Women Warriors

The Few, The Proud, The Perverts


The Defense department is investigating after members of the military “allegedly” shared nude photos of female colleagues online without their permission.

Business Insider was the first to report that Marines were posting nude images of their female colleagues on message boards and porn sites. Soon it was discovered it was rampant in every branch of the military.

Along with the nude photos were derogatory comments, names of the females, and where they were stationed. This is often referred as “revenge porn.” The photos are often of ex girlfriends or someone else that a male holds a grudge against.

The photos were first shared on a Facebook page and it was reported last September. It’s taken this long for the military brass to start investigating. After the page was taken down a new one popped up in its place, and another, and another, etc. They’ve extended beyond Facebook and onto other sites where members can share their collection of photos and trade comments with other users.

I’m a big believer in privacy. Just because someone takes a nude photo of themselves, or allows someone else to, that doesn’t give anyone else the right to share it with the world. That’s an invasion of privacy and intimidation. In the past it has destroyed lives. When hacked photos of nude celebrities are shared online I’ll refuse to look at them. I don’t believe I should have that right to violate someone and I don’t want to support future invasions of privacy. The victim’s fame doesn’t make it acceptable.

The women in this military scandal are not famous. They’ve put their lives on the line as much as the men in the military and they don’t deserve to have their patriotism rewarded by being publicly shamed and degraded.

The military says prosecuting the people who posted the photos will be difficult as it will be hard to prove they did so without permission. What? Shouldn’t the burden be on the posters to prove they did have permission?

Perhaps we should keep Guantanamo open for every single individual who posted one of these photos. I won’t protest.

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