World Health Organization

Meat Kills


I’ve drawn too many cartoons on food lately. I’ve drawn two on McDonald’s (one was local for Utah), I drew the Iowa corn cartoon last Saturday and now this. Food is either hitting the news too much or I need to start eating more than one meal a day. I’m hungry.

The World Health Organization issued a report that stated we’re all going to die. OK it didn’t exactly say that but it did give the impression that Birkenstock-wearing vegetarians will inherit the Earth. That’s a serious bummer. The organization believes eating meat, pork and anything that doesn’t taste like a mop will give you cancer. You can still eat fish but the only ones who actually want to eat fish every day of their lives is other fish. Even bears get tired of fish now and then which is why you see them occasionally chasing hikers. You never┬ásee bears chasing tofu.

By the way, I just saw this trivia: Did you know the largest toy distributor in the world is McDonald’s? I do recall around 1995 my son pitching a fit if he didn’t get the Power Ranger he wanted. Nobody liked Yellow Power Ranger and I think we accumulated six of those.

Another piece of trivia for you: Most people will not vote for a vegetarian. Vegetarian Ben Carson is promising that if he’s elected he will occasionally eat something killed by Ted Nugent. I also read most people won’t vote for a candidate if they don’t like their pets which explains why Alice Cooper has never run for president.

I don’t mind doing cartoons like this every now and then. When I say “cartoons like this” I mean cartoons that aren’t mean. I can give my clients and editors a day to breathe easy without any angry phone calls…unless there’s some peeved off cows out there who got their udders in a twist.

I’ll do something mean tomorrow. Ben Carson said he wants to kill liberal speech at public universities and that he once tried to stab someone (I wonder if someone rushed him). Jeb Bush said he can do “cooler things” other than run for president and also stated “blah blah blah.” Donald Trump is still freaking out about Iowa. Some cop went out of his way to visit a classroom and beat up a student which was caught on camera. I’ll be busy tomorrow.

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