Trumpster Fire

May Old Trumpster Fires Be Forgot


Everyone pretty much agrees 2020 was the suck of all sucks when it comes to years. About the only people who disagree are billionaire assholes who were able to take advantage of a global pandemic to become bigger billionaire assholes.

But we didn’t just get a shitty year with 2020. We got shitty years in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. We’ve had four years of a racist in the White House defending Vladimir Putin and Nazis. We’ve had an orange shitgibbon throwing babies into cages. We seen four years of huge government spending on a useless racist border wall and huge tax cuts for billionaires. We’ve had four years of a child in the White House attacking facts while telling over 20,000 lies. We’ve had four years of a conman grifting the country for his own wealth. We’ve had four years of a president (sic) acting as though laws don’t apply to him, and a political party acting like laws don’t apply to him. We’ve had four years of watching the Republican Party abandon all principles to become a cult. We’ve had four years of a cult devouring half this nation.

Personally, I’m conflicted. While watching my nation be destroyed from within by shitweasels and fucknuts, I was having a blast. But when political cartoonists are thriving, the nation is in trouble. We’re the guys who tell jokes at funerals.

As for the racist cult of troglodyte sycophants, I’ll say to you what Green Day sang and, “I hope you had the time of your life.” Appropriately, the name of that song is “Good Riddance.”

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