US Open

Double Standards For Serena


Serena Williams got into a tiff with the referee during the championship finals of the U.S. Open. She was ultimately fined $17,000 for calling the ref a “thief.” What has been pointed out is that men have a history of arguing with referees, and insulting them with words much worse than “thief,” and rarely if ever being punished in any way. Hell, John McEnroe has built a career off his reputation of fighting with referees.

Early this afternoon, I received an email from a reporter at the New York Observer wanting my thoughts for an article he was writing about a cartoon on the subject. I hadn’t seen the cartoon, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this guy’s work before. But, when I saw it, I said, “oh my god lord and Jesus, that’s some racist-ass shit.”

While the cartoonist makes a point that’s fair and you can agree, disagree, and argue your brains out over it, his message was lost with the caricature. He made Williams look sort of like a subhuman gorilla baby thing while making her opponent a white blonde woman, despite the fact, Naomi Osaka is of Japanese and Haitian descent.

There’s more to say on this issue, but this is a bonus cartoon for you today because there’s another issue I want to draw on tonight. This blog is short because I have things to do and there’s a hurricane coming, but you can argue it out in the comments.

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