Weijia Jiang

Ask China


OK. I’ll bite. Hey, China. Why is Donald Trump such a racist?

During yesterday’s shitshow disguised as a press conference, Trump deflected from his agenda of boasting about himself and lying about the “success story” that is his response to the coronavirus, to once again demonstrate to the nation that he is a huge racist.

I have been wondering for the past month while Donald Trump keeps comparing our nation’s testing with that of other nations. I question this like I question why everyone in his administration has to say, “Thank you for your leadership.” I also ask myself, “Is that how someone stands while wearing lifts and an adult diaper?” But The competition question came back to me yesterday as the entire conference was about comparing the United States’ numbers with those of other countries (of course, there were lies about those). I’m very happy to report that I’m not alone in asking this question. A reporter for CBS asked the question.

A White House correspondent for CBS News asked Donald Trump, “Why is this a global competition when, every day, Americans are still losing their lives?”

Trump responded to the White House correspondent with, “They’re losing their lives everywhere in the world, and maybe that’s a question you should ask China. Don’t ask me, ask China that question, OK.”

Of course, Trump had to overemphasize and do that slight pause he habitually does before giving a hard pronunciation to “China.” “And maybe that’s a question you should ask…CHINA.”

Have you ever wanted to visit…CHINA? Do you know anyone from…CHINA? One of my best friends took his mom to…CHINA. Did you know the president of….CHINA…is named…XI?

If you figure out what Donald Trump’s tick is with…CHINA, let me know. But, we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about his racism, like when he keeps reminding us the coronavirus came from…CHINA.

When Donald Trump told the reporter to “ask…CHINA,” was he being a bully? Was he being sexist because the reporter is a female? Or…wait for it…was he being racist?

Was he being racist in asking the correspondent to ask…CHINA? What does China have to do with Donald Trump making it a global competition? Why should anyone ask China or any nation why Donald Trump keeps comparing our numbers to other nations…yesterday it was mostly South Korea and Germany. Hey, China…why does Donald Trump keep comparing the U.S. testing numbers with those of South Korea and Germany? It doesn’t make much sense to ask China, does it?

Oh, I get it. It does make sense in a very stupid sort of way if you’re a racist. See, I forgot to mention something. The reporter Donald Trump told to “ask China” about why he thinks it’s a global competition is…wait for it…a Chinese American. He asked her to ask China as if she has China on speed dial. Was someone in China to interrupt their dinner with, “Excuse me while I put down my egg roll and chopsticks and take this call. It’s from Weijia. My fortune cookie told me she’d call today.” Fun fact: Egg rolls and fortune cookies were invented in the United States…just like most Chinese food you order in an American restaurant. And while racism wasn’t invented in the United States or even by white people, white people like Donald Trump have perfected it.

Weijia Jiang is a White House correspondent for CBS News. She was born in Xiamen, China, and raised in West Virginia. If you’re going to stereotype her, she probably listens to bluegrass and says phrases like, “Up around the holler.” She attended the University of William and Mary and Syracuse University. Another fun fact about Jiang is…she doesn’t take much shit.

After Donald Trump told her, a Chinese-American, to ask…CHINA, she asked, “Sir, why are you saying that to me specifically?” Donald Trump, got upset, not because he doesn’t know the word “specifically,” but because she asked him a “nasty” question.

That’s another tick of his. Trump insults men too. He goes off on male reporters from time to time, but he’s extra hard on female reporters. He once goaded a crowd to harass MSNBC’s Katy Tur at one of his hate rallies to the point she needed police protection to leaver the building. But he especially goes hard on female reporters who aren’t white. And when he’s upset by women, he uses the term “nasty.” He used it against Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Carmen Cruz, Mazie Hirono, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, the Prime Minister of Denmark when she wouldn’t sell him Greenland, and he used it yesterday on Weijia Jiang.

And after his testy exchange with Jiang, Donald Trump ran away like a little coward.

The people who believe Donald Trump is not a racist are the same jerks who thinks he’s a tough guy while running away from a woman’s question.

Yesterday’s exchange was reminiscent of the time he told White House correspondent April Ryan to gather together the Congressional Black Caucus and set up a meeting with Trump. April Ryan works for American Urban Radio Networks. She’s black. Donald Trump thinks all black people know each other. Maybe she can ask Colin Kaepernick to stop kneeling. Maybe April Ryan can tell Dwane Johnson we’ve had enough Fast & Furious movies. Maybe she can tell Lebron James and Stephen Curry to stop saying “nasty” thing about Trump. Maybe April can tell Samuel L. Jackson to stop saying “motherfucker” all the time like, “that’s one racist motherfucker.” She must know all of them because each of them is black, right? Racist motherfucker Donald Trump thinks so.

But since we’re now going to ask…CHINA questions that don’t have anything to do with them, let’s ask them this:

Hey….CHINA. Why is racism not a dealbreaker for Trump supporters?

I don’t know about…China, but Sam will probably tell us, “Because they’re all racist motherfuckers.”

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