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Trojan President


One of the failed plots in Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election and become the United States’ first dictator was to seize voting machines.

A new report in The New York Times reveals that Donald Trump considered ordering three different government agencies to seize voting machines before the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

First, Trump tried to convince his Attorney General William Barr that the Justice Department had the authority to seize voting machines. Despite arguments from goons like Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn, Barr told Trump the Justice Department has zero authority to seize voting machines.

You know it’s a really bad idea when Trump’s personal defender, William Barr, wouldn’t go along with it. Barr bailed on this shit show a month before his term was to expire.

Next, there was the idea of using the military to seize voting machines, which was advocated by disgraced general and Putin stooge Michael Flynn. This idea was so bad that even Rudy Giuliani was against it. This is like the time I ordered anchovies on a pizza and even my dog, an animal that would lick his own butt, wouldn’t touch it. Rudy’s the dog here and has been known to lick Trump’s butt. Rudy went along with Italian satellites, bamboo ballots, George Soros and Hugo Chavez meddling, corrupt voting machines, and appointing Sidney Powell as a special counsel to investigate voter fraud, but ordering the military to seize voting machines was the anchovies on that shit pizza.

The third try was to get Giuliani to call the Department of Homeland Security to seize voting machines, but that agency too denied the requests.

This scheme was to seize the machines so they could claim they were corrupt and use that argument to convince swing states to name alternative electors, giving their states, that President Joe Biden won, to Trump.

There is no secret that Donald Trump tried to overturn the election. He even said so over the weekend stating at one of his hate rallies he wanted Mike Pence to “overturn” the election. He even suggested at the same rally that if he’s reelected, or can steal the 2024 presidential election, he will pardon the white nationalist terrorists who attacked the Capitol on January 6, 2021. And then he promoted “protests” at places that are investigating him.

After the Supreme Court ruled the National Archives had to turn over White House documents requested by the House January 6 committee, the National Archives revealed that some of the 700 documents they sent had been ripped up by Donald Trump.

These documents include diaries, schedules, handwritten notes, speeches, and remarks. There are also reports there are unsigned executive orders that were ripped apart. If this is true, were they orders to seize voting machines? Maybe there were orders we don’t know about yet like every Giuliani fart was to be counted as another ballot for Trump. Wow, Trump did win in a stinky landslide. Maybe there was an order to put anchovies on electors, which would keep anyone from counting them.

It was documented as early as 2018 that Trump liked to rip apart documents. After a meeting with Vladimir Putin where only his and the Russian dictator’s translators were present, Trump destroyed his translator’s notes.

A records management analyst and another staffer for the White House would spend hours using Scotch tape to piece records back together that Trump had torn apart. After the analyst told Trump he needed to stop destroying records, Trump fired both staffers and banned Scotch tape from the White House. Sniffing airplane glue was still allowed.

It’s probably illegal for a president to destroy White House documents…or for anyone to destroy White House documents.

Stephen Gillers, a New York University law professor said destroying White House documents “could be a crime under several statutes that make it a crime to destroy government property if that was the intent of the defendant.” He explained further, “A president does not own the records generated by his own administration. The definition of presidential records is broad. Trump’s own notes to himself could qualify and destroying them could be the criminal destruction of government property.”

Since the documents are government property, and not Trump’s to do with as he wishes, it may still be a crime to destroy them, even if it’s not an attempt to destroy evidence.

Usually, when you destroy documents, it’s because you don’t want anyone to see them. Have you ever sent bank or tax records through a shredder? Why did you do that? Because you didn’t want anyone else to see them. Donald Trump destroyed documents because he was hiding shady shifty shit. There are probably thousands of documents and evidence of Trump’s crimes we’ll never know about. I still want to know what was on those translator’s notes.

I really hope a tally of all of Trump’s crimes is being kept somewhere by very important law enforcement people. It’s been over a year since Trump left the White House. It’s past time for prosecutions to begin on the Trump crime syndicate.

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