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Wolves In Virginia


There’s this website I just found out about that posts conservative cartoons. Good for them. More sites need to post cartoons, liberal and conservative, though this one doesn’t seem to pay for them. I found out because they posted my last cartoon on the Virginia governor’s race. And, with my cartoon they wrote, “and from liberal, and perhaps desperate Clay Jones in Virginia.” Nice. Now, where do I send the bill?

And, you know what? I am desperate. I’m desperate that we don’t give the governorship to a corporate lobbyist for Enron who’s catering to the fuckers who chanted “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace” in Charlottesville. I don’t want the guy catering to the bastard who killed a girl in that city during their little “save our racists statues” rally.

Gillespie is exaggerating the numbers on MS-13 members in the state. He’s accusing his opponent, Democrat Ralph Northam, of being in favor of Sanctuary cities, though there aren’t any in Virginia. He’s promising to save “our” statues and preserve “our” heritage. Whose statues? Whose heritage? Does the potential governor want state laws telling cities and counties what they can and can’t do with their monuments?

This week, Gillespie is running an ad accusing Northam of being in favor of restoring voting and gun rights to convicted pedophiles.

Sure, the governor, along with Northam’s support, restored those rights to convicted felons whose sentences were complete in real-time, as well as those of tens of thousands of ex-convicts, some of whom had served their terms years or decades ago.

One guy who was convicted in 2001 was busted last December for possession of child pornography. As it turns out, his voting and gun-owning rights were restored for six weeks. So, this means Northam wants to arm pedophiles, give them voting rights, and sit them on juries? There were no elections during the 41 days he had his voting rights. He would have needed a judge’s approval to purchase a gun. And, he did not have enough time to be summoned and serve on a jury. That ad is in the vein of the Willie Horton ads.

Gillespie is OK with being dishonest and seeking support from the worst of our society. It’s working. The candidates are tied in most polls, but one has Gillespie seven points ahead. The Richmond Times-Dispatch just endorsed Gillespie.

It can’t be taken for granted the Democrat will win in a blue state. You can’t sit at home and hope the liberals in Fairfax do the heavy lifting. On November 7, my Virginian readers need to get off their asses and vote. It’s really important.

Creative note: This is a bonus cartoon as most of my clients won’t run a cartoon on a Virginia issue. Though, The Oxford Eagle in Mississippi ran my last cartoon on this issue. So, you never can tell. You’re still going to receive a new cartoon from me tomorrow morning.

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