U.S. Senate

Voting Against Reality


Just because you disagree with something doesn’t mean it’s not a fact. I think a lot of people have difficulty with the differences between opinion and fact.

Climate change is real. A lot of it is caused by humans. It doesn’t matter if you choose not to believe it. You can post all the breitbart and oil company funded think tank links you want. You’re still wrong. That’s not my opinion.

Climate change shouldn’t be political. Unfortunately the reality is that the issue is highly divisive. A lot of people inject their political leanings into their stance on climate change. You can state it’s not raining while standing in a thunderstorm but you’re still all wet.

Now I don’t know how reality fits the movie Twilight’s characters. I had to do a little googling to recall the vampire’s and werewolve’s names. Are people still stupid over those movies?

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Ted Cruz In Attendance


U.S. Republican Senator Ted Cruz spent a lot of time politicking against the nomination of Loretta Lynch to the post of Attorney General. A few days ago he swore he’d vote against the nomination. On the senate floor Thursday he continued to rail against her. As the senate voted to make Lynch the first black female Attorney General, Cruz missed the vote because he was in Texas raising money for his presidential campaign. At least he wasn’t play golf, right?

Cruz has stated he’d attend his daughter’s gay wedding…if she was gay. It’s amazing that not only does the press perceive Republicans to be such horrible creatures that they have to askĀ if they’d attend a gay wedding, but that the Republicans see themselves that way as well.

Of course the odds of Ted Cruz being invited to a gay wedding is about as likely as Ted Cruz being invited to, well, Loretta Lynch’s swearing in ceremony.