Turd In A Turret


No long blog today because I need to prepare for my trip tomorrow. But, I’m going to make it up to you on Monday with a long blog post. You’ll see.

As for this, I had to look up “turret.” As in, I had to Google what those castle tower thingies are called.

Laura, my proofer, gave me a turret story this morning after reading today’s cartoon.

Laura was walking on a college campus once at night with a friend. Apparently, this college had turrets because her friend said, “Look at all the turrets.” Laura looked down at her feet in horror and said,”Where?” And he said, “Turrets! TurrETS. Not turds.”

And that, my dear readers, is how today’s blog got its name.

Things are about go get insane over the next week…and may remain that way for a while. Hang in there and remember, I’ll be here dropping these cartoon bombs and columns throughout.

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