Voter ID

A Cereal Liar


The damage Donald Trump has inflicted on this nation in just the past few years will last for generations. Forty years from now, a couple of people will be sitting in a cafe in Paris debating if the United States is still dumb enough to elect a lying, racist, sexist, stupid, juvenile, corrupt reality TV show host.

Trump sycophants with daddy issues believe their deity has restored international respect and prestige to the United States. In reality, he’s brought scorn and ridicule. Donald Trump is an international dumbass.

The sycos are mad at CNN’s Jim Acosta and believe Trump was right to pull his White House press credentials. They accuse him of being a prima donna and disrespecting the president. At the press conference where Acosta infuriated Trump, the reporter prefaced a question about the caravan by pointing out that it’s not an “invasion.” Why did Acosta do this? Because he doesn’t work for Fox News.

It’s a reporter’s job to push back when a politician lies, especially such blatant Trump lies. That’s why Trump goes to the Daily Caller, a wing-nut publication that won’t push back.

Yesterday, Trump gave an interview to the Caller where he again lied about voter fraud in Florida. But, he compounded his usual stupid lie with an even amazingly dumber one. He said, “When people get in line that have absolutely no right to vote and they go around in circles. Sometimes they go to their car, put on a different hat, put on a different shirt, come in and vote again. Nobody takes anything. It’s really a disgrace what’s going on.”

It is a disgrace what’s going on. It’s a disgrace that the president of the United States doesn’t just engage in conspiracy theories but also invents them. It’s a disgrace that the reporters he does talk to don’t call him out on it. But, it gets even dumber.

While arguing for voter ID laws, he said, “If you buy a box of cereal — you have a voter ID. They try to shame everybody by calling them racist, or calling them something, anything they can think of, when you say you want voter ID. But voter ID is a very important thing.”

Trump made the claim last August that you need an ID to buy groceries as if going to Kroger is the same as entering The Viper Room. But, needing an ID to buy cereal? Yeah, maybe if you’re a silly rabbit because Trix are for kids.

And changing shirts to vote again? The pollsters would have to be really stupid to be unable to recognize your face because you changed shirts. That’d only work in a Republican primary.

Trump should bounce his lies off a committee, so they can take a vote on whether the lie is too stupid for a president to tell. Of course, any lie Trump tells passes the smell test for his followers, but how about lies for the rest of us? How about something with a little uncertainty, that’d at least make you Google? Some of us aren’t Tomi Lahren.

But, telling us thousands of illegals in an invading caravan full of Middle Easterners desiring to commit cereal fraud isn’t going to swing it. That’s just a Honey Bunches of Bullshit.

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A Super Bad ID


Donald Trump, the man of the people who understands the working class, argued for voter IDs by saying everyone needs to show their IDs at grocery stores.

Now, since he was speaking at one of his rallies in Florida, every cashier in the Tampa region is going to have to deal with IDs being shoved in their faces by QAnon idiots each time they purchase toilet paper.

Of course, you don’t need an ID to purchase groceries. What’s obvious here is that Trump has never shopped for his own food in his entire life. As we have all come to learn, not knowing about something doesn’t stop Donald Trump from explaining how it works.

The nuclear triad, what NATO does, the three branches of government, the president of Puerto Rico, islands are surrounded by water, who fought in the War of 1812 or what year it was, the difference between HPV and HIV, invisible airplanes, the alphabet…there’s a lot of stuff Trump does not know. Now we can add grocery shopping. But, if you need someone to explain money laundering, how to steal from a charity or bust into a dressing room full of teenage girls, Trump’s your expert.

White House Spokesgoon Sarah Huckabee Sanders condescendingly explained to the press that he was talking about beer, liquor, and wine at grocery stores, and if they weren’t asking for IDs, then there was a problem with that store.

No. The problem is that you believe we’re stupid enough to buy that defense. The other problem is that we’re becoming used to this new stupidity and it’s becoming the new normal.

George H. W. Bush was once mocked and derided for being amazed at scanners in grocery stores. It perpetuated the image he was out of touch and didn’t understand the real world. That image aided in his defeat to Bill Clinton. But, President Bush wasn’t stupid. He was just out of touch.

Donald Trump is stupid. He probably still believes you need an ID at a grocery store (though he left that line out of his rally speech). I don’t know if Trump employs anyone who will correct him. The only person in the White House who can’t get fired is Ivanka, and we know she’s not going grocery shopping.

But, maybe Trump has done some of his own shopping. Because, that brain he bought was from someone named Abby Normal.

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Alabama Martian


If you are an African American and you do not live in Alabama, Congratulations.

Alabama, like other Southern red states, has strict ID Voter Laws. On the record, these laws are designed to prevent voter fraud. Since voter fraud doesn’t really exist, then off the record they’re designed to prevent minority voting. That isn’t voter fraud but a Republican chicanery that goes along with their efforts to prevent minority voting through redistricting.

In Alabama the Republican state legislature has cut spending which will greatly reduce the number of offices where one can acquire an identification. Most of the offices closing are in the most isolated areas. That is, every county where black voters comprise 75% of voters and the communities that overwhelmingly voted for Obama in  2012 will see those offices closed. That is 28 out of 67 counties. Eight of the 10 counties with the largest non-white populations will be without a place to get an ID.

So if you’re in Alabama and you don’t have an ID and you want to vote and you don’t have transportation then like Forrest you’re gonna have ruuuuuuuun.

Republicans always win Alabama and they’re still cheating. Isn’t it nice that when Republicans do govern, they legislate ways to increase their political advantage?

African Americans comprise 26% of the state’s population. Out of seven congressional seats only one is represented by an African-American who is also a Democrat. The GOP holds the other six.

Just like Matt Damon in the film The Martian, African Americans are being left behind in Alabama. The difference is this is intentional.

Changing gears now: I saw a funny tweet the other day I wish I had created. It said something like “between The Martian, Interstellar, and Saving Private Ryan, our government has spent a ridiculous amount of money retrieving Matt Damon.” I couldn’t have written it because I never saw Interstellar. I haven’t seen The Martian yet either.

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