We got a little snow yesterday here in Northern Virginia. We got between 12 and 14 inches which shuts everything down in this state. Hell, half an inch closes schools, makes everyone run to the stores, and drive like idiots. It makes Virginians post photos of their lawn furniture covered in snow which makes multiple unoriginal Canadians say, “We call that a ‘light dusting’. Har har har.”

I knew the storm was coming so I prepared. I ordered groceries on Sunday and I completed Monday morning’s cartoon that night just in case my power went out. I also had to go somewhere Monday morning but thought it might get canceled…and it was. In fact, everything is still shut down.

I did not expect us to get as much snow as we did. I thought I’d stay home with my heat on while making chili. But, you can’t make chili with an electric stove when the power goes out. I mentioned that on social media and everyone advised I get a propane grill for next time…but I wasn’t looking for advice. I’d just eat something else. I wasn’t in a food crisis.

I gave the power company until 7 P.M. before I was going to go to a hotel…and it came back on around 6 P.M. I made my chili.

But a lot of people don’t pay attention as thousands of people were stranded overnight on Interstate 95 in the Fredericksburg, VA area. Some people were stuck on the interstate for over 19 hours. One of them was Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. The snow was deep and large trucks got stuck and blocked traffic.

My apartment overlooks Rt.1, which was just changed in Fredericksburg from “Jefferson Davis HWY” to “Emancipation HWY.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. There were a lot of jokes about being stuck on Emancipation HWY, but that got old quicker than the light-dusting jokes.

One person tried to make a U-turn in front of my apartment, which is illegal, and got stuck. I watched the guy abandon his car. I also watched it get towed several hours later.

So, why did so many people just not listen? Were they all unvaccinated? Are they skeptics? Did they think the government weather service was lying about the impending storm? Did Joe Rogan tell them it’d be light and balmy (I thought of that line after I had already sent my cartoon to my clients. Dammit)?

Anyway, I kinda like the snow. I did not like my power going out. But, I hope things are cleared enough that I can take a walk later today or tomorrow just so I can soak some of it in. But I’m not going to go walking down icy sidewalks as I’m too old and brittle now. I’m already clumsy and the last thing I need is a broken butt bone.

Everyone in the region, stay safe, and the best way to stay safe is…staying home.

Music note: For this one, I listened to some Jack Johnson.

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Weather The Stupid


It’s not just the majority of scientists who believe in climate change. It’s a massive majority. According to NASA, “97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.” Additionally, most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position. It’s what you would call a mandate. In case you’re a Republican, 97 percent is a LOT. It’s only three percent away from 100 (start at 100 and count backwards).

The only way to disagree with 97 percent of the world’s scientists is if you want to disagree and you’re not going to apply logic to the science. You have to politicize the science to claim 97 percent of the world’s scientists are politically biased. I would wager that while 97 percent of the world’s scientists believe in climate change, that nearly every one of them hates the film, “The Day After Tomorrow.” Now that was a real dog.

Even if you’re going to argue against science, you could at least understand the difference between climate and weather. If someone tells you climate change is a hoax because it’s snowing, their statement proves their opinion isn’t based in fact. Snow in Boston today is short term. Short term is weather. How the atmosphere behaves over a longer period of time is climate. While it’s snowing in Boston, it’s sunny in Los Angeles. To further complicate the matter, your argument against climate science is that it’s cold during the winter.

I know. Explaining this to a Republican, or even worse, a full-fledged Trump supporter, is like explaining photosynthesis to a Beagle. He’ll just cock his head, go “aroo?” while he’s thinking about cheese. Although, the Beagle has a better shot at getting it than a Republican. Plus, Beagles at least have personality and are much more likeable. Nobody wants a Republican to lick their face.

Every year, my conservative colleagues draw their annual anti-climate change cartoons. They usually wait until the first major snowstorm hits somewhere in the country and then it’s all, “A-ha!” It’s been explained to them over and over again. Just like their cartoons, we have to make our explanations on an annual basis.

Facts are not biased, but liberals are biased toward facts. Another fact: Dogs are smarter than Republicans.

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