Medal in Treason


Eileen Gu may be the best freestyle skier in the world. She was born in San Francisco to a Chinese mother and an American father. She’s been competing internationally since 2018, starting when she was still in high school. She dominates in big air, halfpipe, and slopestyle events. She’s favored to take several gold medals in this year’s Olympics…but not for the USA. What?

Although Ms. Gu is a born and raised American, she’s competing for China in this year’s winter Olympics. In fact, she already has one gold medal at this time. She competed for the United States during the 2018-2019 World Cup Season, then announced she’ll be competing for China henceforth.

She made this decision when she was 15, but I’m sure she didn’t make it on her own. She explained on Instagram, “The opportunity to help inspire millions of young people where my mom was born, during the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help to promote the sport I love. Through skiing, I hope to unite people, promote common understanding, create communication, and forge friendships between nations.”

So she’s going to promote common understanding, friendships, and communication under the flag of an autocratic regime that presides over a surveillance state and has subjected Uyghurs in Xinjiang to what the U.S. and other nations have described as genocide. You can argue if she was competing for the U.S, then she’d be doing it for a nation with a long tragic history of racism. Hell, we have politicians trying to ban the teaching of our racist history. But, Eileen Gu was born in this nation. She should be on the same side of the U.S.A, and not competing against her home country. The same goes for Republicans

A lot of Republicans, and the goons on Fox News, are rooting for Russia over Ukraine. They are rooting for an autocratic state led by a tyrant over a democracy. Fox’s Tucker Carlson has been a cheerleader for Vladimir Putin and Russia. One of Putin’s demands is assurance that Ukraine is never allowed to join NATO. Senator Josh Hawley, the guy who famously gave that fistbump to white nationalist terrorists on January 6, sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken saying we should give in to Putin on that demand. Trump supporters are used to giving in to the demands of tyrants.

I don’t care if the only thing Putin is demanding from the west is a box of Triscuits. You don’t give in to the demand of tyrants. It didn’t work out that well for Neville Chamberlain or Czechoslovakia.

Tucker Carlson echos Putin’s talking points to the point that Russian news shows are running clips of his show. Tucker believes Putin is only securing his border, as we should with Mexico, while not mentioning that Putin has already invaded and seized parts of Ukraine. That would be like us securing our border with Mexico by invading and annexing the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Carlson wonders why it’s disloyal to side with Russia over Ukraine. Carlson is wondering what’s so bad about siding with a nation where critics are thrown out of windows or poisoned…or poisoned while being thrown out of windows. What’s so bad about a nation where people are thrown into prison for failing to die from state poisoning? What’s so bad about a nation that imprisoned Pussy Riot for criticizing Putin? What’s so bad about a nation where it’s illegal to be an opposition candidate against Putin? What’s so bad about a nation that violates international agreements time and time again? What’s so bad about siding with the nation that has attacked U.S. elections and those of other western democratic nations?

There’s a crop of Trumplican congressional candidates taking their cues from Trump and Tucker. Will a Republican-controlled Congress be a Putin Congress?

Eileen Gu is not the first American to compete for another nation in the Olympics. Becky Hammon played basketball for Russia during the 2008 games, and she got a lot of flak for it. But Becky didn’t make Team U.S.A. And typically, those Americans who do play for other nations are only doing so because they weren’t good enough for Team U.S.A.

Eileen Gu says she’s American when she’s in America and Chinese when she’s in China. I think these disloyal Republicans are Russian bots when they’re in Russia and America. Becky Hammon played for Russia when her home country’s team didn’t want her. All the Trumps and Tuckers should join her because none of them is good enough for Team U.S.A. either.

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