Waffle House Hero

Swifty Naked Waffle Shooter


A naked guy shoots up a Tennessee Waffle House with an AR-15 while claiming Taylor Swift is stalking him. The nation was less surprised by these details as much as they were that the incident didn’t take place in Florida.

The naked gunman using the gun of choice for mass shooters was stopped by an unarmed man, which debunks the NRA/GOP talking point, “only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.”

James Shaw Jr. didn’t just stop a killer with his bare hands.  He created a fundraiser that’s already raised at least $130,000 for the families of the four victims of the shooting. That’s enough money to pay a porn star to keep quiet about Trump.

Speaking of Trump, he has not tweeted about this shooting. Probably because the killer wasn’t a Muslim (white guy) and the man who unarmed him is black.

Mostly, I’m surprised he hasn’t tweeted an attack on Taylor Swift. He does love to feud with celebrities, and Taylor is the most powerful person in pop music right now.

I find that sad because I’d love to hear the ditty T-Swifty would write for Trump.

Creative notes: This is a bonus cartoon for today. I started it this morning and stopped/paused after I got my Trump/Macron/Monkey idea. I had to draw the monkey first. I just had to.

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