming a new caucus. She didn’t mention any parts of the document or the report that wasn’t true. Then she tweeted that Trump’s nationalism and “America First policies will save this country for all of us, our children, and ultimately the world.” They’ll probably save us from Jewish Space Lasers and child-sex-trafficked pizza made by reptilian deep-state devil worshippers. If anything, there should be a space laser saving us from pineapples being placed on our pizzas. Can we get a congressional caucus for that? How about a pro-black olives on pizza caucus? Black olives always make pizza better.

As Greene was avoiding admitting the caucus was a thing, Matt Gaetz said he was signing up and that the caucus will “end wars, stop illegal immigration & promote trade that is fair to American workers.” Other hard-right GOP fucknuts rumored to be joining are Arizona’s Paul Gosar and Alabama’s Barry Moore. Hopefully, membership doesn’t mean you’ll receive mistakenly-sent texts of Matt Gaetz’s dingdong. That’ll make you hate harder…or softer.

On immigration, the secret document describes the United States as a place with “uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions” and argues “societal trust and political unity are threatened when foreign citizens are imported en-masse into a country, particularly without institutional support for assimilation and an expansive welfare state to bail them out should they fail to contribute positively to the country.” Basically, that’s a lot of winking and nudging about the caucus being pro-white and anti non-white.

When people are promoting Anglo-Saxon “traditions,” “culture,” and “nativism,” they’re echoing the Ku Klux Klan. It sounds like some shit Tucker Carlson would promote and he probably will on tonight’s show.

And if you don’t think the document was sending out dog whistles, then don’t believe me. Believe House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of all people. Without mentioning the specific caucus, he replied to the news by saying, “America is built on the idea that we are all created equal and success is earned through honest, hard work. It isn’t built on identity, race, or religion. The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln & the party of more opportunity for all Americans — not nativist dog whistles.” This is the same guy who flew to Mar-a-Lago so he could tweet a photo of him standing next to the king of racist dog whistles.

Liz Cheney responded to the news by saying, “Republicans believe in equal opportunity, freedom, and justice for all. We teach our children the values of tolerance, decency and moral courage. Racism, nativism, and anti-Semitism are evil. History teaches we all have an obligation to confront & reject such malicious hate.”

Normally, Republicans are much more subtle with the winking and nudging. When someone sends out dog whistles, GOP leadership is usually quiet. Unfortunately for them, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz are not quiet. Gaetz can’t even keep quiet about the naked girls on his phone. The truth is, the document is pushing an agenda most of the Republican Party supports. They’re just not supposed to say it out loud. Sheesh!

Remember when news came out about Donald Trump’s “shithole countries” comment? There were Republicans in the room and not one of them condemned him for it while also not denying he made the comments about brown people coming here after living in grass huts and why we couldn’t get more immigrants from a white country like Norway.

Republican representative Adam Kinzinger said anyone who joins this new racist Anglo-Saxon America First nativist caucus should have all their committee assignments stripped from them. But that’s already happened to Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Matt Gaetz is already useless and doesn’t draft legislation, so it’s not like they’ll care. If nothing else, it’ll give them more fodder to scream about their “Mein Kampfs.”

Here’s a free tip to members of Congress: Any club that has Marjorie Taylor Green and Matt Gaetz as members is NOT a club you want to join. And usually, any Matt Gaetz club will require that you wear a toga.

Creative note: In the first sketch of this cartoon, I had Gaetz’s hair the way it is here, and that’s how one of my proofers, Laura, saw it. She loved it and told me it was in line with the klansmen’s hoods. But, I had already made it look more like a yard gnome by that point. So, I went back and made it more pointy. So, hat tip to Laura. It’s already receiving comments. Laura, you were right.

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Rejected Refugees


It seems apparent that one of the terrorists who attacked Paris sneaked in with Syrian refugees. Whether the passport he used is fake or not doesn’t seem relevant as the Greek government took his fingerprints as he came across their border.

Republicans didn’t need to know that to freak out. They tend to be xenophobic on any given day. Jeb Bush says we should only take in Christian refugees and deny Muslims. Nothing like a dash of Islamophobia to go with your xenophobia.

Twenty six (as of this blogging) Republican governors have declared their states will not take in any Syrian refugees. Never mind the fact they don’t have the authority to do that. You would think that out of 26 people capable of being elected governor of a U.S. state, at least one would have some sort of concept of the law, or at least look into it before spouting off.

If the U.S. takes in refugees it will only be about 10,000, which isn’t many compared to the numbers fleeing the civil war in Syria. These people forget that white people born and corn fed here in the good ole U.S. of A. pose a greater danger than any number of refugees ever will. ISIS couldn’t kill as many Americans as Americans can. We’re good about that.

These refugees are not terrorists. They’re fleeing terrorists. They will be vetted better than most immigrants who come here, and hopefully with a better vetting process than Jeb Bush is offering (do you accept Jesus?). Speaking of immigrants who come here, everyone complaining is a descendant of immigrants and refugees.

Here’s another pesky fact: Under the Refugee Act of 1980, the president may admit refugees who face “persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion” into the United States, and the president’s power to do so is particularly robust if they determine that an “unforeseen emergency refugee situation.” Guess who fits that description? No. Not Alabama liberals. Syrian refugees.

In fact their situation is so bad, they will probably think Arkansas and Oklahoma are improvements upon their current situation.

These governors can prevent refugees from benefiting from state services. Since these guys are Republicans are grandstanders I think they should just assure us that no state services will pay for Syrian refugee abortions.

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Paying For The Wall


The Donald Trump Xenophobia Campaign isn’t just rolling along, it’s steam rolling. It’s gaining so much support that the other GOP candidates are competing for racist and outrageous comments.

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker says we should build a wall on the Canadian border. I think if a Republican wins the presidency then Canada will want that wall. How many people will flee to Canada?

By the way: Rush Limbaugh promised he’d run away to Costa Rica if Obamacare lasted five years. Why’s he still here?

I’m hearing a lot of hardcore conservatives rant about Trump. They’re not happy. But here’s the thing, my conservative friends: What does it say about your party that Donald Trump is leading the polls and by such a wide margin?

Conservatives built this monster called Trump. They have spent decades cultivating votes from uneducated people. They have spent years misinforming people so that poor white voters vote for them. They have spent years attracting racists. Now they wonder how a Donald Trump can lead in the GOP polls. This is your baby.

I came up with this idea after reading a news item on Walker. I almost tweeted a satirical comment about it until I stopped myself realizing it was my next cartoon.