Wine Cave

Wine Cave


If you had to Google “wine cave” after the last week’s Democratic debate, you’re not alone.

To reach the wine cave Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren quibbled over, The New York Times wrote that you “must navigate a hillside shrouded in mossy oak trees and walk down a brick-and-limestone hallway lined with wine barrels. And inside the room, the Times writes sits a “strikingly long table made of wood and onyx sits below a raindrop chandelier with 1,500 Swarovski crystals.”

Now I gotta Google onyx and Swarovski.

Warren went after Buttigieg for holding a fundraiser in a wine cave “full of crystals” where she said guests were served $900 bottles of wine. Andrew Yang said candidates should not have to “shake the money tree in the wine cave.”

The billionaires who owned the wine cave were perturbed over the candidates using them, their wealth, their ability to buy access to candidates, and their wine cave as an example of the wealthy’s influence of candidates. Why they have half a mind not to treat us to them selecting the next Democratic presidential nominee.

Craig Hall, along with his wife, Kathryn Walt Hall, owns the wine cave. According to Mr. Hall, his wife turned to him during the debate and said might go buy something for herself instead of contributing to another political campaign.

Now doesn’t it make you feel guilty for making the billionaires feel bad? The couple who have spent millions on political candidates might just take some of their millions and treat themselves instead this time around. I’m sure it’ll be the first time Mrs. Hall has ever purchased something for herself.

The Halls want us to know they’re not snobs and will support any of the candidates who snag the Democratic Party’s nomination, but that it’ll be really hard to vote for Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. While Buttigieg points out the reality that the eventual nominee will need cash to counter the millions Donald Trump has been raising for 2020 since before his inauguration (he never stopped hold Trump rallies), the Hall’s dislike for the “socialists” in the party is very telling.

Warren and Sanders have campaigned partly on a message against billionaires. The billionaires who helped Buttigieg and others raise money have confirmed that they only support centrist Democrats and don’t want Warren and Sanders.

For starters, they talked about the wine cave.

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